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Nicole Scherzinger on Her Hawaiian Heritage and Hormonal Acne | Body Scan | Women’s Health




Nicole Scherzinger on Her Hawaiian Heritage and Hormonal Acne | Body Scan | Women's Health

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Constantly be drinking water you cannot Have enough water I don't drink any Carbonated beverages or anything I do Drink a lot of alcohol I don't think That helps but it doesn't hurt it that Much hi I'm Nicole Scherzinger and this Is my Women's Health body scan What I love most about my body is I feel Like I have a warrior body and that's Because I believe my ancestors are Warriors like literal Hawaiian warriors On one side I have this Warrior Mentality but on the flip side I have This Grace my mother always told me when I was young make sure that you do things Gracefully and always have Grace when You do them so I have that strength the Warrior strength and then I have that Femininity and that softness that comes Out sometimes when I'm on stage I could Be like really Fierce and hardcore but Then at the same time when I dance I Could be very feminine and soft and very Like laser light but very full when I do It I don't know am I going to do chai Chi right now you never know I need to Learn Tai Chi first scars if you can Look inside my heart Stay tuned wait for the new music okay We gave it it really real we came in it Wrong I have a couple of interesting Scars one scar that I'm kind of proud of Is this scar right here it starts right Here and it actually goes down my arm

And I got that scar when I was about 15 Years old and my uncle Reynolds right is a legendary long Border in Hawaii he decided that day he Was going to take me and my cousins out Boogie boarding because we didn't know How to surf yet but I didn't know that He was teaching us how to boogie board On the reef the waves that break on the Wreath we were like having so much fun I Finally caught a huge wave right on my Boogie board I didn't know how to get Off the wave so I literally rode that Wave into the reef and I just like came Out bloody I actually have a scar on my Chin I actually have scars on my legs And my feet and then this Scar and I Just felt so alive and I felt a Warrior When I came in I was like ah and then They were like okay you can't go back in The water right now because you're too Bloody and there are sharks in the water Little known fact I actually don't have Any tattoos which is ironic because I Come from a very big family huge family Huge Ohana in Hawaii mostly everyone's Tatted up I was always the person who whatever Other people did I did the opposite If people got piercings then I didn't Get piercings people got tattoos I was Like I'm not gonna get a tattoo I've Just never really felt called to have a Tattoo I feel like for us it's something

So much deeper in my family something Truly spiritual and it's something that We do to connect us to our ancestors I Actually had a meeting with a tattoo Artist in Hawaii when I went back home And he told me that I need to pull it About it which means prey in Hawaiian And when the time is right it will come And maybe I will get my tattoos that Will tell the story of my ancestors and About my Hawaiian history and culture And where we come from but I don't feel That I need it right now it's so funny Because the other day I think I saw my Friend Jason Momoa get a tattoo on his Head and it was brought by the same Artist my family uses keoni who's Unbelievable but he does everything the Traditional tapping way and when keoni Does a tattoo and He blesses you you Don't know what it is keep pulleys as Well and it's like he connects with your Ancestors when you get the tattoo that's It you don't even know what you're Getting how awesome is that how awesome And scary is that but I think at the Right time I'll get one for my family I'll get one from me at the right time As far as Skin Care goes I was really Blessed from a young age to have really Beautiful skin because of my family Heritage however as I have gotten older Through the years that ain't the same Story

Wait till you get older you get to look Forward to a little thing called Hormonal acne it's awesome likes to show Up in this area particularly around that Time of month fortunately my Dermatologist prescribed me like the Steroid cream that if I have this Hormonal acne I just put that cream on So that helps and another thing I've Struggled with is like rosacea and my Skin kind of getting like red bumps and Not as much of an even skin tone so What's really helped me is Barbara Sturm She's actually a dear friend of mine and I really love her products She always Told me to keep it very simple she's Like you can't try too many things on Your face it's like your pH is all over The place so I like to use her Foaming Face Wash and then her serum serums are Awesome never had that when I was Younger all about the serum and the Moisturizers face masks are amazing They're like delicious drinks for your Face it's so so hydrating especially When I before I have a show it's Brightening and toning and hydrating and I like to use the day creams and night Creams of hers and another product that Has really helped me with my redness and Evening out my skin as well as is Clinical that feels like almost like Medical it has really helped my skin and Then sometimes when I'm doing my makeup

Adding the oils so it makes it really Illuminating I think that the best thing For your skin are these three things Sleep makes all the difference lots of Water just constantly be drinking water You cannot have enough water I don't Drink any carbonated beverages or Anything I do drink a lot of alcohol I Don't think that helps but it doesn't Hurt it that much I love sweating a good Workout is good for your skin if you Can't get a workout a sauna is super Awesome and ice You don't have an ice bath a cold shower It is awesome for your skin and wake Your ass up and wake your pose up and They'll be like tight be all like ninja Ready for the day oh that's a very good Question mental health because loud Knows I've dealt with my big fat share Of that I'm a big advocate for prayer And meditation faith is a big part of Who I am it anchors me it's my source And my rock and my salvation so when I'm Going through a hard time I don't know How to do it alone and I feel like the Weight on my shoulders so when I pray It's like I can surrender and I know That I'm not alone and I could just have Faith that God's got me and so that Helps me to breathe speaking of Breathing breathing is miraculous it's So healing to be able to do any breath Work if you could find it online or

Anything or someone who does it it is Unbelievable it could just calm your Nerves it can really help you focus your Mind I do transcendental meditation all The things that you didn't think you had Answers for in your jumbled and all over The place deep down you do have the Answers you kind of just realign and Reconnect with that inner voice and Everything seems a little bit more clear Everybody's got a gift and a talent so Whatever you're called to do I don't Know if that's like making birdhouses or That's like writing songs or fixing cars Put your energy towards that through Your passion what you truly desire You're calling in your heart if you are Going through something you are not Alone and that's the most important Thing to know and I'm not gonna cry Because I know what it feels like but You're not alone and there's help out There just need to pray about it put That energy out there and the help will Come to you and remember I love you Thanks so much for watching please Subscribe to Women's Health obviously And make sure to check me out on the Masked Singer season 8 on Fox [Music]

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