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NEW Wearable Winter Fashion Trends to Shop NOW!




NEW Wearable Winter Fashion Trends to Shop NOW!

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I love winter fashion but it's always an Expensive season to shop for so today I've done the hard work for you and Found some amazing affordable fashion Pieces that I'm sure you will love They're also going to keep you toasty Warm all winter long [Music] Hi I'm leonie and welcome to my channel Now I'm heading over to the US in January so have had winter fashion on my Mind I've been shopping up a storm and Wanted to share some of my favorite Finds with you today now as I said Winter is a tricky season to buy for Because it's expensive let's face it it Is an expensive season to shop for so I Have uncovered some Fab Bargains that Are not only on Trend so you'll be Looking stylish all season but they're Also pieces that are Timeless and I Would even say I'd go as far as saying That they are Essentials so let's just Jump into it and I can't wait to show You what I've found now first up on my List is this beautiful snuggly fringed Wrap now fringing is really on Trend at The moment but that aside this piece is Going to be your go-to for winter it is Going to keep you snuggly warm you can Wear it with everything you own and the Best part is that it's at Timeless piece That you can buy today and wear for Years to come this one is Affordable

It's a really good buy and it is on the Top of my list and my number one piece To buy for going away now next up is This beautiful sweater dress now if you Haven't discovered how versatile sweater Dresses are for winter you haven't lived Basically a sweater dress is I think a Quintessential piece for winter dressing The great thing about them is that you Can layer winter woolies underneath to Give you a real base layer of warmth and They also look fashionable they look Stylish but they are super comfy as well Perfect perfect winter dressing now if You're anything like me the worst thing For me in winter is to get cold damp Feet and so these boots are an absolute Must not only are they a little bit of a Relief from a classic black boot but They are waterproof they are very on Trend but again a Timeless piece that You will be able to wear for the years To come but these boots just they add a Bit of height so you've got a bit of Height from the pavement which is always A good thing to keep your feet warm to Keep them dry and I just love the Colorway on this pair because they're Just a little bit of Light Relief they Are going to go with lots of different Options that you already own and they're Just a good comfy hard working shoe for Winter now when it comes to Winter Dressing one of the keys is to invest in

Quality fabric so your wool and your Down and really quality fabric but you Can if you look hard enough find these Pieces at a good price now I found this Amazing down puffer and I'm pretty sure It comes in a couple of different colors I'll show them here to you on the screen But I think a puffer is an essential for Anyone and puffers have become quite a Fashion statement as well I've talked Recently in videos about seeing puffers Being belted just to give them a little Bit more of a fashion Edge but you Absolutely can't go wrong with a puff For jacket but as you probably already Know not all puffers are created equal So you do need to invest in one that is Filled with a good quality stuffing so It needs to be down or some type of Feather to really give you the advantage Of puffers a puffer jacket is an Absolute no-brainer and at this point I'd just like to say a really big thank You to the team at Squarespace for Sponsoring this portion of today's Episode Squarespace is in my opinion the Easiest way to build any sort of online Presence I have a Squarespace blog and The thing that I love about it is that It's not only easy to to build so Essentially Squarespace does all the Hard work for you they have an amazing Array of templates to choose from and You can basically be up and running with

A beautiful professional looking website Within about an hour I know that sounds Crazy but it's as simple as that and the Best part is you don't need any Tech Smarts to do it it is all there for you On the Squarespace platform it's really Simple the way I started my blog was I Whipped on to and had a Little look at the templates that they Offer these templates are amazing and There's really something for everyone The great thing about it too is that you Choose a template to start with and then You can customize it to make it your own Or if you're a little bit more Adventuresome then you can just start From scratch and create your own website The other great thing is that everything Is in one place so if you want to send Out an email to your customers or if you Want to check your analytics and see Who's actually visiting your website Where the traffic's coming from all of These stats and analytics are what you Need to help build and grow your online Presence Squarespace makes that super Easy now what I suggest you do is whip On over to take Advantage of their free offer and then When you are ready to launch yourself Online all you need to do is use my link Which is in the description box below And that is simply to Forward slash the style Insider and then

Use my code which is the style Insider And that will give you 10 off your first Web website or domain with Squarespace It's really easy so yeah definitely whip On over have a bit of a play and you Will see how simple it is to get your Head around anyway now let's get back to Some of these shopping favorites now Next up I found this really cool Shearling coat and in my opinion Shearling coats are just always on Trend They seem to be back and bigger than Ever this season so it just means that Now's a good time to buy one especially If you've been thinking about a Shearling coat and you don't have one This one is a goodie it's a great price And I love the fact that it's shearling Lined or faux sheeling line so you know It is going to be warm and it's on Trend It looks great it's going to pair back With everything you own and give you That really warm snuggly outer layer let Me know in the comments below what you Guys think of shearling coats I'm a huge Fan I have one myself that I've had for About five years now and absolutely love And definitely pull it out every winter But I'd love to know what you guys think About shearling coats do you love them Do you not do you wear them please let Me know in the comments below now as I Said buying quality fabric is really key In Winter and key to keeping you warm I

Found this beautiful wool funnel neck Coat and it's a great price too a great Price for what it is which is a hundred Percent wool now I love the funnel neck Detailing on this coat for two main Reasons one is it's going to give you That extra warmth it's going to work if You layer a scarf underneath it so it's All about keeping you nice and toasty Warm around your neck the other thing That I like about it is that often Lapels will date a coat lapels change in Size and shape and a neckline like this Never dates so it's going to keep you Warm it's going to look good for a long Time and for that reason it's a winner In my book and talking about keeping Your neck toasty warm I don't know about You guys but for me that is a key part Of staying warm in winter it's having Those sort of layers around my neck so a Really good turtleneck is an essential Layering piece I found these that are Amazing they are using sustainable Fibers they come in a great array of Colors so if you're looking for some Classic layering pieces that are just Going to be the real workhorses of your Winter wardrobe these sweaters are Fabulous I love long sleeve tees in fall And taking it up a notch for winter I Found this beautiful long sleeve tee but It's in a knit fabric so it's much Warmer much Cozier again winter for me

Always needs to be about warmth and Coziness this one is in a lovely stripe Which I think is very much on Trend at The moment but also a versatile French Look and feel piece that again is a Great warm layering peace for winter now Merino wool is another great fabric for Winter and I do know a few people that Don't like having anything scratchy Around their neck so the turtleneck Isn't going to work for them these Beautiful fine Merino wool crewnecks are Fabulous and again they are just the Pieces that are going to work really Hard for you they are going to create That base layer of any outfit that you Can layer warmer pieces on top the great Thing about these Merino crew neck tops Is that they come in an array of colors As well and in my opinion that's a Really easy way to inject a little bit Of color into your winter wardrobe it's Also a piece that's going to work really Hard for you keep you warm and be one of Those really hard working base layers Okay now I really love these mock Collars and I found this one and I Specifically love it because it looks Like a puffer jacket but obviously You're not going to have the bulk of the Full puffer because it is just the Collar and this one has a hood as well So it would be perfect for those days Where it's raining or snowing or really

Windy outside sometimes you just need a Hood or the option of putting a or Pulling a hood on so I love this one I Love the colorway of this one I also Think this comes in a number of Different colors I will check for you But these mock collars are just a great Layering piece especially if you're not Very Adept at layering but it's going to Look great it's going to be a piece that You will rely on for many Winters to Come now regardless of your style Everyone needs a really good waterproof Booty for winter and I found this pair Which I am very excited about I've Ordered them and I think they're going To be great because they've got a little Bit of height they also come in brown And a light sort of tan color as well Which is really handy again they are Waterproof so they're like a fashion Boot but they're going to give you that Extra benefit of being waterproof again In winter it's all about keeping your Feet warm and dry and that is one of the Keys to staying warm when it's really Chilly outside so I love the fact that These boots look very fashion forward Plus they're going to keep your feet dry So who doesn't love that I thought I'd Add another pair of waterproof booties With again the lug sole but these don't Have the Buckle detailing like the Previous pair so if you're looking for

Something that's just a little bit Paired back and a little bit more Minimal and you don't like that sort of Metallic and buckle detail detailing Then this pair would be great they are a Very classic minimalist boot but once Again they are waterproof so if you're After toasty warm and dry tootsies then These boots are perfect I'm not sure Whether you've noticed but Tartan and Modern colorful Tartan scarves seem to Be everywhere for this season and I Personally am a huge fan I found this One which is absolutely beautiful and What's more beautiful about it is that It's a good price point as well and that Is what I was looking for with this Video trying to find some good Timeless Pieces that are also affordable but Worth the investment and a scarf like This in my opinion is just a no-brainer It is a piece that you can use to add a Little bit of interest to an otherwise Simple outfit but it's going to give you That warmth and just a little bit of Extra Style Oh I thought these Fingerless gloves were absolutely Fantastic because as you can see here They roll over so they will give your Hands that extra warm if you need it but Also they can be rolled up your forearm To give your arms a little bit more Warmth as well I love anything that is Practical and versatile and has a few

Different ways to wear it and as I said They're versatile they're knitted Beautiful wool gloves and they're a Really good price now hot pink is a big Color for the season and I found this Beautiful alpaca wool sweater in a Gorgeous hot pink it also comes in a Couple of other colors and again this is Just a piece that is a great layering Piece it's not too oversized it's not Too fitted it's one of those sweaters That you will get lots and lots of wear Out of and again it is quality fabric Quality alpaca wool and at a really Reasonable price so definitely check This one out and if you're anything like Me and you love oversized sweaters then You'll love this beautiful turtleneck it Comes in some gorgeous colors there's a Gorgeous blue for me I like to have some Options with colors and I love oversized Sweaters for winter because it does mean That I can layer another warm piece Underneath and if they're really Oversized just makes me feel a little Bit snugglier and I can wear my fitted Leather leggings and straight leather Leggings or skinny jeans underneath and Just feel like my outfit is a little bit Balanced so this one is a really good One and worth checking out if like me You're into oversized sweaters and if Like me you love keeping toasty warm Over winter then you need to check out

My simple styling secrets to staying Warm all through those chilly chilly Winter days all you need to do is click Or tap on the screen right here and I'll See you there

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