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Quick & Easy Breakfast Salad To Start The Day Super Nourished




Quick & Easy Breakfast Salad To Start The Day Super Nourished

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Believe it or not you can have salad for Breakfast and I promise you will love it In my six week clean eating program I Think that is the recipe people were Most Blown Away with they never even Thought about having salad for breakfast And anybody who's tried it absolutely Loves it I love the mixture of crunchy Lettuce and juicy tomato and soft Avocado and warm egg oh it's just the Best so now I want to introduce you to The idea of having salad for breakfast As well let me show you how I make mine You first will have to decide how you Like your egg I like mine for salad like Barely hard-boiled the egg yolk should Be cooked through but very soft that's How I like it you can also make it soft Boiled you can also make it fried any Way you prefer since I like mine fairly Hard-boiled I need to get some water to A boil in a pot I like to boil the water In the kettle I feel that makes the job Much faster and then once I get a great Oil I add the egg very carefully so it Doesn't crack and I set a timer for six Minutes you might think what that's not Enough to hard boil eggs but here's the Thing if you cook them for 10 minutes And then shot them in an ice bath they Are perfectly hard-boiled but then They're also cold I prefer to cook them For just six minutes and then let them Cool down on the counter they continue

Cooking on the counter and they will Stay warm so by the time my salad is Done I can add a warm hard-boiled egg to It now while the egg is cooking we're Going to prepare the salad first cut Open up ripe avocado and quarter it and Then peel it and then cut it into Bite-sized pieces use a quarter or a Half avocado depending on its size and Then also cut up a tomato into whatever Shape or form you like I just dice it Now set that aside and by now your egg Is probably finished cooking I just Remove it from the boiling water and let It sit on the counter while I continue Working on the salad now I'll get a Plate and add your favorite letters my Favorites are baby arugula and baby Spinach but literally any lettuce will Work and then I like to season my Lettuce first I like to add a little Drizzle of olive oil and a tiny little Bit of balsamic vinegar sea salt and Pepper and then I use my Clean Hands to Mix in the dressing Um you can obviously also use a fork and A spoon but I feel the dressing gets to The leaves much better if I use my hands And then you're going to add the avocado And the Tomato to your bowl and lastly You have to peel your egg cut it open Maybe season it with a little extra salt And pepper and then it's already time to Dig in super quick and easy breakfast

Incredibly nourishing very very good for You eat it with a piece of bread if you Like and start your day having nourished Your body just like we do in the six Week clean eating program every single Day if you want to know more about it There is a link in the description and I'll see you with my next video

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