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Spring 2024 Fashion Trends To Avoid | What NOT To Wear




Spring 2024 Fashion Trends To Avoid | What NOT To Wear

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There are some great spring fashion Trends heading our way this year and There are some that I'm saying we need To draw the line at or at least exercise A little [Music] Moderation hi I'm Leon and welcome to my Channel now I recently posted a video Here on the most wearable spring trends That are heading our way very soon and I Thought it was only fair that I looked At some of the spring trends that I Really think are A little too tricky to try so today that Is what I'm talking about but I know That these videos are quite contentious And I don't expect you all to agree with All of these Trends or my take on these Trends if you don't I would love to hear What you think and why you disagree with Me I certainly don't expect everyone to Be on the same page as me but that's What the comments are for so please Leave me a comment to share your Thoughts I love to hear your thoughts Good or not so good so don't forget to Let me know what you think in the Comments below now let's just get on to These Trends to avoid now this year There seems to be a real moras more Approach to fashion and while I'm Definitely here for that sometimes think Kind of mob wife I mean that trend has Just gone crazy on social media but

There is also a trend for metallics now I've talked about metallics quite a bit On my channel recently but what seems to Be happening and certainly come spring Is wearing top to- toe metallics now I Tend to think that this is quite a Statement and if you like making a Fashion statement and this is your Vibe Then that's great but all I'm saying is Perhaps just proceed with caution and And as I said earlier just exercise a Little moderation with this one I Definitely think as you get a little Older kind of 40 plus it's a very tricky Trend to pull off now I'm not saying It's not impossible but just be a little Cautious one way that I think that is a Really easy way to incorporate the Metallic Trend into your outfits is with Accent pieces so purses handbags some Sandals there are plenty of metallics That give you the option to give a nod To the trend without taking the trend Too far obviously what we see on the Runway definitely Ely trickles down to The street style images and the High Street stores but it doesn't necessarily Mean that we have to take all of these Trends at face value we can kind of just Pick and choose and dip our toe in the Trend without going the whole way and That's what I suggest we do with Metallics now this one may divide you Guys because I'm sure if you're a

Practical person you may actually like This trend but there is a real move Towards bags becoming real super sized So think kind of XL style bags I think I've seen them referred to as EXL bags And they really are they are super sized Handbags I have even seen a super sized Cross body bag I'm a huge fan of cross Body bags but when they are a little bit Extreme I think it becomes a bit much Now obviously if you like leaving the House and you like to pack the kitchen Sink and everything else in between then These bags are going to be great for you I do just think like most fashion trends Anything that is kind of ering on the The side of being a little Extreme is just a tricky trend for most Of us to wear so I would suggest kind of Pairing those bags back the micro minis Are not really happening anymore and These extra bags are definitely sort of An answer to the smaller purses and bags That we've seen but I would say pull it Back a little bit and just not take it To the extreme and at this point I just Like to say a very big thank you to the Team at Babel for sponsoring this Portion of today's episode in case you Didn't know Babel is the number one Language learning app in the world it's Also an app that is scientifically Proven to help you learn a new language In as little as 3 weeks I've been using

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They also offer a 20day money back Guarantee so if you decide to to start Learning a language and life gets in the Way or you change your mind you've got That guarantee that you get that money Back so there's kind of no stress or no Risk involved and I'm really excited Today that the team at Babel are Offering you up to 60% off your Subscription so all you need to do is Click the link which I will leave in my Description box below or the QR code Which is on the screen right here and You can take advantage of that offer as I said there is a 20-day money back Guarantee so there is no risk at all so If you have been thinking about learning A language or you just want to have a Little bit of fun or you've got a trip Planned then definitely take advantage Of this one now let's go back to these Trends now probably the biggest Trend This year is that sort of office ready Old money classic kind of styling now This is happening in a huge way for Spring but the reason reason that this Particular trend is on my list today is Because I've seen a number of people Whether I'm out doing some personal Styling with them or I've even seen Friends buying into this trend but it Doesn't suit their lifestyle now it is Fine having one pair of perhaps manstyle Black trousers or a torpy kind of color

Trousers but I think it's easy to get Really carried away with some of these Trends and this particular trend has Been Gaining momentum for the last couple of Years and I know what happens you tend To see it and over and over again and You think okay I do like this trend but You forget to ask yourself that really Important question whether it actually Suits your lifestyle so all I'm saying With this one is yes it's a great Trend It looks Fab there are basic classic Pieces that make up the foundation of These outfits but just remember if it Doesn't suit your lifestyle and these Are pieces that are not going to be ones That you will use to create outfits on The regular then don't fall into the Trap of taking on this trend so that's All I'm saying with this one I Personally love it I think it looks Great but beware now there's also a real Return to sort of the 80s excesses that I definitely lived through with the big Back back combed Hairstyles and 80s sort of power Dressing shoulder pads and really chunky Oversized statement jewelry pieces and I Do think as you get older this is very Much a tricky Trend to create a modern Looking outfit it can fall into that Camp of you just kind of wearing Something that you actually did wear in

The 80s I think you know look I'm all For all of us wearing what we love and What what what makes us feel great but I Think as you get to a certain age you do Have to be a little more cautious with Some of the trends that we've perhaps Lived through before because they do run The risk of potentially aging us so While this trend is going to be big and We are going to see lots of big hair and Big shoulder pads I do think we need to Kind of give this one a miss or just Very much a little bit like our Oversized bags peir it back a bit and Just exercise a little moderation now Bows featured heavily in many of the Spring Runway shows and while I quite Like the femininity of this trend what We did see was bows being adorned to Everything and so not just an accessory With some bow detail it was dresses Covered in bows tops covered in bows and Again I think that this can just look a Little girly especially if you are over 40 say I know this is such a Generalization when it comes to age And style but I do think that this bow Trend can skew a little bit young and Just look a little bit off if you are Over a certain age so the bows are Everywhere if you love this particular Trend then perhaps opt for a shoe with a Bow detailing on it or maybe a bow hair Tie or some cute little bow earrings as

I said earlier there are other ways to Dip your toe in some of these trends but Without taking it to the extreme so That's what I suggest we do for this one Too and that leads in really nicely to Rosettes now I have talked about Rosettes a little bit on the channel Here too and they are getting bigger and Bolder than ever come spring think tops Offthe shoulder tops with massive Rosettes this s of size rosettes and Rosettes just completely adorned over Dresses and tunic style dresses and Again it's a feminine look but I would Suggest you being a little bit careful With this one and kind of approaching it In the same way that you would Bose and While we often expect spring to be all About florals this season it seems to be All about sequins and again sequins are Just such a style statement and I'm not Saying don't wear them at all but Instead of wearing them in the way that They were shown on the runways which was An entire sequin dress or outfit I Suggest just pairing it back a little Bit once again and enjoy sequins but Perhaps look at them as a an accent Piece or I've seen some cute little te's With sequin detailing on the sleeves Think of sequins as more of an accent Again as opposed to an entire outfit of Course if it's a special occasion or if It's Christmas then these rules don't

Apply because I always say when there's An event why not go big and go bold and Make a style statement but for every day I would pay back the sequins and use Them as accent pieces as well now Mermaid core had a huge moment in 2023 And it seems as though we're not heading For dry land anytime soon mermaid core Seems to have been reinvigorated and There Are aquatic type motifs just everywhere So designers like Skipper reallyi Featured massive Lobster necklaces which I will try and find a photo and show you Here there were also dolphin motifs and I even saw models that looked kind of a Little bit more like marine life and Less like mermaids so it's just one of Those trends that I think is crazy cool On the runway but doesn't translate very Well at all to Everyday Life life so you May hear about it or see that mermaid Core is a big trend for 2024 but I would Definitely say to Just give this one a miss and another Trend that seems to be sticking around And we did see it last year as well was Barely their shorts or super short Shorts which in my mind are basically Like hot pants and I did see on social Media a lot of women in their sort of 40s and 50s Dipping their toe I was going to say Having a go at this trend and I

Definitely applaud anyone that wants to Have a go at fashion and try different Trends out I would never suggest that You don't experiment and have fun but This year there are also some beautiful Longer style shorts happening as well And I think if you are looking to create A modern outfit and an outfit that Obviously is a little more practical I Definitely think opting for the longer Style shorts is a more sensible and Potentially practical way to go so maybe Think twice about the Barely There Shorts and enjoy wearing these slightly Longer and some of them are quite full Shorts as well now you know the top Spring fashion trends to avoid then why Not check out the most wearable Spring Fashion trends that are heading our way Real soon all you need to do is click or Tap on the screen here and I'll see you There [Music]

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