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Model Jasmine Tookes Talks Pregnancy & Modeling for Victoria’s Secret | Body Scan | Women’s Health




Model Jasmine Tookes Talks Pregnancy & Modeling for Victoria's Secret | Body Scan | Women's Health

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– I am a huge fan of tattoos. If I could have like
full sleeves, I would, But as a model, that's
probably not the best idea. Hi, I'm Jasmine Tookes And this is my Women's Health Body scan. (upbeat music) The one thing I love
the most about my body Would definitely be my skin tone. It's just so gorgeous and glowy. Looking back at my career, I feel like it opened a lot of doors For many other girls behind
me that wanted to be models. I also don't have to
go tanning, so win-win. My morning and evening skincare routine, They're pretty much the same. I love using Elemis Pro
Collagen Cleansing Balm, That is my favorite. I use a lot of Biologique products, Specifically P50 is one
of my ultimate favorites. I know a lot of girls love that product, And I feel like it has just
really transformed my skin. And I'm a huge fan of
Kora Organics products. I really love using oils on my skin, So her Noni Glow face oil is
one of my ultimate favorites. I think the opinions of
myself that has changed Since I've aged has really just been Loving myself more and
more every single day. I feel like everyone has such
unique and amazing body types, And again, skin tone and things like that. So I just really loved to
learn every part of my body. I used to absolutely
hate my hands growing up, I think just 'cause they were
like very wrinkly and long. But then as I got older and
started to get my nails done And had fun with that, I
started to like them more.

I'm currently nine months
pregnant. It's really crazy. I'm literally due next
week, which is insane. It has been such an amazing
journey and I feel very grateful That I've been given this opportunity To carry a child myself. But my first trimester
I was very nauseous. I also was just so exhausted To a point where I
couldn't even drive my car. At times, I would be behind the wheel And like slowly start to
fall asleep and I'm like, Oh man, I need to get home. This is not good. And then as I got into
my second trimester, Like everyone says, they get
this big boost of energy, Which I definitely got. And now into my third. It's been great. But the last month or so Sleeping has been quite the journey. I flip from side to side
throughout the entire night, Wake up every two hours, And there's a lot of
karate and dance moves Going on inside of my stomach, But I wouldn't trade it for anything. The part of my body that
I love working at the most Is my butt. (laughs) Josephine and I have our
own brand called Joja And our focus has always been
getting a nice plump butt. That's like our thing. That's how we bonded as friends And we have tons of butt
workouts on the program, So I just follow along those And it's so fun but also so hard. And then during my pregnancy, I definitely have to take
it a little bit more easy.

I know a trick that my doctor said. She recommends me to always be
able to hold a conversation, While working out. So I definitely take the reps
a bit slower and, you know, Lower a bit of weight
that I put on my body And just take it easy. I absolutely hate working out my arms. It's like the worst thing ever. I could do lower body all day every day, But for some reason working out my arms And really just any upper body in general, Shoulders, it's just not fun. One of my go-to healthy
meals has always been Just grilled chicken,
brown rice and veggies. And then I like to throw A little bit of teriyaki sauce on top Just to add a little bit of flavor. My cravings during my pregnancy Have not been the healthiest cravings. Most of my days I crave
chili cheese fries. My love language is
definitely quality time And I feel like that
goes both ways for me. Like I love to have my
husband give me quality time And I also love to give him quality time, But I also really,
really love gift giving. There's nothing that makes me happier Than to be able to surprise
someone with a gift That I know the love that I've taken So much thought and preparation into. I have four tattoos. I have one on my right
foot, one on my left foot That me and my mom share together. We got the same thing
done at the same time. And then I have one tattoo
here that says one in the same.

And then my friend has two of a kind. It's a cute little saying. And then I have a tattoo
here on my shoulder That has my little sister's name. And I don't regret any of them. I love them all and I am
a huge fan of tattoos. If I could have like
full sleeves, I would, But as a model, that's
probably not the best idea. Back when I started modeling, Tattoos were definitely a huge no-no. You were scolded if you
had a tattoo anywhere, Because they have to take the extra time To put the makeup on And especially if you're
doing beauty campaigns And things like that, It's just something that
was really frowned upon. But now, I think, the industry
has definitely shifted And a lot more things are accepted. You see girls in campaigns all the time With like tons of tattoos,
but unfortunately, In my prime days that was not the case. Maybe further down the line, I can get my sleeve dreams of tattoos. I really wish I had
great hair care secrets To give you guys, but I don't. I literally go to the drugstore And I'll just buy whatever's on the shelf And use it in my hair. One thing I will say though,
like over time as a model, One of the things that
I did to protect my hair Is when I'm not on set, I would put some leave
end conditioner in my hair And let it sit like that overnight. And on the days that I wasn't shooting,

I would just not touch my hair at all, Because heat tools and blow
dryers and all that stuff Can just really damage your hair. So I would try to give it as many breaks As I possibly could. Being in the industry that I'm in Which is a fashion industry, You definitely have to
have a very strong mind. Growing up I would see girls
backstage at fashion shows, 14, 15 years old by themselves, And being surrounded by so many adults And those adults telling you, Yes, you're good enough for this job, Or no, you're not good
enough for this job, That can take a real huge
toll on your mental health. But luckily, I had my mom with
me every single place I went Until I was about 18 or 19 years old. So having her as a support
system to always remind me To not let those things affect
me was extremely important. And I think also having a
good solid group of friends Or girls in whatever space that
you work in is so important. I worked with Victoria's
Secret for so many years And I had the bond of
like 10 girlfriends always That were going through the same things. You know, book this job,
didn't book this job. We were always there
to just really support And uplift each other And try not to let any
of the ups and downs Really affect our mental health. I think I've always just had A really positive outlook on life. A lot of my friends are always
like, "How are you so chill?" Or, "You just so relaxed And you just sort of like go
with the flow of everything?

Like how do you do that?" And I've always believed That you can't really control anything. Whatever's meant to be will be, And whatever happens is going to happen. So that really keeps
my mind extremely calm And I just let things flow. Thank you so much for watching. Be sure to subscribe to Women's Health And also check out my new
workout app on

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