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I just want to show you products that I Genuinely have tried and I love so some Of the products I use this are sent to Me for free and some of them I pay for This slot here I have paid for [Applause] And we're back with another Beauty video In today's video I'm going to be showing You makeup that I bought in New York Which I find was worth my money now if You do like this video please do give it A thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you don't miss any of my future Videos I'm over on Instagram too so Please do come say hi there now let's Head straight into the video So guys I have bought a bunch of makeup From New York recently from Ulta and Sephora and it's makeup that I feel was Worth my money now I want to be Completely honest with you I do get a Lot of brands that send me stuff for Free but this here this like little mini Haul that I have which isn't actually a Lot but you know I did go out and buy This because it's they're brands that I'm just not on their PR list so if I'm Not on their PR list obviously I'm going To go out and buy it I don't just think To myself well if I'm not an apialist Then I'm just going to use a product I'm Sent for free it doesn't work like that For me I've genuinely used products that

I love it isn't just about pushing Brands that send me stuff for free Because to be honest some of it I don't Like and if that's the case I'm not even Going to try it you know as in like show You and try and sell that to you because That's not what my incentive like that's Not my aim here I'm not trying to sell Stuff to you guys I just want to show You products I genuinely have tried and I love so some of the products I use This are sent to me for free and some of Them I pay for this lot here I have pay Paid for and honestly I love them I feel Like I've used some of them before so I've restocked on them and tried Different shades and then some of them I Haven't actually tried before and I've Tried them before using before actually Showing them to you on this video and I Love them so I just want to go through Them for you there's a couple that are Not to wear your makeup it's just hair But I still want to include that just so That you guys you know you can see Clearly I love it because you'll see why Shortly but anyway first up I'm gonna Start with the Patrick tar eyeshadow Palette this is the major Dimension Eyeshadow palette and what can I say I Hadn't used this before buying this this Was the first time I bought this and I've used it since buying it and oh my God the pigment is amazing I would say

This is definitely worth your money it Really depends on what your budget is Because some of these products are Expensive and even like to be honest Like spending money on this I was like Wow that that is expensive like is this How much like is this how much palettes Are these days it's crazy right but I Have to say I do feel this was worth it Like there are times where I've spent Something like 70 dollars on an Eyeshadow palette and I'm like where did That even go like why genuinely this This is worth it like the colors in here Are amazing first off so it's a great Selection of kind of like nudes but also With that slight peachy tone to it and Also some kind of Rose tones to it which I love because sometimes when you get Palettes which are like nude firstly It's like does anyone know what the word Nude means in the color spectrum like so Many palettes I've seen which say nude Are not nude they're Rose palettes you Know so it's like nude to me is almost Beige do you know what I mean like a bit Deeper than beige like almost like Slightly sand a little bit deeper than Beige and lighter than sand if that Makes sense yeah I love the fact this is A combination of slightly Rosy like uh Almost like a mulberry shade to some of Them and then some of them are slightly Peachy and then then you have those nude

Shades in there too the pigment is Amazing it feels kind of very buttery Soft it applies perfectly and it Blends Really really well and I will be doing a Tutorial using this palette soon so you Can see it but I really wanted to kind Of share with you that I think this was Worth it because even the glitter Shades In here they just come off onto the Finger so nicely and not kind of crumbly You know sometimes you get these nice Glitter Shades like this and eyeshadow Palettes and they're crumbly like you Start to kind of move your finger along It and then all of a sudden it's just Like loads of pigment like thick chunky Bits of glitter falling out that doesn't Happen with this so it's very very good Quality and it's just great I love this Palette it's so good I genuinely would Recommend this and the colors are Amazing and I feel like when I'm Thinking of different skin tones I feel Like this would still suit majority of Skin tones now I already have an eye Look on but I really just want to kind Of show you how you how this looks a Little bit so I want to use the shade Mother and it's like a deep Mulberry Eyeshadow and I'm going to use my Sigma E42 brush and I'm just basically going To apply this just to like the outer Corners of my eyes and it's just going To give it that depth I just want you to

See how amazing I know I've already got Eyeshadow on so you know I get that but I just want you to see how it can the Pigment is amazing and there's no Fallout because I've obviously got my Whole face done so like pigment is great Pigment is great I just love the fact That I can actually apply this eyeshadow Without worrying about it dropping onto The rest of my face that's a real issue When you've done your base so I really Just wanted to kind of look how that's Added some nice depth there so you can See we've added that depth and I'm just Going to press and flick lightly we've Added that depth here and I don't have To worry about any fallout look at the Difference now like this is a lot more Kind of defined I love this and I'm just Going to take this into the socket here Such a difference it's completely like Just made it more kind of defined and More feline I'm also going to add a Little bit of this because it just looks So nice I've used a couple of the other Colors but I haven't used this one yet So this one is legendary and I'm just Gonna like press this on top wow I love It this is better than what I had on Before I just feel like it's more Defined anyway I really wanted to show You what that kind of how that applies Because it is honestly such a good Palette I'm just going to very quickly

Go ahead and do the other eye because I Just look a bit weird now That's the palette that I wanted to Really share with you because I feel Like it's just such a stunning palette And it is worth it moving on the next Couple of bits that I got I picked up Some of the Real Techniques makeup Sponges now this is something that I Have recently started loving I'm talking About the basic real technique sponge Like the orange one the complexion Sponge I absolutely love it I did used To think it's a bit too big you probably Saw recently I've been using it a lot in My videos because I genuinely feel like It doesn't dry up as quick you know when You've kind of put water all over it and It's a bit damp it doesn't dry up as Quick as the beauty blender so I like That but it is still a little bit big But I have picked up these and these are Products which I'm hoping are gonna be Good I feel like the real technique Sponge is worth my money so that's why I'm adding these into it because I've Tried that one but these two are a Little different this is the miracle Powder sponge so it seamlessly Blends And sets for streak free soft focus Finish that lasts use to apply powder For a smooth application so this is Going to be great for kind of like Almost baking and then you've got this

Which is the Real Techniques Miracle air Blend spot a little air blend sponge Which is a natural matte finish it's Medium to full coverage now this one is You can use this damp or dry to apply Foundation and it says wet before the First juice so I'm gonna try this in Comparison to the complexion sponge I do Love the fact that they've got a sponge Which you can apply powder with now Because I always use my powder puff and Obviously I want to check like is this Gonna take over my Powder Puff because My Powder Puff is my Trusted long-term bestie when it comes To powder application and you've seen How amazing that works so I'm going to See how this is but what I really wanted To tell you is the Real Techniques Complexion sponge in general the orange One is well worth your money it is a Really good sponge and I feel like it's Way like cheaper than a beauty blender I Mean Beauty blender is always going to Be my ultimate favorite because of the Shape and the size of it is great but if You want a cheap alternative I'd suggest The Real Techniques because it is very Good and you have that flat Edge as well As the pointy Edge as well what would be Great is if they made that a bit smaller You know so that when it expands in size When you've wet it it ends up at the Same size as a wet Beauty blender that

Would be great so if you guys are Watching that would be amazing next up We have the one size matte eye popper Which is a smoothing eye creamy Eyeshadow and this shade is open to all Amazing guys the most using I have it on Now is what I had on as my base layer of Eyeshadow before I applied that Patrick Tar eyeshadow palette it is the best Liquid eyeshadow I have used it is so Good at being like a blend being Blended It's amazing it Blends so easily you Only need the smallest amount and it Blends perfectly I genuinely want to see If I can get this you can't get it in Dubai so that's a bit annoying but I Don't even know if like the main Sephora Ships out here because what's the point When you have a Sephora here but then at The same time this Fourier doesn't have One size so that's really annoying but I Really want to get the other colors in This because it is worth it this is Probably one of my favorite Shades but I Didn't get to actually see the other Shades that they do so I don't know how Many other Shades they do but I'll check That is amazing it Blends amazingly like So well it's so easy to blend I would Highly recommend that next up we've got A cheaper alternative this is the elf no Budge cream eyeshadow obviously it's Really cheap in comparison but it is Very good like it Blends really really

Well I do feel like the shades are a Little bit more transparent so for Example you'd get really good pigment With this and this is a lot more Transparent so the pigment isn't as Great but I think it's worth the money For the price of it and you get a cream Eyeshadow which you can blend easily uh It probably does dry a little bit Quicker as well to the other one I think Based on like when I've used it but it Doesn't move once it's dry it doesn't Move and I feel like they've got a few Good shades this one is sand dune which Is what I use and I love it it can be It's not as warm so it's more of a cool Undertone I don't know why I can't say Cool like that's why can I not say cool Cool it just sounds weird when I say it It's like my tongue is too big for my Mouth it's like cool Cool it's cool but I feel like I move my Tongue around too much that was weird Well I just did it was it's good I would Say this is worth it it's a cheap Alternative and it genuinely is a good Cream eyeshadow next up is the morphe Palette this is an eyeshadow palette Which is Cabernet blush I don't know how You say that but anyway I love the Colors in here and I like morphe Palettes because I feel like they're Just really affordable palettes and it's Great quality I do feel like the sparkly

Shades within morphe palettes are not That great like I genuinely go for them For the for the matte Shades because the Matte shades are great so I really like This palette because it's kind of like That slight Rosy finish to it like it Has that kind of Mulberry tone to it but It has some kind of nice Brown Shades in There too I thought this was worth my Money because it isn't that expensive It's great like in terms of the color Shade range it's really really good I do Feel like if you're going to use these Sparkly Shades I would use them on top Of a kind of tacky base because I feel Like you get more pigment whereas when You apply it on its own like Quantum Matte or powdered down Lids you can't See it as much but the matte shades are Absolutely amazing this is the color fix Cream eyeshadow and I absolutely love it I have probably I think I've used some Of the matte ones before in some of my Tutorials and I love them so this is Actually the foil version so I really Like this because I feel like it's Really easy to use and you can just Apply a little bit over whatever your Eye kind of look is just the pigment I Just want to show you on the back of my Hand how insane it is It's that's just the smallest drop look How good that looks it's just this shade Is milky way I kind of wanted something

Which was slightly silvery but not so Silver more kind of like milky and this Is perfect so yeah this is another thing That I would highly recommend because it Genuinely once you apply it doesn't go Anywhere it stays Place stays the place It stays in place easy to blend and yeah It's just like a little goes a long way It's just such a small little tube you Know for for how big it is it's Expensive but I do feel it was it's Worth my money based on the fact that I've used the map ones before and they Last forever so I feel like when you Think about how long it lasts it's worth The money yeah that's the reason I Wanted to really include that like I Picked this shade up and I absolutely Loved it like slowly I keep adding to my Collection because I genuinely feel like These are worth it so that's another one So that's kind of like my makeup done And then I wanted to add in a couple of Other things which you'll see by the Size of them how worth it they really Are uh which is for my hair And it's the shampoo and conditioner From olaflex look how big this is it's Huge right every time I go to New York I Always pick up my olaplex shampoo which Is my shampoo my conditioner and then my The I can't remember what number it is But it's 4p that's the purple shampoo That I use from olaplex so I pick up the

Shampoo which is a smaller the normal Standard size that they do the Conditioner and then the 4p which is a Purple shampoo because that neutralizes The brightiness in my hair and anyway I Went to go and pick it up and I saw that They had these and it's something like 90 something dollars I'll put it up on The screen oh my God like I am so glad Because I feel like every time I use my Shampoo from olaplex I use it so Sparingly because it's just like a Little bottle and I'm like oh my God What are my next gonna go you can get it Here in Dubai but it's just cheaper in In the US so I pick it up when I go There I genuinely would recommend this Like it is just repairing for your hair Is great and obviously as you can see How much I love it because this is a Thousand mil so it's huge and now I'm Just so excited that I don't have to Stock up on this as quick as I usually Do so yeah those are basically all of The products that I wanted to show you That I think are worth my money so I Wanted to really go through with you Things I've actually paid money for and I've bought because I think that they're Great and I feel like they're worth the Money so I really hope you've enjoyed This if you do have any questions about Any of these products let me know in the Comments box below don't forget if you

Want to show your support and your Thanks for all of this free content that I give please do hit that that super Thanks button below would it be there I Think it would be there Or there one of these two sides you'll See like a little heart with a dollar Sign on it and you can show me your Thanks that way and plus your comments Stand out more to me when you leave a Super thanks so yeah I would really Appreciate that if there's anything else You want to see let me know what type of Look you want to see with this Patrick Tar palette that would be good or the Morphe palette yeah wherever you are in The world I hope you have the best day Ever I hope you've enjoyed this video today If you do then give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit that Bell button so that you don't Miss any of my future videos until the Next video take care and I'll see you Soon

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