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Now that’s growth 💕 #amandaseales #growthmindset #womenshealth




Now that’s growth 💕 #amandaseales #growthmindset #womenshealth

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I was talking to my therapist that's one Of the ways that I deal with my mental Health I went through a very traumatic Experience recently I was telling my Therapist that I was kind of concerned That I wasn't like in pieces on the Floor you know it wasn't that I didn't Feel it it wasn't that I haven't been Affected by it I'm wondering am I being Avoidant am I being disconnected like am I not dealing with this and she was like You know Amanda when you are not able to Function because of something that means You're not dealing with it it's dealing With you she was like you're not someone Who runs from things you're not someone Who hides from things you are absolutely Consciously aware of what's taking place You're just at a point in your life Where you have learned how to manage Things in a fashion that doesn't create Dysfunctionality you're talking to me Because you're managing the thing and I Was like oh growth

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