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This is a shade I have not used yet as You can see the applicator is nice and White Uh oh yeah okay there you go we've got It [Music] [Applause] I'm back with another educational Beauty Video in today's video I'm going to be Showing you how to create a really Simple makeup look using CC cream so I Feel like it's pretty underrated there's So much you can do with CC cream it's Good for your skin and if you keep using It your skin gets better with time and Yeah it's basically Skin Care in the Form of a foundation so I want to show You how you can create a Flawless look Using CC cream and just generally a very Simple makeup look now if you do like This makeup look then please do give it A thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you never miss any of my future Videos I am over on Instagram too so Make sure you come and say hi there now Let's jump straight into the video So we're going to do things a little bit Different today I'm going to be using All different products because I feel Like I always show you such kind of Educational content but I'm very honest And I'm not going to say too honest but What I mean by this what I'm about to

Say is that because of how transparent And how honest I am with everything I Use and my techniques and everything I Am honest about the fact that I have my Favorites and I use them each time I'm Doing tutorials so what I want to start Doing now is just changing it up a Little bit and being honest with you Again about the fact that I'm using Different products because I want to try Them as well I'm not going to be using The products that you usually see me Using I might kind of put in the odd one Or two in because maybe I haven't found Something else that kind of like Replaces that as yet just for tutorials But I am going to be using different Products that is skincare and also Makeup just because I feel like it's Important for you guys to actually see What other products do as well just me Kind of explaining to you how it's going To go now today I'm going to be showing You like I've already mentioned and my Kind of like simple makeup look using CC Cream this is a look I kind of go to When I don't want to use Foundation or I'm just out running errands and things Like that so this is the kind of look That is very simple very easy to do so Let's get started first thing I'm going To do is use my skincare and I'm using Something that I've just started using Recently this is Dr Sturm it's the

Better be niacinamide serum now as you Guys already know I absolutely love the Lancer one the Lancer peptide drops I am Still using that I use that every night But this is what I've got for morning Time now so I'm gonna put just a drop of This on my fingers and I'm just going to smooth this over now In case you're wondering why I may look A little bit Different it's because I'm puffy and I Had a really severe cold yesterday so I Was sneezing all day so I'm very Inflamed and my eyes are very itchy There's a lot of allergies at the moment So you know I'm just it affects your Skin and everything too doesn't it gonna Go in with my eye cream and I'm using my Drunk elephant sea Tango my eyes are Really kind of rough at the moment Because obviously I was like sneezing All day and I was using tissues Yesterday so my skin just feels a little Bit kind of delicate today Okay I've also switched up my Moisturizer just because I think it's Really important to kind of change over To different moisturizers every so often Just so your skin doesn't get so used to One so I'm using the IT Cosmetics Confidence in a cream I've heard a lot About this moisturizer apparently it's Amazing and I've been using it and it Actually is really good so I'm gonna use

That I'm going to apply that We need a lot around my nose today Because my skin is so dry Now I'm going to use my Charlotte Tilbury beautiful skin concealer this Shade is number 10 which is tan I'm just Going to put a little bit on my eyelids They're so dark at the moment because of Just generally Feeling unwell I'm just going to press that in I only Want like a really kind of like nice Smooth finish over my eyelid so that I They just don't look really dark and dry So this Charlotte Tilbury one is really Good because it isn't like super super Matte just gonna go on with some powder Which is my banana powder honestly I Didn't actually grab a different powder So I don't want to have to like get up Now and get out of frame so I'm just Going to use this one Let's go with some more Okay let's buff this in This is not a super bright shade usually I go with a little bit of a lighter Shade but honestly when I'm using CAC Cream I I don't want my concealer to be Kind of like super white I don't want That white look on my under eyes so this Is very kind of almost like skin color Maybe even a tiny bit warmer See my eyes are like super red from Itching from being itchy okay I've got

My CC cream I'm using my it cosmetic CC Cream now I've got two here I've got one Which is my oil free mat and the other One is my CC nude glow so these are Color correcting creams obviously so They help to kind of like even out your Skin tone and just kind of neutralize Any obvious discoloration or anything One is kind of it's hydrating it's full Coverage which is the matte one it's SPF 40 and then the other one is kind of It's a brightening glow kind of serum And that's SPF 40 and the coverage isn't Like super super full coverage as the Matte one but it's buildable I know that Some people use their CC creams as their Moisturizers especially if that brand Specifically says you can use it as a Moisturizer which these guys do say but I don't like to do so I like to have my Moisturizer underneath one because my Skin is used to it and two because I Feel like it's also a barrier in between My skin actual makeup even though CC Creams are good for your skin too I'm Gonna try out this CC nude glow today Because I haven't used this yet and I've Checked the color and the color seems Good so we're going to see how this is Today I'm gonna get my Sigma f47 brush And I am basically just going to put Like a pump on here Too much and I'm going to start kind of Like putting this over my face

Now I'm not going over my under eye area Yet because I don't want to like ruin All of that but I'm gonna put it everywhere else and Then I'm going to slowly kind of like Use my sponge in a bit to just kind of Like blend those areas in together This is a really nice CC cream because I Feel like it's kind of good coverage Makes my skin look really good which is Not the case at the moment so it's Pretty good that shade is tan by the way That's a really good CC cream I'm gonna Get the smallest amount put it on my Sponge there's not really a lot there And just basically kind of go on my Under eye area And that will kind of like blend in my Concealer and this CC cream cream Together really nicely I do want a little bit of color so I'm Going to use a liquid blush I'm going to Use my pillow talk from Charlotte Tilbury it's the matte Beauty blush wand In Pillow Talk pink drop this is a shade I have not used yet as you can see the Application is nice and white Uh oh yeah okay there you go we've got It so I'm just gonna add a little bit of This here so just a couple of drops like Not drops but you know I don't want a lot I honestly I know This is like super pigmented I use the Back of the beauty blender to just kind

Of like Buff that in oh this is nice it's not Too much at all This is nice Okay that's giving me just the right Amount without it being like in your Face got my powder put some in the palm Of my hand and I'm just gonna like set My under eye area now I'm not really doing it like Everywhere even though that looked like I did it everywhere I'm just kind of Like wanting to get the powder in the Obvious places But there's only so much I can kind of Do to make myself look good today it's One of those days where my skin is just Not feeling great and you know I'm Feeling still a little bit unwell so I Feel like it's just gonna take a lot so I'm gonna move on to my brows now now I Am going to use my normal pencil that I Usually use and I'm just gonna basically Kind of like draw My shape in so I'm not really focusing On Feathering yet I'm actually just Going to outline the shape I'm going to do the same on this side so As you can see I'm not really focusing On kind of like replicating the hairs Like I usually do this is just a really Easy simple look to do so I'm just Shaping my brows I feel like I've got a decent shape now

Now I can focus on like you know the Middle part of it and the upper part Just making sure that it doesn't like Look too bare it's like filling in any Gaps I'm just going to get my Anastasia Brow pen and I'm just going to draw in Some kind of like hairs here now just so That it does look kind of you know like Hair Now that my brows are done I'm going to Use my jaw lip glow oil this is Something new that I've started using And I actually really like it it doesn't Feel oily it just feels kind of like Super smooth on the lips while that is On I'm gonna do my lashes so I am going To very quickly just curl my lashes Because I have no lash extensions on at The moment And I don't want to wear false lashes Today because it's just a really simple Look that we're doing so I'm just going To curl my lashes this is my Kevin O'quar lash curler I'm going to use the Mac mascara it's the Mac stack and I Used this the other day and it was Actually really good it's black stack Mascara I'm gonna grab a mirror because I do need to kind of see a little bit Close up for this so I'm just getting my Compact and Yeah let's just add some mascara it's a Really good mascara They can basically like keep going on

Top to just add more volume but I really Like it like I feel like you don't Actually have to apply a lot like a Little goes a long way with this Like already you can see I've got some Really good kind of like length and Volume I'm gonna add a tiny bit to the Bottom Sculpting I'm going to use the one size Bronze and sculpt that I've got and this Is like the middle color that I'm using Which is actually the bronzer one which Is low-key Just gonna like go around the perimeter Of the face I don't want like an overly contoured Look so it's just a bit of color Almost just to warm up the face a little Bit really Yeah it's just a simple Use my Urban Decay 24 7 glide on lip Pencil in Naked 2 and I am literally Just gonna feather in a little bit I just block my lips so although like Kind of any obvious shine is gone And I very lightly kind of Shade in the lip line And then I just kind of like Smudge it I kind of feel like that is it like I Don't really want to add anything else It's a very simple look it's not over Complicated it's easy to do it's Something that I think that anyone can

Do and hopefully it's kind of showing You how you can use CC cream so that you Can kind of like get a nice Flawless Kind of look without it looking cakey And it's great for data I'm like I feel Like you can still see certain flaws Through this and I'm happy with that Because you know there's some like sun Spots I've got like I've got a lot of Freckles on my face especially around my Nose and I feel like you can still see It with this so I feel like this CC Cream in particular is a really good Option if you want those kind of natural Flaws to come through and just to be Rather than a floor just kind of like You want to embrace them you know so I I Think your skin still looks like skin I Don't feel like I can't go out anywhere I'm happy with this and yeah I guess This was really my way of showing you a Simple daytime look when you're just Running errands doing little things that You need to do you don't want to do a Full full look you don't want to do 4 All Glam but you definitely want it to Look kind of flawless but your skin Still should look like skin and doesn't Look like you've put like so much effort In if that makes sense so I guess I'm Gonna send you loads of Love loads of Good Vibes and don't forget to hit the Kind of subscribe button on my Vlog Channel as well so make sure you head

Over there too so that you can kind of Follow me on my Vlog Channel as well and There is kind of some good videos out There's one unboxing as well so you Might want to see that but other than That I will see you soon I really do hope you enjoyed this video Today if you did give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the Bell button so that you Never miss any of my future videos until The next video take care and I'll see You soon

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