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Today I am sharing my new favorite sweet Potato recipe with you these are healthy Baked spiced sweet potato wedges that Are baked in the oven and served with a Creamy garlic yogurt dipping sauce they Are sweet they're spicy they're salty And savory Brown on the outside creamy On the inside I'm telling You that is delightful they are so Delicious I think I may even like them Better than sweet potato fries and I Love sweet potato fries Now if you've been with me a while you May recognize this recipe because I Actually developed it many many moons Ago but I recently rediscovered it and I Cannot stop making it so I of course had To come and share it with you now the First thing I do is I preheat my oven to 400° F and then I'm going to prepare a Rimmed baking sheet by drizzling a Little avocado oil over the top and then Just spreading that along the pan so There's a nice thin layer we don't want Our sweet potato wedges to stick you Could of course also do this with a Cooking spray then I have two Medium-sized sweet potatoes now together You want the potatoes to weigh about 2 Lbs and I just like to give these a good Rinse under some cold water and I Usually just use my thumb to help loosen Up any dirt or debris that might be on The outside of the potatoes now we're

Going to be peeling these so I don't Need to get too crazy about it then I'm Just going to peel off the Skins if you Like the Skins you could bake it with The skins on they're absolutely Delicious that way as well well and You'll get a few extra nutrients and an Extra boost of fiber as well now to cut The potatoes into wedges I find the Easiest way to do this is to take each Potato and cut it in half then lay it Flat side down come over the top cut it In half again then you're going to take Each quarter lay it flat side down and Then just cut it into three to four Wedges depending on how thick or thin Your potato is so when you're done it's Going to look something like this and They're not going to be like perfectly Uniform form you're just creating some Rustic homemade potato edges here I'm Going to transfer my potatoes into a Nice big bowl because I want to be able To season them really well and the first Thing I do is drizzle one tablespoon of Avocado oil right over the potatoes and Then I like to gently toss that to make Sure all of the potatoes have a nice Light coating now keep in mind avocado Oil is a great option when you're doing High temperature cooking because it does Have a higher smoke point and a very Neutral flavor okay next up are are our Warm cozy spices and a really great tip

To keep in your back pocket is during The colder months when we naturally lean Towards warmer more comforting Foods Using warming spices is a great way to Fulfill and satisfy that comfort food Craving while still staying aligned with Your health wellness and or weight goals So I'm going to start with 2 teaspoons Of curry powder then I have one teaspoon Of ground cumin which is nice and Smoky Without the Heat and then I have a half A teaspoon of smoked paprika one of my Favorites I'll give this a Sprinkle of Sea salt and then again I'm just going To gently toss this together now I Really like to use my hands to do this Because you want all of the potatoes to Have a nice light coating of the oil and The spice mixture and I just find the Easiest way to do this is with my hands Okay then I'm just going to lay out These potato wedges onto the prepared Rimmed baking sheet and keep in mind That as you do this you just want want To leave enough room between each potato That they're not touching or laying on Top of each other because if they're Overcrowded they're going to end up Steaming and we don't want them to steam Because we're going to get more depth of Flavor from that high heat cooking now We're going to just take this tray pop It into our 400° oven set a timer for 15 Minutes then once that timer goes off

You're just going to flip each wedge Over and pop it back into the oven for Another 15 minutes we want our sweet Potato wedges to be golden brown on the Outside and nice and creamy and tender In the middle now while they're cooking You just want to make that creamy yogurt Garlic dipping sauce and this sauce Literally takes 1 minute to make and While the potatoes would be delicious as Is on their own and they're also great For meal prep this dip takes them to a Whole other level I mean it is like a Party in your mouth so good so here's What you do you're going to take a half A cup of your favorite Greek yogurt it Can be non-fat low fat full fat Whichever one you prefer or what aligns With your personal health goals and I'm Just going to get that into a bowl and I'm going to add a/4 teaspoon of white Wine vinegar if you don't have white Wine vinegar you could of course just Sub in a little red wine vinegar one fat Clove of crushed garlic then I have a Tablespoon of fresh chopped parsley so Bright and vibrant and a Sprinkle of sea Salt I'll mix this all together get it Really well combined and our dipping Sauce is ready to go I'm excited for you To try that so good once the potatoes Are done you're going to see they have This beautiful golden Edge on them and As I mentioned before they will be

Creamy and tender in the center now I Just like to serve them on a small Plotter with the dipping sauce on the Side then you're just going to take that Spiced sweet potato wedge and dip it Into this creamy sauce and I'm telling You this is like a little party in your Mouth M that is delightful so many different Flavor profiles it's Savory it's sweet It's spicy then you have that bright Creamy sauce with that little kick from The garlic I am beyond excited for you All to try this recipe and when you do Make sure to snap a picture and tag me On Instagram and on Facebook so I can See all of the clean and deliciousness You're whipping up in your very own Kitchens now if you enjoy easy healthy Delicious nutritious recipes just like This make sure you take take a moment to Subscribe to the channel and hit that Notification Bell so you never miss a New video as always thank you so much For watching I'm Danny Spees and I'll See you back here next time with some More clean and deliciousness Cheers

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