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Another product that I have been using For quite a while now and honestly I Absolutely love it and sometimes I Actually don't wear it because I don't Want to run out of it [Applause] And here we are with another educational Beauty video and this time it's makeup Products that I am loving right now I Can't wait to share these products with You and explain to you exactly why I Love them so much now if you do like This video please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the Bell button so that you Never miss any of my future videos and Don't forget I'm over on Instagram so Please do come check out my page there We do reels we do stories we do unboxing And all sorts now let's head straight Into the video I wanted to share with you the products I'm absolutely loving at the moment and I really want to talk you through as to Why I love them now some of these Products you may have seen in some Previous videos of maybe a first Impressions video or me opening up a Kind of like goodie bag video like Something like that now at that point Obviously I haven't I hadn't used some Of those products for a decent amount of Time so I couldn't really tell you what The long-term effects were a few of them

I have been using now this isn't just About products that you may have already Seen but generally I'm talking about Products that currently I am absolutely Loving and I seem to be reaching for Them more than other products first up I Am going to start with a blush now this Blush initially when I first received The blush which was actually quite a While ago I didn't think this is a color That I would wear if you know me well Enough then you know that I don't always Use blush and actually it's been quite a Slow game for me like I haven't really I Didn't used to use blush at all so like Sometimes when I used to like see my Friends wearing blush she used to be Like that looks amazing but it just Doesn't look right on me and I don't Know what happened I guess I just became A bit more adventurous and I started Using blush and now I love it initially I started using Peach blushes a lot and Like then I kind of transitioned and I Thought I like pink blush but I only Really like hot pink blush you know Because it really brightens up your face And gives you that nice flush of color But then I I kind of I don't like change I like to stick with what I love what I Know and what I love this product I Picked up out of my drawer and I thought You know what let me try it because I Actually really like the color but it

Isn't something I would normally go for It's the Pat McGrath Labs blush without Caution and this shade is I don't Actually no I will put it up on the Screen but the name is so long I don't Know if it's the name of the blush or It's actually the shade name so I'll put It up but anyway this color I absolutely Love it is kind of like a purpley pink I I stay away from purples because I just Don't like purple I really do love this Blush and I really do love how it looks Now I'm only going to put a very small Amount on because obviously I've got This whole eye look going on so it's Just going to look weird I won't put as Much as I usually put on but I I'm not Going to apply every product in this Video because it really is about me kind Of like telling you what I think Of the product and why I love it so much But the color looks really nice on this Is a very very small amount that I've Put on like I would probably put a lot More of this on if I don't have so much Going on on the eyes but I really wanted To share that because this blush shade Is amazing and actually not just the Shade but the texture of the blush like It's the first time that I've actually Used a Pat McGrath blush and I'm loving It because I feel like it's a blush that I can actually keep dipping into that Doesn't come out so strong you know that

You get some blush like some blushes Which basically you put your brush into And you put it onto your skin you're Like whoa that was just so much pigment There I don't really want my blush to be Overly pigmented not the way that I like My eyeshadow palettes to be over Pigmented I like my blush to be slightly Muted and not so much heavy pigment Because then I can keep building it up As I go along you know I don't want to Really go in and there'll be a whole Load of blush there for a powder blush I Really love it it is super super fine as Well so it's not something which is you Know it doesn't you don't have chunk Chunks of it is super super fine so that Is my first product that I'm absolutely Loving at the moment another product That I have been using for quite a while Now and honestly I absolutely love it And sometimes I actually don't wear it Because I don't want to run out of it so Although I could very easily just go and Buy another one but I honestly Absolutely love this bronzer this Bronzer is amazing it's the IT Cosmetics Bye bye Paws bronzer and the color is Beach and I tell you what I love about This is the pigment is so good that like It just melts into the skin it's a Powder bronzer so it isn't something Which is like a cream bronzer but I do Feel like when I buff it into the skin

And I use my hourglass Veil brush for This when I buff it in I feel like it Melts into the skin I don't know what it Is about it like but this powder just Feels like like I said I don't know how Many times I said this but it just melts Into the skin when I really do love Something I like if I feel passionate About it I really do repeat myself so It's just a great bronzer it Glides on Really easily it doesn't kind of like There is a little bit of Fallout from This bronzer which is probably the only Negative point of it but it isn't Negative enough that it kind of stops me From using it it just Buffs into the Skin like amazingly so I really like the Color as well because I feel like Bronzers are really difficult to find When you have brown skin it's really Difficult to find the right type of Brown or brown skin so I personally love This shade I feel like it gives me just The perfect amount of definition where I Want it because I like to bronze and Define at the same time so I use my Bronzer to give me that slightly Sculpted look but also a really nice Color it's definitely a bronzer that I Would recommend I feel like it's a Bronzer that you guys would love so try It out I'm not too sure how many shades They have in this but honestly it is Worth trying because this bronzer is

Like butter it literally is like butter It feels like butter it goes on like Butter it melts like butter into the Skin and I think you're gonna love it Another product I'm loving is the rare Beauty lip souffle these have to be the Best lip liquid lipsticks I have tried Because it just kind of like takes all The boxes for me because from a liquid Lipstick I don't want that massive Massive amount of pigment to come Through and again that start to personal Preference as well but what I love about This is you can get a really nice tint But you can also get you can build it up You can get that nice full pigment look As well now the two shades that I'm Absolutely loving and to be honest I Haven't tried any of the other Shades so I don't know what they're like but I'm Absolutely loving these these two it's Brave and Inspire is that Inspire whoa Yeah it is inspired so these two shades Are the only ones that I've tried out of The entire range and I absolutely love Them I wear them individually alone and I also wear them together because they Give the most stunning lip color like This is like a poppy red and it's like Got a little bit of an orange undertone To it and this is like a really nice Kind of like almost peachy Rusty color Now what I love is it literally is like A souffle it's just light as air and

When you put it on you know sometimes When you get those liquid lipsticks and You paint it on and it's like like whoa There's just so much pigment they're Like what am I gonna do with all that so This isn't like that like it goes on and It's almost like this very slight Transparent finish to it and then you Can let it dry a little bit and build it Up and keep building it up I absolutely Love this these are products that I Think everyone needs in their kit or Their own personal makeup bag because You can get every level of lip color From this from the lips souffle it's Amazing I absolutely love it I think This is genius and I think that every Liquid lipstick out there should be like This because it gives us the choice as Consumers to be able to create a light Color with it or like a light Transparency from it medium or even full Like full pigment from it so I Absolutely love it and I think that if You like lip colors you want to be able To kind of like have any transparency That you want then I would definitely Recommend these my next product is the Too Faced fluff and hold laminating brow Wax I've done a couple of videos using This I absolutely love this so I'm going To talk very briefly about it because I Have mentioned it in a few few other Videos it's probably the only it's not

Probably it is the only brow wax or Holder that I've ever used that actually Holds my brows in place my brows are Literally not going anywhere and anyway Anywhere they're not going anywhere or Anywhere this literally just keeps it in Place and it's something that I would Use you use this before you put any of Your brow products on and then you let It completely set and then you carry on So what I tend to do is put it on you've Got to put it on clean brows otherwise You'll get like bitty like little bits Make sure your brows are completely Clean and the surrounding areas and then You apply it flatten it and then you Basically carry on with the rest of your Face or something else that you want to Do and then you carry on with your brows Or you might not even need to apply Anything after using this because you're Naturally graced with full brows is that The right way to say it naturally Greased Cool it's not naturally great I can't Remember what it is but you know what I Mean anyway so that is amazing so I Would absolutely recommend that my next Product is the air borian I can never Say this right Airborne it's Korean Skincare and it's the super BB ginseng Cream it's SPF 20. my shade is caramel I've talked about this in a recent video Where I was kind of trying out its first

Impressions video This stuff is insane I mean I'm already Obsessed so I'm going to mention another Product but I love here the it cosmetic CC cream I was like okay I'm never gonna Stop using this because it's absolutely Amazing I mean what's great is this is SPF 40 and this is SPF 20 so this is Like fire protection this is also Amazing and this is really good if you Have acne prone skin or if you have acne Because it actually gives you full Coverage and at the same time it's Looking after your skin but then this Does that as well you know so now I've Got two that I absolutely love so these Two products are amazing because what I'm trying to do recently is not to use Foundation during the week so like it's Not that I keep Saturday Sunday for Foundations it's just like if I've got An event or something then I'll put full Glam you know like but if I'm just General day to day you know and just Going out meetings or whatever I would Use a BB cream or a CC cream now and I Love the fact that I can use that and I Can make the most of these creams like CC creams and BB creams but also get That nice coverage from it so I feel Like that was there was a gap in the Market for that because you had BB Creams you had CC cream said I just Never touched those because I always

Felt that you know what it's not going To give me the coverage that I want I Really love to kind of like dip into That whole side of makeup but I can't Because it doesn't give me the coverage And now I feel that I can make the most Of it and I absolutely love the brands Of doing that now please please please Can some other brands do that as well Like I feel like brands that really Focus on makeup I feel like you could Get some really amazing BB creams and CC Creams those are the other two products That I'm absolutely loving at the moment The last product that I'm going to share With you is actually a makeup by Mario Palette it's the eyeshadow palette the Master matte palette and you guys may Already know how much I love this but This is a palette that I actually bought This year I have to say it is one of my Most used eyeshadow palettes so this is Something that I absolutely love I feel Like everyone needs this in their makeup Bag or as a makeup artist in your kit Because it has all the perfect Shades in There as like neutral Shades they're all Matte so it's not like you know most Eyeshadow palettes you're like okay There's always this one or two three Shimmers or Glitters I really don't need I feel like this is amazing because you Just get what you need in it and you can Like as a makeup artist you can use this

On any skin tone so I love that and it's Something that I feel for an everyday Neutrals palette everyone should have Because if you want Glitters if you want Sheens if you want shimmers you can go And buy those palettes but you have that One palette which is your kind of go-to Palette for day-to-day use and you can Create the most amazing sculpted eye Looks even natural eye looks so that's My last product that I think that is a Must-have and something that I am Absolutely loving right now those are All of the products I'm absolutely Loving this year and I feel like I may Do another video maybe for products I'm Loving in 2022 because I feel like there Are quite a few maybe I'll kind of like Break it down into different categories Let me know if that's something that You'd want to see like maybe for 2022 You want to see the Roundup of the best Concealers or best foundations best Eyeshadow palettes like whatever let me Know what you guys want to see please Please please let me know in the Comments box below because I always read Them and I will definitely incorporate Them into my filming schedule I really Do hope that you can see or hear why I Love these products so much right now And if I have mentioned them then please Do go and try them at least because I Feel like you are genuinely gonna love

Them I really do hope wherever you are In the world you have a most amazing day I hope you've managed to fall in love With a few of those products too if you Have any questions let me know in the Comments box below and don't forget all Of the products are listed in my Description below so all you need to do Is just click on the links and it'll Take you straight to them now if you do Like this video please do give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you never miss any of my future Videos until the next video take care And I'll see you soon

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