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PROTEIN PANCAKES RECIPE | healthy breakfast idea




PROTEIN PANCAKES RECIPE | healthy breakfast idea

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So at the beginning of this year I set a Goal for myself to become my fittest Healthiest self for 50. now to put this Into perspective I am currently 47 but I Turned 48 this month in September and so I gave myself plenty of time to work Towards this goal because as we all know Changes with our health weight and or Fitness goals take time and I wanted to Do this in a way that felt like I was Making some real lifestyle changes and Not some weird crazy crash diet so I Hired myself a fitness coach who designs All of my workouts and she gives me Nutritional guidance as well and one of The goals I have been working on is Increasing my protein intake so the goal Is to aim for 30 grams of protein per Meal and these tasty protein pancakes Made with cottage cheese and oatmeal Deliver just that now this recipe makes Two servings in each serving packs in 30 Grams of protein so it's a really great Option when you want a high protein Breakfast but you don't want Savory Breakfast right These are nice and sweet And delicious and I'm going to show you Exactly how to make them delicious so This whole recipe takes place right in My blender and I'm gonna start with one Cup or 80 grams of good old-fashioned Rolled oats now keep in mind you could Also use quick oats if that's what you Have on hands but I do not recommend

Using steel cut oatmeal because they're Just too hard and they're not going to Break down then I have one cup of Low-fat cottage cheese now I like the Low-fat cottage cheese because it keeps The pancake a little bit lighter but it Still has a really creamy consistency But of course if you prefer you could do A fat-free cottage cheese or you could Do a full fat cottage cheese all of Those options will work really well so As always choose whichever aligns with Your personal preferences and or goals Next up I have three quarter cup of Liquid egg whites which is equivalent to 160 grams now egg whites are a very easy Way to boost the protein content of your Meals I love love to use them in Scrambles and egg muffins I also use Them in my oatmeal and because I use Them so often I really like to buy them Pre-separated at the grocery store it Just makes it very easy and very Convenient but you could of course Separate the eggs and the egg whites Yourself or if you're just not into egg Whites you can skip them all together And sub three whole eggs then from here All we need is two teaspoons of baking Powder that's going to help the pancakes To have a little bit of rise and two Teaspoons of cinnamon because cinnamon Is absolutely delicious and then this Final ingredient is optional but I love

Adding just a teaspoon of vanilla Extract because I find vanilla just Makes everything taste better from here I'm gonna pop on my lid and just blend This up the goal is to have a nice well Blended thin horrible pancake batter you Can see the consistency that you're Looking for right here now to cook the Pancakes I have a medium non-stick pan Heating over a medium low heat and I do Recommend that you coat the pan with Either a little bit of coconut oil a Little bit of butter or you can do a Little bit of cooking spray just make Sure that if you use cooking spray it's A non-aerosol cooking spray because Aerosol cooking sprays will ruin the Finish of your non-stick pans so I Really like this one here I'll of course A link to it down below if you want to Check it out I actually think I have a Discount code for this one so I'll leave That there as well quick side note if You like your pancakes on the sweeter Side you could add a tablespoon or so of Your favorite sweetener right into the Batter as well but personally I am just Fine without it once my pan is hot I Like to scoop about a quarter cup of Batter into the pan to make a little Round pancake personally I like to keep Them on the smaller side I do this with Pretty much all of my pancakes I just Think they're easier to work with this

Way and they flip a lot easier as well So you just want to get as many into the Pan as you can without overcrowding the Pan then after about three minutes You're going to notice that there's Little tiny bubbles that start to form Around the edges of the pancakes and the Pancakes begin to set up a bit so you're Just going to get underneath them and Flip them over you'll see they're nicely Light and golden over the top and you'll Let this cook for another two to three Minutes until they are set through and Golden brown on both sides then just Repeat that until you've worked through All of your pancake batter now keep in Mind you can easily scale this recipe up Or down depending on how many servings You want to make and I find this is a Fantastic recipe for meal prep so I will Usually scale the recipe up and then Once the pancakes are all cooked I let Them cool down to room temperature and Then I transfer them into an airtight Container and they will happily last in The fridge for up to five days or in the Freezer for up to three months and then When you're ready to enjoy them all you Have to do is heat them up in a toaster Oven or in the microwave and top them With your favorite pancake toppings one Of my favorites is Simply Fresh berries With a little drizzle of maple syrup I Also love a shamia of nut butter Over

The Top If you want a little more Healthy fat and protein or you can Really go protein crazy and add dollop Of Greek yogurt with some fresh berries As well they're super light and fluffy And just like slightly sweet they're so Good it is hard to believe that these Pancakes pack in 30 grams of protein per Serving Dollars so whether you're working on Your own health weight and or fitness Goals or you're just looking for a Simple delicious nutritious pancake Recipe to add to your weekly rotation These tasty protein pancakes made with Cottage cheese and rolled oats are Perfecto I can not wait for you to give Them a try and remember you can always Go over to to print The recipe if you like to have it right In front of you thank you so much for Watching I'm Danny Spees and I'll see You back here next time with some more Clean and deliciousness cheers

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