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Sweet Potato Gratin | An absolute treat!




Sweet Potato Gratin | An absolute treat!

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Today we're going to make a very Decadent side dish sweet potato leak Graton so pretty and so delicious all You need for this is either a large or a Small baking dish depending on how many People you're cooking for I recommend Half a large sweet potato about half a Pound per person so choose your baking Dish accordingly I'm just making a small Portion today for two people so for that I'm going to use one large sweet potato And I'm going to peel it it and then I'm Going to use my mandolin to cut it into Very thin slices if you don't have a Mandolin you can also use a sharp knife And a cutting board if you're using a Mandolin don't forget to use a g or stop When you still have a big big chunk of Sweet potato in your hand and then Finish it off with a knife so you don't Cut your little fingers and then if you Can get your hands on Fresh leak then Use fresh leak wash it and slice it Thinly I could only get my hands on Bagged leak but it's fine it works Perfectly fine so so you're going to Want to then put a slice of sweet potato And a little bit of leak and then again A slice of sweet potato and a little bit Of leak until you finish your whole Sweet potato and about a cup of sliced Leak and at this point we're going to Mix the sauce that we're going to be Cooking all of this in we need 1/4 cup

Of sour cream 1/4 cup of whipping cream And then half a teaspoon of sea salt 1/4 Teaspoon freshly black Cracked Pepper And an e/ of a teaspoon nutmeg add this To your creams and whisk it really well And then pour this mixture over the Sweet potato and leak and lastly put About half a cup of grated cheese over Everything it can be any kind of cheese That melts well I love using a Combination of cheddar cheese and Parmesan and then place this in the 400° F preheated oven for 45 minutes after The 45 minute mark this is finished the Cheese will have melted and it's nice Bubbly the sweet potato is super super Soft and that sauce let me tell you it's So delicious sprinkle a little bit of Freshly chopped parsley over everything And then serve it and dig right in it's So yummy I hope you're going to give This recipe a try if you do please don't Forget to snap a picture and show me I Love seeing when you make any of my Recipes and I'll see you with my next One bye

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