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Start Your Day For YOU |10-Minute Morning Meditation




Start Your Day For YOU |10-Minute Morning Meditation

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Good morning welcome to breathe fit Sugar today we have a meditation to Start your day with Intention my name is Christina joy and I Am a certified meditation guide breath Work coach sound therapist and healing Practitioner before we begin why don't We take a big deep breath together so Inhaling through your Nose and exhaling out of your [Music] Mouth the The Way We Begin our day has a Tremendous effect on how the rest of it Turns out some of the benefits to Starting your day with intention are Clarity Motivation Resilience positivity and Gratitude so before we begin just make Sure that you are in a very comfortable Space you might still be lying down in Your bed or maybe you're sitting down Just making sure that whatever you're Doing whether you're lying down or You're sitting up that your spine is Straight and that you're as aligned as Can be so when you're ready go ahead and Close your Eyes and just begin to slow down your Breath Here taking deep inhales into your belly Feeling your belly expand opening up the Chest and then long extended exhales on Your way

Out just allowing this new breath to Enter your Body the breath of a brand new Day and as you breathe here just Allowing this new Fresh breath to wash away any of the Remnants from from your Sleep or anything that might be Lingering from yesterday that you don't Want to carry into [Music] Today so just taking a moment here to Welcome in this new day if it feels Right you can place a hand on your heart And one on your [Music] Belly And we'll start with some Gratitude I think the best way to start Your day is by just saying thank you or Thinking about what you're thankful For maybe it's the warm bed that you got To sleep in or having a roof over your Head or just the chance to start Over so take a moment here to just drop Into what you are grateful for in this Brand new [Music] Day or maybe just even saying thank you Just saying the words thank you is [Music] Enough so as you breathe here just Tapping into the energy of gratitude Saying thank you

So just continuing to stay anchored in Your Breath breathing in new fresh Energy and exhaling the Old each day is a brand new Opportunity it's like a blank canvas Upon which we can paint and create new Possibilities and when we set intentions It puts us in the driver's seat it helps Us take control of our Reigns instead of Just living life by default and Whichever way the wind blows you so I Invite you now to just drop in and think About what your intention is for Today what would you like to Achieve how would you like to Feel Maybe it's grateful or balanced Focused Productive so just take a moment here to Tune in to what you would like to set as Your intention for Today stay rooted in your breath take a Big deep breath [Music] In Exhale [Music] Maybe you're Desiring more clarity on How to make better choices for your day For your [Music] Health whatever that is for you just Think of maybe a word or phrase that

Describes what your intention is for Today now imagine that there is this Glowing bright star within You and this bright star represents your Intention With Every Breath You Take This Light grows Bigger and stronger and brighter So take a few moments here To breathe [Music] In continuing to take some deep breaths Here and as you exhale just imagine your Exhales washing away any Doubts Or anything that is standing in the way Of your [Music] [Music] [Music] Intention now I invite you to take a Moment to visualize the version of Yourself that you would Be when your intention is Actualized how would it feel in your Body what would you look Like how does this version of you move Through the World How does this version of you interact With the people with whom you come in Contact so just taking a moment To just Visualize how this version of you would Be

[Music] Today [Music] Something that I always say is the words That follow I am follow us Everywhere so I invite you here to Create a mantra or an affirmation that Begins with the words I am and is also Linked with the intention that you Set so you're going to inhale the words I Am and then you're going to Exhale Whatever your word or words Are so go ahead and Inhale I Am and then exhaling whatever it is your Word your intention is for the [Music] Day I like to call this creation breath Because it helps us create our reality It helps us create the day that we want To Have so do a few rounds of this on your Own breathing in deeply breathing in the Words I Am and exhaling what your word [Music] Is we're programming this into our our Subconscious mind and we're combining it With our Vision with our breath with Our Intention which is a very powerful Combination I like to call this Breathing with

Intention because we're linking Our Intention with our breath with our Visualization and with our words which Is a very powerful combination if we do It on a regular basis So take a moment here to do a few more Rounds of I am breath on your own Inhaling I Am and exhaling your word the word of Your [Music] Intention Take a big deep inhale into your belly Fill up your belly fill up your lungs Hold your breath at the Top and exhale let it Go let's do that one more time time take The biggest breath that you've taken all Morning filling up your belly filling up Your Heart pausing at the top hold your Breath filling up with all this positive Energy just new Intention and then sigh out on your Exhale thank you so much for starting Your day with this intentional and Empowering during morning meditation I Recommend trying it for 30 days straight Just to see the transformation that Happens in your life when you start Every day with Intention be sure to check out other Episodes of breathe fit sugar for other Meditation techniques have a beautiful

[Music] Day

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