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Pack with Me for Vacation (Immune-Boosting, Gluten & Dairy-Free Prep)




Pack with Me for Vacation (Immune-Boosting, Gluten & Dairy-Free Prep)

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Hi everyone and welcome back to clean Eating kitchen I'm Carrie and this is my Channel where I share real food recipes And tips so you can feel your best and Today I have a new kind of video I'm Going to be sharing what I've done and What I'm doing to get ready for my Upcoming out of town vacation and Everything that I'm doing to help boost My immunity before I go and maybe even During the trip and all the prep that I've done Um it's all gluten-free and dairy-free Recipes and snacks and some holistic Health stuff we're going to be talking About so I hope you stick around for Today's video so this trip that I have Coming up is going to be the first time That I've been on an airplane since September 2019 so we're talking about Three and a half years and we all kind Of know the chaos that's been happening These past few years so I really cut Back on my travel I've done a few short Trips and I did one last month so it Kind of helped me get back into the Group with travel but because I'm going On an airplane and that's kind of Something I haven't done in so long I Want to do my best to try to stay Healthy just from all kinds of viruses Or anything going around of course going On a vacation you don't want to get sick And I've had that happen before uh I

Think back in around 2016 I went on an International trip and I must have Picked up something on the airplane Because I think the second or third day That I arrived I was in London and I had A terrible cold and it really was no fun And it took I think about a week to feel Better so I'm trying to prevent that so I want to share with you everything Um that I'm doing my immune prep ahead Of time I'm now three days out so I've Actually started today doing some immune Prep that I'm going to share with you I'll share with you the day of travel What I have packed in my backpack my Carry-on essentially And then I'm going to share with you Um just some planning that I've done to Stay gluten-free and dairy free and That's how I mainly managed my Autoimmune disease my chronic illness Migraines is to do this kind of prep Ahead of time it makes me feel less Anxious and then of course it actually Is beneficial and I'm not saying you Have to do this much prep everybody's Different maybe you like to just be more Spontaneous and kind of go with the flow But I'm definitely more of a type a type Of person and I just really mostly just Don't want to get sick and I want to Also be able to enjoy the experience of Travel because of course it's expensive And I don't want to waste uh Days by

Having to stay in the hotel because I'm Not feeling well and if you're like me You have maybe multiple chronic Illnesses that you're managing you know That Um I mean if you don't feel well it can Really put you out for quite a while so I'm not speaking really to somebody Who's super resilient and healthy and Can go through all the ups and downs With no problem I'm really trying to Share this for women like me who maybe Are more sensitive and again are Managing Maybe a variety of chronic illnesses and So um you can just take what you want Hopefully you'll find a few things of Value from the video and Um so I mentioned I'm gonna share like Before travel during travel on the Airplane some stuff that I've planned For when I'm at the hotel to make my Life easier And um so that's what we're going to Cover in today's video and then a few Other things that I'm doing I'm trying to get to bed on time trying To get a full night's sleep so I'm fully Rested before I go of course that's Important for our immune systems Um the only bad thing is the day I leave As I mentioned I have to leave really Really early in the morning the flight Leaves at 6 a.m which means I'll have to

Be getting up like at 4 am so that's Going to be rough but I'm trying to make Sure that my sleep is all cut up caught Up ahead of time and then I would say The last big part of my preparation is Making sure to have lots of healthy Foods uh before I go so I've been doing A lot of cooking at home I'm gonna make A chicken soup tomorrow and if I don't Get through it all I'll probably even Freeze some of it to have when I get Home and I mentioned in my last video Um which was my Costco shopping video my Shopping haul real food shopping haul Um I got this coconut water and I Actually didn't get these at Costco I Got these at Trader Joe's but I've been Making an afternoon snack where I just Juice Um One Orange and then do which ends up Being like a half a cup of orange juice With maybe a half a cup of the coconut Water Um that's what I call my adrenal Cocktail I keep it really simple but It's a great source of minerals so you Would get the vitamin C with the Potassium I'm just looking at the label Here So um it's just you know all these Little things again you don't have to do Them all but they're little things that I'm doing I mean you could definitely say that I

Kind of crossed the line into like Really intense into health I'm Definitely not perfect but Um I've been Sick I mean I have been sick in the past For so long that I know how bad you can Feel when you don't feel good and I Guess I'm maybe overcompensate at this Point a little bit because I don't want To feel like that anymore so Um that's what I'm doing to prepare and Then I want to share with you what I'm Going to be doing on the airplane so for The actual airplane ride which for me is Going to be about a well I'll end up Being the airplane I have two flights so One's about an hour and a half and then One's about five hours and I know I Haven't mentioned where I'm going yet But I think maybe I'll save that and I Will share a full vacation video next Time but let's just say I'm going Somewhere tropical and so in a way that Also adds to my Um I guess the helpfulness of the trip Because it's going to be a very Um like tropical fun chill relaxing trip And I'm really looking forward to it but This is my backpack I've had this thing For ever like probably 15 or 20 years and I love it because It's huge and so it counts as a personal Item Um but of course it's not small like a

Purse and I actually put my purse inside But I'm going to show you what I have Inside and these um items I will have With me Um like on the Under the seat so I can access them Easily and the first item is what I call My plain Comfort bag airplane Comfort Bag this is a cute little bag a friend Made for me it has cats on it Um and I don't know if you've ever been In on like a international flight Sometimes they give you a little bag Like this and it has little goodies and So I decided to make my own So I have Um vitamins for the day so breakfast and Lunch that day since it'll be a long day Of travel and I have my husband's in Here too And then I also put in a few tea bags so I put in some alcohol wipes if I want to Wipe down the seat or the tray table Um I'm also planning on wearing a mask I Know that's you know a personal decision But I most likely at least in the Airport and when boarding Um I will be wearing a mask I'm also Bringing some green tea I don't normally Have caffeine but I'm a little concerned Uh because I have to wake up so early That I might need a little bit of Um caffeine so I really like this one It's like a peachy green tea because I

Don't love the flavor of green tea but This one kind of covers it up and uh It's actually a flavor I enjoy and I Don't have to add sweetener Um I just have some stuff like tissue I have an eye mask in case I want to Take a nap I have some earplugs but That's not really Super health related I suppose some Hands wet white kind of things Um so I will have this bag I have some Uh like an iPod thing so I can listen to Music but what I really Want to show you is this snack bag that I'm bringing and tell you about the food That I have planned So I'm not going to be eating breakfast Before I leave as I mentioned I'm gonna Have to leave for the airport very early So I'm planning on making some breakfast Cookies maybe all insert some footage Here of the cookies I downloaded a Recipe it's really simple like oats Mashed banana Um egg chocolate chips because of course Chocolate chips Um maybe some pumpkin seeds I'm gonna Kind of adapt it to the flavors that I Like did I already say mashed banana And and so it's kind of lower than in Sugar than a full-on cookie it's Basically a cookie but I thought that Would be appetizing and then I'm gonna Bring some bananas

And where I'm going you have to go Through an agricultural check so I can't Bring Essentially I'll have to eat everything Or most everything I bring in terms of Like produce otherwise it won't pass the Agricultural check but Um also planning on bringing some Hard-boiled eggs for my husband so he Can have a little protein and I know I Mentioned I'd started eating eggs I Think I'd mentioned that uh it may be in My migraine what I ate in a day video But I don't know I'm still not sure About eggs if they're working for me and That book's a big crimp in my plan for What to eat on vacation and I'll tell You about that in a minute I basically Have to prepare for breakfast because I Can't eat eggs for now but I've got some Gluten-free Uh beef jerky Um I actually have this brand and then I Think it might be the same brand it is The little beef sticks I showed you from My Costco haul so whichever one We end up eating it's just a good source Of protein Um I got a couple of these macro bars I Really like these they taste good I like them more than my husband he Probably won't eat them but I got them I Their vegan and gluten-free so they Don't really have any ingredients that

Bother me Um I really like these too this is this Is another Costco item I did not get These on my last trip with the Costco Haul but I've had them in my pantry for A while and I think these are great Because they also have fiber it's just Blended up fruit that's been Um I don't know if it's been baked or What but They're sweet and they have fiber And so I like them um What else do I have Oh uh just some more jerky sticks I Really like this brand called Chomps Um it says one stick has 90 calories 90 Grams of protein So oh my breakfast cookies I might also Throw in some collagen protein Um just so I have Like I would try to get around 25 grams Of protein with breakfast which can be Kind of hard especially not eating eggs Or dairy Um so sometimes you have to rely on you Know powders or in this case a beef Jerky Uh oh and then the last thing that's Just kind of I don't know fun I guess Are these freeze-dried berries which I Got from uh Trader Joe's I'm just Looking to see if they expired which I Did but only a month ago so I'm not Going to worry about that I've had them

In my pantry for a while they are Organic unsweetened and unsulfured and Probably just more like a snack or Something to chew on and it's crispy and Tastes good and I thought it was really Funny oops Um I got an email from the airline uh Yesterday or the day before and it said Pre-order your snacks so I looked just For fun and Um I mean they weren't horrible but I Was thinking to myself why would you Pre-order Like package stuff like this when you Could just get it and bring it on Yourself Everybody's different so I found that to Be a little funny but whatever I also want to give you a quick migraine Update because I mentioned in uh two Videos ago that I was maybe gonna get BOTOX from this neurologist that I went To visit uh I guess about three weeks Ago now and I cannot get in for an Appointment he's so backed up so I can still move my face Um I've actually been doing okay without The botox I've been using that self Elite device that I talked about you can Go back and check out that video if You're curious it's an FDA approved Preventive device for migraine and it's Been working really well so I'm going to Bring that with me I will bring it on

The airplane just so it's with me I Don't want to check it And um I don't plan to use it on the Airplane because it looks kind of Strange I guess if I have to I will and maybe Just put my hair over my forehead Um but that's something I want to give You that update and then that's kind of Something that I'm doing for migraine Prevention and so I thought I would Mention that now as we move into my Planning for Um the day of travel when we get to our Destination it will be earlier and so Um we will probably we'll have a rental Car able to go to a grocery store maybe Get like a smoothie or a lunch depending On how hungry we are we do also have This layover in San Francisco which Tends to have some healthier options I'm Not sure Um so I might pick up like a sandwich or A smoothie or some type of real food Again it'll just depending on the day I Just kind of want to go by my Hunger Level so I do plan to Show like document some of this trip and I'll hopefully share this in the next Video what actually transpires but That's the plan and then when we get to The destination Um I actually created a little shopping List like just maybe some bottled water

Some bananas I'm trying to think what's On the list but I'll maybe put that in The next video Um but it's just kind of nice to know That there are options that will be There and this place that we're going Within several times I've been several Times and so I'm confident that You know there's tons of like foods and Restaurants where I feel comfortable Eating that it'll be okay for my health You know won't trigger symptoms or a Migraine or anything so I feel good About that Um you know in the past when I've gone On bigger trips Um like abroad that can be a little bit More challenging but Um and I do have a bigger trip planned For later this year it's not International but it will be Um to the east coast into a location I've never been before so Um that will probably be challenging but This trip is kind of getting me back in The mode of travel but I wanted to show This Um giant bag of vitamins and believe it Or not This I take this many vitamins in one Week Kind of unbelievable Um I have the bags broken up into Breakfast lunch

4 P.M which is when I take like a Probiotic and a few other things maybe a Little magnesium dinner and bedtime and Then I have my thyroid replacement Hormone because I have no thyroid so Thyroid cancer about 10 years ago so I Have to take my thyroid hormone of Course Um I have some Advil and Tylenol in here In case I get a migraine I have my acute Migraine medication in case I get a Migraine I have some magnesium powder I Can show you what it looks like I just Have a big container and I put it in a Little bag because I don't want to bring A whole container and put a little spoon In there I labeled it Magnesium powder and I just put a little Spoonful in some water That can help prevent uh like Travelers Constipation or whatever they call it Um a few other things a little bit more Tea And that's pretty much it for the Vitamins but yeah this took me about an Hour or maybe a little longer to put all These little baggies together I can show You the little baggies I got off of Amazon They're actually four pills they're so They're like food grade and it just Makes it easy so at the beginning of Each day on vacation I can pull out what I need like if we're going out and I

Just put it in my purse and it's really Convenient so the last thing I wanted to Talk about is uh the food that I'm Preparing or not preparing the plans That I have for eating at the Destination and uh if you have food Sensitivities like I do I have a gluten Sensitivity and a dairy sensitivity as I Mentioned I can't really do like I Couldn't do like a big plate of eggs I Can do Um I can eat things that have eggs baked Into them like a gluten-free bread or Something like that but I can't like eat Eggs for breakfast I would feel really Sick and it bothers my stomach as well I've noticed so Um I did end up creating what I call Breakfast packs and I just made five Days of little packages of granola and I Put in some protein powder some Cow powder or cocoa powder some vitamin C powder Uh I think that's maybe a little Cinnamon I think that's all I put in There and it's a grain free granola that I really like and I've done this in the Past Um it works really well and then this Place that I'm going actually breakfast Is included so then I can get like a Almond milk or if they don't have it I Can get it at the store and bring it With me like in a little container

Um and then fruit Uh I can get you know at the breakfast Buffet and then my husband he pretty Much also eats gluten-free and dairy Free but he can eat eggs so he can just Eat eggs bacon sausage Um Fruit but since I don't do eggs Uh I do like you know bacon and sausage Sometimes it's a little salty I don't Know I just have kind of a sweet tooth In the morning so I enjoy having the Granola and with the protein I guess That's the other thing is like yogurts Are such a big part of breakfast buffets I really wish I could eat yogurt it's Such a great source of protein Um but I just can't I would get really Sick Um so I did plan for that I was really Debating whether just to try to see you Find something at the breakfast buffet But I just ended up making these little Breakfast bags Um just to be sure and I don't have to Eat them I could always bring them home If I need to but I'll show you in the Next video of what the buffet looks like And then the last thing I've done is I've made reservations at restaurants That I'm familiar with their menus I Have reservations for every dinner lunch Is a little bit more flexible and I'm Not really concerned but

I've you know pretty much know where I'll be eating for the whole trip and I Just makes me feel confident that Um it'll be supportive of my health and Won't contribute to any symptoms or Putting you know study me back in terms Of how I'm feeling So I really hope that this was helpful If um if it was let me know I hope that You like this kind of video I'm Definitely stepping out of my comfort Zone and doing less like cooking shows And trying to do more of this Vlog style So let me know if you like that and I Want you to check out this video from a Few weeks ago if you missed it it's what I ate in a day or actually it's what I Ate in a week while I'm working on my Gut health and I will link to that up Above here and I will see you in the Next video take care everybody

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