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Welcome or welcome back to my YouTube Channel which is all about educational Beauty today's video is me creating a Look using no foundation in only five Minutes yes five minutes again I don't Know why I do this to myself but here we Are we're doing it am I crazy possibly But let's see if we actually get through This now don't forget if you like this Video give it a thumbs up don't forget To subscribe to my channel and hit that Bell button so that you never miss any Of my future videos and don't forget I'm Over on Instagram too so you can catch Me there and one last thing I do have an Online publication which is called Confessions of a creative which covers Various different topics such as Beauty Style culture self-help entrepreneurship Anything that you can think of that Would take your fancy and it is free to Subscribe I have the free version which Means that you get access to articles And editorials occasionally you get them Sent right to your inbox or you can just Head over to the actual online Publication and check it out there and See what you find and see what you like To read or you have the paid version Which literally will only cost you Roughly around a coffee a month and you Get dedicated Beauty articles sent to Your inbox which are very detailed so For example the best setting powder for

Every type of skin type that you can Think of everything that you wish that You got over on this channel but I just Don't have you know the time to actually Be able to do everything on here you get That over there plus we get a little Room that we can chat in and yeah really Do hope that you show me some love and Support over there now let's head Straight into this video As you can see I have no makeup on and I'm pretty nervous about doing this in Five minutes usually I do 10 minute Looks five minute looks of pushing it a Little bit for me you know like I just Feel like I could maybe potentially just About get my brows done in five minutes By the way do you like my hair had it Cut yesterday had my full head of color Done which I'm excited about and yeah I Feel like I'm back to my style because I Had my haircut previously to this I Don't know what I was thinking but I was Like go crazy put layers in there you Know just like I want loads of layers I Don't know what was happening with me I Don't know like my hormones were all Over the place or what but I never asked For that and then I did it and like Initially I was like oh great and then I Just didn't like it and it was my own Fault because I asked for that I asked For like I was like man go shorter with The layers go for it and I was just like

What have I done so I'm still like There's still like you know a couple of Short layers in there but they're only About that short so I think that you Know take time it won't be long actually For them to grow out but Yeah I wanted to go back for my choppy Chop like straight blunt cut Bob and I'm Happy with it so let's get going let's Go Um I am going to let you guys know that I already actually have my moisturizer On I don't have anything else on so We're gonna go straight in we're gonna Put the timer on in a sec and let me Just get my head straight let me just Get my head straight so that I know what I'm doing Yes I think we know what we're doing Okay so oh my God this is gonna go by so Quick guys what was I thinking I'm not Gonna go through all the products as I'm Putting it on by the way so after I Finish this look I'm then going to list Out the products for you so you guys can Know what I used and yeah so I guess not [Music] Why do I do this to myself okay let's go Okay so I've got my concealer and I'm Putting this on the back of my hand I am kind of gonna put like a little bit More than usual I'm gonna get my primer My gel primer primer and I'm gonna mix This in with it right now that we've

Mixed that in I'm gonna get my sponge no I'm not I'm gonna get my brush because it's way Quicker Okay I'm just gonna put this all over my Skin There you go By mixing the primer in with the Concealer you're kind of softening it Making it a little bit more fluid There you go now I'm gonna get my sponge And I'm gonna now uh my words are not Coming out I'm going to apply this over My eyelids Right I know my under eyes The great thing about this because we're Not using a foundation we are using a Concealer and you mix it in Oh I've got something in my eye We mix it in with the primer It's gonna really kind of like grab hold Of the well the Skin's gonna go hold on Yeah it's going to stick down really Well I feel like none of what I'm saying Makes sense Okay I feel like that's done now let's Get our powder I'm gonna get powder all over me I know That Oh my God I just nearly just like Literally dropped my brush on the floor Which would have been a nightmare

Because I would have wasted Time Okay that's done I do want to go in I've Got a little bit more of that concealer On the back of my hand I'm gonna just apply that there Okay Powder Two minutes 40 something Okay Get the powder on the Big Brush Dust this over Decent amount Because if we don't then when we go over With bronzer Then it's gonna look patchy if it's not Mattified in the right way Okay now before we move on to anything Else I'm going to do my brows Oh I'm using my brow powder I'm just gonna very lightly Shape my brows And I feel like I'm kind of happy with that Because I can always go back if I have Time But I mean it's enough that I would be Oh my God one minute I would be okay like going out with that I'm kind of like happy with that Okay that's that Let's put some Mascara on

I feel like I'm gonna be okay with this I've grabbed my like mascara that has a Decent like finish to it like I don't Need to work so hard to get amazing Lashes from it Because the key is To use products Which are not really hard work do you Know what I mean Okay now we're gonna get our bronzer We are going to bronze our face Like we're gonna really sculpt So that our face doesn't look so flat Guys I'm really happy with this Okay and now a little bit of lip Liner I do it roughly And then I'll like smudge it a bit get Some lip gloss Any kind of lip gloss or lipstick Oh five minutes Stop Guys I think we've done pretty well Right no Foundation it's just concealer And yeah I'm pretty pleased with this Hopefully that goes to show you that you Know like if you're very clever with Your makeup looks not makeup looks Makeup products then you can actually Create a really good look like a like Five minutes ago I really did not not Look anything like this like I I looked Like I just rolled right out of bed oh Let me just have a little bit of coffee

Because that was stressful I'm really pleased with this because I Feel like I've got that sculpting I Would be totally happy with going out Like this I probably would have liked to Spend a little bit more time on my brows But I think that's a personal thing like I think if I went out I don't think Anyone would be like oh my God your Brows look really weird or oh this isn't Done properly or that isn't done Properly I feel like a lot of the time We kind of over analyze ourselves and We're a little bit hard on ourselves so You know cut yourself some slack even in Five minutes whatever you've managed to Do is probably really good to someone Else you know it might be you just Really looking at anything I wouldn't Normally when I do it perfectly this is What it would look like so yeah that Little primer mixed in with your Concealer trick is a little hack there For you I do have other videos that are Coming up showing you loads of like Amazing hacks because I've really sat Down and gone through just over the Years the things that I've been doing Which aren't really the usual thing that You would see or you would expect in Terms of mixing certain products Together and I'm starting to kind of put Them together for you guys so that There's some really amazing hacks there

For you not just what we see on Tick Tock or what we see on Instagram Whatever hacks that I feel like I've Really kind of thought up yeah so that Little hack is a good one for you it is Mixing a gel based primer in with a Concealer but it's got to be like a Liquid to cream concealer and yeah it's Pretty easy to be honest like all it Does is it just makes your front you'll Concealer a lot a little bit more fluid I wouldn't say like a foundation because I feel like it's actually better because What this does it turns it into a Foundation but you get the most amazing Coverage with it so you can see how that Just painted on quickly like that base Took I think just over a minute and that Was it and it was literally brushing it Over and I used this sponge to apply it To my lids and my under eyes and did you See how quickly I got that coverage on My under eyes usually when I'm buffing In I don't usually get that coverage Straight away so when you mix it with Primer I don't know what happens but it Turns into gold dust and it does the Most amazing things to your face so I Know you're gonna love it so going Through what I did use I used my Too Faced Born This Way multi-sculpting Concealer in warm beige I mixed that in With my milk Hydro grip primer and mixed It in and then I used my f47 brush from

Sigma to brush it all over my face once I did that I used my Real Techniques Sponge and I basically buffed in the Rest of that kind of product onto my Eyelids and my under eyes I then Finished off with my setting powder Which is as always my makeup forever Ultra HD setting powder in light banana Did my brows with my benefit Goof Proof Powder this one is number four warm deep Brown and I used my zoeva 317 brush for That then like I said I used a mascara Which is really quick and easy I feel Like it doesn't I don't have to work so Hard to get the results with this Mascara this is the Mac stack mascara a Great mascara and I know it you're gonna Love it because it just gives you the Results immediately you don't have to Like sit there going for hours like Putting layers of it on my lip liner was The Huda Beauty lip Contour in Sandy Beige and then I finished off with my Plumping lip gloss from beauty Bay in Fizz this is a really nice color because It's just like a Kind of like Latte color and then obviously we Finished off with the most iconic Bronzing sculpting powder of all time Which is one size made for shade bronze And sculpt Trio and I kind of mixed all Of them together I use the medium dark Trio I just kind of took the brush and

Kind of went over all of them and then Did that because I feel like you have Bronzers you have sculpting powders but This one if you want that immediate kind Of like intense not intense but Immediate Sculpt then this is the one to go for It's a really really good powder and I Use my hourglass brush for that and I Use the big side to dust the powder I Use a smaller side for the bronzer Sculptor that's basically my look done We did it in five minutes really proud Of myself managed to do it at least I Know I can get out the door in five Minutes and in case my husband's Watching no that doesn't mean that's What's gonna happen every time because Ideally I would like to spend my time And get it perfect but this is a good Option if you really are rush for time And you don't have time and it's Unexpected you need to rush out the door Or you've overslept or whatever it may Be hopefully this has helped you now Don't forget that I do have a vlog Channel which has new videos well two Videos every week and it's just a bit About my life behind the scenes what I Get up to when I'm not filming for YouTube we can chat there's all sorts Going on get to see what I do in a day In an average day and yeah all sorts of Stuff so please do head over there

Subscribe to that the link will be in The description I would really really Love to see you there because you know We've had a whole load of you go over But I'd love to see way more of you you I really would like to get up to that Kind of 10 000 mark because we're on 3 000 subscribers at the moment I really Love more of you guys to head over there It would mean the world to me so if you Get anything from this Channel please do Me a favor and head over there and Follow me on my Vlog Channel too yeah I Guess I'm gonna see you next time and if You have any questions let me know in The description box below well let me Know in the comment section below Because in the description box will be All the products that I use and they're All listed with a link so that you can Head over and purchase those too don't Forget you must check my description box Out because there are a whole load of Like discount codes there for you guys To use so yeah if you like this video Give it a thumbs up don't forget to Subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell Button so that you never miss any of my Future videos until the next video take Care and I'll see you soon

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