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These are easy makeup hacks to freshen Up your face when you've had your makeup On all day and it's looking greasy it's Looking dull it's definitely not looking Lifted these are the hacks that you can Use to make yourself look fresh awake And just the best version of yourself Now before we head into this video don't Forget that I am on several different Social media platforms I have an online Publication if you like reading so Regular newsletters there I've got Instagram which is a mix of everything Got Tik Tok I've got another YouTube Channel which actually helps you to grow On YouTube so any business advice you Want you can head on over there so take Your pick we've got something for Everyone now if you like this video Please do give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit the Bell button so that you never Miss any of my future videos let's get Into it now what do you do when your Makeup looks like this which is Basically makeup that's been on for Hours all day it looks a bit old a bit Overly worn and it needs to freshen up But also what do you do do you add more Foundation do you add more powder like What's going to work here and what's Going to kind of like completely ruin my Makeup so I'm going to go through Exactly how you can freshen up your

Makeup with easy hacks not difficult Super easy for you to do anyone can do Them and yeah let's get started first Thing I like to do is get rid of any Kind of excess product that's just Sitting on my face so I get a tissue and I wrap it around my finger and I just Very Lightly go Over just anything which is like just Sitting on my face And you might find that your foundation Starts to look a bit funny like maybe Sticks to the dry bits don't worry about That so what I'm doing is just getting Rid of any kind of like grease because Obviously if you got the time to do it All from scratch then you do it all from Scratch I mean look at all that crazy Right that's Just like crazy so you can obviously do It from scratch but I'm talking about When you don't have time and you just Want a few quick hacks to just basically Freshen it up first hack was that remove All the excess which is part of another Another hack which is to buff in a Little bit of foundation now I'm saying Foundation not concealer because Concealer is going to be quite heavy and Thick you want something quite light and Fluid so I'm using my makeup by Mario Sural skin foundation in 15n going to Put a little bit on the back of my hand

Just a little bit tiny bit right now What I'm going to be doing is buffing This into the skin so we can get that Nice fresh look now we've already got Whatever makeup residue we've got on Right so you don't need to worry about Primer all that kind of stuff cuz that's Already on there underneath but we've Got what left of our foundation on our Skin so I'm going to get my brush and This is my Sigma f85 brush I'm going to Buff this Foundation into the brush so I'm buffing it in like that now I'm just Going to go over certain areas wherever You Feel you just want to kind of Like give that a nice fresh Look and I'm going to explain where I'm Doing it I'm just doing it along the Cheeks Here just around the chin cuz I get a Bit of dryness There and just literally going all over But not to every single corner of the Face so it's just a very very light like I would put way more than this if I was Starting from scratch this is the Tiniest bit of foundation that I've put On and what this is basically doing it's Not just adding it what it's doing is It's actually mixing in with whatever You've got on already so what I would Suggest is use a brush that you are Happy with washing straight after cuzz I

Always feel like cuz you got makeup on Underneath it kind of you don't want all That it might be even oils coming Through that are coming onto this brush So I always wash this after if I've Mixed it in you know with whatever's Already on my face so this is obviously Just a very easy way to freshen it up Like already I feel like it just looks a Bit more better that's that first bit Done so now that we've done that so we' Removed the excess we kind of added a Tiny bit but it's almost kind of like Adding a tiny bit but it's also not Caking it up cuzz it's the smallest bit It honestly the smallest small it was Less than a p sized amount like way less Than that like half of that it's like The size of a l well I'm not going to Say lentil they're all different sizes Of lentil so half of a p sized amount What that's doing like I said is kind of Buffing into the skin and making sure That whatever's already on there is kind Of mixing in a bit better you know so That it kind of picks up any it helps to It stops it looking so dry in certain Areas so now that we've done that my Face looks a bit more fresh it doesn't Look so dull and kind of like oh there's Foundation here and there's none there It kind of looks a lot better already Next up I'm going to get my Fenty Beauty Match sticks in banana now you want to

Go for something which is brightening For your face so not a color corrector Because you don't want to go for like an Orange or anything like that you want Something which is kind of really going To help to brighten the area so I think You you've really got to look at your Skin tone and then see like which color Can I go for that's going kind of Similar to my skin tone maybe similar to Your undertone but just helped to really Kind of lift the skin a little bit okay So I'm going to get a brush and I'm Going to get my my hourglass concealer Brush now I am just going to basically Go go on top of this just to grab some Of this product and put it on the brush Now this isn't going to give me coverage This is only going to brighten areas Right so we've got some on the brush I'm Just taking it off on the back of my Hand so there's not a whole load that Goes in my skin now there are only Certain areas I'm going to do this and This is really going to help to freshen The face but also lift it so it doesn't Look so kind of like dull so first place Is here now I'm going to go right on the Corner of the Mouth there And that's just going to help to lift it Now because we're not swiping it on like This you're not going to get a crazy Amount so this is like a really good way

To just kind of like freshen it up a bit And just give you that kind of Brightness to the skin next place is Going to be just along this area Here just literally beneath the part of Where your wing would Go and it's the smallest amount we're Putting on but it honestly helps so much With brightening the face and just Making it look so much more fresher like You don't have to add things like Eyeliner and stuff like that this is Just generally going to help to just Freshen the face and just look like it Just looks doesn't look dull it just Looks brighter like how can you see how That's just lifted it immediately even Here like here you can see it's just Kind of you know and here it's just Changed it up so let's go along Here and like I said you want the Smallest amount cuz you don't really Want like product build up and then a Small amount Here I love this hack because I just Feel like it's such an easy way to get That lift and make you look just so much More fresh now if you wanted to because We put a tiny bit of foundation and We've buffed it in you could put a Powder just on the areas that you feel That you need it but it is honestly up To you if you feel that you need it like I don't feel like I really need the

Powder there because I feel like it's Allowing my skin to look a bit more kind Of skin-like and I don't want to make it Look super cakey so I'm going to leave That as it is okay so next up I want to Just like kind of add some kind of not Gloss but more hydration to my lips so I'm just going to add my dual lip Maximizer this is the clear one just to Let that kind of sit there for a minute And my lipstick from this morning has Kind of come off it's just there's no Lip liner it's kind of just all gone There's probably a slight tint there now I haven't taken anything off before Doing this I've just kind of like left It so that I can show you what it looks Like a bit kind of you know overly WN Makeup now what I find is sometimes like When it comes to freshening up my face I Feel like if I was to just add a whole New lip line like line my lips and add Lipstick it can also end up looking Quite kind of a bit too much like I've Just got too much makeup on it's really Weird like sometimes like change adding More makeup is g to make you look worse Because it looks cakey it looks like Oily and greasy whereas what I've just Done is add the most minimal amount and I've actually it's it's a certain way That I've applied it I've buffed it into The skin I haven't just applied it on Top and let it sit there you know I've

Really kind of made sure it's kind of Really mixed in and uh kind of sunk into The skin whatever was already on there So what I like to do is not line the Lips completely cuz I don't know what it Is but whenever I try and freshen up and I do a whole new lip line it just looks Really weird it just doesn't look right To me so what I like to do is I put a Little bit of a Lip lip balm on then I Get rather than put kind of like Foundation on my lips cuz it can all Build up right and plus the foundation's Going to be all fluid and then when you Put your lip line on it's going to just Mix in and it just looks all it just Gets all smudged and it goes everywhere So I get a powder foundation now it's Great using a powder foundation instead Because it's already a powder and it's Going to give you it's kind of smoothing The area a little bit as well with Coverage so I am using my makeup forever HD skin matte velvet sorry I've got Something on my nose and this is 2 n22 Something really going okay I have to Use the brush there so anyway I'm using My brush which is my real techniques Brush I'm going to go into this powder I'm going to tuck my lips in and I'm Only touching the lip Line it's literally going above the lip Line can you see that like line there Now right what happens is the reason it

Ends up looking really messy when you Reapply lip liner are after your Makeup's been on all day is even if you Wipe the your previous lipstick off and Then you start with lip liner on it all Those words came out weird and you start With lip liner again it can still end up Looking like why does it like like why Does it still look like I've had this One all day and what it is is because Everything smudged around your lip line So you've constantly got that smudge Look there so what we want to do now is We've actually kind of gone over with Powder and not flip so we made whoa what Is going with my words it's just not Coming out so we're making sure it's Super matte on the lip line so that when We apply our lip liner again firstly It's nice and Flawless there secondly It's matte so the pencil can actually Stick there and it's not going to kind Of blend and and kind of bleed outwards So that's that and then we can go in With a lip liner this one is the Sculpted by Amy lip Duo this is mauve Match so there's a lipstick on one end And there's a lip line on the Other Now I'm not going to line my lips all The way around I'm only Doing these bits here top and bottom I've got my lip Brush and then I'm just going side to

Side now what this is doing is spreading That lip liner cuz I've already got a Little bit of gloss on the inside like a Balm so it's helping it to Spread I swear I've got some kind of Hair on my nose what happens is when you Start applying it all the way to the Ends it can look a bit you know so I Like to just apply in the center and Then it spreads out you can go over with A lipstick if you want I'm just going to Use this one that's in Here but I'm just going to dab it on cuz I don't want a full lipstick Look so this next hack I'm going to show You is really easy this is when you want To kind of like add a little bit more Sculpt to your face like you want your Cheekbones to pop a bit but you don't Want to go full on with all the Contouring you can use either a contour Stick or a bronzing stick or anything Like that if you want so what I'm going To do is use a concealer and I'm using My Nas radiant creamy concealer in Whatever the shade is but I'll put it up On the screen so all I'm doing putting a Little dot there it's honestly so easy This way like you don't have to what It's like right where you'd expect Dimples to be if you had them right you Want a brush which is kind of soft Something that you're quite comfortable Kind of like buffing in and blending

With I'm using the Charlotte tby Hollywood complexion brush I'm using the Big side now I'm just going to get this I'm going to smile a little Bit and I'm going to take it Up just there so you don't have to like Go all the way up look how that's just Like given that really nice curve to the Cheekbone So you don't have to worry about like Going all along the perimeter of the Face this this is just a really quick Easy way to get that little sculpt right Where you need it and that's it that's It so you've got that nice curve to the You can see the cheekbones now but They're not like it's not crazy right so Honestly that is super super easy for You guys to do next little hack is using A cream blush this is going to help to Freshen up your face but you're not Going to use anything to put it on You're going to use your finger I'm Using my e. potty blush in turx and Kos And I'm using my finger so I've got it Right there putting it on the back of my Hand just to make sure I haven't got a Whole load that goes onto my skin and Now I am just going to press this into My skin just on the kind of top peak of My cheekbone and this really does help To freshen the whole face but the thing Is because you're using your finger so It's kind of like it's not just the fact

That I'm applying a cream blush in that Area it's also the fact that you're Using your finger it's really kind of Targeted when you use a brush it just Ends up going into areas that are a lot Where you don't really need it so this Way you're actually kind of like being a Bit more strategic with where you're Applying it and it's quite high up so it Really helps to kind of freshen the Face and lift It there you go I just find that just Really freshens the face so it's just You know the hack is to apply a cream Bron Cream Blush but also apply it with Your finger you know you don't have to Apply it With a Brush like honestly I I think that is Just such a such a nice way at Fresh of Freshening the face already I feel like My face looks way way more awake and Just fresh fresh that's what we're going For and by the way you can use this on The lips if you want I think it kind of Like gives an overall nice kind of like Fluid look last but not least the last Hack that we're going to be doing is to Help to kind of open areas up now I'm Going to use my makeup by Mario Master Mattes palette and I'm going to be using Mat two and I'm going to go in with my Ref refer I don't know how you say this 01 brush and I'm going to apply it apply

That shade onto it you can use a lighter Shade something that's going to show up On your skin now I'm going to apply this To key points on my face right and You'll see it's like you're not going Back and forth It's not complicated it's Just super easy it's a really easy way To just just open up areas on your face So what I'm going to do is first off I'm Going to apply a little bit just under This brow bone here I feel like this is Something we used to do back in the day But it really does still work to help Like lift the area the other place is Right here I feel like this really helps Oh this is really tickly to just open The area up and you can go over where we Applied that banana shade if you want it Just helps to mattify a bit if you Want and also just to kind of help with The lift I also like To just apply a little bit on the peaks Of my top of my lip and I hope like I Feel like that just kind of lifts it a Little bit honestly it's about being Very clever with where you apply It and that is my little video of some Cute little hacks that you can use to Help freshen up your face face honestly There's just a few in here but they are Very kind of helpful hacks I feel like That really work to freshen up your face They're not just random hacks honestly If you try it you need to try it to

Believe it right so you need to go away And actually do it on your old day worn Makeup you know the whole buffing into The skin with a tiny tiny bit of Foundation all these other little bits That I've shown you for you to be able To see the difference that it actually Makes I and if you look at what my face Was like at the beginning of the video It's very kind of like dull very kind of Like just all over the place like Everything was a bit you know but now it Looks like a bit more fresh and lifted And yeah a bit more awake now so Hopefully that is something that you're Going to do as well I really do hope You've enjoyed this wherever you are in The world I'm sending you loads of love If you like this video give it a thumbs Up don't forget to subscribe to my Channel and hit the Bell button so that You never miss any of my future videos Until the next video take care and I'll See you soon

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