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Ray Peat Carrot Salad – Estrogen Detox & Hormone Balance




Ray Peat Carrot Salad – Estrogen Detox & Hormone Balance

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Today I'm going to show you a very easy And potentially game-changing recipe for Your health it's the ray peat Raw carrot Salad that can help with estrogen Metabolism and detoxification this salad Has really helped with my PMs and Migraines and I can't wait to show you How easy and budget friendly it is to Make hi everyone welcome back to clean Eating kitchen I'm Carrie and this is my Channel where I share real food recipes To help you feel your best I have a Master's degree in public health with a Specialty in nutrition I'm also a Survivor of chronic health issues Including autoimmune disease and PCOS so If you want to follow along and get more Clean eating videos and tips please Subscribe so you don't miss a video so I First came across this Ray peat carrot Salad on social media when Iris Researching information about a pro Metabolic diet the pro metabolic Approach really is less of a diet about Weight loss and it's more about health And supporting your metabolism so let me Know if you're interested in learning More about that and I can do a whole Separate video about the pro metabolic Diet so getting back to the sound the Idea is that you eat one to two raw Carrots a day and that can help with Estrogen metabolism and detoxification And even help balance your estrogen and

Progesterone so you don't become Estrogen dominant the idea is that the Special fibers in the Raw carrots help Bind any excess estrogen and helps get Them out of your system and in addition To binding estrogen the fibers in the Raw carrots can also bind other toxins As well so The Story Goes that Dr Ray Pete who is an American biologist Invented this salad to help address his Own personal migraines and that's why He's given credit and the solid at this Point is almost used as like a Supplement or a holistic health remedy To address a wide variety of symptoms so I tried to look up and find any special Scientific evidence for this salad I did Didn't really find one much so at this Point it's really about anecdotal Stories from women who are finding that Eating the one to two carrots a day or This Raw carrot salad and sharing those Stories about how it improves their Symptoms of PCOS PMS improves their Digestion and helps with hormonal Migraines the ingredients are very Simple and inexpensive so it's probably Worth trying it and monitoring your Symptoms to see if they improve after You add this salad into your diet so it Really only takes a few minutes to make The salad I'm going to show you how easy It is and you can use either a food Processor you can use a vegetable peeler

Or a cheese grater to grade up the salad So my preferred method for making this Carrot salad just because it's so much Faster than grating or shredding is to Use a food processor and I like to use The shredding disc that comes with the Food processor I set mine on fine Shredding and you just put in this Little base here and then put in the Shredding disc And then we're gonna lock on the lid and I've prepared the carrots just by Scrubbing them really well I have two Bunches of organic carrots now I did not Peel them I just scrubbed them really Well under fresh running water made sure That all the dirt was off and then I cut Off the ends and then I just cut them Into big enough chunks or small enough Chunks that can fit into my food Processor and I also wanted to mention That it's not ideal to use baby carrots For this recipe it's best to use fresh Organic carrots if you can find them so I'm going to show you how I make this Salad and then I'll answer some Frequently asked questions about when to Eat the salad how long it lasts in the Refrigerator and stuff like that So this is so easy it just takes a few Minutes I'm going to Stack the carrots in the little feeding Tube here and I'll put my exact recipe I'll put the link to the blog post that

I have in the description box below so You can find it there and I'm actually Making a double batch of this recipe Because I find that I like to have it Every day and that is what helps me with Manage my symptoms the most so watch how Fast it is to shred So now that we have our shredded carrots I'm just going to put them in a big bowl And then we'll add the other ingredients And Stir It Up and it'll be ready to go And also I wanted to mention that you Don't want to use carrot cooked carrots For this recipe either the ideas that You use raw carrots now there are some Communities on Facebook and Instagram That talk about this Raw carrot salad Usually they're in relation to the pro Metabolic approach and some people have Asked what if you don't like carrots and There has been some information that you Could also for this same effect of Binding estrogen you can consume very Well cooked mushrooms or bamboo shoots Apparently those are two other Foods in Addition to Raw carrots that have those Indigestible fibers that can help to Bind excess estrogen and I also wanted To mention that if you want to balance The flavor of the carrot you could also Add in a a half to one whole Apple into Your your shredded mixture here you Could just Shred the Apple along with The carrot if you want to maybe make the

Salad a little bit of a different flavor Maybe not so carroty I would use like a Sweet red apple like a Fuji or a Honeycrisp but today I'm making a Straight just 100 Raw carrot salad with Our additional ingredients which makes It the official Ray peat Raw carrot Salad so I just have four other Ingredients that we're going to add to The carrots I have about two teaspoons Of melted coconut oil and we're kind of Making just a little dressing here and It makes the salad more appetizing and Then of course the Um adding a healthy fat like coconut oil Makes any nutrients in the carrots Easier to absorb but I think really it Just makes it more of an appetizing Salad I usually serve it with dinner But you could have it really at any time Of day including as a snack the other Ingredient is about let's see I have About Um I have about one tablespoon of apple Cider vinegar and I'm gonna just put That right in And you could also use coconut vinegar Or a white wine vinegar but the The Specific the exact recipe that uh Dr Pete shared was using apple cider Vinegar and using a type that comes with The mother so it is like a living Probiotic food

And then I have about a half of a Teaspoon of sea salt and again this is Just all for flavor making it more Nutritious tastier and my last Ingredient is to add some raw honey and I just kind of eyeball it Um you can use anywhere from I would say Half a teaspoon to more than that a full Teaspoon maybe more and Um If you're on a no sugar diet or no added Sugar diet just feel free to leave out The honey it again just makes it more Appetizing and believe it or not that is How you make the Raw carrot salad that Can potentially help with estrogen Metabolism and maybe help relieve some PMS symptoms for me it's actually really Helped with hormonal migraines so I Swear by this solid and I consume it at Least one time a day now there's some Questions that come up about the salad For instance some people wonder how much To eat and I honestly I have probably About a third of a cup per day maybe a Little bit more Um maybe a half a cup but again you're Just trying to get the equivalent of About one to two medium sized whole Carrots so you don't need to go Overboard and have a ton of it and you Don't want to have too little but you Might want to start small and work your Way up because a lot of people also find

That potentially the salad could cause Some digestive distress maybe because of All the raw fiber so start small maybe Even start with one to two tablespoons a Day and work your way up and you may Even find that eating this salad Regularly helps you become more regular Her and another question might be how Long does it last and I would say Anywhere from five to seven days keep it In a covered container in the Refrigerator and then just take out as Much as you want to have when you're Ready to eat it and it does not freeze Well raw carrots in this case I would Not freeze this salad but it does stay Just fine in the refrigerator for up to A week so I would love to know if you've Ever tried eating raw carrots or trying This type of Raw carrot salad and how it Worked for you and again please check The description box for the link to my Full recipe and you'll also find a link To my clean eating quick start guide I Would love to have you join my email List and I'll send that right to you I'll put the both of those links in the Description box below if you're looking For more recipes and information related To hormones I will link to my PCOS Recipes and information playlist and you Can check that out next thank you so Much for watching and I'll see you in Next video

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