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RHONY Star Sai De Silva’s Weekly Routine To Fuel Her Chaotic Life | Game Plan | Women’s Health




RHONY Star Sai De Silva's Weekly Routine To Fuel Her Chaotic Life | Game Plan | Women's Health

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Hi I'm Sai de Silva with Women's Health And I'm ready to break down my seven day Game plan [Music] The things I do Monday through Sunday Are slightly chaotic definitely hectic Anxiety inducing but it is my life let's Do this it is Monday guess what alarm Clock is going off at five o'clock in The morning and typically I don't even Need an alarm clock my body just Automatically wakes up first things First we are going downstairs we're Going to work out my workout's typically The 20 to 30 minute workouts are Sometimes I will call my trainer on Zoom If I call him on Zoom then it's 30 Minutes but if I'm usually by myself I'm Kind of like skimping on the extra 10 Minutes and I will look for a video on YouTube I have so many that are saved And they're really good ones so I Typically like the YouTube videos where No one is talking they get straight to The point there's like a video in the Corner that's going to show you what Move is going to be next so you're Prepared you get like an 8 to 10 second Break in between exercises and you just Go so those workouts that are 20 minutes I usually like a good hit something that Is a hit that you get in you sweat and Then you do a quick stretch change my Clothes and I'm going to start making

The kids lunch so I make lunch at 6 00 A.m I wake my children up at seven I'm Gonna feed them breakfast and we are Straight out the door to go to school or Summer camp depending if it's summer or Fall but we usually have a very busy Schedule Mondays are my turn to drop the Kids off my husband we typically switch I go straight upstairs open up my Computer and get to working you know my Team comes in at 10 A.M every day is Completely different so sometimes on Mondays I like to just tackle emails and Sit and not do any makeup do nothing Kind of wear sweatpants and dig into all Of my emails once the team comes in if I'm working on something I'll do a Power Hour where we have these like little red Flags and you put them up on your desk And you're like I'm in a Power Hour Power our means you cannot talk to me About your weekend you cannot tell me Who you're dating you cannot tell me What you purchased this weekend I don't Care don't talk to me I literally need To focus because it's power hour and Then we will kind of get into what we Need to do that week is their hair Makeup that needs to be done what type Of content creation needs to go on if Clothes need to be ordered we need to Call the stylists so there are a lot of Things that go on behind the scenes of Content creation and just kind of

Getting things together and that would Be my Monday of just organizing and then By the time the evening comes my husband Picks up the kids I start dinner maybe Around 5 30 6 o'clock cook dinner get The kids in fed and in bed by 7 30 8 O'clock latest after that your girl is Going to wind down do her skincare and I'm getting in bed and I'm gonna watch a Show and I am sleeping by 10 pm it's Tuesday Tuesday starts at 5 00 a.m yet Again Um I'm in a routine and I can't help Myself so 5 a.m wake up I'm going to Meditate right afterwards I'm about to Do about 15 to 20 minutes of a Meditation routine I will also do some Journaling and then afterwards make Lunch I always make lunch for the kids And then wake them up at 7 00 a.m so we Can get our day started now Tuesdays are A day where I spend more time outside so Typically shooting content or scouting Locations I live in Brooklyn so Sometimes I like to shoot on the Upper East Side just because it goes with my Aesthetic a little bit more I like the Vibe I like the older architecture in Upper East Side it's just quintessential New York City and if I am going to the Upper East Side that means I'm driving And I'm using my car as a dressing room So I need to pack up all of my things I Put everything in garment bags according

To what that look is and inside of it is The the jewelry the shoes the outfit and Then if I'm doing four outfits that day They will all be hung up inside my car I Go to location and then I just run Through all of the outfits and that's How we get these looks of like when People think is someone following you Around no girl I just shot all of my Clothes in one day that's how it worked Guess what it's Wednesday you know same Thing like every day 5 a.m wake up you Know what I might push it to 5 30. I'm Already like the week dreamed me okay And it's only Wednesday so it's a hump Day for me we're definitely going to get Up we're going to meditate I'm gonna Make the kids lunch for lunch I am very Very conscious of about what I put in The kids lunch boxes I feel like because I'm so busy sometimes I don't get to Spend a lot of time with the kids that It's up to me it makes me feel like I'm I'm taking care of them I'm nourishing Them through what I put in their Lunchbox it feels like my My love Language I usually make some sort of Mango macaroons which is just cashews Coconut mango and honey my kids love Love love love it I put that in there It's almost like a little protein like Ball I make sushi but it's only cucumber It's not any fish so we're not having Some raw fish just sit inside of The

Lunchbox all day so I do have like a a Rice maker and like my whole Sushi set Up I make fresh sushi in the mornings And then I'll put in their favorite Snacks it's a very cute lunch box and I Always write a note that says mommy Loves you so much my six-year-old son Doesn't really know how to read so he Always has to ask his teacher or Sometimes I just draw happy faces or I'll make the food look like happy faces Or Bears or like the sandwiches have Ears and they really really love that so That is my my my deal on Wednesdays Sometimes if they're lucky they get it More than one day depending on how I'm Feeling And afterwards I will most likely end up Shooting video content that day Wednesdays I do one video content per Week Wednesdays are usually that day Where I do tick tocks I am doing Um Instagram reels sometimes I do YouTube it just really depends on what That content looks like for the week but We typically will go through all of our Concepts and everything and put it all Together into one spreadsheet I have to Make sure that I have all of the looks That I'm doing since I talk about luxury Fashion so much and we put that together And we just shoot all day we made it to Thursday are you exhausted yet I mean I'm exhausted just talking about it we

Made it to Thursday you know what time It is 5 a.m it's wake up time we don't Have to take the kids to school today so Don't worry about that I'm gonna jump Straight onto email super early today Because we have events this Thursday There are 10 of events to go to so I am Going to get dressed I'm getting out of The house super early and I'm going to Bounce from event to an event so events Can range from anything from going to a Product launch going to receive for Clothing Um going to a new clothing company and Looking at what they have maybe doing a Store opening maybe just supporting Another friend on a launch I mean events Go on and on you know there are a lot of Product launches that are constantly Happening things I like I also love Supporting my friends and whatever their Business ventures are for the most part Events are very exhausting because you Never stop talking like you're very much So always on and it does grab so much Energy out of you so by the time Thursday comes I'm pretty much I'm Pretty done so this you will usually go On into the evening there's always some Sort of brand dinner brand dinners are Very very common in my industry you Usually sit by someone you don't know And you're gonna have to spark up a Conversation so you need to be on at all

Times so I'm going to do a brand dinner Tonight I'm gonna finish around 9 30 10 O'clock it is a very late night for me Very late very late I'm gonna go home by The time I get home shower and I get Right into bed I typically don't like to Go to bed later than midnight because if I go to bed later than midnight I will Wake up feeling like I drink all night Long and it's just from lack of sleep I Need eight hours I need a full eight Hours It's Friday Friday that doesn't really Mean anything for me in my industry Nothing not at all because we're gonna Work probably through Saturday and be Lucky if we get a Sunday off however Where I'm gonna start a little bit late Today I'm gonna wake up around 6 00 a.m Today it's so late shocking so shocking For me I'm gonna start the routine all Over again I'm going to work out today Today I'm actually going to go to Dumbo Where my trainer is and I'm gonna go Into the studio and work out I prefer to Work out with my trainer and he can see Me uh doing the exercises because he Pushes me a little bit more and our Workouts are a lot longer afterwards I Will typically go to get a quick little Breakfast somewhere in the neighborhood Just because I'm already out and I'll Work from my phone I'll check emails Emails pile up for me like my inbox is

Always on fire I'm getting about 300 Emails a day which can be very very Overwhelming I'm going through gifting Emails you know there are a lot of Brands that reach out and they would Like to gift you it is lovely however it Is very overwhelming to receive so many Packages Um so I try and organize who's sending What and would prefer to pick those Things out for myself versus a brand Just kind of sending whatever Um and also my husband who drives my Husband nuts to have so many boxes just Start accumulating in our house so Digging through that inbox Fridays on Fridays is my main priority so I can Kind of get it together figure out what It is that I'm shooting over the weekend Saturdays I figure out what I'm shooting On Saturdays because Saturdays are the One day that I can actually create Content with my children if they're up For it so I always do something with my Daughter whether that be like some sort Of luxury fashion editorial piece which She loves loves loves to do so I always Need to make sure everything all Everything is in a row we have Everything going up and running and Ready to rock and roll on Saturday but For the most part it's just a big email Day I I will stay home until the evening And then we do a family dinner we go to

A local restaurant in our neighborhood That we always go to it's kind of like My cheers where everyone knows my name Makes me feel really good there I'm like Very important you know when I walk and I'm like no Paparazzi guys no no you Know but I go there have some dirty Martinis it's Friday so I'll typically Get two and you know I'm very very lit I Get lit off one now I'm very litty off Two kids will have pasta me and my Husband can kind of I download him on Everything that happened during the week And then we go back home and every Friday we do movie night always always I Make popcorn from scratch Um the kids love it we get some other Snacks like chocolate we all go in the Room and we kind of like set up all of Our blankets and our pillows and we will Watch a movie every Friday night it's Saturday guess what I'm sleeping till Eight o'clock it is a very slow start For me on Saturdays my photographer is Going to come in today because guess What I have to work I have to shoot Campaigns as well so I shoot campaigns On Saturday because I don't get any Emails on the weekends it feels very Good for me to just shoot content and I Will only shoot for about two hours if If the workload is light if the Campaigns are light two hours are my Max So I can just hang out with my family so

Two hours we're done deal there we're Going straight to the farmer's market Because Farmer's eye is always every Weekend that's what you can always catch Me in very chic farmer so I have to tell You okay we have to wear Chic outfit at All times typically I will pack up a bag And we drive Upstate my family and I so We'll pack our bags to drive to Um our house Upstate and just get ready To chill for the rest of the weekend It's Sunday I stay Upstate all day Um I actually spend a night Upstate on Sundays and I catch the first train back Into the City by myself because it's so Early in the morning so I'll usually Catch a train around 6 a.m to head back Into the City and then my husband will Drive in with the kids a little bit Later but Sundays are very very relaxing When I say I do nothing I probably go Swimming in the lake swimming in the Pool I play a game of tennis with my Neighbors I'm horrible at tennis but I Am trying my best I am trying so hard I Look really good in the outfits and I'm Very proud of my tennis fashion but for The most part I can't play I can't play At all but I'm gonna try so I get Lessons every Sunday and it's just a fun Thing to do with my neighbors too and It's something nice to get out of the City and do something a little bit Different something that makes me a

Beginner again I think when you become An adult you get so scared of being a Beginner dinner you won't even try Something new so for me tennis is very Challenging and it um makes me a Beginner all over again so my Sundays Are very just relaxing at the end of the Day Wellness is all about what brings You Joy I love my job it brings me joy I'm always happy to be so productive at The end of the week so Do something that brings you Joy thanks To hearing what works for me thanks to Women's health for having me and you Know where to find me on Real Housewives Of New York every Sunday at 9 00 pm on Bravo TV and streaming on peacock the Next day also don't forget to follow me Scout the city bye Foreign

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