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Serena Kerrigan’s Weekly Routine To Stay Fit & Run An Empire | Game Plan | Women’s Health




Serena Kerrigan's Weekly Routine To Stay Fit & Run An Empire | Game Plan | Women's Health

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Hi I'm Serena Kerrigan and today I'm With Women's Health and I'm ready to Break down my seven day game plan The things I do Monday through Sunday Include looking at myself in the mirror Running my Empire going on a lot of Dates and being an icon now let's do This It's Monday the first thing I do is wake Up and then I need to work out if I'm Not working out first thing in the Morning forget it so I usually have a Coffee and then I work out because I Would be asleep for the workout done my Go-to coffee when I'm making it for Myself is the Starbucks like cold brew Things that you can buy and then like an Oat milk vanilla creamer in a Splenda I Have such a sweet tooth it's ridiculous And I usually work out I do Pilates and I walk sometimes light jog okay that was A lie it's a walk and then I get home I Shower I get changed when you are on Camera all the time I you know have to Look good you know what I mean then I Dive into my emails I meet with my team I'm currently working on a couple new Projects I am creating a new product so No day looks the same my Monday Typically ends with me just chilling I Don't like to go out on Mondays unless I'm getting dragged to an event against My will I will stay home I'll probably Order in Thai food and watch a movie or

Honestly like I'm in a new relationship So all we do is talk to each other like For hours it's actually kind of like Whack like we don't even like watch Anything so we end up chit chatting Until like I'd say 11 30 p.m and that's When like the lights go out moving on to Tuesday I love a Tuesday like I feel Like a Monday is like oh I'm still Like having my scaries and like you kind Of like sit at your desk and like it's All pouring onto you and it's so Overwhelming Tuesday is a little more like all right I'm hitting my stride here Tuesdays are Typically when I have all my meetings With my whole team so I have my manager Meetings I have a meeting with you know People to help me with my creative and My Tick Tock and then I have meetings With like my graphic design and social Media person for let's date which is my Card game business and so I try to just Like make Tuesday like a marathon of Meetings days usually my butt is stuck To my chair for about six hours so I Juggle many different hats I have my own Business which I have a series of card Games called let's date play and you Should absolutely get one if you're Looking to you know spice it up in the Bedroom or Beyond I also do a lot of Branding content I love making Advertisements for Brands I take it

Super seriously I kind of think of it as Like making little short films then I'm Also working on other projects one Including I'm writing my first Screenplay featuring screenplay so I Really want to dedicate at least an hour A day to like really focus on writing That screenplay so it really kind of a Lot going on but it's really important To have these meetings with your team to Really know what to prioritize at what Time so Wednesday hump day honestly my Favorite day if I ever do a product Launch it's on a Wednesday but in a Typical fashion I am doing all my Content on a Wednesday I try to shoot For as many hours as possible because I Don't always love getting dressed up and Looking amazing believe it or not it Doesn't happen every single day so when I try I try to like just you know commit To the bit get everything done film it All and then I can get back into my Sweatpants Wednesday's actually a Typical like event day this week I went To go see Damian Lewis the actor in Billions perform like live he's a singer Now obsessed with his like second act Okay I like to just kind of like get out A socialize Network I'm in New York City Best thing in the world Thursdays are Actually a thirsty Thursday which means I'm gonna go to Joe in the juice and Drink my shake yes my face is on the cup

And it says do it for the plot which is My signature slogan this uh Shake has Been available and will be available Until through Labor Day so you better Taste it it's um Oh it's really good I know because I Created it thanks it is strawberry Banana peanut butter beetroot powder you Can taste the beetroot although I do Love beets but the beetroot powder is to Make this like nice pink color as you Can tell I love the color pink it also Has some vanilla protein powder so it's Super healthy super filling super Delicious and it's honestly been going Viral people are loving it it's Available at all 61 locations worldwide And no this isn't an infomercial but I Would like you to check my shake thank You But really I reserved Thursdays for Specifically making content for Brands I Find it is an amazing challenge to tell A story through the character of the one I built on the internet and how do we Weave and integrate a product within That story so like I've done tons of ads I've worked with Nike I've worked with Joan the juice I've worked with visible I've worked with so many different uh Companies that are so incredible so that Is what my Thursdays are for it's for The ideation the production all of it Fridays I love me a summer Friday all

Year long let me tell you Fridays are Great I mean I think that's so much of My job has to do with event appearances And going out and so a Friday is Exciting but I really try to dedicate a Friday to seeing my friends like I Really tried to like be with my friends That I went to school with that I grew Up in New York City with so this Friday For example I'm just gonna go to like a Nice Italian family style dinner with my Best friends from college so I try to Keep it a little more low-key but I Really used to have so much fun partying But then I got into a relationship and I Became soft shocker it's okay I'm 29 Years old it had to we had to pop the Brakes a little bit there just being This my Saturdays I typically like to Spend time with friends my boyfriend my Family but I also like to do something That's a little more like artistic I Really love to do like a paint and poor Class A Color Me Mine class I like to Maybe go to a museum like I feel for me Because I'm creating all the time it's Important to sometimes dedicate a day Where I am creating but not in the way That I typically would slash not for Money or for my job per se but really Just as an exercise and having fun and Because it brings me joy so that is kind Of what my Saturday is reserved for also My boyfriend is a tennis player my name

Is Serena so there's a lot of pressure On me to become good at tennis So I've been doing that and it's hard But I do love the outfit so that's the One like when I love Sundays like I feel Like yes they can be scary but it's all Really about your mentality and your Attitude towards them I think it's okay To have a day of literally doing nothing Being on the couch watching movies Talking to your boyfriend because you Don't watch movies But really just like you know maybe Ordering my favorite ritual to do on a Sunday is like order Chinese food and Like watch a movie Watch Sex in the City Old rerun episodes and like be with my Girlfriends if they come over just like That kind of vibe like Pig Out Veg Out Chill it's just like your day you know It's the day rest is it not The reason I don't get the Sunday scares Is because I love what I do and if There's anything that you can take away From this interview it's not how good I Look in a tennis outfit or any outfit For that matter it's that the most Important thing that you can do in life Is find what you love to do because our Time is so limited and it's a currency That we never get back and so I don't Get my Sunday scaries because I love my Job and you should too that is a Privilege you deserve at the end of the

Day Wellness is all about taking a pause And listening to your body and what you Need but it's really that moment of Reflection I think that we tend to think Wellness is doing things self-care Fitness regimens making us shake you Don't have to make it I made it for you It's actually about the pausing the Stillness the relaxation the ability to Be like it's okay to not do something I Think that's what Wellness is thank you Guys so much for watching I hope you Love this interview because I love doing It and make sure you subscribe to Women's health and also make sure you Check out Joe and the Jews so you can Get one of my shakes it's available Through Labor Day and I promise it's Delicious and will make you feel like The main character Bye

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