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SAVORY OATMEAL | easy, healthy, breakfast idea




SAVORY OATMEAL | easy, healthy, breakfast idea

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Hello my friends it's Dany and today I Am sharing my new favorite way to enjoy Oatmeal this is a Savory bowl of oatmeal Topped with hard-boiled egg and turkey Bacon and I am telling you it is a Delicious nutritious way to enjoy a bowl Of Oats plus it's packed with 40 g of Protein and can be enjoyed for breakfast Lunch or Dinner now traditionally when I make Oatmeal I tend to travel the sweet Road And I'll use ingredients like banana Pumpkin nut Butters maple syrup Etc and I recently discovered that you can also Make your oats Savory so this is opened Up a brand new game as far as oatmeal Goes and so I'm going to share with you My favorite Savory combination today now The first thing I do is prepare my Toppings in this case that's going to be A Jammy hard-boiled egg some turkey Bacon and some fresh sliced scallions And side note whenever I make hardboiled Eggs I always make extra so I have them On hand for easy meals and snacks Throughout the week so what you're going To do is Step number one you want to Make sure that your eggs are at room Temperature you cannot do this with cold Eggs because they will likely crack when They hit the hot water okay so my eggs Are room temp and I have a small pot of Water coming up to a boil once the water Is at of boil I am going to very gently

Lay my eggs into the pot I like to do This with a wooden spoon and if you go Slowly it works pretty easily allow that Pot to boil for 8 minutes if you like a Nice nice Jammy egg and then you could Go 10 to 12 if you like your yolks a Little bit more well done then I'll Carefully drain the excess water for my Pot fill it with some cold water and Then layer in some ice basically this is My lazy way of making an ice bath Without having to use an extra bowl or Pot once the eggs are cool enough to Handle you are going to see that this is Such a fail prooof way to peel your eggs The shells come off so easily and Effortlessly and then I'm going to going To slice one egg in half because that's What I need for the recipe and then the Rest of the eggs I just transfer into a Bowl and I will leave these in the Fridge now for the turkey bacon Technically speaking turkey bacon is Already cooked so really all you're Doing is heating it through when you get It into your pan so I just get it into a Non-stick pan over a medium heat I let It cook for a couple of minutes and then I give it a flip Let It Go for another Couple minutes and then I might go back And forth for another minute or two Until I have a nice golden Edge on the Um slices of turkey bacon turkey bacon Doesn't really get super crunchy but

Once it's cool enough to handle I just Use my fingers to kind of break it into Small crumbles alternatively if you Prefer you could of course use a Traditional bacon as well and if you Don't eat meat you could also try Sautéing some of your favorite Vegetables that would be delicious on a Savory oatmeal Bowl just like this I Personally would probably go with some Mushrooms broccoli and or spinach and Then last but not least I'm just going To slice up some scall Nice and thin because this is going to Add a great texture and a little bit of A crunch and a mild onion flavor to the Oats as well now for the oatmeal base I'm going to do this right on my stove Top and the technique is very simple so I start with a small saucepan and then I'm going to add 1/2 cup of good Oldfashioned rolled oats and then a half A cup of low sodium chicken broth this Could also be a vegetable broth if you Prefer you just want something that's Going to have a Savory base then I'm Also adding a half a cup cup of water And I'm going to turn that heat up and Let this cook over a medium low heat for About 5 minutes stirring it occasionally Really what we're looking for here is For the excess water to be absorbed and For those oats to begin to have a nice Creamy look to them now if you've ever

Watched any of my other oatmeal recipes Here before you know that I am a big fan Of adding egg whites into my oatmeal not Only is this a really really easy way to Add a bump of protein to your bowl of Oatmeal but it makes the most creamy Fluffy delicious bowl of Oats that you Will ever eat and I really believe that If you try it much like myself you will Soon become a fast fan but you have to Be very careful because you don't want The egg whites to scramble so here's how You're going to do that you're going to Keep the heat nice and low and then what I do is I add a couple of ice cubes to The hot oats that are already in the pot Okay so we want the hot oats to be warm But you do not want them to be boiling Hot once you have seen that the steam or The boil has cooled down a bit then You're going to slowly begin to stir the Egg whites into the pot I'm using a half A cup of egg whites and I stir stir stir As I pour the egg whites so I add a Little bit of the egg whites give it a Stir and then continue to do that Ultimately what we're doing here is Tempering the egg whites it's the same Technique you use if you're baking right We want to slowly add the egg whites Into the oatmeal so that it all becomes Incorporated and so that those egg Whites don't end up scrambling because If the egg whites scramble the party's

Over once they're in there you're going To see that the oats look super super Creamy so you're just going to continue To stir over a very low heat for another Couple of minutes and what you will Notice is that as the time passes the Oats become even creamier and fluffier And they increase in volume a bit that's How you're going to know that your oats Are done and ready to be served then the Final ingredient that I'm going to add Is a half a teaspoon of low sodium soy Sauce now if you don't do gluten or soy You could also sub in a half a teaspoon Of coconut amino acids here as well both Of them will work beautifully and what This does is it just adds a layer of Depth and that Umami Savory flavor base That we're looking for it really makes The oatmeal pop then when you are ready To enjoy your oats you're going to just Transfer the oatmeal meal into your Favorite serving bowl and then we're Going to top it with that Jammy Hardboiled egg a Sprinkle of our turkey Bacon and then of course the scallions And a little bit of black pepper Over The Top This my friends is not your Traditional bowl of oatmeal you're Really getting a great balance of Healthy carbohydrates high quality Proteins and of course some healthy fat As well and it is Inanely delicious I mean it's a really

Fun Twist from your traditional sweet Oats and it is easy to make it's quick It's affordable and delightful so I'm Really excited for you to try this Recipe and when you do I am curious to Know what Savory toppings did you go With did you use the ones that I used or Did you change it up and remember if you Enjoy easy healthy recipes like the one I've shared with you here today make Sure to take a moment and sign up for my Weekly Newsletter this way instead of Having to wait to see if we're posting New recipes or videos I can send them Directly to you so I have a link for you Down in the description box below make Sure to hit that link and this way you Will never miss a new recipe as always Thanks so much for watching I'm Danny Spe and I'll see you back here next time With some more clean and deliciousness Cheers

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