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RHONY’s Sai De Silva Shares Her Anti-Aging Skincare Routine I Body Scan | Women’s Health




RHONY's Sai De Silva Shares Her Anti-Aging Skincare Routine I Body Scan | Women's Health

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– I've had my tongue pierced. I've had my belly button pierced. I wanted to get my nipples
pierced, but I just could not. Whenever I saw someone doing
it, I had friends who did that, And I was just like, ooh. Hello, hello. I am Sai De Silva and this is
my "Woman's Health Body Scan." What I love most about
my body, like my boobs. I have great set of boobs. My husband loves my boobs,
like they went to (bleep) After I was breastfeeding, But I feel like they're
pretty solid again. You know what I really
was kind of insecure About growing up was my toes. I have the longest toes you've ever seen. All the kids would make fun of me, Like they would tell me I was
scaling walls with my toes, Like they would say all these things. So I have to tell you, I used
to put makeup on my toes. I would do all kinds
of things with my toes. Now I just don't care. I'm wearing sandals, and I don't care. I love working out. I'm like the workout girl. I love to work out this peach. I need to have a nice, you know, I need to have a round firm butt, And I love to work out my arms. I just feel like this is a gun show. You know, you'd never
know who you might see, Who you're gonna have to wave at, Who's gonna be like, oh my
God, can you pass me the salt? Like who's looking at your arms? I think the arms are very important.

Like, you know, doing these
bicep curls all very important. So the peach and the arms are definitely My favorite to workout. My least favorite exercise
is just cardio in general. Like I think cardio feels Like I'm just dying, and it's
not enjoyable whatsoever. Like no one just wants
to sit here and die. It's just not for me. So cardio I have to say Is probably my least favorite thing to do. A go-to healthy meal for me
is definitely a quinoa bowl. I go to the farmer's market every Sunday. I typically cook all day on Sundays. I am crazy about ingredients. So typically I will just do some quinoa, Tons of roasted veggies, whatever is In season from the farmer's market. I'll throw them in the
oven, and I'll add that To a quinoa bowl, throw
some beans, saute some tofu, And then the dressing is just a lemon, Olive oil, and salt, and onion powder. You got a season. You need seasoning. Okay? I have to say my comfort
meal is a glass of wine, (Sai laughing) Maybe two. Okay? I would rather drink my
calories than eat them. I don't really have a
particular comfort food. I would have to say maybe pasta. I do love, love, love pasta. I enjoy pasta. I ran track for 10 years, so
my knees are not the greatest. They used to fill up with
water when I used to run,

And I would have to get them drained out, And then I had stress fractures
in my hip that were really, Really bad as well. So I think that's as
serious as it has gotten, But hopefully, knock on wood, Nothing's coming in the future. I do have a scar. I got a surgery that I
ended up having on my hip. So I do have a scar, but
it doesn't bother me. It's just part of me, like a tattoo. I have six tattoos. Well, I had six tattoos, okay? I was going through a
phase, but I now have three. So I got three removed. One I'm still working on,
two are completely removed, But yeah, three, three left. It's my piercings. I've had my tongue pierced. I've had my belly button pierced. I wanted to get my nipples
pierced, but I just could not. Whenever I saw someone doing it, I had friends who did it,
and I was just like, ooh, But I think body
piercings, that's as far as I went and then I had that weird hole In my belly button for like
the longest to remind me, Hey, by the way, when you
were 16 you decided to like Pierce your belly button
'cause you thought it was cool. Let's talk about skincare. I am a skincare fanatic. I've come a long way because In my twenties I would just
use a Neutrogena makeup wipe And go to sleep, And then I realize it's
just stripping my skin, And it's not doing anything for me.

So now I'm really into
like this long skincare Step routine every single night. I don't know if it's more
to get away from my kids Or more just for me, but I
definitely will do a toner. I love SKII and Essence. I love Cle de Peau has
a really good essence. Let's see what else? Dior, Dior Captured, Totale is a really good line. They make a really hydrating
moisturizing moisturizer, As well as an under eye cream. Also, their Dior Prestige. If you're a little bit older like I am, But you couldn't tell, right? I like things that are
a little bit thicker Because my skin is, it
tends to be a little bit On the drier side, especially
in the winter months. I kind of have alligator skin. I'm not afraid to say it. So I do like things that
very much so hydrate my skin. I could talk about this all day, Like I am the go-to skin girl. I mean, hair is a big thing
for me just because growing Up I had very, very curly hair,
like huge Afro curly hair. I know you can't tell right now. It's kind of been blow
dried and flat ironed. I also just did a good chop,
but due to over styling, Getting older with hormones,
and everything else, My hair just all of a sudden just poof. It is a completely different texture. I had no idea this would happen. So my haircare has completely changed. You know, I used to have three C curls That were very tight ringlets,

And that they would just
kind of poof out just a bit. So I would tend to reach for
any leave-in conditioners. Ceremonia makes a very
clean, leave in conditioner. I literally love Orbe
shampoo and conditioner. Big, big fan of that, And then you know what
I'm still using after All these years, like
growing up in Brooklyn, And I cannot let it go? I love Eco styling gel. Is it clean? No. Will the alcohol probably
strip your hair out? Yeah, but you know what? It holds. It holds. If you want a good slick
back, Eco styling gel, $2.99, big jug. You can't go wrong. Mental health is a
really big thing for me. Self-care I'm really into,
especially because I have A very busy schedule. On top of it, I'm a very
present mom and wife, So I have a lot going on. So for me, I prioritize my time. I get up at five o'clock in the morning. It's, trust me, I was
not always like this. I used to be a club rat, okay? But now I get up at five o'clock In the morning and what I typically do is Cherish the moments that I have alone. Just I wanna be present. I will not check my phone For at least an hour when I wake up. I usually will journal
for about 15 to 20 minutes

While listening to affirmations, And then I'll plug that
off, grab a cup of tea, And then I'll just meditate
for a good 15- 20 minutes If I can get that in. So I sit and I visualize
exactly what I want Out of my day and what I expect. I'm huge into manifestation,
laws of attraction, And I just really believe in positivity, And what you put out there, You get back and it keeps me grounded, And at the end of the day, It actually really does keep me sane. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure you subscribe to Women's Health. I'm Sai De Silva. You can find me on
Instagram @ScoutTheCity, And I have a podcast coming
out very soon this month. So check that out, And of course, every Sunday at 9:00 PM, Tune into the "Real
Housewives of New York" Because your girl is on it, On Bravo TV and streaming
the next day on Peacock. (lips smooching) Bye.

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