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Foreign [Applause] And I'm back with another educational Beauty video and in today's video it's a Little bit different than usual because I'm taking you on my skin Journey so This is my skin journey of getting my Non-invasive treatment done which is the Radio frequency micro needling sessions I've had three sessions done and I Wanted to film each and every session Along the way so that you guys can see Exactly what happens I'm showing you the Actual treatment I'm explaining what it Does you're going to see the after Effects or what my skin looked like After and like after each session and Also what it looks like afterwards like Right at the end to see whether it's Worth it this is a great treatment for Tightening the pores tightening your Skin and minimizing the pores too so I'm Really excited for you guys to learn About this now if you do like this video Please do give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit the Bell button so that you never Miss any of my future videos and I'm Over on Instagram so if you like reels And unboxing then head over there Because you'll see all of that all over My Instagram now let's head straight Into this video Foreign

[Music] Clinic and this is a clinic that I come To regularly because I trust them I Trust the dermatologists and the doctors My doctor is Dr mancy you may not see Her in the video today because I didn't Kind of like warn her that she was going To be on video so it might just be me Today what we're doing is the RF Treatment now I'm going to kind of like Go through with her exactly what it is And then talk you through it but I don't Have any makeup on the only thing that I've put on is SPF and that is my Sarah Chapman skin assist SPF 50 and all I've done is put a little Bit of kind of eyebrow product on and That's it no concealer absolutely zero Other makeup because you know then They're gonna have to take it off and it Takes forever so I was just like let me Just make their life easier so yeah and I'm really excited about it today the Only thing is I have I actually have a Mac event tonight that I'm meant to be Going to at 8pm and I'm just hoping that You know that they say that I can still Put makeup on but if they say that I Can't I don't want to risk it so I'd Rather just not put anything on and just Miss the Mac event but you know that's Life so anyway yeah let's see uh when Dr Monty gets here and then we can get Started okay so I've got my numbing

Cream on everywhere I'm really excited To see the results so apparently I can't Put makeup on for the rest of the day so The Mac event is a no-go So I'm gonna have to message them now And just say look I'm really sorry I Can't make it but I do have a dual event Tomorrow and they said that I can kind Of cover up whatever marks it leaves With makeup so I am not missing that at All so I am going to definitely be going To that even if I've got to keep a mask On most of the events so I don't care How I do it but at least from tomorrow I Can put makeup on and that's like Something right so at least I can cover It but I just don't want to ruin the Effects of it today like I don't want to Be so desperate to go to an event even Though I missed the last few Mac ones so I was really kind of wanting to go Tonight and plus I was going with Friends so that's a bit annoying and but I don't want to ruin the effects of this Just to go to an event you know it's Like this is like more important to me So yeah so they've put my bed up so that I can kind of just relax a bit while This queen gets to work and I get all Numbed up and I can just enjoy my Americano while I'm here and basically I Just wanted to kind of like explain what RF micro needling is so RF is basically Ray radio frequency and what RF micro

Needling is it's basically a tiny tiny Tiny needles like ultra fine needles Along with LED lights basically emitting Radio frequency waves which then Produces thermal energy and what this Does it's kind of like irritating the Skin with these tiny like ultra fine Needles and kind of agitating the skin Or irritating the skin which then in Turn helps to stimulate the repair Process and then your skin also produces Natural collagen so basically the ultra Fine needles will kind of like puncture The skin and it's about three Millimeters deep and then high intensity Radio frequency is basically applied in Like a fractional pattern all over the Skin to kind of like trigger elastin and Collagen production so basically this is Perfect if you are looking to kind of Like reduce acne scarring or if you you Have discoloration or especially if you Have any sun damage on your skin which I Do because I have like some spots along Here I also do have a little bit of Discoloration because of sun exposure And just generally I don't know what I Just generally I have mentioned so many Times on various videos that I have a Lot of acne scarring along this area Here a little bit here but more so Around this area here there's quite like Open pitted skin there which you may not See but to me it you know it's always

Been an issue for me that's something That I really wanted to kind of address With this like I've spoken to Dr mancy Several times about it and she's kind of Like slowly kind of she she's very good She doesn't like force me to have Anything and if I sometimes get a bit Over like excited and I'm like oh maybe I should have this this this and she's Like hold up girl just calm down you Don't need all of that so she's really Good like that and then she's the one Who actually recommended I try this so I'm really excited about it because I Know that she knows what she's doing and She's always looked after my skin and She's honestly helped me so much on my Skin journey in general like trying to Especially when I was suffering with Kind of adult acne and yeah it's really Good for tightening the skin as well so It also helps to minimize your pores so This is a great way to kind of like I It's not so much for lifting but it's More for tightening so tightening your Skin shrinking the appearance of your Pores and minimizing the kind of look of Acne scarring and discoloration on your Skin [Music] Just that little bit was but not much [Music] Foreign So this is good for open pores acne

Scarring and tightening and I read I was Reading up about it and apparently you Can do this you can do this anywhere on The body Isn't really bad right no it's Definitely not as bad as what I thought It was going to be like I genuinely Thought it was going to be way more Painful so you see that's the beauty Right see what happens Sometimes Hot essentially the results are the same You also don't want to do something That's really harsh yes there's always a Risk of pigmentation yes I read this So this from that point of view is very Very safe right right okay it's a Colorblind energy okay risk of Pigmentation Well it's good to know because I think That's a common question from people who Have darker skin that we just kind of Assume that something like this we can't Have done because it's gonna leave Absolutely so can you do this around the Eyes as well absolutely I can do it on Your lips I can do it in your eyes oh my God So basically this punctures the skin Yeah it's going all the way deep to your Dullness okay yeah but it's not only Working on your dominance it's actually Causing it's working also on the surface Of the skin okay it's increasing

Regeneration of the skin and it's also Uh going down and kind of you know in a Way causing a coagulation or you can say A controlled heating of the collagen Okay it allows it to then start Regenerating so it repairs yeah so Wherever these injuries are it's like a Grid right so in between the grid where You have normal collagen that starts to Regenerate and kind of you know support The skin so that allows healing very Easily imagine if I have a full burn as Against having lines of bone right yeah Surrounding skin regenerates yeah yeah And that's how it kind of helps to Stimulate collagen and that's the whole I mean inflammatory Cascade to it but This is a simple Layman talking so right So we've basically done it all over and I you think I need like four treatments Total to really see the results yeah Yeah looks okay right actually yeah it's Definitely not as bad as what I thought Like okay let me also today those stem Cells for you as well which will help Stem cells what's that so what we do so That's also you know some growth factors Okay you can actually apply on the face What happens is it allows healing yeah And it further improves the result of This okay okay that doesn't hurt it Might burn slightly it's just Application huh okay so you're basically Microneedling it into the Skin So

Ideally even if I apply blender because This machine has created channels okay Okay But what I'm doing right now is also Slightly microneated okay okay you know What it feels like when I had my first Chemical peel yeah that's what it feels Like we hardly do those kind of peels Anymore really yeah because you know I Mean we do all kinds of peels but that Eater of that painful peels is gone oh Wow So they don't feel too much but they Actually feel okay yeah so they don't Feel you don't feel the burning as much But do you physically peel yeah Physically because with the one that I Had done I I didn't yeah so there are Two kinds of pains right there are some That are more superficial yeah they're Actually tend to uh kind of you know Just microscopically degenerate the skin But doesn't burn okay I'm just you know Yeah already there but I'm still Creating some more channels this is Actually quite soothing yeah [Music] Foreign So good usually I don't like it when you Were cold something cold on but this Feels amazing [Music] So we're more or less done we're just Going to leave this mask on which by the

Way that cold feeling when it went on my Face was absolutely amazing I loved it I Just want to dip my whole face into an Ice bucket it wasn't painful it was just Kind of like you know like it's well if You've ever had micro needling it's like Micro needling basically so but instead Of kind of rolling it's stamping so it's Like a square I think it's square and it Just kind of stamps constantly stamping Into your skin it's not painful it's Only near the end of the treatment so She keeps going over the face over and Over like all over your skin it's only Near the end where you start to feel it Starts to feel like almost like a slight Burning sensation and then that's when You're like okay it's getting a bit hot Now other than that it didn't it wasn't Painful and then immediately after she Finished it just feels like a burning Sensation and that's it and then Obviously you want to put something cold On she did the additional micro needling With stem cells I'm not sure got that Right but you know you probably heard it While we were talking so basically That's what it does and that's gonna Also benefit and then at the end when We're done with this and I take this off I'm gonna go make my next appointment or Probably within the next three to four Weeks so I can come back for my next one So I'm gonna have around four sessions

Of this to really kind of see the Benefits she did say that I will see Kind of a difference immediately like Tomorrow but obviously it will get Better and better as time goes up but She said she thinks I'll still see a Difference by tomorrow so I'm excited to See that and yeah so I'm just going to Let this kind of sit and yeah my husband Was like you know maybe we can go for Lunch Wait till he sees me he's gonna be like No let's just go home Yeah Foreign hey guys so today it's my second Radio frequency micro needling session I'm kind of a little bit annoyed because I was meant to actually have my second Session four weeks after my first Session it has now been I think roughly Eight weeks and the only reason for that Is just because I ended up getting the Flu it's flu season and everyone's Getting it here at the moment and I had It and it literally wiped me out I think You you'll probably remember well you May remember but I mentioned it in a Couple of my videos and I just couldn't Do anything it's like I was just Completely wiped out so I am glad that I Finally managed to get my second Treatment in today and uh definitely not Going to be as big of a gap between this One and the next one anyway I'm gonna

Head off and um I'll see you we'll come With me [Music] [Applause] Thank you [Music] Is it hurting too much no it's just like Burning now a little bit but it says London Simpson right yeah it starts to Burn a little bit but you know the scars Are much better I can tell you even Understand really yeah so I'm really Excited about the third session then Because then it's going to be even Better right no no it's much better Already can you not see it yeah yeah Like this area here is usually pretty Bad yeah so I'm back in the car and We've just stopped off somewhere so that Bobby can grab me some lunch because I'm Absolutely starving and there's no way I'm going out like this just to let you Know obviously you can see my face is Very very red so it just feels like it's Kind of like a burning sensation but It's bearable you know and they give you Some ice right at the end to just kind Of like put over your face and that Really helped as well but this goes After a little while so at the moment it Still feels like like it has that kind Of sensation but it will go over time Like over the next few hours and then by 2 tomorrow that it's going to be

Completely fine although it will Obviously have the marks everywhere on My face so this is basically kind of Almost damaging my skin so that it can Repair itself main reason I'm getting This done is obviously so I can tell you Guys and secondly because I have a lot Of kind of pitting on my skin from acne Scars and it really does kind of bug me And I really would like to kind of Smooth it out you know so that I don't Have to worry so much about how it's Just a personal thing you know so it's Meant to help with that and the doctor Said that my skin my the pitting looked Much better even after my first Treatment so I'm really excited to see The results after the second treatment More so I'm excited about what the Results can be like after my third Treatment which is happening in about Four weeks time so I think first week of January I'll have my last treatment and Then you guys are going to see this Video I'm excited about it finally Coming out because we have this kind of Like big pause in between because I had The flu and I was just kind of like Wiped out for a month so I'm excited About it coming out and you guys Actually seeing it and you know just Seeing something like this as opposed to Just always makeup I'm just gonna wait For him head home and just chill with

Nico for the rest of the day so it's Been a couple of hours now since I've Been back home and my skin is much more Settled down like it doesn't feel like It's not that burning sensation anymore It feels just normal kind of you know Like that that the numbing cream is kind Of like fully worn off now but it Doesn't hurt so that's a good thing and Obviously it's still red and for the Next few days I have to basically not go Out because it's I've got to stay out of The Sun and this is not helping right Now but this is literally for us like Literally less than a minute I need to Let my skin heal now so for the next few Days I've got to stay out of the sun I've got to make sure I use SPF daily And just be very gentle with my skin and Not wear any makeup they say you can put Makeup on the next day but I really Don't want to risk it I'd rather just Like let it fully heal properly and just You know give it that extra kind of just Helping hand [Music] [Music] Laughs [Music] [Music] Hey everyone so you've seen my whole Journey I wanted to show you in the Sunlight exactly what my skin looks like I do have some BB cream on my brows are

Done a little bit of mascara and that's About it but I really wanted you guys to Kind of just see what makeup looks like On as well because and this is minimal Makeup in compared like in comparison to What I usually have on but I would say The whole process has been a kind of a Game changer for my skin because my Pores are definitely tighter I feel that My skin is just tighter in general like I feel like it's not as I was I started To feel that slight kind of droop in my Skin and that sag and I feel like the Treatments have definitely helped to Kind of just tighten it up a bit yeah I Would say that is probably the main Thing including the pause like I really Have seen a difference in my skin I feel Like it's a bit more kind of I wouldn't Say plumper like more plump but it just Seems a little bit more healthy to me Like it just looks healthier I feel a Bit more comfortable with less makeup on Even with no makeup on honestly my skin Feels completely fine which you're Actually going to see on you've probably Already started seeing them in actual in Videos like click on the next video and You're gonna see my skin with no makeup Basically so you will you know that's Something you can see close up on the Next going forward from the next videos So I really wanted to just kind of like Share that with you and let you know

What the whole process has been like I Hope that this has been really Informative for you and I hope that it's Really helped by seeing you know coming Along with me to these treatments and Seeing what they're like if you do like That kind of thing like a vlog style Thing then head over to my Vlog Channel Because you've got loads of that on There I've been really really on like Upfront about it like you've seen that When I was getting it done it doesn't Really hurt because they put numbing Cream on and when they go around this Area here it kind of hurt me a little Bit more but it wasn't like unbearable You know you can handle it that's it for Example like I'm not going to sit here And say oh that's for everyone but I do Also want you to know how it has kind of Really helped my skin and I genuinely Feel like it has made my skin better It's improved the quality of my skin I Just like I genuinely do feel like it's Just made my skin just tighter that's The only way I can put it it's made my Skin tighter my pores are not so obvious My acne scars which was kind of like Pitted skin is not so pitted it's like It's kind of evened them out a little Bit more so yeah that's it really I just Wanted to kind of share with you my Final thoughts on this whole treatment I Would highly recommend them but there is

A big big butt I need you guys to Understand that not every Clinic is Gonna offer like the same type of kind Of results I can't say to you that this Treatment is the same everywhere you go Because honestly when I go to cry Skin Clinic and they have performed this Treatment is always by my dermatologist They don't just you know get a nurse to Do it it's not like laserwear more or Less anyone within the clinic can do it It is something where you know they need To know what they're doing so each time I went Dr martzy did my treatment I Really want you to know that because I Feel like some people may feel that you Know you can just go and get the Treatment anywhere and that isn't how This works like I genuinely am endorsing Cryo Skin Clinic because I know that my Skin is in good hands with them so if You are in Dubai I would highly Recommend getting this session this Treatment done by them by Dr martzy or If you're going to be visiting Dubai Maybe you're coming in here on holiday I Know a lot of you guys are from the US As well that follow me here on YouTube Like go if you're going to come to Dubai And you want anything done like botox Anything that you want to get done a Facial Hydra facial whatever the only Place that I'm going to recommend is Kaya because they have been working on

My skin for years and if you like what You see then you know there you go so Yeah I guess I'm going to see you soon Well I really do hope you've enjoyed This video today and it's been a little Bit different than usual but if you want To see more like this do let me know now If you like this video give it a thumbs Up don't forget to subscribe to my Channel and hit the Bell button so that You never miss any of my future videos Until the next video take care and I'll See you soon

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