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Peloton’s Tunde Oyeneyin’s Workout & Recovery Must-Haves | Everything But The Sweat | Women’s Health




Peloton's Tunde Oyeneyin's Workout & Recovery Must-Haves | Everything But The Sweat | Women’s Health

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– Odds are if Rage Against
the Machine, Meek Mill, Drake, and Beyonce are
on the same playlist, Baby, it's gonna be a
good (chuckles) workout. It's gonna be a good workout. Hey, what's up y'all? I am Tunde Oyeneyin. And today, I'm taking
you through how I gear up And cool it down for my
current workout routine. This is "Everything But The Sweat." (upbeat music) The first thing that I do Every single morning when I wake up Is I sing a very obnoxious
lullaby to my dog, Cesar. It allows him to know that it's a new day, And for me it just feels like a ritual. The lullaby goes a little
something like this. ♪ Good morning, good morning, my baby ♪ ♪ It's morning ♪ ♪ Good morning, good morning ♪ ♪ It's a brand new day ♪ And then he, like, puts
his hands over his ears 'cause he hates it. Once I send my hellos to Cesar, I start my day with two glasses of water. Water with lemon. Warm, room temperature water is the trick. Look, I'd love to say
that I was an early riser, Like, 'cause that's
the right thing to say, But I go to bed pretty late, And I try to get in a solid
seven to eight hours of sleep. So I'd say like 6:30, 6:45 is usually When my internal compass wakes me up. My workouts are kind of all over the place Just by nature of what I do. Sometimes I'm teaching a
Peloton class in the morning,

And then sometimes my
classes fall in the evening. There's not really any workout
that I don't like doing. I'm into strength training,
and Pilates, and yoga. Currently, right now, I'm a runner. A year ago, I would've never said that. Six months ago, running terrified me. And every single day I ask regular people To push themselves outside
of their comfort zone. And for me, running is my
opportunity to do just that. And so, now I'm a runner. I like to think of my food as fuel. Like, how do I need to
rev up today's engine In order to sustain Or do whatever I have
lined up for my workout. And so sourdough toast with almond butter, Sliced banana if I have some in the house, And just like a drizzle of honey. Tasty, delicious. I've got carbs, good fats, And a little bit of sugar To keep me sustained through my workout. When it comes to my workout gear, I have to feel cute in the outfit. I know some of y'all know
what I'm talking about. Like, if the outfit matches, I stay in the workout longer And I feel like I get in a good workout. And so, I like to pick up
my outfit the day before. I'm either in Nike or
Peloton, 10 times outta 10. And so, it's gotta look cute, I gotta feel supported, And it's gotta match. Even in my own house, you gotta look good. I wear the Nike Flyknit 2s.

There's cushion, there's support. I got flat feet. And then for lifting,
I recommend flat shoes. I use Metcons by Nike. And specifically with my running shoes, I liked them to be bright. I feel like if my shoes
are bright, I run faster. I'd say that the music that I listened to During my personal workouts, It's very similar to what I would program In a Peloton class. Like, I like for the
music to tell a story, A clear beginning, a middle, and an end. I listen to everything from house, To pop, hip-hop, And even rock when I'm working out. Odds are if Rage Against
the Machine, Meek Mill, Drake, and Beyonce are
on the same playlist, Baby, it's gonna be a
good (chuckles) workout. It's gonna be a good workout. I'd say that my philosophy
around working out Is the most beautiful combination Comes somewhere between
a challenge and fun. I'm a big advocate of doing movement That feels good for you in that day. So the plan may be to lift, But if lifting seems too daunting, Then maybe you just
dance around the house. In essence, it's just a matter
of allowing your self grace And enjoying your ability to move. I think that movement
is one of the many ways That the body shows its appreciation And celebration for life. Life shouldn't be that difficult.

Find things that make you smile, And that make you want to give your best. Rest days. I gotta have them. Love it. For me, a rest day doesn't
mean a completely inactive day. It just means,
I-am-giving-back-to-my-body day. And so, the recovery that you
are willing to put in today, It shows itself as strength tomorrow. I can't expect to, like, test my body And push my body to the limits tomorrow If I didn't properly
fuel and recover today. So it's like this continuum. I am religiously in my compression boots, Or using a massage gun or rolling out. I will choose sleeping in over
pushing through a tired body. It depends on what time of day it is And what I have in store
for the rest of the day. But there's usually like a
protein, like a chicken involved, Maybe some quinoa and some vegetables. It's the morning, Maybe there's a little
fruit added to the mix. Definitely a protein shake. I usually guzzle one down once
I've completed my workout. Greens, protein, and some
type of carb, and a fat. Typically, I'm headed to some
type of speaking engagement, Or obligation, or event, or meeting. So, I usually am in workout
gear or in stilettos, baby. On a perfect day where I lounge around And head back to my house, Then I'm usually probably in
some type of cotton shorts With a hoodie set of some sort. If I'm trying to like zen out, I'm like usually in this Afrobeat space.

If I'm trying to relax and think, Like, draw in new ideas,
then classical music. So classical music to like think. To completely not think and zen out, Afrobeats or chill house. For it to be true relaxation, I'm feeling zero guilt For the fact that I'm laying
there doing absolutely nothing. That's relaxation. And on a good day, time
is moving very, very slow, And I look up and I say,
"What? It's only 3:00?" And then I go get Thai food, And then I come back and then
I finally turn the TV on. And maybe it's raining that day, And I'm snuggled up with Cesar, Although I wish it was a man. Michael B. Jordan! Kobe! Also, Jeremy Allen White is
quite the attractive as well. Yeah, ranges. Look, musical choices
are all over the place, Taste in men, all over the place. You know, just don't
judge a book by its cover. For anyone who is just
looking to get started, Just start one inch at a
time, one day at a time. I think that oftentimes, We create these really lofty, big goals. Specifically with working out, people say, "I'm gonna work out every single day. I'm gonna work out six days a week." I often say to follow my 10-minute rule. The 10-minute rule is you set an alarm, You have a 10-minute playlist, And you start moving for 10 minutes.

If you choose to work out
beyond that, then awesome. And if you don't, you don't. And I think it's a
really, really great place For anyone to start moving. (bright music)

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