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#MichaelBJordan this is for you 😉 #TundeOyeneyin #womenshealth




#MichaelBJordan this is for you 😉 #TundeOyeneyin #womenshealth

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For it to be true relaxation I'm feeling Zero guilt for the fact that I'm laying There doing Absolutely nothing that's relaxation and On a good day time is moving very very Slow and I look up and I say what it's Only 3:00 and then I go get Thai food And then I come back and then I finally Turn the TV on and maybe it's raining That day and I'm snuggled up with Caesar Although I wish it was a man Michael B Jordan Call me also Jeremy Allen White is quite The attractive as well yeah ranges look Musical choices are all over the place Tasting men all over the place you know Just don't judge a book by its cover

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