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NY Liberty’s Sabrina Ionescu Pre & Post-Training Routine | Everything But The Sweat | Women’s Health




NY Liberty's Sabrina Ionescu Pre & Post-Training Routine | Everything But The Sweat | Women’s Health

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– I love making lasagna. I add spinach, I add ricotta cheese And I think I'm I'm pretty good at it. So lasagna is what I
would eat before a game If I had to make my own. Hi, my name is Sabrina And today I am going to
tell you how I gear up And wind down from my
current workout routine. This is "Everything But The Sweat." (upbeat music) The first thing I like
to do when I wake up Which usually is pretty early, Because we practice early,
is eat breakfast, hydrate. And a lot of the time I like to stretch, Before I get to the arena. Just do some activation
to just wake my body up. In the morning, I usually like to make avocado toast With a side of granola, yogurt, fruits. I really just like to
kind of balance it out. It's not the same thing every day. It depends what I'm craving. Sometimes I like to make eggs, A little egg scramble And then on the road, A lot of the time it's
just on where we're at. Sometimes it's just a quick Starbucks, If I have to pick up something And just get a bagel and another time If we're able to go to
a hotel and get food, It's something a little bit
more like eggs and omelet, A bagel, avocado toast. Just something to be able to
last me for a couple hours, Especially since we
practice in the mornings.

I work out in the morning. If I have to push it to the
afternoon or the evening, I probably won't do it. I just like to wake up And the first thing I do
is get my workout done And out of the way so then I
can enjoy the rest of the day. Especially if we don't
have practice that day. I just like to kind of have a clear mind In being able to know
that I've done my workout I've gone to yoga or I've
stretched or done rehab And whatever it is that I need to do And then I have the day
to enjoy or take off. Before a game, It's super important to
know that I'm hydrated To just prevent cramping
and just gimme the amount Of stamina that I need to be
able to play in an entire game. So, BodyArmor sport
water is definitely pre, During and post game. That's something that I do religiously And I can rely on every single
day and every single game. And I think food-wise, It's super important to just be fueled. I enjoy pasta before games. I know that that'll last me a couple hours And be able to take me
through the entire game And I'm not gonna be hungry Or feeling like I need to
eat something at halftime. Before a game if I had to
cook or make my own food, I would make lasagna. Lasagna is my favorite food. I add spinach, I add ricotta cheese And I think I'm pretty good at it. So, lasagna is what I
would eat before a game If I had to make my own.

I don't take pre-workout supplements But BODYARMOR LYTE is
something that I drink, Before the game, during the
game, and after the game To just continue to
replenish the electrolytes That I'm losing. When I work out, The type of athletic gear
that I enjoy working out in It's obviously gonna be everything Nike. So, Nike basketball shorts. I really like Nike basketball t-shirt. This is actually my t-shirt With my Sabrina Online that I
enjoy working out in as well. And just really feeling comfortable, Whether I'm on the court
in basketball clothes Or off the court in Nike yoga, tank tops, Depending on what the weather is, Just anything that I feel comfortable in And feel like I can move
freely is what I'm gonna be in. My favorite sneaker to work out in Is my Sabrina One signature shoe. Obviously a Nike shoe. It's been a couple years in the making And this is the Spark Colorway
that I'm super excited about. I know that it is mine, But it is the most comfortable shoe That I've been able to put on my feet And just allows me to be who
I want to be on the court, Gives me the amount of support That I need to be able to
compete at a high level And do so night in and night out. What it is that I'm wearing, Whether it's on my feet or on my body, To be able to work out
to the best of my ability And really just focus on my workout

And not focus on what I'm wearing
and how I feel wearing it. I feel like I just need to be one with The clothing that I'm wearing, With the shoes that I'm
wearing to be able to dedicate And give my all to what I'm
trying to accomplish that day In my workout. My pre-game playlist is country music. I'm a big country music fan. I feel like I need to kind of wind down And relax before a game
instead of pump myself up. And so a lot of the time's just, Keeping me calm, steady. And I do that by listening
to country music. I try not get too superstitious with songs But I love Luke Combs, Chris Young. I'm just a big country music fan And so I just kind of shuffle my playlist And whatever comes on in that moment Is what I'm gonna listen to. Usually my day, Before practice, during practice, Consists of about 30 to 45
minutes of individual workout To just be able to kind
of detach from the team And work on what it is that I need to do. So, it's usually a lot of shooting, 30 minutes of shooting drills, Finishing at the rim, Figuring out ways to
continue to perfect my craft. And then for about two hours, It's a full workout with the team, Coaches, we're scouting, Doing whatever it is, Preparing for our opponent that week. And a lot of the time
after practice as well

For about 30 minutes, I'm shooting and working on the things That I needed to improve
on in practice that day. For me, I'd say my workout routine Is just specific to making
sure I feel my best that day. And every day's not gonna be the same. There's some days where I could work out For two to three hours and
play live pickup games, Especially in the off season. And there's other days Where my body's a little bit more tired And I just need it to be short and concise And get in for 45 minutes
and work really hard And get live reps and
play against live defense. And that practice is gonna be shorter. So, I think it's really just
understanding the planning And programming of what
my week's gonna look like, Where I'm at in the off
season and in season And really listen to my body
if I need a lighter day, If it's a day where I can push. I think it's just understanding
where I'm at in that moment And being okay with whatever it is. (upbeat music) Rest days are super important To just make sure that
you're listening to your body And taking those days as time for yourself And whatever it is that you're feeling. So for me, a lot of the time
it's stretching, it's yoga, It's really taking time off of my feet And just watching TV. A lot of the time, I enjoy doing the hot tub and the cold tub And just really taking in any recovery That I need whether it's
Normatec while I'm watching TV,

Taking naps during the day
to continue to just rest, But really just listening to my body And what it is it needs that day. Post-workout meal really varies, Depending on what city
I'm in, where I'm at, But usually I just eat anything
and everything after a game. I'm pretty hungry, kind of stress free, Especially after a win. And so whether it's a steak,
a hamburger, pasta, fish, There's nothing really
off limits after a game I feel like I can reward myself
with a really hefty meal. The gear that I like
to wear off the court, Post-game is just athleisure. I like to be comfortable, Whether it's jeans and a t-shirt, Obviously I love wearing my line, So this is my t-shirt And I just like that I'm
able to dress it up or down. After a game, I'm always putting my
Mejuri jewelry back on And so I have the necklace
here, rings, bracelet. I just feel like it's
super important for me To be able to express myself
through wearing jewelry. And Mejuri is my favorite. And so I do so after every single game, Every single day that
I'm just walking around. I like to be comfortable But I also like to be
myself and express myself, Through jewelry and through
the clothing that I wear. If I'm at home and relaxing, I am listening to country music. I also just like hip hop and R and B, Music that just kind of lets me relax, Get in this mode of I'm not working,

I'm not on the court And I can just kind of
take time for myself. And it always puts me
in a really good mood. Yeah, during injury, it's
super important to make sure That you're strengthening
everything else around that injury And just providing it the
rest and rehab that it needs And making sure everything else is strong. And cardio is a big part of that. If you're not able to
run due to an injury, I've had an ankle injury And I've just had to
figure out different ways To continue to keep my cardio
up whether that's swimming, Getting on the bike, VersaClimber. There's so many ways that
you could stay fit and active And it's just being mindful of doing so, Even if you're hurt. If I need a recharge, I think what's important for me Is just being able to take naps. Whether it's a 30-minute
nap or an hour nap, Just being able to get on the couch, Get off my phone, not use electronics And really just be mindful
on what my body needs. And a lot of that time, I feel like if I could take an hour nap, I feel recharged for the next
couple hours during that day. The words of encouragement I would have For anyone wanting to embark
on a healthier lifestyle, Would just be to visualize
what whatever it is That you want to do, and kind of set goals And every single day
work towards that goal, Whether it's 1% or 2%
better every single day. I think continuing to devote yourself To wanting to be the best

And not listening to what
anyone else wants for you, But listening to yourself And what it is that you want to set And being able to accomplish
that every single day. Thanks so much for watching And subscribe to more videos like this. (upbeat music)

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