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This is one of the best mascaras that I Have [Applause] I'm back with another educational Beauty Video and in today's video I'm going to Be going through beauty products that You will never regret buying and that Are really worth the money in my opinion Now if you do like this video please do Give it a thumbs up don't forget to Subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell Button so you don't miss any of my Future videos and you can head over to Instagram and follow me there if you Like a bit of unboxing and just some Behind the scenes now let's jump Straight into the video Are you ready for the best beauty Products ever that you will never regret Purchasing firstly can we say hello to Nico cutie Nico who's wearing his little Sunday Riley scarf today honestly I wish I could just hold him while I'm doing All my tutorials he's just so cute I Just can't get enough of him I can't get Enough of you do you guys love them as Well I love him so much let's put you Down Nico say bye Bye Bye bye guys Okay let's get serious let's get back to Business so beauty products you will Never regret buying and worth the money Now we're going to start off with the

First one and the first one is your Trusted Beauty blender you cannot go Wrong with this like it genuinely is a Product that I don't think anyone would Have purchased and regretted it like This is something I feel works for Everyone any skin type any skin tone it Genuinely gives you the best finish ever It's the most soft focused diffused look And it's just so easy to apply Everything with like I feel like it Lasts a really good time as well like a Decent amount of time as long as you Look after it well it is something that Is universally known everyone knows of a Beauty blender people go even as far as To just assume every sponge is a beauty Blender when it's not this is a beauty Blender that's the first product I Really wanted to share with you because As much as it is such a basic product I Feel like it's a product you need it's a Product that you wouldn't not regret Purchasing and these are all products That I've actually used myself as well And I think are worth just worth the Money I feel like I've not regretted any Of these purchases and I feel like these Are products that you guys are gonna Absolutely love like you can't go wrong With a beauty blender there are so many Other sponges around like you have Real Techniques you sometimes see me using That and there are other sponges as well

But ultimately I feel like in terms of Texture the beauty blender is way better Than any other sponge like Real Techniques is a great sponge and I do Love using it but honestly that's my Kind of let me put this in a way that I Hear my I hear my husband using this Kind of example a lot I would say that My beauty blender is my weekend sponge Right it's the sponge that I pull out Because it's like the ultimate it's the Queen of sponges and then my Real Techniques is just like my weekday Sponge you know it's like the one that You throw around I'm kind of like Referring like you know how like people Talk about cars it's my weekend car this Is my like one around I would say the Real technique sponges my you know like Weekday sponge that you know I'm not too Fast if I kind of damage it here and There whereas this is my like gold Plated Weekend sponge like you know like you Look after it because you know it's a Little bit more expensive and it just There's no complaints with this sponge So yeah that's how I would describe them If you're wondering because you've seen Me use the real technique sponge next up Is my dual lip maximizer this is a Product I believe is probably the best Lip product when it comes to Plumping up Your lips in a natural way and when I

Say natural I mean not stupid not like Big and they don't get all red and They're not stinging and it doesn't make You feel like you've just like rubbed Chillies all over your lips like this is A acceptable a very pleasant lip Maximizer and I have been using this for Years and years and years like years Honestly I've lost count and this stuff Is absolutely amazing I feel like it Keeps my lips really smooth and it just Plumps them just a very tiny amount it's You know it I just feel like it doesn't Aggravate my lips it actually gives it's A really nice kind of high greater for Before applying your lipstick or your Liquid lipstick whatever you're applying So I feel like this is another product That has almost become well not almost It is a habit now now I just naturally Go for it and put it on before I do any Makeup so this is another product that I Think you're gonna love because it Genuinely is hydrating for the lips it Is a kind of glossy finish but it kind Of like just your lip kind of sucks it All up and it doesn't leave a dry finish It kind of leaves just the perfect Amount of gloss if that makes sense so Put it on then I do all my skincare then I do my eyes then I do the rest of the Face and then by the time I get to the Lips it's kind of like you know it's Just the right amount where your lips

Just look very naturally glossy not Glossy glossy just naturally kind of Dewy and that is perfect so that's Another product I would highly recommend Next up is the benefit they're real Magnet lashes I'm not gonna lie I kind Of had this mascara lying here with a Couple of other benefit mascaras and I Didn't really try it and I just thought Or you know and this just goes to show That you shouldn't just assume when it's A well not a luxury brand that it's not Gonna work well because honestly this is One of the best mascaras that I have I Know you probably remember I used to Love and I still do I love the boy redo Space black mascara but it's a bit more Expensive from what I remember and I Feel like this is a great everyday Mascara that does the job like this I Have not regretted this one bit I go Back to it I would buy it again I feel Like it's worth the money like I feel Like when you look at how much it is and Then you use it and you're like you know What this does the job this actually Makes my lashes look longer separated Slightly thicker and just gives me that False lash effect like it genuinely does I would say this gives me more of a False lash effect than some of the Luxury false Lush effect mascaras out There genuinely I can't put it on at the Moment because I have lash extensions on

It than I read but when I'm not wearing Lash extension so this is my mascara This is my Goshi mascara you know like Sometimes you use a mascara and there's Like that Rogue hair that's just for Some reason the tip of it just isn't Getting coated or lengthening it just Looks really weird you just don't get That with this so this is another Product that I think you wouldn't regret Purchasing and it's worth the money next Up is a eyeshadow palette that I think That you guys are probably gonna know And it honestly is something that I feel I've not regretted purchasing obviously It's I think eyeshadow palettes are Expensive generally I feel like it's Actually ridiculous how expensive Eyeshadow palettes are but this is the One eyeshadow palette that I have bought And I do not regret it and I feel like It's worth the money this is the makeup By Mario Master Matt's palette I feel Like it has the just it just has the Perfect matte Shades in here I love that It is purely a matte eyeshadow palette So you know please bear in mind that all Of these products are products that I Feel are worth my money and I don't Regret purchasing thing so if you don't Like matte eyeshadows then obviously This isn't something you're going to go For I think as a pro makeup artist I Would say this is an essential in your

Kit this is something that everyone Needs because you can create the most Stunning looks from this daytime easy Quick Barely There looks and also kind Of evening Glam looks and it has just Every shade of brown in there is is Gonna work on majority of skin tones and I feel like it is something that Everyone needs and I kind of worry that Something like this is going to become Discontinued because you know that Happens to products that are just great For some silly reason so I might even Just go and stock up when I next go to New York which by the way I am missing So much like honestly just taking it Back there anyone want to take me back There like anyone just want to invite me Over I will genuinely log I would love To go because I love New York anyway so That's my next product now moving on to A product I think is you're not gonna Regret sorry I need to clean my one so Mine needs a bit of a wash but it is the Laura Mercier Powder Puff I'm not going To say that you have to go for Laura Mercier one but you could go for any Other puff a powder puff is the way to Go and I've seen that it seems to be Trending on Tick Tock and sometimes Honestly I watch these videos and I'm Like I've been saying this forever like Forever I've been saying it and it's Like some random person just does a

Video and it's like 10 million views and I'm like seeing you here with my however Many views but I'm very I'm very like Appreciative of what I have guys so I do Because I don't want to sound like I Don't appreciate it I do I just want you To know that this is a must-have like I Have tried many other powder Puffs I Used to use the Charles Fox triangle one Which I absolutely love as well but the Only thing with that is is it does kind Of there's like something in that it's Like material in it so when you wash it It kind of moves around and loses its Shape so that's why I love this one Because you can mold it into the shape You want you you can like squeeze it Like that and see it's like already like That kind of shape this has to be the Best Quality Powder Puff I've used and That's why I'm saying that I would Recommend this particular one because The quality is amazing it lasts for ages Yeah it's genuinely something I have Never regretted like I I just think that I I stocked up on this so I have a Couple because honestly it is the best One you are not gonna regret using a Powder puff and I'm going to do a video Soon explaining how to use a powder puff But honestly this is like literally a Must-have next up is a product I have Been using for years you've probably Seen it in more or less every one of my

Videos including the next product I'm Going to show you actually most of these I think you've probably seen now this Product is something I feel kind of is a Two-in-one for you and I feel like it is The best quality and that's why it's Worth the money and I've never regretted This this is The Hourglass Veil brush You have two sides to this brush you've Got a smaller kind of like slightly I Would say slightly kind of narrow Thin Dome shape that was a really weird Description there and then you've got Like a larger side which is more of a Powder brush so more for larger areas of The face and I just want to explain to You I use both sides of this brush and It is a product that I don't think Anyone would regret because you can use Both sides don't you sometimes find that When you get a brush that's double ended You kind of think oh I'd love to use That side but I probably wouldn't use That side this brush you end up using Both because it's honestly such a great Brush the quality is amazing and it is Pricey for a brush but honestly I think It's worth it because it's this is the Thing it's quality It's Gonna Last you So long and I would not regret I I don't Regret this you've got a large brush Here and I use this for the bigger Parts Like the larger areas of my face and I Apply I kind of like dust on Powder

Everywhere and then this side I use Literally without fail for my sculpting It's just the perfect size so I use this On like the perimeter of my face and my Cheekbones here and I love it because I Use both sides of this brush and it just Avoids hat like the need of a separate Brush so this is another product that I Absolutely love next up is literally my Makeup bestie honestly I this brush not This exact brush because obviously I've Changed it as I've needed to but Honestly it lasts for so long I've Probably changed this oh and then you Dropped everything twice in my whole Time of using this which is like Countless years now this is the Real Techniques setting brush this brush is a Must-have for everyone guys this brush Is absolutely amazing in terms of worth The money it's not expensive at all like All the links are in my description Below by the way so you can just head on Over there and then click on the links But this brush is I don't know I've Never found a brush like this again ever I've not come across another brush that Is just perfect in every way it is the Right size the right amount of hair There it's just the perfect shape for my Under eye area like honest to take away The powder It just fits perfectly and It's not overly soft and it's not not Soft enough if you see what I mean it's

Just perfect like this brush I I already Have a spare one okay it's in my drawer Somewhere but I have a new one ready so Yeah this is like I mean this is so old That even The Branding has come off of It but it's genuinely I mean I can't Even tell you anything other than the Fact it is the best brush on Earth it is The best brush ever it's amazing next up Is skincare and I'm just picking one Product for this because honestly I had To really think about which product do I Feel that I don't regret getting and is Worth the money out of all of them I Thought there are quite a few products That I absolutely love but there's one That has kind of given me that what like Made me feel like wow like I genuinely Like the others I kind of had to use Them for a while and then I was like Okay this is really good yeah I don't But I don't wanna I wanted to pick Something where I wasn't like oh well Actually this is really good I don't Want a product like that to show you What I want to show you is the product That blew my mind this product is Amazing it's the Lancer peptide drops Now this basically has vitamin E and Niacinamide now I don't know what it is That is the magical ingredient in here I'm assuming it's the niacinamide but Honestly this stuff is like magic for Your skin I am like nearly halfway

Through this bottle and I am already Stressing out about when I need to get The next one so that's when you know a Product is so good that you start Stressing out about the fact that you're You know that you're nearly finished on It when you you're only halfway through Like seriously guys this stuff is Amazing like I I guess what my worry is Is that is it going to be sold out or is You know am I not gonna be able to get a Hold of it when I need to should I just End up buying one now like this stuff is Amazing so basically you can mix this Into your moisturizer I don't do that I Just apply it straight on my skin so Basically I apply this morning and night I use one drop I'm gonna I'm not gonna Lie I started off using two drops and it Was insane it was like amazing the Results but then I started thinking I'm Gonna literally finish this so quickly If I continue with two drops so then I Just use one drop in the morning one Drop in the evening I basically apply it On on like my dry skin after I've Cleansed my face is nice and dry and Then I go in with a drop of this and Smooth it all over my face morning and Night and then I continue with my Moisturizer and whatever else I need to Apply now I use this for about two weeks And I was literally sold I I was like What is this like what is in this that

Makes my skin look and feel so good I Could not believe how good my skin was Looking I haven't used Retinol for the Past like three four months and probably Three months I'd say right and I've Started using it again two days ago just Because I've had a decent amount of Break now when I get back onto it and if You know and understand retinol then You'll know that when you first start Using it you kind of may break out a Little bit you know so at the moment I'm Going through that little stage but Prior to me starting retinol and by the Way I'm excited to see how this is going To work with rational because it's meant To work really really well with rational But prior to that so from a few like From before A few days ago I wasn't Using retinol and I was only using this In my basic moisturizer and my skin Looked amazing I very rarely say that Because I very rarely have amazing skin But I genuinely felt like my skin looked Amazing like I was looking at my skin in The mirror and thinking What like how is it so good like why is It looking so good my pores appeared Smaller my skin was smoother my dark Areas were like just more just really Not there it was just my skin tone was So even and my skin was plump in a nice Way my skin just looked healthy like my Skin looked younger and I'm not talking

About overall like aging or anything Like that I'm talking about the quality Of your skin my skin actual skin looked Younger I am telling you guys this stuff Is Magic and I absolutely love it and It's I love lots of products anyway but This has to be the best product I've Ever used so I am just letting you know That that is the last product out of my Products of magic whatever you want to Call them but these are the products That I do not regret getting using and I Feel like they are worth the money now I'm not gonna lie this is expensive but Boy does it work that that's the thing That's the thing that's the worry you Have when you're about to spend a lot of Money on a product which is like Skincare or makeup because it's like is It Justified is am I gonna you know that Horrible feeling you get when you buy Something and it's expensive and you buy It and then you use it and it doesn't Kind of tick all the boxes and you're Like that's that horrible sickening Feeling that I've just wasted that money On that I get that I just I can't I mean You know I can't promise this is going To be amazing for everyone but all I can Do is tell you my experience and I Absolutely love this and bear in mind That all of the products that I have Mentioned they're not necessarily going To suit everyone you know it it is down

To your person like your own personal Style in terms of makeup and obviously Your skin as well so I'm not saying this Is for everyone but if you feel that you Have combination skin like me then maybe It's gonna work just as well for you as It did for me this was a game changer For me you know and and I just really Wanted to share that so that you guys Know because I just want to be trans Start with you guys but yeah anyway These are all of my products and I Really hope that helps and it gives you A bit of a kind of nudge towards the Right direction on whether you're going To kind of commit to a certain product Or not if you're not feeling it don't do It you know do what you feel is right But other than that I hope you have the Best day ever Full Of Love full of Happiness and loads of laughter and yeah Sending loads of Good Vibes I hope you enjoyed this video today and If you have any questions let me know in The comments box below don't forget that All the product links are listed below In my description box now if you like This video give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit the Bell button so that you don't Miss any of my future videos until the Next video take care and I'll see you Soon

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