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Mediterranean Chicken Orzo | Easy Healthy Weeknight Dinner




Mediterranean Chicken Orzo | Easy Healthy Weeknight Dinner

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Today I've got a tasty and healthy Mediterranean chicken also recipe with Bright lemon flavor all the flavors and Textures are coming together in Perfect Harmony in this dish My lemon chicken or so soup recipe has Been a huge hit with all of you so I Figured why not create another recipe With all of these amazing ingredients It's a quick and easy weeknight dinner So let me show you how to make it start Off by getting a large pot and add Plenty of water to it and bring it to a Boil In the meantime you can chop one large English cucumber into a small dice And then add them to a large salad bowl Then cut some grape tomatoes into small Dyes as well And add those to the salad bowl too By now your water is probably boiling so Add salt and 1 cup of Orso pasta Give it a quick stir and then here I Have a little tip for you add the wooden Spoon on top of your pot this stops the Water from boiling over and it means you Don't have to babysit your pot and blow In it every once in a while but instead You can focus on the next part of the Recipe which is preheating a large pan Over medium heat and once hot add a Drizzle of olive oil and a little blob Of butter and once the butter melted Place four to five large skinless

Boneless chicken thighs into the pan And season them generously with chicken Seasoning now let that sit for six to Eight minutes so it can Brown nicely and In the meantime get back to your Chopping board and finely chop a quarter Red onion as well as a handful of Parsley and then add those to the salad Bowl then get a grater and freshly grate About half a cup of Parmesan right into The bowl by now your chicken is probably Nice and brown on one side so it's time To flip it so we can Brown it on the Other side and at this point you're Going to want to add some chicken Seasoning on this side as well once your Pasta is finished cooking strain it and Add it to the salad bowl Season everything with sea salt pepper a Drizzle of olive oil and the juice of a Whole lemon Then toss all of the ingredients to Combine them well now serve the Orso and Veggies in a bowl top it with a piece of Chicken and drizzle the pan juices over It and then add a few olives and dive in I hope you enjoyed this video I hope You're gonna give this recipe a try if You do please don't forget to snap a Picture and show me I love seeing when You make any of my recipes and I'll see You with my next video bye

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