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My Life-Changing 2024 Fashion Resolutions | The Style Insider




My Life-Changing 2024 Fashion Resolutions | The Style Insider

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I'm making some interesting and you Could even go as far as saying Lifechanging fashion resolutions for Next year and I'm thinking that you may Like to make some of them [Music] Too hi I'm Leone and welcome to my Channel now I'm not generally someone That makes a whole lot of New Year's Resolutions I've kind of fallen into That trap and don't tend to do that Anymore but there were a whole lot of Changes that I plan on making in terms Of fashion next year That are not only going to make it Easier for me to get dressed but also Easier for me to evolve my style and Just really look a little more stylish And I wanted to share these resolutions Because I really do think that some of Them may resonate with you too now when You're watching this video I am Currently in the US I'm spending the Whole of December in Washington DC so if You'd like to see what I'm up to what I Suggest is following me on my ltk Platform I'll be uploading there daily If not not daily it'll be really regular So I will leave a link to my ltk in the Description box below so please consider Following me there and you can follow my Trip and see what I'm getting up to but For now because the new year is just Around the corner let's go through some

Of these I think lifechanging fashion Resolutions now the first resolution is To take one fashion risk a month so a Fashion risk doesn't need to be as scary As it sounds but it's basically incorpor A new trend or a new color or a new Outfit combination into your everyday Outfits and well for some people that Isn't a risk for others it really is we Get very much set in our idea of what Works for us and we create the same Outfits over and over so what I am going To challenge myself to doing next year And I really do think that this could be A good little exercise for most of us is To challenge yourself to take a fashion Risk every month month and as I said it Doesn't have to be anything crazy but it Just means that it's something that Pushes you a little bit outside your Comfort zone and of course the easiest Way to find something new that suits you Or a new look is to push yourself out of That comfort zone and try something new So take a fashion risk once a month and See what happens now my next resolution Is to create a new fashion uniform now If you're not sure what a fashion Uniform is essentially it is just your Go-to outfitss that kind of are your Signature style these are the outfits That you can pull together really Quickly that you don't have to think too Hard about they're your kind of goto

Outfits that you can create in an Instant and you look good in them you Feel good they suit your lifestyle r r r So I definitely have a fashion uniform And I think it's time to mix it up a Little bit now I love fashion uniforms I Do think that there's a real place for Them but I do also think think that it's Important to change them up a little bit Reinvent them and evolve them so if you Have a fashion uniform to speak of maybe It's time to give it a little tweak or Just move it in a slightly different Direction to give yourself a little bit Of a fresh new look and feel for the new Year and at this point i' just like to Say a very big thank you to the team at Squarespace for sponsoring this portion Of today's episode I have a Squarespace Blog and I wouldn't have it any other Way I've used Squarespace to build my Own blog and clients blogs over the Years and the reason I do that is Because it is so easy to navigate you Might be surprised to know that I don't Have a whole lot of technical smarts and That's probably the biggest reason that I use Squarespace they also have some Stunning templates to choose from so you Can create a very professional website In no time at all so if you would like To launch yourself online what I suggest You do is whip on over to Squarespace And take advantage of their free trial

And then when you're ready to launch Yourself online simply use my unique URL Which is thestyle inside I'll put that up on the screen here and My code which is the style Insider and That will save you 10% off your first Website or domain with Squarespace if You do want to create any sort of online Presence then Squarespace is the way to Do it thanks so much for sponsoring this Portion of today's episode now next up What I am planning on doing is I'm going To find a few new Muses so it's all well And good say that you should take some Fashion risks or you should change and Tweak your fashion uniform but sometimes You need a little bit of inspiration to Do that now there are a number of Fashion Muses that I follow regularly I Love their style it suits my own style And lifestyle and I think I need to find A few more so that I can kind of be Inspired by their looks and how they Create outfits of course I love having Fun and playing with my own looks but There's nothing better than being Inspired by someone else's style it's The best way for me to really get the Most out of the pieces that I currently Own they if I see someone's style that I Love I will identify pieces that I own That perhaps I'm not wearing as often so I do need to find a few new Muses to Follow and be inspired by and while I

Think of it let me know who your Favorite fashion music are in the Comments below I would love to hear who You whose style you feel really inspired By certainly Caren Brit chick is one of Mine and I have a large selection but I Would love to hear yours and maybe That's a video idea in itself to create A whole episode based on some really Cool fashion girls and influencers to Follow but please let me know in the Comments below who you rate and whose Style you personally love now I talked About challenging yourself to take a Fashion risk every month what I'm also Going to do is challenge myself to try a New trend now I'm not saying necessarily Every month but for me one of the trends That I definitely going to try is Crochet now it's a trend that I just Haven't really jelled with it's always Been a little bit too boho for me but Some of the pieces that I've seen Recently and some of the sets that I've Seen have just been so fashionable and Stylish and really cool and they're Pieces that I can see working into my Outfits so I am going to challenge Myself to try a trend that is a little Bit new potentially a little bit out of My comfort zone or a trend that I Haven't normally been drawn to so I'm Going to challenge you to the same now My next resolution is to spend a little

Bit more time planning outfits now I Generally tend to do this a little bit At the beginning of a new season but Life has got busy and I have got out of The habit of doing it but I do intend to Really invest that little bit of time With planning outfits and it does Require a little bit of time but that Upfront time investment definitely pays Off big time when it comes to creating Outfits and creating new looks and Definitely making the pieces that you Currently own work a lot harder for you So instead of just relying on those same Pieces that you always grab if you do Spend a little bit of time planning and Certainly taking photos of the looks That you've created and coming up with Some interesting and perhaps not Traditional combinations of the pieces That you own then you are going to Extend your lineup and extend your Wardrobe without spending any money so I'm definitely going to be spending a Little bit of time planning out some new Outfits from the clothes that I already Own now next up I plan to be far more Intentional when it comes to Bringing New pieces into my wardrobe so I want to Be consciously thinking about everything I buy and I'm usually pretty good but I Have noticed that I've slipped a little Bit in the last couple of months and I Think that's the leadup to the holiday

Season life gets busy and also I've been Getting more and more emails from some Of my favorite Brands they'll pop up With a great sale whether it's a Black Friday sale or something that has peaked My interest and I've made some fairly Fast decisions on buying pieces and well I don't think that I've actually made Any mistakes I do want to be more Conscious about my spending and creating A wardrobe that I absolutely love and That I'm going to get that wear out of So one of my big EAS for next year is Very much being more intentional with Building my wardrobe now next up I'm Also going to up my merchandising game And if you can't see it in your wardrobe You're not going to wear it and that's As simple as it is and certainly when When it comes to merchandising in Fashion stores the better the store is Merchandised and the more often things Are moved around in the store the more Regular they're going to get sold and The same applies for your wardrobe the More you perhaps move things around a Little bit and give some pieces a little Bit more of a spotlight moment the more Likely you are of wearing those pieces So I'm definitely going to be taking my Lead from Fashion retailers swapping Things around a little bit perhaps Coming up with some better Merchandising options so that I can see

More of the pieces that I own and love Because as I said if you can't see it You are not going to wear it so this One's a little bit twofold it's about Coming up with different merchandising Ways so ways to store my clothes but Also moving my wardrobe around a little Bit and reorganizing pieces so that I do Very much wear the entirety of what I Own another resolution for me is to wear More color and I don't know about you Guys but I have kind of not been wearing A whole lot of color lately and I do Notice here if I wear a colorful top I Get lots and lots of comments from you Guys and I really love that and it kind Of as a reminder that color just has That effect on people it makes you feel Happy and generally people that see you It resonates with them as well it's that Whole basis of dopamine dressing and That is one of the things I do plan on Doing next year it's going to be easier For me in New Zealand because February We are in Peak summer so I always find It's easier to wear color when the Weather's hot outside but I am going to Make a conscious effort to incorporate a Little bit more color into my outfits And speaking of color I am planning on Doing a color a very basic color Combining type video so I know that the Idea of incorporating color and Certainly brights into your wardrobe can

Be a little scary so please let me know In the comments below if you would be Interested in me creating a beginner's Guide to wearing color now one of my Other resolutions is to spend a little Time researching some new fashion brands And labels to love and this is something That I used to do all the time I haven't Done it for ages and I love it when I Stumble upon a a new label or a new Designer and while I may not always buy From them I do get inspired to create Looks with the clothes that I already Own so I'm very much going to perhaps When I'm scrolling Instagram really look And see where some of the pieces are That I like that I see so I can kind of Go that little step further and Hopefully find some new labels and new Fashion brands to love this is always Super inspiring for me and it doesn't Necessarily mean as I said that I'm Going to spend more money it just means That I've got another form of Inspiration another resolution is to Stop buying clothes for a single Occasion now I've done that a couple of Times this year that's it I am not doing That again so for formal events or for Sort of special events generally or even If it's kind of a milestone birthday I Have found myself making probably fairly Hasty decisions on pieces because they Are going to suit that particular

Occasion but the problem is if they're Not working in with other pieces that I Already own I'm not going to get that Wear out of them obviously if you can Afford to do this that is great but for Me I just don't want to fall into that Trap anymore so again if you've got a Better handle on your wardrobe and on The pieces that you're you own you will Own some of those pieces that you can Easily dress up and Elevate to more of a Special occasion so that is it no more Wasting money on special occasion pieces That just don't get that cost per wear I'm also going to keep top of mind the Power of of a great capsule wardrobe and I know a lot of people are fearful of Capsule wardrobes but essentially all it Is is a Wardrobe full of pieces that Work for you and your lifestyle but they Also work together so they're pieces That can be mixed and matched and Basically you don't own a whole lot of Pieces that really don't work in well Together so a capsule wardrobe is going To look different for everyone but Certainly for me I'm going to keep it Front of mind that you you don't need a Lot of clothes but you do need a well Put together wardrobe of pieces that Interweave and work really nicely with Each other so not just those pieces that Are kind of Standalone that don't go With a lot of other pieces that you own

The more you find those pieces that do Work and and interact well with each Other the easier it is to have a Cohesive wardrobe and to not have to Feel the need to keep spending Ing and Buying new you know that feeling of You'll see something new and you think If only I had that dress or if only I Had that coat then my wardrobe would be Complete well often that's not the case It's you constantly trying to buy those Single pieces to sort of give yourself That gratification and that generally Tends to happen when you don't own a Capsule wardrobe that consists of pieces That work really well together so for me I am very much going to put a capsule Wardrobe at the front of my mind when it Comes to buying and bringing anything New into my wardrobe I'm also making the Resolution to make more difficult Decisions when it comes to parting with My clothes and I recently watched a Video of Karen britchi and she'd Obviously been filming a whole lot of Reals and a whole lot of content and she Had clothes everywhere just out of shot And she was reselling um and I I can't Even remember where she was reselling Maybe depop or real real real or Somewhere but it did make me think that It is really important to let go Especially if you do own a lot of Clothes and certainly for me I get sent

Quite a few clothes some of them work For me some of them don't really suit my Idea of my perfect capsule wardrobe so I Do need to be really Brave and make some Of those hard decisions to move some of Those pieces out and not advocating a Disposable wardrobe but I am saying that It is important sometimes to make those Decisions because any space in your Wardrobe I consider Prime retail and if You clutter that Prime retail getting Dressed is going to be so much harder so I am making that promise to myself to be Brave and make some of those harder Decisions to not hold on to pieces that I don't absolutely love now last but Definitely not least what I am Suggesting and something that I'm going To do is to play into my potential and What I mean by that is very much just Dialing up my uniqueness and that's what I would love to see you guys doing as Well like I know I talk a lot about Trends on my channel and Trends are Great to kind of guide us with our Fashion choices but if we focus too much Attention on fashion trends I think it's Easy to lose sight of our own uniqueness And therefore we don't kind of really Reach our own potential so I'm very much Going into 2024 thinking about my own Fashion potential and how I can really Explore that and use my uniqueness to do It so I'm suggesting that you do the

Same and in fact I almost think that This is the most important fashion Resolution for me I do think it's very Easy to lose sight of what makes us us And what makes us special so let's all Look at reaching our own fashion Potential next year anyway that's it for Me today I hope you enjoyed this one and If you did I'd love you to give it a big Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel for more and I'll catch you In the next one bye for [Music] Now [Music]

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