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mental toughness: the key to success 💪💗 #bodyscan #betinagozo #fitness #womenshealth




mental toughness: the key to success 💪💗 #bodyscan #betinagozo #fitness #womenshealth

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The mind-body connection is so important Like when you're working out like not Even physically where you're like oh I Need to focus on using my glutes or Focusing on my you know activating my Core like that's important but then also Being able to push yourself through a Really tough workout you have to have That mental strength and it's like your Brain is a muscle just like everything Else your glutes your arms like you need To be able to work it and like that Meditation practice You're basically working out your brain And the more you do it the better it'll Be so if you can you know push yourself To sit there for two to three minutes Every single day that'll actually make Your workouts even better

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