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Remi Bader Shares Her Realistic Beauty Routine *Hair, Skin & Nails* | Body Scan | Women’s Health




Remi Bader Shares Her Realistic Beauty Routine *Hair, Skin & Nails* | Body Scan | Women's Health

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– I got my two front teeth
knocked out when I was 10 By a four year old that
I was, like, babysitting. So these four teeth are
fake, but they’re gorgeous. Hi, I’m Remi Bader. And you’re watching my
Women’s Health body scan. (gentle music) What do I love most about my body and why? I have three favorite
things about my body. My dimples, I have two right here. My lips and my butt. I do not have any tattoos. I’m not opposed. I am very afraid of needles
and I always have been, But like, the more life goes on, I’m like maybe a tiny one day, As long as it’s meaningful, Like my dad has a bunch of tattoos And some of them I feel
like don’t have any meaning. And I’m like, why do you have that? I actually made him get one for me Because I was upset that
he didn’t have one for me. So I feel like I would do
one that like represented Someone in my family or something, But down the line. I got my two front teeth knocked out When I was 10 by a four year old That I was like babysitting. I thought we were done playing a game, And I was holding this wooden board. And he came out of nowhere
and punched the board. And my like actual real teeth came out, And it was traumatizing. So these four teeth are fake. So it’s like a scar within my mouth,

But like now I have beautiful teeth, So it’s okay they’re fake,
but they’re gorgeous. How I care for my skin, I don’t really have a consistent routine. To be honest, I go off and on, Like last night I was tired, And I just went to bed
without doing my skin care. I wouldn’t recommend that, But I would say I do the,
you know, facial cleanser. I actually recently now have rosacea I think from like the heat and stuff. It just randomly came about. So I’ve been using some
creams and stuff for that, Some moisturizer, I’m pretty like basic. I always had pretty good skin And then I feel like as I got
older, stress and whatnot, I’ve been breaking out more. So just trying to take care
of it as much as possible, But I wouldn’t say I’m like a skin guru. I care for my hair by
showering and air drying it. I know that sounds like I wanna
give people a better answer Because I actually get damns all the time, Like, please tell me your hair routine, But it does dry like this. I did start recently
putting like a little oil On the ends, but I kind
of just like let it go, And I used to hate my hair. Like, I would hate wearing it natural And take hours to like straighten it. And I’ve been embracing my
natural curls, my natural wave. So I like it a lot better now, But I don’t really have
like a hair routine. When it comes to my nails, I hate getting them done.

It’s actually like a chore for me, And I really don’t enjoy it, But I do feel better when I
get like acrylics tips done, Which I wanted to do yesterday, And I was too lazy And didn’t have the time. I have very short nails, But when I do get my tips done, like, I feel like it gives me a
little bit of confidence Like I walk around showing my hands, But I hate getting it done. Like, it’s not fun. I still am trying to figure
out how to get myself In a good mental space when I’m anxious Or when I have a lot
going on, which is often, But yesterday I actually
got really anxious, And I just said, I don’t
like getting my nails. And I actually forced
myself to get my nails done, To like do something for myself. And as I was sitting there Because I was, like, so
anxious and so stressed, I asked them if they could
do like a 10 minute massage. That really helped me. And then at the same time which I, Yesterday I actually put
an ice pack on my chest Which really calmed me down. And I think I’m gonna do more often, But I’m always trying to find things To help me in the moment. I feel like I’m always like moving so fast And doing so much. And it really takes me a lot to wind down. I would say watching fun
reality TV is also a good way For me to like wind down and chill out.

Thanks so much for watching. Subscribe to Women’s Health. (gentle music)

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