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So this is the finished look what do you Think guys I absolutely love it it kind Of gives me a little bit of like this is New Year's Eve Glam and I think it's Glam but it's also giving me Wednesday Vibes what do you think I genuinely love It [Applause] Welcome or welcome back to my YouTube Channel which is all about educational Beauty now in today's video we're going To be doing New Year's Eve Glam it's the Last video of 2022 and I am so excited About you guys learning how to do this Look and also a few tricks that you can Add to it right at the end of the video Now if you do like this video please do Give it a thumbs up don't forget to Subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell Button so that you don't miss any of my Future videos I am also over on Instagram so please do come follow me There because I do a lot of unboxing Some reels and just generally you get to See what I get up to when I'm not Filming for YouTube now I think we can Get started with the video Now that we've all dealt with Christmas I think it's about time for New Year's Eve Glam so let's get started I am going To be kind of dressing it up right at The end to show you exactly how you can Kind of finish off this look I wanted to Do something which was easy to do but

Also Ultra Glam and not your typical Sparkly eye because I've kind of like Done that and I wanted to change it up a Little bit so we're going to start with Skincare now my skin is I'm gonna be Honest it's really good at the moment Because I've been having my radio Frequency sessions and my skin right now Like it's probably been about a week After my session and I've got another Session coming up don't worry vlogged The whole thing it's going to be coming Soon and now's about the time that my Skin starts feeling great you know after My session so it's actually feeling Really good touch wood but what I do Need is a light moisturizer so I'm going To go with my wind Medina do because I Need something which is just not going To be too heavy for my skin because it's Actually feeling great not often I Actually get to say that but this is Ultra light it's almost like a gel a Little bit like a gel it's like a gel Moisturizer so I just kind of like Smooth that over my hands and then I'm Just going to press that into my skin I'm just dabbing a little bit more on Because I just feel like I need it even Though this is a light moisturizer by The way it literally boosts your Hydration to another level like there's Just it's just it's got that like it's Like a it's a melting rose water gel

Cream and it has obviously hyaluronic Acid in there which we all need it's got Glycerin which helps to boost the Hydration even more and antioxidants and B5 which really helped kind of like Soothe irritate skin now for a little Eye cream I'm gonna go with my drunk Elephant sea Tango because this Literally is amazing I have an eye cream Now I am going to put my primer on I'm Using my milk Hydro grip primer let's Just kind of like Smooth the layer over My skin this is going to just really Grip hold of my makeup the trick is Don't rub this primer in I've had a few People kind of like well leave comments Say you know how do you use it it's Quite a sticky primer you just smooth a Very thin layer on top and it should Leave a tacky finish and that basically Helps to like grip hold of the makeup That you're going to apply so now what We're going to do is do the eyelids First because you know I like doing that First when we're doing a bit of eye Makeup and then we're going to finish Off the base and then finish off this Whole look right I'm going to apply my Tarte shape tape concealer this is 35n Medium Uh just gonna get a nice Flawless space There so my Real Techniques sponge I'm Just gonna like press this in bounce it All over and then I'm going to press

Some of my powder in to just set this so That our Lids are just fully primed and Done you don't have to worry about eye Primer or anything like that now how are We all feeling about the New Year guys I Really want to know I care about you Guys a lot and I really do hope that you Know you're all kind of feeling positive About it and not feeling the pressure And the reason I say pressure is because I see you know at the end of the year I Always see all these posts and people Are like oh you know you're gonna Crush 2023 you know get your goals ready and All this kind of stuff and or they talk About what they've achieved in in that This past year and I find that sometimes That may be a bit of pressure for some People because you know looking at that I'm just gonna head over to my powder Now so just gonna use my Ben eye banana Powder a little bit in the palm of the Head and then press it onto the powder Off carrying on from what I was saying Like you hear all these people like you Know writing stuff like or showing Pictures about oh my God amazing I've Accomplished this which is great I love That I love that people are Accomplishing things I love that people Have goals and you know you're some People are living their dreams some People are like on their way to their Dreams some people are still figuring

Out their dreams just gonna dust that Powder off now I also do Wonder does it Affect some people differently by seeing These kind of posts like do you look at It and think you know what now I feel Like I should have that tick off list And what if you don't or do you feel the Pressure as in like oh look all these Things that this person has accomplished And why have I not accomplished those Things and do you start comparing I'm Just curious because you know I sit and I I watch these posts and stuff grab my Coffee again guys if any of you got this Like seriously last few videos I've been Putting the link in the description I Really want to know if any of you have Got this because this coffee machine is Insane and the pods are just so good I'm Telling you best coffee ever best Cappuccino you will ever find you don't Even need to go to like cafes anymore They're amazing but anyway finishing off What I was saying do you find that is The case with you I mean I hope it isn't Because I really want you guys to not Feel that pressure because I'm sure the People who post these things you know Myself included sometimes maybe I have In the past I don't know what year I did It but maybe I did I don't think anyone Ever posts it to make anyone else feel Bad but unfortunately it can sometimes Make people feel like maybe they haven't

Achieved what they're meant to achieve Or maybe they're lacking or they're a Bit behind or you know why are they not As ambitious you know why do they not Have these type of things that they're Trying to do but yeah I'm just curious But I really don't want you to feel like That if you do because everyone is so Different everyone has different kind of Goal and ambition in life and there's Nothing wrong with that there is no Right or wrong goal or whatever it is That you want to accomplish it's just About personally what you accomplish and It could be so small yet so big that's My little thought of the day now we're Gonna do the eye makeup now what I want To do is I want to do a really really Soft soft kind of not Smoky but you know Really really soft definition on the Lash line I also don't want it to look Like it's kind of like eyeliner there so I want it to be kind of brownie because We're going for a deep lip and I want it To look like the eyes are defined but Not overly because I want to play up Play on the lips a little bit more right I've got my Sigma Beauty E15 brush and I'm going to go into my makeup by Mario Master mats palette I'm using the shade Matte 11. it's like this really deep Rich chocolate brown what we're going to Do is we're going to press it really Really close to the Lash line so kind of

Like into the root of the Lash So don't worry about trying to make an Eyeliner kind of like effect don't worry If it's a little bit like messy either But try and like really press into the Root it's always better if you look down Into the mirror it's much easier and This brush is great for this You can see that's a little bit more Defined let's go over to the other side Now I'm getting my Sigma E30 brush Nothing on this brush and I'm literally Just going to kind of like go side to Side it's just gonna like kind of soften That line Okay now I'm using my e75 brush this is My angled brush from Sigma if I haven't Already told you about this it's an Insane brush so good for the eyes I know It says it's like an angled brow brush But guys eyelids really close to the Lash line amazing right now I'm going to Go into matte 10 and I'm going to kind Of like just go a little bit kind of Higher than what it was before so Thicker A little bit kind of like more above the Lash line when I get to the end so Basically I just want to show you I've Got this like this the highest point is Towards that way right that's where I've Got it as soon as I get to about the Outer corner or the the last quarter of The eye I flip it so that it sits along

The Lash like the curve of the eye Better so now the outside corn like the Highest point is pointing towards that Way so the highest point initially Should Point towards that way That way so I was like where where is That that way and then when we get to The last quarter of the eye you flip it So that the highest point is pointing Towards that way it sits a lot better Along the curve of the Lash line you'll You'll notice the difference when you Actually do it now this end bit here I'm Gonna just I'm just kind of like lifting It a little bit what this is actually Doing is creating like a gradient effect On our lash line A little bit higher there don't worry About how neat it is it's got a little Bit thicker here because it's ended up a Bit thicker on the other eye go back to My E30 brush nothing on this and we're Going to just go back and forth again And this is going to soften the edges Should just look like it's just like a Nice faded lash line Now what I'm going to do is get my E30 Brush again go into matte 10 and use the Tip of this brush I'm basically just Going to kind of like in very tiny Swirls like circular swirls just kind of Like add a bit more at the end of the Lash line use your finger to kind of Brush into the Lash line if you feel

Like it's gone too far and then just Kind of like lift it a little you know Like so it has a bit more of a lift to It there you go There you can see how the Lash line has More definition now Okay let's get on with the rest of the Face now so now I'm gonna go in with my Concealer I'm going to finish off my Lashes and stuff at the end but I've got The main eyeshadow bit done so now I Don't have to worry about anything Spilling on the rest of my face so I'm Going to go in with my concealer so just Apply some here We're gonna go for a nice Flawless base And Lift it up here I'm gonna go in with a little bit more Just on certain areas To lift it And I always feel like my makeup stays Longer when I use this same concealer on The rest of my face so I'm basically Just buffing in the rest of my face with My Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood complexion Brush Now I'm going to buff my under eye area In My sponge is damp by the way so I've wet It squeezed all the water out and then Put a tissue around it to squeeze all The excess water to absorb all the

Excess people to not to squeeze well Yeah to squeeze too Okay let's sculpt a little bit I'm using My Nars radiant creamy concealer and This shade will be up on the screen And I'm just going from more or less the Top of the ear and just dragging it in But not coming too close in the center You know what the great thing about this Whole look is that this is going to stay All night so you're gonna have like Literally the best New Year's Eve Because your makeup is still going to Look amazing the next day Well not that I am saying that you Should leave it until the next day but I Feel like you know there's going to be a Lot of you guys who are going to be Probably still in your makeup the next Day so you know I'm just saying and you Know why I said that because I had a Bride a few days ago and she sent me a Message this morning I did her makeup She had a wedding and then that night She went out with her friends so it was Like an all-nighter after the wedding Party was done and she sent me pictures Of right at the end of the night she was Like I cannot believe it's the next day And my makeup is still perfect that's What I'm saying because there are going To be the odd person like the odd one of You here or there that's gonna you know Maybe

Keep your makeup on let's now buff this Into the hairline using my Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood complexion brush By the way if you're wondering where my Top is from it's from Zara I don't know If they still have it but I really fell in love with it I don't Know why it reminded me of like just Festive season I by the way have some really exciting Stuff coming up Can't wait for you guys to find out You're gonna love it exciting stuff Coming up in January Fine truly super excited about it like I Can't stop talking about it to my Husband and he's like please Play no more conversations about this I'm like please can we just talk about It because I love it so much so yeah I'm Really excited we're gonna go with the Ogible foundations the one that I know Is gonna just stay on all night this is The duel forever Matt my shade is 3w and We are going to use this because this Bad boy is going to keep my face Together all night I've put it at the Back of my hand and buffing it into the Sponge and then we're gonna buff it into The skin starting with the forehead Foreign Don't forget to take out any creases With the point of your beauty blender Just like use the high point of it and

Just scoop up any excess product that's Sitting in those lines get your powder Press Same shape and direction that you Applied your concealer telling you this Is not going anywhere all night do what You want not going anywhere We're just gonna Duff all that powder Off With this big Veil brush but in the Under eye area we're going to do with The real technique setting brush because It is literally the perfect size for the Under eye area This is a must-have for anyone I'm Telling you we're gonna just prep the Brows so I'm just brushing them with my Too Faced fluff and hold laminating brow Wax because this is literally going to Keep them in place all night I'm telling You this is like the alternative to Laminating your brows then what I do Take the lid off use the brush to just Brush them And then I use my finger to kind of like Just keep them in place While my brows are kind of setting and Drying I'm going to go back into my Makeup by Mario palette using my Sigma E30 brush going into matte H with the Tip and I'm going to brush this along my Lower lash line so like right into the Root of my lash You know so that the lower lash just

Doesn't look so bare Keep going until you're happy with it if You want you could leave this bit until After you've done your lips you know so You get a good idea of how much you Think you can get away with so you don't Have to finish off the eyes before you Do the lips you could do the lips and Then finish off the eyes there I quite Like that's very soft grunge look on the Lower lash line so it's not using black But it's brown so it just looks a bit More lived in right I'm going to get my Benefits precisely my brow pencil in my Shade which is number four and I'm just Gonna start kind of like drawing Little Feather Strokes underneath the areas That I kind of like properly shade it Are the areas where I literally have no Hair so like feather Strokes isn't going To do anything in that area Thank you So my brows are done I'm going to go in With my mascara now I'm using my Favorite mascara ever at the moment Which is the benefit they're real magnet Lashes mascara this stuff is amazing It's just such a good mascara I'm using a different mascara for my Lower lashes because the brush on this Mascara is much better for the lower Lashes the other mascara the benefit one Is amazing for the top lashes but the Brush is just too big for the lower lash

Line so this is really good this is my Charlotte Tilbury push-up lashes and it Has like a thin side and a thick side And I use the thin side for the lower Lashes Okay I've got my E30 brush again and I'm Basically dipping it into matte 11 which Is like a the deep chocolate brown and This is where I'm just gonna grab it Well not grab it I'm going to take it Right into the like corner of my eye I Just want to kind of like give it a bit More depth there you know so it doesn't Look like it doesn't have to go like Thick I mean dark all the way across but I just want a little bit more Darkness Just in that just for that little lift There and the nice thing is it's a bit More it's like a little bit darker at The end and not so dark everywhere else So don't feel like you have to apply all The way across I've got my 3200 brush And my Fenty Sun stalker in Shady base And I'm just gonna do a little kind of Arrow here Little diamond on the tip of my nose And then down the bridge of the nose and Then my hourglass Veil brush same Bronzer And now we're going to kind of like Sculpt the cheekbones a little I just Want that warmth on the face as well as A little extra kind of sculpting and Then I take it into the hairline and

Then just this area here to kind of like Slim down that area and then it sculpts That area and then we're going to do the Jawline as well a little Try not to bring it you know too much Towards the center of the face it always Looks nicer when it's more on the Perimeter my two three four brush and a Little bit of my highlight which is the Tom Ford Highlighter Right just going to put a tiny bit of my Jaw lip maximizer on just mainly towards The center of the lip not around the Outside and then what I do Is I blot it takes off all the excess That keeps the moisture there so now What I'm going to do is line my lips and This is like the the it's going to Finish off this look and it's going to Look really nice and there's a lot of Cute things that you can do afterwards As well which I'm going to explain to You but I'm going to lie my lips now Make them as big or as little as you Want but I'm gonna I like to just go not Totally above my lip line but kind of on The top part of my lip line I just like to feather it in a little Bit Right now I'm going to take my Nars Power matte lipstick in Night Moves this Is such a nice like really deep deep red I'm going to get my lip brush and just

Kind of like blend this into my lip line You know take it to the edges Okay now what I want to do is I'm going To get my lip brush I'm going to dip it Into matte 11 in the makeup by Merrick Mario eyeshadow palette and I'm Basically going to go along the Kind of lip line using the tip This is the makeup forever lip brush did I say that I'm not sure But it's a straight flat Edge so it's Really really good for this And it gives it this really nice almost Like Just like deep finished hair Now this is where we're gonna just dive A little bit more in the middle So this is the finished look what do you Think guys I absolutely love it it kind Of gives me a little bit of like this is New Year's Eve Glam and I think it's Glam but it's also giving me Wednesday Vibes what do you think I genuinely love It and it's a bit different you know It's not your standard glittery eye Which can end up looking a bit messy at The end of the night at least this is Clean crisp a little bit Vamp wintery And it's a red lip but it's a little bit Different now to finish this off let me Just show you how this looks when you Really dress it up so I'm going to put My earrings on Doesn't it just

Loses New Year's Eve Glam but I love it If you wanted to let me just go through A couple of things that you could do I'm Not going to do it right now because I Actually want to keep it like this Because I'm going out what I do want you To know is that you can very easily at The end of the night let's just say You're out all night maybe you don't Even know you're gonna be out all night But you know you want to be safe so what You want to do is take another lipstick With you take like a little you know how You get those like small and it's so Easy to get hold of there's little Antibacterial like wipes or the face Wipes that you get the small pack take That wipe off your lips and just put on Like a gloss or just take it off in the Middle and then just add a gloss and Then mix it all together and it'll be a Little bit more kind of like more of a Transparent lip another thing that you Can do is add some kind of like Shimmer To this so you could add some like Really nice very light Shimmer to the Lids or even a little bit of clear gloss At the end of the night so I'm talking About ways to kind of change it up Throughout the night because maybe you Want this for the dinner part you know When you kind of know what's going on And then you get to the point where You're like you know I don't care

Anymore and then you want to change it Up a little bit so those are things that You can do but you also can add add a Bit highlighted to the cheeks I wouldn't Personally add much blusher to your look Because I feel like I think when you Have skin color similar to mine I don't Think you need to but if you're a lot Paler in skin tone then maybe you do Want to add a bit of a blush you know But I personally feel like bronzer does The job and that's more than enough for Me so wherever you do end up going for New Year's Eve please be safe enjoy it And I hope you're spending it with the People that you love and I just want to Say thank you for this entire year for My whole YouTube Journey so far because You guys have been the best I literally Could not have done this whole thing Without you as much as this is Information that I've always wanted to Share and I made a decision to do we Wouldn't be here right now if it weren't For you guys because and I want you guys To know that I really do honestly Appreciate you all and I'm really Excited about what we're going to be Doing in the New Year like there is so Much that we have going on I can't wait To share it with you because I know you Guys are gonna love it and I know you Guys are going to come on that Journey With me too 2 please do continue to kind

Of like support my channel because it Means the world to me as you guys Already know there's a little super Thanks button if you just want to show Your appreciation because obviously I Give all my information away for free I Really do try and do my best to make it Completely transparent as possible and That little super thanks is just your Way of kind of also saying thanks but me Also being able to kind of like see who You are and see your comments a bit more Clearly and because they do stand up and Stand out a little bit more to me when You're when you've hit the super Banks Just a way for me to kind of like answer Any specific questions that you may have As well and yeah I just want to say Thank you so much like this whole year Has been a complete Whirlwind I can't Believe how quickly the channel has Grown it's just been insane and there's Still so many of you guys who are Sitting there leaving that one million Mark comment I see you and I'm so Excited for it and I know we're gonna Get there and I just want you guys to Have the best 2023 I know you guys are Going to stay positive radiate love Peace and energy and Good Vibes and you Guys can accomplish anything you want to Because I know that I can as well Especially when you guys are with me Here as well so I just want to wish you

A happy New Year and I hope you have the Best enter this year you could have ever Asked for now wherever you are in the World and whatever you're going to be Doing I'm sending you so much love so Much peace so many good vibes throwing Them all your way and yeah thank you so Much for this year I really do hope you've enjoyed this Video today and I hope you get to Recreate it too and I hope that it was Super easy for you to do now if you do Like this video please do give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you don't miss any of my future Videos until the next video take care And I will see you soon

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