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Nessa Barrett on Her Fashion Sense and First Dates | Once Never Forever | Women’s Health




Nessa Barrett on Her Fashion Sense and First Dates | Once Never Forever | Women's Health

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I would just love to dress up every day As someone else even trick-or-treating I'm 20 years old but I'd still like to Go knock on my neighbor's doors and ask Them for candy hi I'm Nessa bear and You're watching Once never forever Once I'm probably gonna do the tailored Vest I feel like that's a Vibe I would More wear it more than once but since That's only an option never long Leather jackets I am short so I could Never wear a Long Jacket because I'd Look like like I'm wearing a cape I Think for some people it really works But for me never I love anything baggy So baggy denim I'm not really much of a Denim girl but I will be today forever Foreign Second to like my favorite holidays ever You know never Valentine's Day hate that Hate it hate it hate it hate it even if You're in a relationship and never ever Is always that good and when you're Single it makes you want to crawl in a Hole and for forever Halloween I love Halloween it's my favorite holiday of All time I would just love to dress up Every day as someone else even Trick-or-treating I'm 20 years old but I'd still like to go knock on my Neighbor's doors and ask them for candy Foreign I am going to put love Island as once Because I've seen that once if I'm being

Honest never too hot to handle because No shade no tea I just have never seen It and Forever The Bachelorette I love The Bachelor For once I'm gonna do country and I personally Like I don't really mind country music I Went through a phase where I really Listen to a lot and I think that in the Future like I'd love to try to make some Country music myself never probably folk Because that's just not something that I Would choose to turn on and then Hard Rock would probably be forever Foreign Once I would do Take talk just because for my own sake Like I feel like I just need to just Like stop scrolling endlessly uh way Past my bedtime never Snapchat because I Personally don't even use it I don't Even know if it's on my phone if I'm Being honest and uh forever Instagram I Love Instagram This one's actually really good okay so Once I'm going to do Eminem I grew up Listening to him so that would be so Slay never uh I would have to go do a I Love Dua Lipa so bad but I would be too Intimidated to hold unlike next to her Forever Alex Turner the Arctic Monkeys My favorite band ever and I think that I Would scream cry and pass out if I ever Got to do a karaoke with him

Foreign Has to be adult coloring book I love Coloring a little bit too much never Probably journaling because I feel like I just do enough of that when it comes To like writing my songs and forever uh Spa days because who doesn't love a good Spot Once has to be Netflix I love Netflix Never Disney plus I've just never found Myself having to use Disney Plus for Anything I don't know why I just feel Like I don't want to use it that often Forever Hulu 100 I feel like almost all My favorite shows are on there Foreign Once I'm gonna do Hershey Park I've been There before and I think it's cool Because you can make your own Hershey Bar Nickelodeon Universe I've never even Heard of that I've never been there I'm Sure it's cool you know I don't have Experience to vouch on it for so never And forever Six Flags I love roller Coasters I think it's so fun I've been To Six Flags a few times not for a dull Moment Once I'm gonna say coffee and Conversation just because I feel like Cafe settings are very cute never I'm Gonna say dinner in a movie my attention Span is not good for movies I used to be Kind of anxious and dinners make me Anxious too forever arcade games I think

It's fine I'd love to just play games Thanks so much for watching make sure to Subscribe to women's health and don't Forget to check out my album young Forever

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