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Nia Sioux On Why She Would ‘Never’ Re-Watch Dance Moms | Once Never Forever | Women’s Health




Nia Sioux On Why She Would 'Never' Re-Watch Dance Moms | Once Never Forever | Women's Health

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– Oh gosh, I don't wanna
make them mad at me For saying all these (laughs)! Oh gosh. Okay, hi, I'm Nia Sioux, And you're watching Once Never Forever. (soft jazzy music) We're gonna do once for Valentine's Day. Okay, I feel a little differently About this now 'cause I have a boyfriend. This year was the first
time I've ever actually had Like a real Valentine, But I always celebrated
Valentine's Day single as well. Like I love it! I love celebrating love. I go out to lunch or dinner With my mom or my girlfriends
or just my friends In general and we always have a good time. I know this is gonna upset a lot of people Because people love Halloween, But I don't love Halloween. I think it's a good holiday. It's just not my favorite, And I don't like being scared. I'm gonna put that as never. And forever is definitely
gonna be Christmas, Because Christmas is
literally my favorite holiday. You can get all cozy
and warm, hot chocolate. You're usually with family Which is my favorite thing ever. I'm always with my family on Christmas. Or if you're not with your family, You're with people that you love. (soft jazzy music) Oh gosh, I don't wanna make them mad at me

For saying all these (laughs). Oh gosh, okay, let's see. Once for Instagram, Because I love Instagram, But it's also like, oh, you
start to compare yourself On Instagram to other people. Yeah like, I don't know, it's great But you know, with doses. You need little breaks. But I'm just gonna put never for YouTube, Even though I love YouTube, I do. Because honestly I've
failed my fans at this point For posting on YouTube. I used to post every Tuesday, And I don't post every Tuesday anymore. So I'm just gonna put never for right now. And then for TikTok,
we're gonna do forever, Because honestly people
are just so funny (laughs). People are so funny and creative on TikTok And like I love just
watching the videos on there And like I can literally
be on TikTok for hours. (soft jazzy music) For the Moonwalk, we're gonna do once, Because Moonwalking is cool! I mean the only person That I can think of right now, Oh actually, no, there's a lot of people Who can do the moonwalk. But like Michael Jackson was really good At the Moonwalk, you know, That's what he was like known for, Also him being the King of Pop. But like the Moonwalk, we
all knew that he did that. So we're gonna leave that with him.

And never The Floss, never! We're gonna leave that back In whatever year that came in. We don't need The Floss anymore, okay. Maybe like the little kids do that, But if you are older than
a little kid doing that, Like that's just like a big no-no. Like don't do that. What are you doing? Death Drop forever guys, obviously. Like, I feel like that
goes without saying! Death Drop, yeah, obviously! That's my move and I've been doing it Since I was like nine or 10 years old, So I have to go with it. And also because it's a cool move! (soft jazzy music) For once, I'm gonna put escape room, But I really don't like escape rooms. I would put that as never
if I didn't put cow tipping. But escape rooms scare me. I don't wanna be trapped in a room And I also don't wanna pay
to be trapped in a room. So no. And like, I like puzzles, But like I'd actually try doing a puzzle Or play a game like Clue or something. But like not, not escape rooms. They scare me so much
and I don't know why, But they just don't sound fun to me. And I've been in one or two of them before And it's just never been
like a great experience. So I'm gonna say no to that. I'm gonna put cow tipping as never

'cause I feel like that's just not nice. But it sounds kind of funny, But it's not nice guys (laughs)! Leave the cows be. They go through enough
stress already (laughs). And for forever is Disneyland. I am such a Disney person. I am a Disney geek. I love Disneyland. (soft jazzy music) I think I'm gonna put
like an accordion for Once, once. I feel like you can use
the accordion in many ways. So I'm gonna put that as once. I don't know how to play And I don't know anyone
that knows how to play one But they're still cool instruments. For never, I'm gonna put bagpipes, Not to like dis bagpipes, not like, No disrespect to bagpipes. But you know what, I just, I've never really heard a song With a bagpipe before And you know what I would
like to hear that one day. So one day. But bagpipes, yeah,
they're cool, they're cool. But like also, I don't
know how to play a bagpipe. I don't know anyone that
knows how to play a bagpipe. Drums forever. Drums just make everything better. I love a good drum moment, okay. And I used to play drums
when I was little too. Not that I remember how to play, But I would like to learn
how to do that again.

I feel like that'd be really cool. Especially since I do music and, you know, And I just love music in
general and I enjoy it. I would like to learn how
to play an instrument again. (soft upbeat music) Driver's License by Olivia Rodrigo, I'm gonna do once, Because that is a good song. Driver's license, mm! That is a masterpiece. So you will hear me sing that
for karaoke one of these days. But we're gonna do
never for Wrecking Ball. Like no hate against Miley, we love Miley. It's more of just like, I don't know, Like it's, I love that song. I love that song but I
feel like the other two Would be better for karaoke. Even though, again, Wrecking
Ball (kiss smacking), Well I love that song. But we're gonna never for that one. So, okay, so that one's over. Now, oh gosh, this is really hard! Savage Remix, that is forever. Beyonce and Megan are forever. And just because Beyonce's
in the Savage Remix, It has to be forever,
because Beyonce forever, Queen Bee forever. (soft upbeat music) Wizards of Waverly Place
is going to be once Even though I love that show And Selena Gomez is everything, I'm gonna put that as once. For never I'm gonna put Dance Moms. I don't wanna like offend people

But I lived through it! I don't need to do that again. So never (laughs), never again at least! That's So Raven. Oh my gosh, That's So Raven is forever. I love that show. Like oh my gosh, it's so interesting. So people when I go out In public sometimes, People recognize me, because I'm Nia, But like they also recognize me, 'cause they're like "Oh my
gosh, are you Raven Simone?" I'm like, no, (laughs) not Raven Simone. It's interesting because
people often think That I look like Raven Simone. So that's another reason
why I love this show. I just think it's like a good compliment. (soft upbeat music) So Rodeo is once because that is scary, And you can get seriously
injured from that. Look at me being so
mindful of my wellbeing. Yes, you can get injured from that, For never, bungee jumping. I don't think you can ever get me To go bungee jumping. Actually, my friend Sophie asked me To go bungee jumping with her once And I was like, no, I'm not gonna do that. So that's a, no, for me. That's a never situation. I'm gonna stick with that. I think that's pretty true to myself. So I'm gonna, I'm gonna say no never For bungee jumping.

Swimming with sharks will be forever. Even though you probably shouldn't swim With sharks forever. Probably would not end well. But yeah, it's a cool experience And I think people should try that. It's pretty cool. I went swimming with
sharks in Belize, actually. I was there like doing community service In Belize with an orphanage there. And one of the days That we weren't like
working at the orphanage, I literally just, we went on this boat, And we went swimming with sharks, Which was pretty cool, And I was scared. And I like told the guy, I
was like, Well, do they bite? And he was like, "Well these
ones probably won't bite you." I don't really know if they eat humans Or not, but like I felt not safe, But not super like oh my gosh, These sharks are going to be eat me. But it is scary though because
you can see their teeth, And their eyes look scary as well. (soft music) Science fiction is going to be once. I like science fiction,
but it's not my favorite. It's not, it's not. Horror is going to go never. I don't like being scared. Not even a little, like no, horror no. I feel like it'd be fun to act in one. It just seems kind of cool, Because you get to be behind the scenes,

So you're not gonna actually
be scared when you watch it. And I think that's
pretty cool, that's flex. And then comedy. Comedy forever. I like being happy. I like having a good laugh And you put on like an Adam Sandler movie And I'm there, you know (laughs). They're always just safe And I think that they're really fun To watch and like you can watch them With your family. You can watch 'em by yourself And you're always just
gonna have a good time. You know what to expect and it's great. And that's why I love (laughs) comedies (soft jazzy music) For once I'm gonna do burger. Even though I love a good
burger, I'm a burger girl. Pizza is going to be never. Even though I like pizza,
it's not my favorite food. It never has really been my favorite food. And I'm really picky about
the sort of pizza that I like. The only kind of pizza I really love Is New York-style pizza. Yeah, fries forever! Fries before guys. Fries, like fries. Actually fries are my
favorite food, by the way. So like fries were going to win anyway, But (laughs) I don't
know, I just love them. I also just like any type of potato. You can grill them, you can saute them. You can mash them, you can bake them.

You can do anything with a potato. But fries, specifically are amazing. Like my favorite fast-food fries are From McDonald's, honestly. Or like Cane's. Cane's has really good fries. Or like Penn Station. They don't have Penn Stations
a lot, like in many places. Like they don't have 'em in LA. But in Pittsburgh they have them. But yeah, I'm like a fry person. I like trying different fries. Thanks so much for watching! Subscribe to Women'sHealth!

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