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Let's get started with my favorite go-to Makeup look at the moment I know you're Going to love this and you are not going To believe how easy it is to create These eyes don't forget I'm on several Different social media platforms all the Handles are in my description below There's a bit of everything there's an Online publication if you like to read Covering every topic you can think of There's another YouTube channel focusing On starting a YouTube channel growth Mindset there's also Instagram and Tik Tok so much going on to take your pick If you like this video give it a thumbs Up don't forget to subscribe to my Channel and hit the Bell button so that You never miss any of my future videos Let's get Started so this seems to be a look that I'm doing quite a lot lately and it's my Go-to look currently it changes all the Time but currently this is it sorry I've Got a hair band I'm I'm going to tie my Hair back cuz it's really annoying me so Let me just do That okay skincare is already on I'm Going to go straight in with my primer I'm using my milk Hydro grip primer just A little Bit just smoothing this all over skin is Nice and tacky got my Sigma f85 brush Got my Nas Shear glow foundation in Barcelona and I'm just going to SWR this

All over my Skin you can put on however much you Want but I like a nice Flawless finish With This Okay let's get some concealer on I've Got my tarte shape tape I'm just going To put a bit on my Eyelids this look is just I kind of was Just messing around with different Makeup and I just didn't I wanted Something different and then I put this Together and I really really loved it so I'm just setting that with powder and Then dusting it off so now my eyelids Are kind of like prepped and primed Ready to do what whatever eye look I Want to do I'm going to go ahead and Apply some concealer on my under Eyes and just here I just want a bit of A Lift now it is really important that Once you've Blended in your concealer That you go over with a little bit of Foundation because otherwise it's just Going to look like really white on the Under eye area and it really just show Up with in certain lights you want to Make sure there's still a veil of Foundation on top of that it's almost Kind of sealing it too okay let's Now Set This just using my makeup forever Ultra HD

Powder I really kind of set the whole Face cuz I don't like it you know when Foundation comes off I I want it to all Stay put all day I dust the excess off With my hourglass Brush and then I use the smaller Real Techniques setting brush to take the Under eye area Off okay so now I want to very quickly Do my brows and I'm really excited for You to see like the eyes that I do Because it's something that I feel like Is just a really pretty look without Being too pretty like not pink or Anything this is my seet Expressionist I can never say that right Expressionist brow Pomade in deep Brown And this is just kind of like going to Add a bit of kind of depth to my brows And also cover any Grays that I have There which there seem to be a few Popping out recently it also just kind Of like thickens them a bit so you know You don't have to apply as much pencil I Mean with you with me you're always Going to have to apply pencil because They're just so sparse but I'm going to Let that dry a little bit I don't like To go straight in with my pencil I'm Going to let that dry in the meantime I'm going to just bronze my face a bit So I'm using my hourglass Veil brush and My It Cosmetics bye-bye pause bronzer in Beach and I am just going to kind of

Like sculpt my face a Little I've been seeing like some Stories from you guys on Instagram where You basically take a video of my video When you're watching it and then you're Uploading it and it's so cute I'm Reposting them all so keep posting guys I love seeing your videos and it Honestly just makes me kind of like want To create more content for you guys Someone even put a video uh not a video A Instagram story the other day and she Had like a coffee and then she was Videoing me on the TV screen she was Watching and then she videoed the coffee And she was like Nina loves coffee too It was so cute because I do love coffee I'm always having my coffee but yeah it Was it was really cute and also I tell You what would really help well it would Help me when it comes to thinking of new Videos and what to keep and what not to Keep in my whole kind of process of Filming is when you do put these stories Up on Instagram and you film the video I Would love to know like a little caption From you on the screen just something to Say what you love what you actually Really do like about the video because Then that way I know to keep that stuff In like maybe it's a certain way of Teaching maybe it's how I go into such Detail or you know whatever it is it'll Just be good for me to know so that I

Don't kind of take that out going Forward okay I'm going to use my Anastasia Brow pen in soft Brown and I'm Just going to draw some hair Strokes really Light now I'm going to go in with my Victoria Beckham baby blade in medium Brown and I am just going to kind of Like fill in the areas that super sparse So that I you know need a bit of kind of Bulk color There okay so now comes the exciting Part first I'm going to very quickly put Some of this dual lip maximizer on I Like to let that kind of just sit now What I want to do is get my suret sule Eyeshadow these things are absolutely Amazing you have to get them because Honestly they are so good it's like they Don't they're never ending they don't Ever finish they just there's so much of It in there and when you go into it and Get it you're like okay I've got the Product on my finger but it doesn't look Let anything's actually come off or out Of the pop but you've still got the Pigment on your finger it's really weird It's like this bouncy sponge sule kind Of eyeshadow and there are so many Different colors and they are absolutely Amazing definitely my favorite cream Eyeshadows I absolutely love them so I'm Going to go into this one and this one Is not even going to bother saying this

This because it's just not going to come Out right but I'm going to just it's Just and it feels so good it's like you Know that kind of putty when you were a Kid that I don't know what you call it The play putty stuff that's what it Feels like but anyway this is like a Really nice peachy Color and I just basically Pat this onto The and it almost this gives this like It's not glitter but it's like this Healthy Sheen to the lid and it just Looks so good and I just Pat it On and it's very cooling when you put it On there and I put that on the whole lid Up to the kind of socket area but not Necessarily above and if you've got Hooded eyes you can go above the socket Area like I usually go above the socket Area near the end of the eye cuz that's Where I feel like I'm a little bit more Hooded it's such a nice color it's just Like this healthy peachy color you know When you want ey Shadow but you also Don't want it to look like wow she's Actually gone and put ey Shadow on today You know when you feel like sometimes ey Shadow just can sound a bit much to you You know where it just sounds a bit kind Of like okay it's really unnecessary you Know what I mean when it's like just not That kind of look today so this is that Kind of ey shadow where you can kind of Like apply it and it doesn't look OT it

Is absolutely divine line closeup it Looks so good so anyway once I've done That then I use my doll 10 infinite Color eye crayon in confidence and I've Got my Charlotte Tilbury Eye smudger Brush and what I do is I take This just really close to My lash line so can you see it's quite a Thick line there but I haven't flicked It out or anything and then as I go Towards the inner part of the eye I go Thinner and thinner it doesn't have to Be neat guys because we're going to Smudge it right so there you go that's What it looks like then we're going to Go in with this pencil remember pencil With this brush remember you don't ever Apply product to the brush when you're Doing something like this you just go in With a clean Brush and now what I'm doing is I'm just Flicking Inwards and then when you get to the end You can flick inwards again and then When you want to create your flick you Create your flick by flicking outwards You don't actually have to draw the Flick I absolutely love this Look so you don't even you know everyone Worries about how to do like a flick Like honestly you don't even need to Draw it you just literally drag it Outwards how quick and easy was that so Nice Okay thick line at the end of the

Lash line here don't go past the Lash Line you want to stay within the whole Area and then make the line thinner as You go towards the inner part of the eye Doesn't have to be neat start flicking Inwards like down towards the Eye and Then make sure it's looking the same as The other side and then you start Flicking upwards and outwards to create Your flick make sure you're going in the Same Direction use your finger if you need to There you go how easy is that now I'm Just going to take off whatever's on This brush on a tissue now I'm going to Go with the do 10 pencil in Caramel Latte and I'm now going to apply this Into my lower lashes on the lower lash Line but only 3/4 of the way in from the End of the Lash Line and then we're just going to smudge We're going to go back and forth with This Pencil probably the easiest eye look I Think you guys are going to do it's so Easy I'm just going to curl my Lashes So with this look I don't want to go for Like thick chunky lashes so I'm going to Go with my dual show iconic over curl Mascara and this is just going to give Me a really nice natural lash it's just Really lash

Enhancing like there's no clumpiness With this mascara it's so good for an Everyday kind of Look okay so I'm going to apply some Lipstick and I'm just using my lip Pencil from Charlotte Tilbury I want a really light natural lip with This I just think everything looks quite Nice natural with this whole look so I'm Going to use my pillow torque Lipstick only put a little bit on and Then a little bit of blush I'm going to Use my benefit blush in butterfly and This is my Sigma F12 brush this pigment Is a lot so you want to go on the back Of your hand first to take the excess Off And I like this blush because it's like This Terra it's like this burnt orange Color and I feel like it's quite warming On the face like it's a really it's just A really pretty blush see what I mean Nice right that is basically my look Guys this is my go-to favorite look at The moment I absolutely love it I'm Telling you you need to get this and Those doll pen pencils DOL pen Dolen I Swear I'm getting worse and worse right I swear if we look at my videos I like My it's just getting worse and worse That's not good I think I'm just trying To I I talk too much right not too much I talk a lot I don't think it's too much

At talk because if I didn't then this Channel just would not be educational Right all of those people saying oh my God it would be great if you didn't talk So much no it wouldn't actually because It wouldn't be educational it would be Like every other Beauty YouTube video Out there so the fact that I talk so Much on this on these videos is why it Does so well because it's educational It's explaining everything as we go Along because this whole channel is About explaining things it's about People understanding no matter what Level you're on no matter what kind of Experience you have with makeup so yeah Anyway that went into a whole different Path there but anyway what I really Wanted to say was you really need to get This and you really need to get the do 10 pencils because they are really good And super easy to blend you've seen it Yourself and I absolutely love this look If you put a pair of lashes on with this I think it would look even even better Like just a bit more Glam but I hope You've enjoyed this video and yeah I'm Sending you loads of Love wherever you Are in the world if you like this video Give it a thumbs up don't forget to Subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell Button so that you never miss any of my Future videos until the next video take Care and I'll see you soon

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