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Most Wearable Fashion Trends That Easy To Style | Fall 2023




Most Wearable Fashion Trends That Easy To Style | Fall 2023

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Today I'm talking practical fashion Trends that are also super easy to [Music] Style hi I'm Leon and welcome to my Channel now today we're talking Practical fashion trends which in my Mind is a trend that you can wear now But also enjoy for years to come and Before I forget I wanted to thank you For following me on ltk I've talked a Little bit about the fact that I've Joined ltk in the last couple of Episodes and a big thanks to everyone That has downloaded the app or just Followed me on the app it really means a Lot and if you don't know what ltk is It's basically an Instagram Style app That I can share sort of more daily and More regular fashion tips advice sales You name it so I'll leave a link to ltk But please follow me there I would Absolutely love to be able to share more With you rather than just weekly here on YouTube but anyway today as I said we're Focusing on fashion trends and these are Really interesting Trends and I think You may actually find a couple that Really resonate with you well at least That's what I'm hoping anyway let's get On with these Trends now the first Trend That I want to shine the spotlight on is Cropped jeans now cropped jeans are Perfect because they can be worn year Round they also give your shoes the

Chance to shine now the great thing About cropped jeans this season and let Me know if you've seen them around Because every time I'm online I seem to See different different styles of crop Jeans there's kind of everything from Mum style jeans to more cigarette style Some of them are tapered but the Deciding factor in all of them is that They are cropped just above your ankle So it does give your shoes that chance To shine and also your socks if you are Into interesting and patented and Fashionable socks as well it gives your Shoes and socks a chance to shine so a Crop pair of jeans in my mind is truly a Wardrobe robe staple and because they're On Trend at the moment there are just a Lot of them around you absolutely can't Beat a classic faile sweater not only Are these sweaters absolutely beautiful You know the ones I mean they've got the Beautiful feral detail around the neck I'll up a couple of picks here to show You but they are absolutely Timeless Sweaters they can also be modernized Really easily by adding a Blazer over The top or a cool puffer they can be Teamed back with your Maxi pleated Skirts you name it a fair oal sweater is Never ever going to go out of style and In my mind they're just so cozy and Lovely and make me think about drinking Hot chocolates and snuggling up in some

Log cabin but Spar all sweaters in my Opinion are a really good option for Fall winter they're practical because They're always going to be on Trend and Right now I'm just going to take a brief Moment to thank the sponsors of today's Episode Oak Essentials now I have found Found a small But Mighty little product Here that I want to share with you Because it is the most delicious Soothing and Plumping lip balm I have Ever come across now I know that that's A big statement but it is true and look How cute the packaging is it's perfect It fits in my handbag in fact I've got One in my handbag one in the car and one Beside my bed this is my favorite new Product and I'm delighted to share it With you perfect in time for winter as Well and I'm not sure whether I've told You I'm heading to the states in a Couple of weeks time so I am looking Forward to a cold and potentially snowy Christmas this year so I'll definitely Be taking my little favorite Oak Essentials lip balm with me now if you Haven't heard of Oak Essentials before It's probably because they have only Recently launched so they launched back In 20121 and they are part of the Beautiful Jenny cane label I also love Their approach to aging which is Basically about making you look and feel The most beautiful and the best version

Of yourself for your age so there are no Outlandish claims about making you look 10 years younger but it's all about Making you look the best that you can Possibly look and that sits really well With me one of the other products that I've become a big fan of is their Moisture Rich balm now I'd use cleansing Balms before but never a moisturizing Balm now I love the fact that it finally Gives my skin that sort of feeling of Being very hydrated and almost plumped Because I think as I'm getting older I'm Finding it harder and harder to really Hydrate my skin and my skin will feel Moisturized for a couple of minutes but Then it sort of soaks in that moisture And then I'm left with dryish kind of Dare I say aged skin but this balm has Changed all of that it doesn't leave my Skin feeling greasy I have actually been Using a tiny bit of in the mornings Underneath my makeup underneath my Foundation but I make sure to leave a Little bit of time to give my skin a Chance to soak this in first and then I Apply my Foundation at night I have been Going for gold and really leathering it On and waking up in the morning with my My skin and my face just feeling fresh And yeah as I said a little bit plumped And just really well moisturized so I'm A huge fan of this moisture Rich balm And I can see myself

Using this for a long time nothing else Has kind of given my skin that same sort Of level of moisture so I love it the Other thing I love about the oak Essentials range is that it's easy to Use it's a small but perfectly formed Range and all of the products also Contain the highest quality ingredients So you know that you're not putting any Harmful toxins or any nasties onto your Skin you don't have a truckload of Products to try and navigate so there Are a lot of things to love about this Oak Essentials brand and I'm delighted To say that the team at Oak Essentials Are offering you a discount code today To save 15% off your first order so what I suggest you do is whip on over to Oak Essentials which is o a k eou s n t i a LS Doom take a look at the range and if Nothing else grab some of that lip balm It's absolutely delicious and we leave Your lips feeling plumped and beautiful But take a look at the whole range and If you'd like to place an order then use My code which is style Insider and that Will save you 15% off your order it's a Great deal definitely take advantage of It and I will leave a link in the Description box below style Insider to Save 15% now when it comes to practical Fashion trends I couldn't not include a Sweater vest so I'm wearing one today Which is as you can see super oversized

I've got it all tucked in but the great Thing about these sweater vests is that They're Timeless you can always pull Them out but they're also a fantastic Layering piece so obviously today I've Got mine wearing it on its own but you Can layer them really easily over shirts Polos you name it it gives you that Little bit of extra warmth a bit of Extra coverage and you get that sort of Trans seasonal wear out of them as well And you can wear them as I said like I'm Wearing it today with nothing underneath Well with my wear underneath but with Nothing underneath I also wear this Particular sweater vest with a simple White T-shirt just to create a slightly Different look but sweater vests in my Opinion are completely Timeless and They're just a perfect piece for wearing For layering keeping you warm and also Just adding a little bit more interest To some of your fall winter outfits now I've got to tuck this back In I had it all tucked in perfectly and Now let's see if I can do it Again I do like my sweater vests Oversized actually so this one is Oversized this one is also it's kind of Wide at the shoulders too which I like It doesn't sort of I don't know I just Like this shape anyway let's get on to The next Trend now next up is the trend For wearing red and I know red is huge

This season but it can be a little bit Hard to kind of wrap your head around Red makes a huge statement so a Practical approach to wearing red is Using red in your accessories so things Like bags belts shoes earrings you name It so accessories in the color red are a Really good option to sort of give a bit Of a nod to the trend create a little Bit of a wow factor in your outfits but Not feel that you are making such a bold Statement the other great thing about Red is that it is always in fashion yes There's a lot of it around at the moment But it is always something that you you Can wear and enjoy and red paired back With some of your neutrals whether it be Camels whites denims is always going to Work it's always going to be a good look So think about red accessories as a Practical way to incorporate the trend Of red into your outfits okay and while We're talking about nits another Favorite of mine and one that I've seen A lot of recently is metallic knits now Don't be scared of these metallic knits Because they are basically a neutral and Treat them like a neutral as you Would would any other neutral in your Wardrobe but of course metallic knits Are just a little bit more special they Add a little bit more interest and a Little bit more of a w factor to your Outfit so metallic knits in my opinion

Are pieces that you can enjoy and wear For years to come and they are practical As well they give you that warmth with a Bit of texture and some W Factor now I Couldn't put a video together talking About practical fashion trends without Including matching sets now obviously we Saw lots and lots of matching sets over Spring summer and fall winter they are Still here which is very cool there are Some tailored sets with tailored pants And vests but in particular what I Wanted to point out were some beautiful Sweater sets sweaters with matching knit Skirts a lot of these skirts tend to be Long line but they are super practical Like any award or matching set you get That complete outfit basically you have An outfit in fact the skirt that I'm Wearing today is part of a matching set And that is the beauty of buying sets or Buying a coordinated outfit you get Those separates that you can wear on Their own but you also get that Versatility of being able to wear wear Them together and you have an outfit a Little bit like a dress it is one and Done so some of these winter fall winter Matching sets in my opinion are super Prac practical and when it comes to that Cost per wear because you can split them Up and wear them separately the cost per Wear works out really well too and when It comes to practical Trends there is

Nothing more practical than a trend that Seems to last season after season and One of those particular Trends are the Chanel style jackets or cardies whatever You choose to call them so they are very Much inspired by the Chanel tweed jacket But they seem to be still really Trending this fall winter now the reason I love them some of them are a little Bit more structured and a little bit More like a jacket some of them look Like a jacket but they're actually a Cardi so they're smart they're Sophisticated but they also are super Comfortable as well and given that the Chanel style jacket has been something That really started many many years ago I do think this is a piece that can Always be worn and enjoyed and always Work and the great thing about these Pieces is that they can easily be worn With jeans to kind of add that sort of High low look and create a really nice Modern outfit but they can also be worn With more of a a pretty skirt or even as A matching set some of the Tweed sets That I've seen are really lovely as well So definitely these cute little jackets SL cardies in my opinion are definitely A practical and good option now next up I'm a huge fan of this trend and that is Maxi pleated skirts now there seem to be A lot lot on offer this season and the Reason I particularly love pleated

Skirts is well they're pretty but also They are trans seasonal so wearing a Maxi pleated skirt makes it easy to wear In summer in the warmer months but also In Winter just team it with some woolly Warm tights underneath and some some Boots maybe some knee high boots some Combat boots and you've got a feminine But yet practical and warm winter outfit As well I can't get my mind off the Beautiful metallic Frankie shop skirts I Still haven't pulled the trigger on one Of those yet I don't quite know why Maybe I'm actually I don't know why but Anyway Maxi pleated skirts are very much A happening thing for fall winter but They've made it onto this list because Of that practicality in that you can Wear them throughout the year and what You team underneath will either make Them cool and appropriate for the warmer Months or warm and snuggly for the cold So these pleated maxi skirts are in my Opinion a real winner now next up are Coats and jackets that come with their Own scarves now I particularly love this Because you you've got it all going on There you really don't have to do any of The hard work to keep warm and the great Thing about these coats and jackets that I've seen the scarves are detachable so You've got a matching scarf that just Creates a seamless outfit but you can Also detach it and wear another scarf or

No scarf at all I know this is a mini Trend but it's one that I find super Practical and that's why I wanted to Include it in today's episode let me Know do you have a jacket or a coat that Comes with its own scarf I think they're Genius let me know if you own one and Where did you get it from anyway that's It from me today I hope you enjoyed this One and if you did I'd love you to give It a big thumbs up oh and if you wanted To see what some of the trends that are Going to happen next year in 2024 I Can't believe believe it's 2024 almost Anyway if you would like to see the Trends that are set to be huge next year Then click or tap on the screen here and I'll see you there

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