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RHONY’s Erin Lichy Skincare Secrets & Mental Health Non-Negotiables I Body Scan | Women’s Health




RHONY's Erin Lichy Skincare Secrets & Mental Health Non-Negotiables I Body Scan | Women's Health

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– My girlfriend and I, My best friend since I was two years old, Went down to St Marks
Place in seventh grade And got belly rings And we were in so much trouble. Hey, I'm Erin Dana Lichy And this is my Women's Health Body Scan. What I love most about my body Is its ability to sort of,
like, strengthen itself And seeing the change that
I've been able to cultivate From more exercise and eating better, Especially post three kids, Has been exciting to me. I didn't always love my flat ass, But lately I like it more. (chuckles) Fits into jeans well. (chuckles) I used to feel like I
wasn't skinny enough, I wasn't curvy enough. Like, there was always
something I was lacking. But now I'm just fully
in acceptance of my body. I think after seeing it bring life Into the world three times, I have a very different
perspective and I'm proud of it. My current workout routine
is doing everything. I love to mix it up. Sometimes I do yoga, Pilates. I work out with a trainer. I go to Orangetheory. Sometimes I like Barry's. I think I really love
Pilates, I've realized. I really love, like, those
movements that are very fluid And you start getting really good at it And you start feeling, like, excited That you can balance on this Megaformer

And, like, hold these, like, crazy, It's just like a challenge, But you still see the
progress in getting better. So I'm a big fan of Pilates. I cannot stand cardio, Even though my husband
convinced me one year To run the New York City Marathon, Which was torture, but I did it. So, like, Barry's, Orangetheory,
I, like, dread walking in, But I always feel good after. So I force myself to do
it, like, every so often. I think sort of the best
thing to do for a body Is pushing it in different ways And using muscles you
wouldn't otherwise use And, also, I get bored really quickly, So I like to switch it up. My go-to healthy meal that
I'll make, like, for lunch Is a really big salad
with everything in it. Sometimes put quinoa in it. I put a lot of different veggies in it. I'll put feta, usually feta cheese. Sometimes I'll do like a hard boiled egg Or a soft boiled egg And I'll chop that up and put it in Or I'll use chicken. I just love, like, a lot of
greens, like romaine or iceberg, And mixed greens. I think it, like, makes it more flavorful. Even though I feel like I should be eating The dark leafy greens 'cause
they're better for you, I don't know, I just like
the crisp, cool flavor. My dressing is, I use
the same one religiously And it's extremely simple. It's really good olive oil,

Usually a full squeezed lemon, and salt. That's it. If you have a great olive oil, It literally tastes
like a full-on dressing. So the snacks that I eat That still make me feel good about myself And, again, it depends on,
like, my level of hunger, I'll use crackers and mash up an avocado And that fills me up for a while. I love hard boiled eggs. Sometimes I cut them up with,
like, a little bit of mayo, Put them on a piece of bread. I love turkey roll-ups, organic turkey. I put, like, maybe a little
piece of cheese, some mayo. Fills me up. A handful of really, like, heavy nuts, Like Brazil nuts or macadamia nuts. Almonds don't really do it for me. So they need to be, like, meatier, But they really, like, keep me satiated. A serious injury I've had, In college, there was a dog at
a party that was not leashed And I went to pet him And I had no idea that, you
know, he attacked people, But he actually, like, bit me in the face And, like, latched onto my face And it was probably, like,
the worst moment of my life. So the scar that I have from the injury Is like this, like, long line right here And then it's also on
this side of my face. I cover it up with concealer typically. But later I found out That this dog had actually
bit two other girls. So he was sort of an attack dog,

Which is crazy that he wasn't on a leash, But that was a really sort
of traumatic experience. I don't have tattoos. I'm not against them at all. Actually, a lot of my
cousins have them in Israel. But I just felt Like I didn't want to put
any, like, ink in my body, Which is probably a naive thought That it would do anything to me, But I'm just crazy like that. So my girlfriend and I, My best friend since I was two years old, Went down to St Marks
Place in seventh grade And got belly rings. This was like the Britney Spears era And she had that belly ring And we knew the dance and the
next step was the belly ring. It was just like a natural progression. We had the belly ring
hidden for quite some time. I think it was like six
months later they found out And we were in so much trouble, But we were like, "We're
not taking it out. So good luck." In terms of skincare, I'm
pretty anal about what I use. I try to use clean products Because I just feel like
people don't realize That your skin is the
biggest organ in your body And what you put on it, like,
absorbs just like eating food. So I actually really love Credo, Which is a website where you can buy, Like, natural beauty items. I'm not that good about,
like, washing my face And putting on, like, one layer
of cream and then another, Like, I don't have a specific routine.

I make sure to usually wash
my makeup off at least. Sometimes I pass out with it. You know, don't kill me. In terms of haircare, I have,
like, very coarse, thick hair, So it's not that easy to manipulate. So I do use a lot of
products when I have to, Especially for events. I don't like hairspray, But I'm constantly, like,
avoiding it with people And I ultimately cave 'cause I need it. And I use usually Kerastase,
like, shampoo and conditioner 'cause I have highlights
and I think it helps. But I try to use, you know,
clean products when I'm home Or, like, I don't have events to go to. I've been thinking actually
a lot about mental health Because, you know, going
through this process Of being on a show like this And having people attack
you on social media, Which I actually want to get more involved In organizations that limit this Because I can't imagine a young teen Going through any sort of version of this. It's just so awful that people
hide behind their screens And attack people on social media. What I personally have found
helpful for mental health Is, like, curling up with a book Or doing some, like, light meditations. I like to practice the law of attraction. So just like focusing
my energy and my thought On what I do want As opposed to, like, what's hurting me Or what's, like, been painful. It's not easy to do, But I think after a while of practice,

You can sort of like
shift your perspective On what you focus on And that always ends up
yielding a way better result Than when you're, like, in a hole, Like, thinking about what's bad And all these trolls
calling me this and that. So it's a challenge, but I
work on it every single day. I find that, like, family time Has really helped me stay grounded And being with your friends, I
think, can distract immensely And I recommend it. If anybody's going through a hard time, Stick with your friends. (upbeat music)

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