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September Favourites 2022 | Fashion, Beauty & More




September Favourites 2022 | Fashion, Beauty & More

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Hi I'm leonie and welcome to my Favorites video now this is the first Favorites video I've done for a number Of years I don't know why I stopped Filming them but I keep finding and Discovering new fashion items new beauty Makeup and I thought I might reinstate These favorites so please let me know in The comments below if you like these Sorts of videos or if you get any value Out of them and I'll keep filming them Every month but if you're new to my Channel hello I'm glad you found me my Name's Leone I post regular fashion Videos here on my channel in fact I was A magazine editor in a former life I Spent 20 years editing and working in Magazines here in New Zealand and also In Australia with seven of those editing New Zealand's top selling fashion Magazine fashion quarterly when I left I Started this YouTube channel to share my Passion for fashion with you I also love A good shortcut so consider this channel Your shortcut to style now I think That's enough for me and I'm itching to Share some of my favorite finds that I Found in September and I think that you May love them as much as I do so let's Just get on with it Now if you've been following me here for A while you'll know how much I love my Converse run star hikes I've worn them a Lot I've talked about them a lot on my

Channel but I have found something new That is not going to replace the Run Star hikes but is just such a fun new Addition to my wardrobe and I think These are called the Nike Blazer vintage Mid top something like that I'll leave It on the screen anyway but these are Just a vintage shape and style that Nike Have brought back and they are just fab I've been wearing them a lot they go With pretty much everything I own and Yeah they seem to be really popular I Have seen quite a few people wearing Them but they are comfortable they are Versatile they're just a great white Sneaker that works in with a lot so yeah I'm loving wearing them not sure what Else I can tell you about them but if You're after a really simple classic yet Timeless sneaker and you like a little Bit of a high top like I do then you Should definitely check these out as I Said everything will be linked in the Description box below so you can go and Have a little look at these now I've Recently ordered these beautiful new Leggings from PE Nation now PE nation is An Australian owned company they sell Internationally but owned by a Sydney Girl and they just create the most Beautiful quality activewear that I have Ever worn I know that's a big statement But it's really true the stretch is Beautiful there's no show through they

Wear and wash incredibly well which is Really important for me And yeah I had a bit of a back injury a Couple of well a couple of months ago Now and I ended up having a cortisone Injection into my spine and since then I've had no pain which is fantastic but It has meant that I haven't done a lot Of exercise in the last couple of months So to encourage me to get moving again And get back into it I thought I would Buy myself some new leggings as you can See I haven't worn them yet but I Absolutely love them they fit Beautifully and hold everything in you Can't see any lumps and bumps through Them which is another reason why I love This brand but these leggings are a new Find for me this month and I can't wait To get back into wearing them regularly Now next up I wanted to share with you My favorite jewelry of the moment and That is my Monica vinegar pieces now This video isn't sponsored but I did Work with Monica vinegar for last month So it was a couple of weeks ago but I Have been loving and wearing her pieces Every day since that video so just Wanted to remind you about the discount Code that I still have and also just to Share these pieces once again if you Didn't see that video I ordered a couple Of pieces from Monica Vinita and I Actually just haven't taken them off

Since I ordered them so first up is this Beautiful bangle which is gold Vermeil So it is basically gold plated with a Really high quality gold But without the expensive price tag and I think that this is actually a Signature piece of Monica vinegar Because I have seen other YouTubers Wearing this bangle but it really just Hasn't come off my wrist since I Received it I absolutely love it it's Just a beautiful classic design I also Have been getting so much wear out of These gorgeous little Huggy earrings They are little Hoops but they are Chunky Hoops but they're not too big not Too small they've got a little rough Kind of dented texture to them so There's just a little bit of interest There I've been wearing them all the Time because they're just such an easy Go-to everyday earrings so they're kind Of a modern style with them being a hoop But they just tend to go with everything Because they're not too sort of in your Face I also have been wearing a couple Of the necklaces that I got because They're just interesting chain detail as Well and I particularly love that and For the first time in years I've been Wearing this ring doing I'm not really a Fan of my hands so for me to kind of Show them off is not something that I Tend to do but I've actually been loving

Wearing this ring it's just such a Timeless classic piece and yeah I've Been thoroughly enjoying it I do still Have a discount code for Monica vinegar Which is 20. it's either 20 or 25 off I'll leave it on screen here and I will Also leave links to Monica vinegar in The description description box below so The discount will just be applied Automatically for you but if you want to Have a look at any of these pieces that I mentioned today I will leave Individual links for them as well but It's a beautiful brand I was thrilled to Partner with them and it's really nice That I've discovered a new brand to love Myself there are a few pieces that I do Have my eye on on the website so I may Even find myself taking advantage of my Own discount offer but it's a lovely Brand and I've really been loving the Pieces that I ordered and next up I want To share a fantastic little product with You that I actually couldn't live Without and it's this pop socket for my Phone now for years I've used the stick On pop sockets and then recently I Discovered that they have these sliding Pox pop pox pop sockets which kind of Just clip on to your phone case now the Thing that I really like about these is That they're easy to take on and off but Also it just means that you can swap out Your phone cases really easily without

Needing a whole lot of Pop sockets now If you don't know what these are for Essentially they help you you pull them Out like that you can put your fingers Through them like that and you can take Selfies you can hold your phone really Safely if you're taking videos or family Photos also you can lean them down on a Tabletop and your phone will lean like That so you can actually watch videos They're just a lifesaver for me so these Little sliders are great I think they're About 7 19 and as I said you can take Them on and off your phone really easily So when you swap out your phone case you Can easily just click this back on and Use it it is super handy I wish I'd discovered these sooner I'm Not sure how long they've been out for Maybe they're a relatively new thing but These pop socket sliders are amazing now One of my all-time favorite t-shirts is By the label anina Bing in fact I'm a Huge fan of the label I can't afford Some of the beautiful overcoats and Blazers and jackets that I would love to Spring for but what I have bought in the Past is a beautiful anina Bing t-shirt Which I have absolutely thrashed and it Has worn so incredibly well so I've Updated and bought two new t-shirts from The label anina Bing and so this one It's not a new t-shirt but it's one that I've had my eye on for quite some time

So I finally scratched that itch and Bought this one I also bought this anina Bing t-shirt which I did wear in a video A couple of weeks back so you may have Seen me wearing this one but yeah these T-shirts are just such beautiful quality I tend to roll the sleeves up a little Bit just to give them a little bit of Shape but they wash and wear so well and Yes you are going to spend a little bit More on them but you'll get that back in Terms of being able to enjoy wearing Them and having them looking good for a Really long time so these anina being T-shirts have been a great addition to My wardrobe I've been wearing them with Oversized men's trousers and just Layering layering them with the Blazer Over the top and wearing them with jeans Just a great little addition to my Lineup okay next up is this beautiful Cora Organics hand and body lotion and I Recently decided I should start taking a Little bit more care of my my skin not The skin on my face but the skin on my Body I do tend to do a decent job I Think or try hard with the skin on my Face but tend to neglect my body a Little bit and I think it's because I Don't like that sort of sticky oily Greasy feel of Putting something on your skin and then Having to get dressed but the reason I Particularly love this product is

Because it just leaves your your skin Feeling silky smooth but not at all Greasy or sticky so it makes getting Dressed after your shower and after You've applied this so easy and it's Also really nourishing without being too Heavy as well so I have actually used This before so just repurchase because It's such a goodie so I'm getting back Into looking after the skin on my body I Also bought from the Cora Organics range The body scrub I haven't used this yet But I'll let you know how I get on but I Thought right it's time to start looking After my body so I'll use this once a Week in the shower and then every day I Will continue using this body lotion but It smells amazing it's an organic Product you can buy refills instead of Buying the whole bottle each time really Good sustainable company and the product Really stands on its own as well so this Is a goodie next up I wanted to share With you a new lipstick that I have Found well it's not completely new in Fact I it's a new color I should say so I've been a huge fan of these mellow Cosmetic lip paints for a number of Years in fact I wear this one which is Called Barcelona which I'm wearing today And it is just a beautiful coral color And I find it just makes my teeth look White it makes me look a little bit more Fresher and alive and it's just a great

Neutral but with a little bit of a Zing The other color that I've only just Bought this month and this is called Florence now this is a really beautiful Neutral with a bit of oomph to it so It's not going to wash your skin tone Out and it just is a really good Everyday color so this this color is new To me but the Barcelona is a tried and Tested a favorite that I wear all the Time and absolutely love the great thing About these lip liquid lip paints is That they stay on incredibly well as Well they don't seem to transfer at all And I usually apply once a day and That's it it stays on it's not going to Stain your lips though so don't worry About that it's not hard to get off but They're just a really lovely formula That stays in place and just looks good So Florence's new Barcelona is a tried And tested favorite oh and speaking of Lipsticks if you are looking for just That beautiful everyday lipstick then You can't go past this hourglass Lipstick it's what is it called it's Called Peacemaker I have never bought Hourglass before so this is the first Time I've bought an hourglass lipstick And this is the most nourishing it's Like a a neutral with a slight Shimmer To it but it's a great color just to Wear every day to give your lips a Little bit of color it's almost like the

Lipstick But the no lipstick look if you know What I mean so it looks almost like You're not wearing a lipstick so it kind Of just enhances your own color but just Gives you a little bit of a finished Overall polished look so these hourglass Lipsticks are beautiful this one is the Only one I've tried it's called Peacemaker and it's just a beautiful Everyday lipstick I also wanted to touch On a really cool label I have discovered Now I haven't purchased anything from Them but maybe you guys can help me make A decision I hadn't heard of the label Source unknown before and I don't know Where I've been but this label is super Cool and they have some gorgeous small Bags which I'm really loving they've got This gorgeous sort of ruffled style bag In a beautiful violet color or a I think They call this a turmeric which is also Really beautiful they've got these small Crocheted bags which are so cute they've Also got tiny little micro beaded bags Now I don't think these are my cup of Tea they're a little bit small for me But I do like them and they just seem to Have some really gorgeous Fashion on Offer as well but let me know do you Like any of these bags what do you think Of them they're all a really good price Point but have you heard of this label Before let me know in the comments below

But I think it's quite a a goodie There's kind of some really classic Pieces with a little bit of edge and a Little bit of a Twist to them which is Why I like the label but yeah let me Know if you've heard of this label Before and what you think of it but These little bags definitely caught my Attention I've just got to decide which One to go for okay now this favorite is Probably going to be the most Controversial of all but I bought myself A new pair of Birkenstocks we're going Into summer here in New Zealand And I have been a fan of Birkenstocks For years let me know in the comments Below if you like Birkenstocks or you You're absolutely against them I know That books tend to be like that you Either love them or hate them so let me Know I last summer had a white pair Loaned them to a friend of a friend of a Friend and didn't get them back and I'd Kind of done my Dash with the white Anyway so I decided to buy myself this Suede pair which I'm absolutely loving I've only just started wearing them to Be fair because it's still not quite Warm enough enough here in New Zealand But yes I am very excited about my new Birkenstock pair of sandals which I know I'm going to get lots and lots of wear Out out of over summer and I tend to Wear them with everything from wide leg

Pants to skirts to shorts you name it I Just find them super comfortable and Really versatile Um yeah so Birkenstocks are definitely My summer go-to so it's really nice to Have a new pair to To tackle summer with this year when it Finally arrives the weather here has Been so unpredictable and making it Really easy for me to film full winter Videos because it's still chilly here And the weather hasn't really turned but Can't wait for some warm weather we are Well overdue for some here in New Zealand anyway that's it from me today I Hope you enjoyed this one and if you did I'd love you to give it a big thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel For more oh and if you do like these Videos let me know in the comments below And I'll be sure to film a new one for You at the beginning of next month but Thank you so much for watching today and I look forward to seeing you real soon Bye Foreign

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