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This is my realistic everyday makeup Look this is just what I go for when I Want a minimal makeup look isn't for Events trust me you won't see me going To an event like this [Applause] We're back with another educational Beauty video and in today's video I'm Going to be showing you my everyday Minimal makeup look this is the kind of Look I go for when I just really don't Want to be wearing a full face of makeup It's very minimal but it still looks Flawless and I wanted to show you Exactly how I create that and which Products are great for it now if you do Like this video please do give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you don't miss any of my future Videos and don't forget if you want to See reels unboxing and all sorts head Over to my Instagram too now I think we Can jump straight into the video I wanted to show you my everyday makeup Look which is kind of a minimal makeup Look and I had a lot of you asking me This like what about when you you know Just go out to the grocery store or like You know maybe you don't want to do a Full beat and you want to just still Look presentable so this is the kind of Look I go for every day if I'm not kind Of really fussed about showing makeup if

That makes sense because obviously it's A big part of what I do so first off I Have washed my face already so that's Already done now I'm going to go in with My peptide drops from Lancer which you Guys know I love I do one drop of that And I'm basically just gonna Pat this into my skin then I'm just Going to go in with my eye cream and That's the drunk elephant sea Tango And I'm just gonna like Smooth this Along the eye area And then finish off with my moisturizer Not too much because I feel like when I'm doing this like this is like my General everyday look I don't like to Like kind of like overload my face with Too much product I wait right just wait a little bit you Should wait in between each kind of Step Now just wait a little bit I want to let This kind of like sink in a little bit And then we're going to move on to my SPF we'll have to like excuse my hair Guys like It's just I just didn't bother with it Basically today I just literally just Tied it back I didn't do anything no Styling nothing so anyway I think we've Kind of like let that kind of sink in a Little bit now what I'm going to do is Go in with my summer Fridays shade drops These are my this is just my like SPF And I just put a little bit of this

On all over Someone asked me the other day on YouTube they were like do you not wear SPF because I never see you putting SPF On now I do if I'm filming for YouTube And sometimes I'm filming numerous Videos in a day I'm not going to put SPF On you know because I'm just filming for YouTube I'm not going out anywhere I'm Just literally sitting in my studio and I'm doing look after look after look you Know so I do wear SPF mainly when I kind Of go out but anyway I'm next gonna move On to my summer Friday's sheer skin tint I'm absolutely loving this stuff what is My shade my shade is shade five and this Stuff is amazing so I'm going to use my Sigma f47 brush and what I generally do Is just kind of like put a little bit of This on my brush And then I just kind of Paint over my skin And it's just really light super light Coverage by the way so this isn't going To give you like major coverage but I'm Going to show you what I do to just give Myself a bit of coverage on the areas That I need it So this I just kind of like brush all Over I just don't take it onto the eyelids Really This is great for like still having your Skin look like skin

Right now I'm going to go in with my Concealer I'm using my Nars radiant Creamy concealer in ginger And I'm just going to put a little bit On my eyelids there Just buff this in with a beauty blender Very lightly And that's going to like cover up that Kind of Darkness around the eye And I'm not using my tarte shape tape Because I don't really want like that Thick coverage today I just want like my Everyday look is very kind of natural in Comparison to that you know which is What I would put on it say if I'm going To an event okay A little bit of powder So I'm just going to use my powder puff And my Ben eye Banana powder because I know that when This goes on like it's just not going Anywhere else I'm just gonna dust that Off with my Real Techniques setting Brush And then I do the same on the under eye Here And if I feel I need it anywhere else Just a little bit here maybe Now I will take my sponge and I will Just lightly Buff this in on the under eye area The good thing is this concealer works Really well with this skin tint because I feel like it's just the right amount Of kind of concealer and coverage in

Comparison to the skin tint like I don't Want anything too thick and too white on The under eye area This bit here is just like to help with The darkness and also lift the area a Little bit right now what I do is I get My milk makeup matte bronzer this is Blaze and I just basically put a little Bit here Just in the areas that I usually would Do it I only do the tip really when I'm on a Daily basis get my Hollywood complexion Brush and just buff this in see how easy This Bronzer Buffs in that's what I love About using this like in this type of Look like the minimal makeup because It just Blends so easily so it doesn't Look like it's harsh or too much going On I'm gonna do a little bit of lip like Clean blush I'm using my Fenty this is My double cheeked up cream blush duo I'm Gonna use more or Malibus yeah Marley Booze Molly Boos I'm going to use Malibu's because it's not overly pink And I'm literally just gonna Put this onto my cheeks here It's giving me some color I am going to Go a little bit overboard with it Because I'm going to show you why The way there was my f67 brush it's just I really like that brush for like mixing

In like cream or liquid bronzer I mean Blush now I'm going to go back to my Skin tin and this is where I'm just Going to put a bit on the back of my Hand and I'm just going to grab my Sponge and I basically just like grab Hold of this skin tint and I'm just Going to go over So now like everything is gonna just tie In together really nicely And it's because it's such a light Product It's not like loads of coverages your Skin still looks really nice and healthy And like skin But it's enough for like everyday wear You know I'm gonna get my powder I without fail always use then I For my under eye Look I may like switch it up in terms of Like other areas of the face but the Under eye is always Beni so I'm just Going to dust this off Now the rest of the face I want pretty Kind of natural so not that I don't want My under eye natural but I mean my under Eye I really like I like it to be this Is just how I like it is personal Preference so with the rest of the face I'm going to use my hourglass Veil Powder and I'm just going to get my veil Brush and just basically press this into The skin

So I'm always kind of pressing I'm not Really Moving it back and forth Okay so I'm going to just use my Lime Crime bushy brow pen and all I'm going To do is just basically draw in Some hairs I always go from the bottom because I Have so much space around the eyelid Area I like to kind of fill it in a bit I don't want to definitely do not want To go higher See how that slowly like thickened the Brow up Just gonna do the same on the other eye I don't really take it all the way to The end because I like to kind of just Define that a bit more so I'm going with My this is my benefit precisely my brow Pencil This is 3.5 And I basically just do small kind of Strokes Okay lips are pretty simple to be honest I think I've been doing this for years I Just use my lip maximizer By dual that's zero zero one and then I Just use my like Charlotte Tilbury lip Sheet in iconic nude and I always Blot this and then I just like feather Stroke in I don't like it to look really obvious Like I just want that blurred line And I just kind of like smudge it a bit

I'm gonna get my benefit there real Magnet lashes and I'm just gonna add some mascara I don't Like it to be like a heavy look I just Want a little bit so that I don't look Like I have no lashes Because by the time I finish this like It's kind of like covered with makeup a Little bit I think So like that's just enough Thank you I just kind of like with my finger grab Hold of The lower lashes and what that does is It kind of like takes off all the excess Of that mascara and to finish sometimes Not all the time if I have time I use my Zoeva134 brush and then my tiger Hourglass palette which I love and I use Like the Well depends what I feel like but I've Already put like blush on so I'm going To use that or maybe even that I think I'll use that I think that's like number two Oh yeah that's good Just for a bit of glow that is literally My everyday makeup look for a minimal Makeup look like so I hope you have Enjoyed this because I just really Wanted to show you like what I do and be Realistic about it and not like you know As you guys know already I don't like Push products you know like just for the

Sake of it I only push the products I Have used and they've worked on me Already like I don't start pushing Products but I haven't even used All that I don't even know whether they Work so it's only stuff I actually feel Passionate about and this is my Realistic everyday makeup look this is Just what I go for when I want a minimal Makeup look isn't for events trust me You won't see me going to an event like This but it is something that I think is Great for like just daily things that You need to do and you know whatever so Yeah I really do hope that you've Enjoyed this and if you have any Questions don't forget to let me know in The comments box below and don't forget That all the products are listed in my Description box below too in case you Want to get anything and you can click On the link and it will take you Straight to it now wherever you are in The world I am sending you lots of Good Vibes and I hope you have the best day Ever Today and if you have any questions let Me know in the comments below The link and it will take you straight To the products now if you like this Video give it a thumbs up don't forget To subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell button so that you don't miss any Of my future videos until the next video

Take care and I'll see you soon

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