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She was explaining how you can like find The crown on your head which like you Should go like this I might be wrong and Then you go like that so that's my crown There and then you like you have to like Let's just wait till I get the products [Applause] Welcome or welcome back to my YouTube Channel which is all about educational Beauty this is a Sephora try on First Impressions haul everything mixed in Together I've got a massive goodie bag When I went to the Sephora press event Recently and I wanted to go through it With you so that you guys can see Exactly what these products are like a Lot of them are new releases so yeah Let's get to it but before we do if you Do like this video please do give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you never miss any of my future Videos and I'm over on Instagram so come Say hi there too now we can head into The video So yesterday was the Sephora full press Event it was an amazing event as always And what they basically have is they Take out this huge space and they have Most of the brands that they offer Within that space with their own stands And they have people working on those Stands sometimes it's the founders Sometimes it's like the product

Development team sometimes it's just the Staff within the retail stores either Way it's usually an amazing event and it Was yesterday too now at the end of it We get given a huge goodie bag like huge Goodie bag and I really wanted to kind Of like share that with you today so What I wanted to do is go through that Bag with you and open it up and try the Products on and see what they're like so I really want to do this with you Because a lot of the products in there Are actually new releases and I thought What better way to share it and to try It than with you guys so we're gonna get Started with skincare we're going to Move on to makeup and then we're going To move on to fragrance and there will Be Hair Care somewhere in between all of That as you can see I have no makeup on There's nothing on my skin right now no Eye cream no serum room nothing at all So let's get started okay so the first Product that we're going to move to is The Fenty Beauty fat water and this Comes in like a plastic squeezy I think It's a squeezy bottle so this is like a Hydrating milky toner and it basically Has a screw top there so I think the Water actually comes out from there so Let's Like a almost like a slightly thick Liquid so I'm just gonna like press this Oh this smells good so I'm pressing this

In I haven't actually used this yet like I I do have another one that I got sent But I haven't used it yet so this is the First thing that I'm trying it's meant To be really hydrating it's meant to be Refining for the pores so it minimizes The appearance of pores it's like Enriched with vitamins and it's just Generally good for your skin so really Kind of like a nice boost of hydration It does feel nice on the skin like it Doesn't feel sticky it feels slightly Tacky but in a good way if that makes Sense like my skin doesn't feel tight Anymore it feels quite hydrated but you Know it's really a case of how this goes Over several weeks of using it you can Use this morning and night you just put It over your skin with your fingertips So it's really easy to use I like the Fact that you don't have to use cotton Pads because I feel like most liquid Products you don't have to use cotton Pads now I don't know why we were doing That at one point I don't know why we Didn't just use our fingers but anyway We're gonna move over over to the next Product because I don't think there's Much I can say about that one but we're Moving on to the next one which I'm Pretty excited about so this one is the Drunk elephant ceremiaht AFI bomb and The lady at the drunk elephant stand was So nice so if you're watching I thought

You were so like educational you really Kind of told me about the products and I Really really liked that and I loved That she knew that I always use the sea Tango she knew and I was like super Impressed by that moving on I am gonna Tell you as I go along what each stand Was like and what they were like and how Informative they were because I just Want to be completely honest with you Now this product is like an eye bomb so It's not so much a cream it's more of a It just I can't explain to you how it Feels it just feels very kind of silky On the skin it feels very good so it Comes out the same as the sea Tango and What I love is it leaves this kind of Really nice hydration on the eye area And I'm really excited about using this Because I haven't used this and I really Do love the drunk elephant eye cream so I'm excited to use this and what the Lady told me at the stand was there is Actually a serum as well so I don't have That in this bag but there's a serum That they do which you can use in Combination with the eye balm and the Eye cream so if you can put the serum on First and then you can go over with the Eye balm or the eye cream and it's like Double it's a double whammy of hydration And Firming and yeah I'm really really Intrigued about trying that so this one In particular what this has is it's

Basically a replenishing eye balm it's Strengthening so it has ceramides in There which strengthen your Skin Barrier It also is a mega Rich plant oils it has A mega Rich plant oils it delivers long Lasting moisture restores elasticity it Soothes the sign of any signs of fatigue And it gives a refreshed well rested Look I really like the feeling of this On the skin it actually stays it's not Tacky at all it literally is like a balm And it just leaves this really nice kind Of film over your eyes so I have a Feeling I'm going to be transitioning to This from now on and I'm excited to see How this makes my eyes look this is like The other one that I use which is the Sea Tango is like firming and Brightening and this one is like it's Cushion and strengthened that's what it Says I'm really excited to see how this Works on my skin I absolutely love the Way this makes my skin around the eyes Feel that is the biggest thing that Currently stands out to me because Obviously with any product you're not Going to see results immediately so I Can't tell you much about that I can Just tell you about what it's meant to Be doing and I'll tell you as I go along The things that I will be incorporating Into my ongoing tutorials which you'll You guys will see me using from now on Anyway but that's definitely something

I'm going to start using because I just Love the feel of it and I really hope it Does some long-term goodness to my skin That didn't make sense but I hope it Does something good okay I'm kind of Like opening the boxes up before I show You because I really want to show you The actual bottle as opposed to just the Box but now we are moving on to the low Recipe strawberry smooth BHA and aha Salicylic serum it's clarifying and Re-texturizing this is a brand that I Saw there and obviously the lady was Telling me a bit about it I will be Honest I think I was a little bit Preoccupied with taking footage from my Stories at that point and I don't Remember fully so I'm really sorry if You're watching what I do remember is it Sounded like it had amazing ingredients In here now I don't know much about this Brand glow recipe because I I don't Really hear too much about it but I have Seen it out there in the blogging world So I have seen some of the products but I don't I'm not really educated enough On these products at the moment but I Will be don't worry now this one is Basically I all I know is it's obviously Good for glow because it says glow Recipe so it's it reveals a smoother Even skin texture and it's gently Clarifying and it's not sticky it's a Salad salicylic acid serum like I said

It's like a pillowy water gel formula Clears blemish prone skin obviously Exfoliates and it doesn't leave your Skin feeling tight or dry which is great Because that's how my skin usually feels It's powered by 10 Clarity acid complex Now it does have a blend of BHA and aha So it's two percent BHA one percent aha It helps to kind of like decongest the Skin which always sounds good if I see The word decongest I love it because That's what happens with my skin it's Usually a little bit congested sometimes It gets rid of any kind of like dead Skin cells it's smooth look of bumps we All hate those don't we yeah and it's Got strawberry water leaf extract I do Sometimes I don't know if it's just me But when I hear things like you know Like it has watermelon or strawberry I Do kind of think like is that even doing Anything like or is it just for the Smell but I don't know you know so okay Let's try this I'm gonna you know before I move to another product to apply I Will remove this but I wanted to just Kind of okay so it comes out it's like a Gel formula which isn't sticky foreign Smells so good but I'm not sure how I Like the smell I mean it smells a Strawberry so I like that but I don't Know if I really feel comfortable Putting such a like I know it maybe it's Like natural but I don't know if I like

The idea of the strawberry smell because I don't know I don't know what it is it Doesn't feel sticky it does feel tacky On the skin again this is something that You have to keep using I guess to know What the results are going to be like so The next one that we've got is a glow Recipe watermelon glow sleeping mask This is a I just literally spoke about Watermelon and I did not realize this Was an watermelon so this is an everyday Watermelon treatment so it's hyaluronic Acid and you can basically it's like a Pillow proof gel formula okay and it's Hydrating poor refining gives you like Bouncy juicy skin you can put it on as The final step of your evening routine So you can leave it on overnight it Looks like this I really do like the Packaging of these glow recipe products I really really do they look nice They're things that look nice on your Shelf you know this is something that You can use at night you can also use This as a wash off mask Wow this really does smell of watermelon I'm gonna be honest I would probably be More inclined to use this if it didn't Smell of watermelon and strawberry I Think that's like a personal preference Though like some people love that it's Just it doesn't mean the product isn't Good like it actually feels really good On my skin and it just has left like

This very light film all over my skin And we've also got the Ula Henriksen Banana bright eye cream this is Something I did already have and I Actually started using it a couple of Days ago and I am liking it I feel like There's a lot of eye creams at the Moment that I'm really really interested In using I need to figure out which one I'm going to use I think I'm probably Going to go straight to the drunk Elephant because I absolutely love the Way it feels I'm not going to try this One now but I will tell you that they Have apparently improved the formula so It is much better in terms of like Results and it's really good for that Darkness on the under eye area and you Can tell with the texture it's a little Bit thicker than the previous one so They have done something to change it It's meant to be a really good base for Applying makeup yeah it gives you more Of a brighter look so great if you have Dark circles I'm not going to talk too Much about that now we're going to move Over to one of the Sephora boxes that Was in here so it kind of like opens up If I show you how this There you go there's a whole load of Stuff in here so I'm just going to go Through some of this stuff because some Of it I already have like there is a Sunscreen here from glow recipe which is

SPF 50 which is great you can never go Wrong with its sunscreen that's great We've Got tatcha Rice wash so this I am Starting to really like touch of Products I haven't really got super into It yet in terms of like using it because I've been waiting to finish off some of The products I'm using but this is a Rice watch which rice wash which I'm Going to talk to you about shortly Because I do have another Touch of box Here and then we've got The Wishful yo Glow now this is I actually saw a video The other day I think on hooda's page Where she someone was dermaplating and I Think actually I don't think it was with Yoglow it was with the oil and I was Thinking of trying that because it Actually looked pretty good totally off Topic now we've got a Sephora Exfoliating lip scrub in here which is Great we've got another tatcha water Cream we've got the inky list Mega water A cream I feel like these are all pretty Basic so I'm not going to really go into It too much we do have a Sephora primer Here which I haven't actually tried Before it's a lock and 12 hour hydration Primer so I think I'm going to add this To my little stash over here of things I Want to try we've got a Sephora sponge I Want to see what this is like as well Because I love sponges and then we've Got a clarifying serum from Sephora this

Stuff is really really good I have this I've tried it it's very very good so It's basically the bottle looks like That and it's a five percent salicylic Acid clarifying serum you just kind of Like put it on with your fingers you can Put that morning or night and it works Really really well so considering it is Sephora I mean I personally like Sephora Products but I know some people kind of Tend to think it's maybe not as good as The other brands but they're actually Pretty good then we also have a Clinique Product here which is basically a smart Clinical repair it's a wrinkle Correcting serum they're a lot these Things I can't really tell you how they Kind of go because obviously it takes a Bit of time to to use them and see what The results are like before we actually Move on I just opened up the Sephora Sponge and can I say it is super soft And that seems like a sponge I'm gonna Love you know when the sponge is too Hard it just doesn't squeeze it's like It I know it's not gonna work well but This is really soft like this sponge is Super super soft and I love that it has A flat Edge there it's similar shape to The real technique sponge that I use but This is actually a better size because The Real Techniques one is just too big Okay next up we have a little tatcher Box double cleanse and nourish set so

What we have in here is we have the Deep Cleanse This face wash actually sounded Really good to me it's a balancing and Exfoliating cleanser and I love the Bottle like the tube I love this like The size of it I think this is the kind Of size that I would want if I buy a Face wash haven't used it before but I Really want to smell this right now to Tell you because You know white just seems like these Products are just really luxurious Smells good smells good let me just put A little bit on my hand because I want To see what this is like because it's Exfoliating okay it's got very tiny tiny Kind of like beads in there which Dissolve on impact with the skin when You start smoothing it over so Definitely going to be trying that Because it's an exfoliating face wash Wash so I like that then we've also got The Camellia cleansing oil this Basically is a makeup remover and Cleanser it's a nourishing Japanese Camellia oil which you can massage onto Dry skin and that will kind of like help To take your makeup off smells really Good okay I can't wait to try that I'm Going to try that later on maybe Tomorrow and then we've got the silk Cream here which is a moisture-rich silk Extract cream for normal to dry skin Okay their products see that is what

Smells good to me because I feel like It's not overly fragranced it doesn't Smell too powerful like I don't want any Kind of smell lingering around me after I've put my skincare on okay so I am Going to be doing my base very quickly So so before I do that I am going to use This SPF from the glow recipe but let me Just try it out it's in the SPF 50 which Is great and I want to see how this kind Of Smooths over and hoping that it Doesn't leave like a like a white rose View residue which I'm kind of already Seeing okay it doesn't leave a white Residue because it does blend in but it Is leaving that kind of that's the Typical kind of like SPF feel which Recently I feel like most brands okay I'm getting that thing you know where You rub and it's like make not makeup But like skincare is rubbing off so I Think maybe I maybe I don't know maybe I Put a little bit too much of something On I love the fact the fact it's SPF it Is more of a glow kind of like finish so As you can probably see it's less like Almost like a pearlescent finish on my Skin if you don't wear much makeup and You're not looking for a matte look then I would probably say yeah this is great Go for it I do feel like it looks a bit White on me though so I'm not sure about Whether I would use this underneath Makeup on an important important day

Whereas I would probably use this on day To day so if I'm like putting it on Before going cycling or something like That give me a second I'll be back after I've done my base I'm back if only it was that quick now I'm going to start off with brows we Have got the Anastasia Brow genius here So I've heard a lot about this product This is like a brow serum that basically Looks like this so it opens up and You've got like a little brush at the End which has got the serum and you put This on morning and night and apparently I think they claim that in like about Eight weeks you should see a difference Yeah do it daily for eight weeks morning And night so I've already put some brow Product on but you know so I'm going to Be using this morning and night because I'm really interested to see like what The results are going to be like I can See if my brows actually do grow back a Bit more that's one thing next up we've Got this which actually was really Interesting I didn't hear about this at The event because when I went to the two I think there was a Too Faced stand There I can't remember I think there was Um but we I got chatting to someone and Then I I don't really know who was Actually wanting that stand so I didn't Get to talk to anyone there when I saw This in the bag I was very interested it

Seems very sticky almost like glue-like And it's meant to basically give you That really nice laminated brow look so Really interested to see how this works You know most of these brow gels are Just gels they're not like glue and Really you need something like glue Which is good if you really want them to Stay in place wow this genuinely does Brush them up like as in way more than Anything else I've tried so I'm really Really impressed I mean I don't like Brushing mine up fully not all the way Across because then I just look like I've got I just look super surprised all The time but I really like how the Texture of this let me put it through The other one because I've got more hair On this side This the sides of lacking a bit but okay It is very good I've put this on after Doing my brows so I'm interested to see What this would be like before and if it Actually stays in place and I guess you Could press them down as well so if I Like orange juice at the back of this Yeah you can press them down to like for A really flat finish that is the most The front of my brows have like stayed Like that that's the longest normally it Just doesn't do anything it just kind of Like goes back down to its original Shape so I'm super super impressed with That let's see how it lasts for the rest

Of the day I like it because it's actual Natural fluff like it's not just me Drawing in hairs to make it look fluffy Like that is genuinely my own hair so I'm really really impressed with that Okay so next we have the Caroline Herrera Lipstick let's see what this is like so This is like a very pale color I'm not Too sure this is going to look like on But we'll give it a go let me just put It on in the middle because sometimes I Like putting the lipstick on first and Then we can kind of like add a lip line See what goes with it nicely I don't Know much about this brand in terms of Beauty because I've just never received Anything from them so okay this is It's way too pale For my skin tone not doesn't go let's Just forget that one it's a little bit Chalky like you know when it first goes On that's all I think about that one but Let's move on to the next okay I went to The rare Beauty counter and I didn't Have a chance to look around too much There but what I got in the bag I'm Really excited about using because I Haven't actually tried their normal Lipstick or their lip pencils so I'm Really excited about trying that this is The kind words matte lip liner in fun And I really liked the look of this Color when I swatched it on my hand I'm

Excited to try this on and try this on With the lipstick so let me put Let Me Line my lips first So that's the lip pencil it's very waxy Very kind of like creamy on the lip and I quite like the color but I'll see what It looks like with the lipstick so I'm Using the lipstick talented so I'll be Interested to see what the texture is Like for this because I absolutely love The lip souffle uh this is see this is Creamy the other one that I just put on A minute ago was like chalky this is Creamy this is like a brown this is Actually a really nice color I feel like It's a bit on the brown side for me like It's very close to my skin color but a Little bit more of a dull version but When you mix it with this lip liner you Could actually go heavier with the lip Line with the lip liner shade to just Brighten it up so like that looks a Little bit too Brown to me so what I'll Do is go in with this lip pencil on top That's given it more of a kind of like Nice like Rusty feel but it's definitely A nice texture the lipsticks from rare Beauty I would say very creamy doesn't Look doesn't feel drying on the skin Doesn't look dry it actually feels Really good on the skin the other thing That I got is the liquid it luminizer And I've already got the other shade the Shade that I have is mesmerized which is

A really nice shade this is way too White for me this is enlightened like if I show you both of these next to one Another like this is the one that I use Which is great for my skin tone because It's warming this is way too light for Me okay so next up I went to the nude Sticks counter there I absolutely love Nude sticks and the lady they were so Nice and they were really really helpful So they are coming out with a new matte Luxe stick so you guys already know the Nudy's glow sticks and they've got Nudy's matte which I absolutely love Because I feel like they're really Versatile well now they're basically Coming out with a matte Luxe which is in Between so it's not super matte but at The same time it's not like super glowy Either and I tried it at the event this Is not it this is their not normal Nudies glow but I tried it at the event And oh my God it was so nice I actually Cannot wait to try it and the colors she Tried on me I can't remember what it was I did take a picture of it was stunning It just I love the fact that she looked At me looked at my skin color and Thought let me pick something for her Rather than just showing me how great The products are so she actually tried This color on me and it was the most Stunning kind of like Rusty color and I Can't wait to try it so I'm really

Excited about getting those when I do I Will make sure that I show you them in Detail now another thing that we got From the event was this little nice kind Of tin here which has all of these Really nice pencils in here you've got Really nice metallic colors in here You've also got the lip glaze and yeah All of these Shades I've got a couple of Them already one of them is one of my Favorites copper foil they're really Really good I think I've done a tutorial On that before so we've also got the Sephora size up mascara this is a Mascara I think I have tried before it Is really good I have like lash Extensions on at the moment so I can't Try this but the Sephora mascaras are Very good next up we have Beauty blender This is the powder that we got it's the Bounce powder which is a soft focus Gemstone setting powder this shade is Buff which more or less goes with all Skin tones and the girls of beauty Blender blender I absolutely love them I Remember I've been I went on the it was Like an intimate dinner with the Founders so Rianne and her daughter Can't remember when it was like a couple Of years ago now so they haven't really Been back since I don't think I think Rhian's in town at the moment for the Event but I was so annoyed because Actually I was initially given the 5 p.m

Slot I messaged the agent back and I was Like can I please go in the morning and I got there and I did the whole event And then when I went to the beauty Blender counter they told me that Rihanna's going to be there at five O'clock so I was like great so I missed Her but I love her and you know we Connect on Instagram and she's amazing I Absolutely love what she's doing this Powder I'm really really excited about They have got skin tints as well by the Way which are new so they have like I Think it's like five Shades or six Shades of the new skin tin and I tried It on my my skin feels and looks amazing My shade is number four and they will be Probably expanding the shade range a Little bit later but I guess they're Just kind of like launching with this Small amount first to see how it goes I Absolutely loved it now usually when you Look at kind of skin tins sometimes you Feel like it's too much of a it's like Too runny and it's not thick enough and You know you don't want it as thick as a Foundation or a concealer but you Definitely don't want it to just Dissolve into the skin and you don't Even see anything you know you do want Some level of coverage in there it's Amazing it literally feels so nice on The skin your skin still looks like skin And it is a tint but with the softest

Amount of coverage and your skin looks So healthy so I'm really excited about Trying that we didn't get that in there Goody bag yesterday but we did get this Powder which I really want to try I Haven't actually applied any powder to My cheek area because I really wanted to See how this is this is probably a Powder which gives you a very very soft Focus effect but you get a really nice Kind of very subtle sheen on your skin As well so this is great if you want Your makeup to last all day but you want It to have a little bit of a Sheen you Don't want it to be fully matte or Looking too kind of cakey so I'm gonna Try this and I'm just going to use any Brush that I've got here I'm using my my Real Techniques brush and I am just Going to kind of like brush this over I Actually really like the finish of this So I'm just applying it everywhere I Haven't actually applied powder I really Like the look of it hopefully you can Kind of like see but well I went a bit Too heavy there but it basically you can Kind of buff this in like we'll go in Like circular motions over the face very Lightly it's not making my skin look Super super matte but obviously it is Setting it's given this like very subtle Kind of like when I turn you can see It's almost like very natural looking Kind of Sheen it doesn't look it's not

Shiny it's not glittery so I really Really like that and I'm going to be Using that properly and you know full-on Tutorial at some point we've also got a Matchsticks from Fenty which is peach I've just put powder on so I can't Really put this on now but this is good As a kind of like color corrector as Well we kind of like we know what the What the skin matchsticks are like these Seem to be a bit more easy to blend than The initial ones that I remember using Yeah I'm not going to put this on now But that is another good one we've got Huda Beauty empowered so let me show you This one here you can see you've got That really nice kind of palette and This is a brand new palette from what I Can see or what I've heard I didn't Really speak to the girls at the hood of Beauty counter because they were very Very busy so I didn't get a chance to Speak to them this was in the goodie bag The palette looks really nice I actually Really love the colors and I wanted to Try a little bit on we'll just Swatch it Just so that you guys can see what it Looks like I think what I might do is Just kind of like add a little bit of This into my crease to see what this is Like or what the colors like there's a Color that's really standing out to me Which is Legacy which looks like a Really nice deep brick brown but I think

Rather than that I think I want to try That best self because it seems like a Really nice peachy shade for all over The lid so I'm just gonna try this Okay this is a really nice color just Pressing it on the pigment is good I'm Just going to give my eye like a my Eyelid like a wash of color so nothing Crazy in terms of blending just a nice Wash of color that looks really nice I Really do like that color okay I feel Like there's something I can do with This so I'm gonna do a full-on video Using this palette at some point but I Really really do like that now in terms Of the glitter let's see how this looks On there's a shade here called do it and It just looks Really really nice it's like a peachy Sheen I feel like your skin needs to be A little bit tacky to kind of apply the Glitter Shades but it still does Transfer onto the skin and it's not Overly like chunky glitter it's a nice Glitter so that's nice it also has like A cream a few cream eyeshadows it's got Two cream eyeshadows so it's got one Cooled purpose which is like a black That's interesting I wouldn't mind doing A nice smoker with that and it's got Like a almost like a really deep Mulberry Brown which looks good too so And there's like a gloss there's loads Of Textures in here so I'm really

Interested to kind of like see how this Looks like on if you want a tutorial Using this product then please do let me Know in the comments box below okay next Up we've got a couple of palettes from Tarte I've got the Gilded eyeshadow Palette and I've got the glamor Eyeshadow palette these two look Stunning some of the shades in here are Really really nice and I don't know why I'm just always attracted to like gold Shades bronzy Shades and there's a Really nice one called vintage in here So let me just show you this is what one Of the palettes looks like honestly it Is stunning and I like that the palette It kind of is rounded so it's very easy To open and close this is the other one And this is part of their Holly Holly Hollywood this is part of their holiday Collection so I want to try a little bit Of this I want to go for this because This is really just calling my name it's So it looks so nice it's called vintage Okay love it I absolutely love it it's Such a nice oh it's so nice it's like Not overly gold but it's got this really Nice subtle Sparkle in there guys I love This this is a really nice eyeshadow Sometimes I feel tell me if you guys Feel this but you know when you look at An eyeshadow palette you're like oh God It doesn't appeal to me but when you try It it's really really nice and I feel

Like that this is one of those palettes And I think it's just because we see so Many eyeshadow palettes that you know It's hard for anything to kind of like Get our attention it's got to be crazy Looking to get our attention and Something like this I feel like Sometimes you look at it and you're like I wouldn't wear any of that but when you Try it then honestly it it will change What you think because honest day is a Stunning shade okay there's a little There's a gold in here I just want to Try that as well so I'm gonna just it's Called Grand it's like a orangey gold Okay wow that is insane the pigment is Really really good I hopefully I don't Know if you can see that but it looks Really good as in not with like mixed up Eyes but I mean it does look like it's a Really nice shade and then there's this Other one in here that looks so good Okay there is so much in here I feel Like there's a lot I can do with this Palette so please do let me know if There's any specific type of eyeshadow Look you want me to create using these Next we've got some fragrances we've got The girl name fragrance here I can it's The Mandarin basilic I can't say half of These things honestly I love Garland Fragrances I just love fragrance in General you should see how much I have I Have so much because I'm just so

Obsessed with it I just keep collecting It this is the bottle and it smells Really really nice it's very refreshing It's like orange but not overly orange If that makes sense but it is really Really nice The kayali Love Fest which Is a it's like called Cherry raspberry Got Patchouli it's a very nice scent It's probably more for the evening it's It's a very kind of evening scent one Product I forgot to mention earlier it's Just kind of popped up is The Wishful Pillowgasm it's like a basically a Cherry glow sleeping mask and you can Like slug with it so you can basically Slaughter like lather it on slather Lather just put it on and it will like Give you that Ultra hydration it's Really really good for like nourishing Repairing the skin and give you that Giving you that overnight glow so I am Going to be trying that because I really Like the sound of it and I thought no Harm in trying it see what that's like So it also reduces the signs of fatigue Which is great why did I say that weird Fatigue fatigue okay now something else Was another brand there called Fable and Main and it was so interesting the lady Who I know her anyway but she was She's Come From Another brand now she works With Favela Maine she was so good I just Loved how energetic she was about the Brand because you can tell that she

Genuinely loves the brand and anyway It's really in interesting it's Basically a selection of products for Your hair and your scalp the roots are From like Indian head massage like the Some of the ingredients like amla and a Lot to do with kind of like nourishing The scalp so this specific product that We have in here I think she's going to Send me over the other products because I really do want to try it sounds Amazing and she was explaining how you Can like find the crown on your head Which like you should go like this I Might be fun and then you go like that So that's my crown There and then you like you have to like Let's just wait till I get the product So she so I can show you properly but Basically this is a armler soothing Serum so it's for all hair types and it Is very good for your hair and your Scalp it's a pot draw so you part dry Hair rub one full dropper of oil between Your palms and massage into the scalp And you focus on your crown to release Stress there's a whole technique and Process involved which I'm gonna find Out some more information from her and Then actually show you that because I'm Sure you guys would want to kind of like Do it along with me you know even with Whatever oils you have at home or maybe You want to go out and get this so you

Can do it with me this is like a leak You can leave it in overnight and you Can do this a couple of times a week as Well just want to show you what the Bottle looks like so it looks like this And it's already like vibrant purple Color and you basically yeah so it's got A little dropper like I said let me see What this smells like it smells good it Smells good you know like as in it Smells like goodness for your scalp and Your hair so I'm excited to try that so Let me I'm throwing away the packaging Of everything I know I'm going to use we Have virtue I went to The Virtue stand And I'll be honest I really wanted to Have a chat and understand more about The products but I don't know if she was Kind of like already busy with someone It didn't seem like it but it they just Mainly had the Curl products out so There's obviously a new product curl Leave-in butter I genuinely love virtue Products so this is a product that I got and they had the whole selection For the from the curl range which is Great but obviously this isn't going to Work for my hair because I don't have Curly hair like I'm not trying to keep It curly or anything but I do I do wish I was kind of like giving a bit more Information about some of the other Products because I'm sure they'd still Want to promote other products as well

This cute little kit that came as well Which has a whole load of other products In there we've got virtue the refreshed Dry shampoo product I haven't actually Tried this yet but apparently it is Really good I mean virtue products are Amazing so I really really do love them We've got a Sephora strengthening hair Serum it's got biotin in there so that's Going to be good for like kind of like Hair growth and you can put this on at Night or like during the day if you're Just chilling during the day because I Like to do it during the day as well and Then we've got is it Sol Genero or Genera I don't know but anyway this Stuff is amazing I use the is it called Boom Um is it supposed to are you supposed to Say boom boom or bum bum it's the boom Boom There's a boom boom cream and it's Amazing and I haven't used any of the Hair products so I'm really excited to Try this this is a hair repair treatment Anything for the hair I absolutely love Anything that's going to give me some Extra moisture we've got a really nice Sephora coconut hair sleeping mask here This is briogeo if that's how you say it But it's we've got like a coconut Nourishing shampoo and then we've got a Conditioner so this should be good this Is really good for your hair because

There's no it's not harsh there's no Kind of like nasty stuff in there and It's generally very good I have used one Of their hair smoothing products which Is amazing I haven't used the shampoo And conditioner so I'm really excited About that so that's good that is more Or less everything and I really wanted To kind of like just go through that With you so you guys can kind of see What I got and what I think about them And obviously we've tried some of it on And I've got two different eye looks Going on right now but I really wanted To open it up with you now if you want To see more videos like this please do Let me know because I feel like it's Really actually quite nice because I'm Going to open up the products and have a Look myself anyway why not film it so You guys can actually have a look at it Too because sometimes maybe you want to Have a closer look to know should you go Out and invest in that should you go and Buy it yeah I think there are quite a Few products here if I were you I would Get because if they appeal to you and They kind of answer they're a solution For any problem that you have I think You should maybe think about it like the Eye bomb I cannot wait to try that like For a good couple of weeks continuously And I love the Fable and main products I'm really looking forward to getting

That the touch products are amazing even The Sephora products these eyeshadow Palettes are really really nice I'm Really excited to create some looks with Them the skincare in general I feel like I am excited about because there's a lot Here that I want to use and I want to Try and I'm glad that I actually did try Because some of it I tried on now Because I'm filming that I wouldn't Usually maybe try so it's also good for Me because I'm actually trying them out So I can let you guys know and I'm Interested about I mean I'm trying to Get too many words out at the moment I'm Interested in this for our primer as Well because that actually looks pretty Good to me and the brow stuff there's so Much here that I think is really really Good I don't think there's anything that I really kind of said anything negative About because everything seems really Really good it sounds good it smells Good it feels good so yeah I will keep You updated on how everything is kind of Like going the ones that I'm going to be Trying but you are going to be seeing me Using a lot of it in future videos so Stay tuned How did you find that video if you want More first impression videos then please Do let me know in the comments box below If you like this video please give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to

My channel and hit the Bell button so That you never miss any of my future Videos until the next video take care And I'll see you soon

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