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Refresh your base! | Nina Ubhi




Refresh your base! | Nina Ubhi

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I've had my makeup on since 8am this Morning it's now 5 p.m and I want to Show you very quickly how I kind of Refresh my whole base this is my Charlotte Tilbury airbrush floorless Filter powder in medium I've got my Powder puff so I'm not using a brush for This now I'm going to show you the Difference I'm going to press this in to My under eye area And just along this area here and my Forehead because you can see some major Shine there straight away that's taken Away the shine but what about this Section here now I've moved over to the Dark shade I'm using a brush and I'm Just going to press it into this area Here and you'll see how this mattifies It but also it gives us that really nice Sculpt look at the difference shine no Shine and nice and sculpted

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