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RHONY Star Erin Lichy’s Weekly Routine To Stay Fit & Fuel Mom Life | Game Plan | Women’s Health




RHONY Star Erin Lichy's Weekly Routine To Stay Fit & Fuel Mom Life | Game Plan | Women's Health

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– Hey everyone, I'm Erin Dana Lichy. I'm here with "Women's Health" And I'm going to break down
my seven day game plan. (upbeat music) Monday through Sunday I
do a variety of things Like work out, have lunch with a friend, Go to an event, pick
up my kids from school, Take them to afterschool. It's Monday and unfortunately I don't have a few minutes to decompress Because I'm rushing, rushing, rushing To get the kids ready for
school, making them breakfast, Packing them snacks and water. My kids can be picky so I
know what snacks they like And also they change their
interests by the week, So right now I'm packing Bissli, Which is an Israeli snack,
snack which we all love, And usually like a sweet
cookie of some sort, Sometimes some cut up apples. But then when they leave, I like to take 10 minutes to meditate. If it's nice out, I'll
sit out on my terrace. I usually have a cup of coffee, Which I don't think you're supposed to do When you are meditating,
but I'm drinking coffee And I just kind of zone out And I like it on a Monday morning Because it preps me for my week. On a day where I have
time to eat breakfast, I'm either having hard-boiled eggs Or I run out with like a
cracker and just something on it Because if I'm rushing, Sometimes I just have to grab and go. Mondays, I typically go to Orange Theory.

It's a full 60 minute workout And you have half the time on a treadmill And then the other half
of the time it's just, I guess, strength training. It varies, but it's good. And then I come home, shower
and get ready for my day. So once the day is sort of set up, Meaning my kids are in school, I've worked out, I've showered, I'm getting ready, I head into the office And I go through my
to-do list for the week. I typically have a lot
of clients to answer to, Jobs to check in on, And then I have meetings About my new spirit brand called Mezcalum, Which is very exciting And I cannot wait to
share it with everyone. And Mondays are great days for me Because all three of my
kids have afterschool, Which means they do not
come home until 5:00 PM, So I have a full work day and around five, I'll meet them at home, I prep dinner. I try to make a variety of foods, Especially 'cause I want my
kids to expand their palate And not only want like mac and cheese, Which they do typically. So one night I'll make
meatballs from scratch Or we often make a nice
big chicken dish with rice. We have a rotation of meals that we make, But I try to add a lot of spice And flavor so they get used to it. So it's Tuesday And after I've gotten my
kids out out of the house And had my coffee, I'm now
working out with my girl,

Kelly Cole, who has a great app actually That I sometimes use when
I'm working out from home, But she comes to my building,
we work out of my gym, I am dying at the end of it
and then I go back upstairs And shower and get ready for my day. Tuesdays I'm so hungry for my workout That I either get a really
big salad from Sweetgreen Or I'll run and get a lentil soup Because it keeps me really
full until dinnertime. I spend half the day in the office, But I try not to go out on Tuesdays, Although a lot of events
do pop up those nights, So sometimes I'm out on a Tuesday. I try not to though. Typically I'm in bed by nine
and then I'm sleeping by 10. But if I'm out, I'm not a boring mom. I still like to go out and have fun, So I give myself 12
o'clock on a school night. It's Wednesday and I have to
tell you about my coffee game 'cause I use a machine
that's Nespresso ex DeLonghi And it makes the best
cappuccinos and lattes. I'll usually make a homemade cappuccino. I prefer them and I mix my milks. I do a little bit of half and half, A little bit of whole milk, And then I'll do a hemp milk And it makes it taste really good And then it's not so heavy on the dairy. So if I have to run out And I don't have time
to make my own coffee, Which is rare 'cause I'm
always make time for coffee, I'll go to Blank Street And they have a great
cold brew iced coffee Or I'll get a cappuccino with whole milk.

So Wednesdays I have this awesome girl And she picks up my kids
from school at three o'clock. So she usually takes them to the park Or she brings 'em home and
this affords me the time To work until 5:00 or 6:00 PM. Once my kids get home
with their babysitter, I typically take them out once a week, So usually it's Wednesday night, So they have a night out. We pick a new restaurant,
we try something new. Now it's Thursday and these
are the mornings I work out With my trainer David Sow. I've been working out with
him for five years or so And he is just the best guy ever And I love my mornings with him Because not only are we working out, We're catching up as friends. So with David, we'll sometimes
we'll go to Central Park, Which is really nice and
he'll make me run around And do crazy things and I'm
typically drenched in sweat After working out with him, But his workouts are fun. So the timing, you don't
feel like it's an hour That feels like 20 minutes. So that's my favorite part honestly Of my week is working out
with him in the morning And getting it done fast. I usually run back home And make myself a nice hearty breakfast, Take a shower, head out the door for work, And the breakfast usually sustains me Until an afternoon snack
before I have a dinner. Thursdays I typically go out for dinner. I mean I love to try new restaurants,

But I'll just give you this Thursday, I'm going to the Boulevard
and I love going there. When it's Friday, I'm like it's
Friday and I get so excited. I love Friday. So Friday is jam packed for me. First of all, just to give an example, This Friday I have a press day, So I have four hours
blocked off in the morning To just do a whole bunch of press, But on Fridays I also host Shabbat dinner And I do it religiously,
so I need to figure out How to get everything in the oven. Sometimes I prep Thursday
night when I get home, Just have everything
ready, cut up the onions, And put the chicken in the pot And then I just toss it in in the morning And my chicken cooks
for seven hours anyway, So it kind of just lives there And then for my new mezcal brand, I'll usually shoot fun
cocktail videos on Fridays. My cocktail recipes
are really, really good And I actually want to drink
the cocktail on Friday, So that's why I chose
Fridays to make these videos. So I'm such a believer in wellness And that kind of lifestyle And that's why I created Mezcalum, Which is tying in mezcal and Tulum, That's where we discovered it And Tulum is all about
having a spirited night But yet waking up the
next day and doing a yoga Or having a green juice
and it's all about balance And that's what our mezcal is about. It's pure, there are no
additives, it's non GMO, And as a mom, I cannot wake
up with hangovers anymore.

Saturdays we usually try to
just hang out with the kids And have family time 'cause the week is so busy for everyone. Most of the time, Saturdays are filled
with playing whack-a-mole Between the three children. We try to keep them busy, so for example, This Saturday we're gonna go To Governor's Island with the kids. Sometimes we go out east, we try to, But it's been hard on the weekends. We usually just get cozy if
it's a rainy day in the city And we just have family time. I feel like Saturday night we
typically go out with friends And maybe that's our slightly later night, So Sundays, my husband
and I are dragging a bit, So we either have a lunch with friends Or just with the family And sometimes we have
people over for brunch And Sunday nights we watch RHONY. Lately I've been going Brynn's house. It's fun to watch together. It kind of feels better,
so we've been doing that.

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