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#RHONY’s Erin Lichy opens up about her mental health struggles 💗 #ErinLichy #MentalHealth




#RHONY's Erin Lichy opens up about her mental health struggles 💗 #ErinLichy #MentalHealth

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I've been thinking actually a lot about Mental health because you know going Through this process of being on a show Like this and having people attack you On social media which I actually want to Get more involved in organizations that Limit this because I can't imagine a Young teen going through any sort of Version of this it's just so awful that People hide behind their screens and Attack people on social media what I Personally have found helpful for mental Health is like curling up with a book or Doing some like light meditations I like To practice the Law of Attraction so Just like focusing my energy and my Thought on what I do want as opposed to Like what's hurting me or what's like Been painful it's not easy to do but I Think after a while of practice you can Sort of like shift your perspective on What you focus on and that always ends Up yielding a way better result than When you're like in a hole like thinking About what's bad and all these trolls Calling me this and that so it's a Challenge but I work on it every single Day

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