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SMORES COOKIES | ooey, gooey, cookie recipe




SMORES COOKIES | ooey, gooey, cookie recipe

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OMG tis the season to be jolly cheers Hello my friends it's Danny and today I Am here with my daughter Katie and we Are sharing a very special cookie recipe For the holiday season now this is not Your traditional clean and delicious Cookie we are stepping outside the box a Little bit and sharing a delicious Cookie because Katie has been Experimenting in the kitchen a lot more Lately and she created this delightful Cookie tell them a little bit about it It is a s'more stuffed chocolate chip Cookie now just to be clear the Chocolate chip cookie is from a website Called Joy food Sunshine we Googled the Best chocolate chip cookie recipe and This recipe came up with like 5 000 5 Star reviews so Kitty and her brother Tested it It was amazing and they then decided or She decided to then shove some more in The center which at first I thought was A little bit much much but it turns out To be one of the most delicious cookies Ever so we thought if there was any time To share this cookie it's during the Holiday season so that's what we're Doing today it may not be clean but it's Very delicious So the first thing we're going to do is Combine our dry ingredients starting off With three cups of flour a really Helpful tip for measuring your flour is

To use a butter knife tap at the top of The flower and then run the knife over The top and that is how you get your Perfect cup now most times you're not Going to find me working with white Refined flowers and sugars those are two Ingredients that I do try to keep to a Minimum in our day-to-day diets but Every now and then there is a recipe That is special enough that we just Choose to include it and for us this Recipe is a really fun holiday recipe to Make and to share with your friends and Your families and so we thought it was Worth going for the Gusto I'm also Adding one teaspoon baking soda half a Teaspoon of baking powder and one Teaspoon of sea salt and then I'm going To gently whisk this all together Perfect that's looking good okay the Next thing we need to do is cream Together the butter and the sugar so We're going to do this in our stand Mixer just makes everything a little bit Easier we need need one cup of butter Which is two sticks of butter and you Want to let the butter come to room Temperature so it's soft and then I have One cup of good old-fashioned sugar And one cup of light brown sugar I'm Just going to turn this on low medium Low and let it go for a minute or two Until it's all come together the stand Mixer gets it done so much faster agreed

And it's also quite a bit neater than When you use the hand mixer it tends to Fly all over the kitchen okay so this Looks perfect what do we need next we Need two eggs And two teaspoons of vanilla extract Okay I'll turn that back on and blend That together okay from here we have to Add our flour mixture into the batter so You're going to do this a little bit at A time we'll probably do a third and Then a little bit more and then finish It off so that it works in to the batter And it becomes this nice soft fluffy Cookie dough okay that's looking good See how it's all coming together super Light and fluffy yes that is exactly What we're looking for okay so we're Gonna get it off the mixer and then stir In our chocolate chips okay then I'd Like to just like if you can see any Like some there's a little bit of flour Around the bowl you can just kind of use Your spatula to get it off the edges and Then just incorporate it right into the Cookie dough so we have two cups of Chocolate chips And now these I like to just hand mix in To the Cookie Dough because I don't want Them to get broken down you want them to Stay like a whole chocolate chip oh my Gosh okay so this is the base cookie Dough remember this is a recipe we got From Joy food sunshine I will link it

Down in the description box below if You're looking for a good old-fashioned Chocolate chip cookie this is the best The best it really is divine now from Here we're going to set up the some more Setup on the baking sheet here's what You need to do so you're going to need a Rimmed baking sheet lined with some Parchment paper or silicone mat perfect And then each tray of cookies you can Make Six cookies on a tray so here's how You're gonna set it up you're gonna lay Out six graham crackers On top of each graham cracker goes three Squares of chocolate and yes we're going Old-fashioned traditional some more and We are using Hershey's chocolate And then on top of the chocolate you're Gonna lay down a marshmallow Okay so You're gonna lay it horizontally just Like we have here Something to keep in mind is that every Regular sized Hershey's bar has 12 Squares of chocolate we're using three Squares per cookie and this recipe makes 16 cookies so you're gonna need four Good old-fashioned Hershey bars okay so The next thing we're gonna do is Loosely Scoop up about a quarter cup of the Dough and then how do you form it you Kind of make a bit of a disc right yes So I like to roll it into my hand into a Ball and then gently pat on the top and

Make a little bit of like a disc with it Perfect just like you said and then You're gonna place it right on top of The marshmallow and with the palm of Your hand I like to form it around the Dough a little bit yeah you're kind of Like creating like a little like a Little uh okay like a little cave over The s'more exactly and then when it Bakes it's going to just like melt right Over all of the filling and it ends up The s'more ends up together yeah cookie Comes together and it's stuffed with the S'more yeah we're just gonna pop these Into a 375 degree oven for 12 mins Minutes or until they are set through And lightly golden brown over the top And then when they come out of the oven They're going to look like this they are Gorgeous you can see how the cookies Spread out the cookie dough melts right Over the s'more in the center and for Many of the cookies those marshmallows Kind of Pop right through the top and it Looks like a marshmallow lava cookie so Good oh Oh Thank you OMG tis the season to be jolly Shall we yes cheers I mean wow it's truly a cookie to be Shared Which is why I wanted to bring it to you Guys for the holiday season

It's a special cookie right She can't talk she's too busy eating Cookies Oh God I'm so good Just imagine a some more Stuffed inside a chocolate chip cookie I'm telling you I rarely enjoy my mom's Cooking but when she makes these I rarely enjoy my mom's cut Okay slightly effective I'm kidding I'm Kidding I love you Mom I'm not a fan Um this is really a super fun cookie to Gift for the holiday season or to bring Along to a holiday party in which case You could just transfer them into an Airtight container and they will happily Last on your counter for three to five Days if you can get them to last for That long I hope that you all enjoyed This recipe I know it's a little bit Outside of the type of recipes we Usually make here unclean and delicious But I figured if there was any time to Share it it was now yes and there's no Way you can't share this cookie it's so Good it is so good You're Gonna Want to You're gonna make them and you're gonna Want all your friends to taste them yeah Give them away to everybody that's Literally what happened to us we made Them we were like oh my God so-and-so Needs to taste it this person needs to Taste it that person needs to taste it And then they take it home so their

Friends can taste it right which is why It is perfect perfect for the holidays So tis the season thank you for watching And we shall see you next time with some More clean and deliciousness cheers And if you're looking for a more Traditional clean and delicious cookie You can check these options out right Over here

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