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You have the track they're like tricks Through and through like weaved through This entire like video [Applause] We're back with another Super Educational Beauty video today and in Today's video I'm going to be sharing With you Pro makeup artist tips and Tricks that are going to completely Change your makeup life now if you do Like this video please do give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you don't miss any of my future Videos I'm over on Instagram too so come Say hi there because we do a little bit Of reels some unboxing and a bit of Everything that I get up to when I'm not Filming on YouTube now let's head Straight into the video I'm gonna make this really easy for you Guys to understand these are tips and Tricks that I feel like most people Don't know but also as a pro makeup Artist sometimes I do these day in day Out and it doesn't feel like a trick to Me so I do realize that these are tips And tricks that could benefit so many of You guys so I really wanted to kind of Just lay it all out for you guys share All of my expertise with you and let you Guys take away those tips and tricks so It can completely change your makeup Life too so let's get started I don't

Have anything on my skin I'm just very Quickly going to add something because My Skin's recovering from my recent Radio frequency microdermabrasion Session so it's a little bit dry I've Been using this lately and oh my God It's amazing this is the Lancer what is This Lancer triple peptide drops with Vitamin E and niacinamide so good like So good honestly I've been waking up in The morning like oh my God my skin looks So good so yeah I'm just gonna like Pat This on you can actually mix that in With your moisturizer too now I'm gonna To just let that sink in while that's Sinking in let me just have a sip of my Amazing cappuccino that I made did any Of you guys end up getting these pods so Good I'll put them in the description Again for you now the finished kind of Look I'm not going for any specific look But you'll see that it all looks very Natural so these are things that you can Really kind of like do along with Whatever look it is that you're doing Now I'm just going to very quickly put Some moisturizer on using my Marrakech Witch I've got my Moisturizer in the Palm of my hand so this is the first Trick I want to show you now sometimes What it is is we don't want to end up Putting a lot of layers on the skin so What I'm doing is I'm mixing in a kind Of like liquid highlighter in with my

Moisturizer now the liquid highlighter I'm using is the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless filter but I'm using shade six Which is actually a bit dark for me Currently because I don't have a tan I Would usually use this shade when I have A tan now what this is doing you can see I've mixed them both like there's a bit Of that there a bit of my moisturizer There now I'm mixing that together and Then putting it all over my face I'm Getting my moisturization cause Obviously I've got my little serum on Underneath which is giving me that extra Boost now my moisturizer is going to be Mixed with this so that it adds that Luminosity to my skin but I'm not Layering on too many products so it kind Of like does everything in one for me Now the reason I've used a slightly Darker shade is because another trick is Kind of like two in one trick but Another trick is that when you are Feeling very dull or very kind of like Pale and you feel like you need more Color the trick is is to add that color Right at the beginning with your kind of Like liquid highlighter and you'll see That this is gonna just all of a sudden Give me that color to my skin it's not Covering anything obviously but it's Gonna give me my kind of like moisture It's gonna give me that glow as well so That when I go in with my concealer and

Everything it's kind of like not looking Extremely pale when I put everything on So had I not to put this color on with My moisturizer that Lumen like like Illuminator I couldn't think of the word That was like but it was a you know and Still what the hell uh you know the glow Let's just call it the glow if had I not Put that colored glow on then basically I would have gone in with my concealer Shortly and because my skin is already Looking a bit it was looking a bit pale I would have put that concealer on Everything would look even more pale and Then I've got work on bringing that Color back into my skin so this way I've Given it that burst of color that really Nice glow so that my skin looks just Healthy and now when we go in with our Concealer we're not going to go in with Anything which is too light we're going To go in with something which is a Little bit deeper so we're kind of Getting that coverage but we're not Brightening it way too much not as much As I usually would do okay so what I'm Going to use is my hourglass varnish Concealer but I'm using the shade Dune This is quite a warm like a deep shade For me so it's not like overly light now What I'm going to do is I'm going to Apply this in the areas that I filled I Need it now this is another thing Usually if you want a really nice kind

Of flawless finish you know you go all In how you usually see me do with my Usual tutorials I said usually about 20 Times there these are tricks when we Don't want we don't want too many layers But we also want that coverage there but It isn't necessarily going to be the Type of flawless look that we would Usually go for it's still going to be a Really nice Flawless look but it's just Not going to be as brightening in those Areas as how I would usually go but this Is a good kind of trick for you to use If you don't have much time or you don't Really want to you know go for that type Of look so by the end of it you can kind Of decide okay this is the kind of look I wear as well you know so you can Decide to implement that specific trick Into your routine now what I'm going to Be doing is just applying a little bit Here I'm being very strategic with where I'm Applying it not a lot of the product Because this spreads very easily and I'm Also going to just apply a little bit Here We're gonna let that just sit for a Little while and someone just rang the Doorbell that's really annoying because I can't go and open it but I think it's My Zara package that would be amazing if It is because we're going to New York We're going to New York I can't wait I'm

Really excited I've also been doing like A lot of winter shopping because I don't Want to like freeze to death let's Continue hopefully it'll just leave the Package outside for me if it is for me Okay we're gonna go in with my hourglass Concealer brush oh my God someone just Opened the door oh it's my husband thank God I'm basically gonna just buff this In so I'm just like pressing Like buffing it into the skin you will See how this ends up kind of like Spreading and it gives you that really Nice kind of like the brightening effect But without it looking too pale so it's Kind of like lightened that kind of Darkness around my dark around my top That Darkness around my eye area it's Kind of just made it my actual skin Color everywhere else you know the color It really should be okay now yeah we're Gonna just kind of like press this in Now all we're doing is kind of like Balancing out that color difference There so that Darkness that's there it's Helping to kind of make that the same Color as everywhere else Without kind of masking the whole area If you see what I mean so this is a good Little trick you know if you just want To get rid of those dark circles But you also don't want it to look like You completely masked the area All of this what I've just done makes a

Big difference because of the fact that We added that liquid glow underneath Which is a lot warmer right so it warmed Up the entire face which made it easier To use this color concealer like a Deeper concealer because had I have used That deeper concealer I'm just kind of Like putting this over other areas just The leftover whatever's on the brush That deep concealer had I put it onto my Skin without that really nice warm glow Underneath then it would have looked Very different like it would have just Looked very different to the rest of my Face so that warm glow underneath has Just helped to like kind of give that Nice veil of color without it being an Actual foundation so you can see how This is kind of like balanced out that Whole area now it doesn't look like There's much separation between my skin Color here and that Darkness around the Eyes it's kind of given me that it's Just like covered my dark circles Without kind of brightening it you know This next trick I want to show you I Know a lot of people already do but I Really want to explain as to why it Works for you you've obviously heard of Using lipstick on your cheeks right Right so I do that sometimes and the Reason I do it is not just because oh Wow I've got like a lipstick and I can Use it on my cheek it's genuinely

Because maybe I'm going for a specific Type of look and I just cannot find that Blush shade but also it does stay on a Lot longer so most of the kind of like Liquid or cream blushes that you see These days they do stay a lot longer Like I feel like they're getting better And better I don't always want to see Like a Sheen in there I want it to be Kind of like look like it's just really Part of the skin if you see what I mean The only time I do do this is if I'm Using that same lipstick shade on the Lips and I just want it to look because It's always going to look different to The lips even if you're using the same Lipstick and you're using on the lips And you want that kind of color on the Cheeks it's always going to look Slightly different it's just going to Complement it it's not going to look Like oh I've got the same exact color The color I want to use today is fire Bird from the Nars power matte Collection the reason being is because This specific shade is great for my skin Tone because this is like a rusty color And that's the kind of look I'm going For the trick that I want to show you is Actually how you apply it you don't just Start kind of like scribbling all over Your cheeks you will basically take your Lipstick and first off I always apply This to my lips so I'm just going to

Like Just spread this like very lightly I Don't want like a full blocky color on My lips and the reason I'm doing this First is I'm going to explain to you I Don't have anything on my lips while I Am And there's a reason for that what's Another trick which I'll tell you in a Bit all you do want to make sure is your Lips are smooth and exfoliated you know Like they're not dry and Flaky because If they are then this is not going to Look good the other trick they're like Tricks through and through like weaved Through this entire like video trick is To get smooth lips get your exfoliator Your facial exfoliator and put it onto Your lips make sure your lips are dry Scrub it very gently and then wash it Off that's going to exfoliate your lips For you then you have smooth lips ready For this now the reason I haven't Applied any kind of like lip gloss or Like balm underneath is because I want This color to actually stay there if I Apply something which is kind of liquidy Or like you know can move around and Then I put color on top it's just gonna It's gonna go so the trick is is to Really get that color onto your lips Stuck onto your skin so I've really kind Of been dabbing it on and then with my Finger and just literally like kind of

Pressing it and flicking it I am not Worried about my lip line at the moment I just want to get that color really Infused into my lips so that it actually Looks like it's a natural actual color You know you want it to look fleshy okay That to me now looks like okay if I look Close up it isn't going to look like I've got the actual lipstick on it just Looks like it's literally part like my Natural lips of this kind of color so Now that we've got that really stuck in There I'm gonna go ahead grab this same Lip color and I'm getting a brush you Can get anything which is Fluffy this is My f37 brush and I'm basically going to Just kind of like go over it like this And then I am going to just I'm going to start buffing this into my Cheeks and I can already see that color Coming through hopefully you can see Like this side there's nothing and then This side I'm just kind of like pressing It and flicking I don't want a lot I Really really don't want too much there I'm going to put it onto the other side As well now That's honestly enough right my lips so Let's just leave that for a second my Lips I want to make sure that I lock That in firstly I'm going to go in with My lip pencil because I really want to Kind of like just Define my lips a Little bit and this is my Kevin

O'quarter Unforgettable lip definer this Color is divine one of my favorites Now By putting that color into the lips There we've kind of like locked it in Now the reason I'm going in with my lip Liner after and I do this a lot on my Clients as well is because it gives me a Better idea of how this lip color looks Lined and how the lip shape should be so What I'm doing is just grabbing my Pencil and I'm gonna like feather stroke In so I honestly do not line it properly Like you know like from start to finish It's very lightly touching my skin it's Like barely touching it And then I smudge it you know so it Looks like actual lips it doesn't look Like you've drawn anything in you know When you apply lip color and you don't Apply lip liner you feel like your lips Just look really small so this is the Way to make them look bigger but make Them look super natural so you literally Just feather get your finger and smudge In further smudge in just remember that I'm not applying too much when I am Feathering that will actually give the Illusion of slightly bigger lips but Very natural I'm happy with that they look plump I'm Happy with that what I want to do is get My I've got my lip maximizer from jaw my Absolute favorite one I'm just gonna Like oh my voice went a bit croaky there

And Dab this on I don't want a full-on Glossy look but I also don't want it to Look dry now what this is doing it's Giving me that kind of like it's Reinfusing my lips with that hydration So make sure you do use something which Is actually hydrating don't just use a Random gloss this is something which Does give me that boost of hydration so I know that now even though I've got That color locked in underneath this has Gone on top so it's kind of locked it in But it's also keeping it's like infusing My lips with moisture too so that that Dryness that's there because of applying The lip color before I've applied Anything is being kind of like paired up With that hydration so that it doesn't Dry out my lips but that color stays Locked there too genuinely if you were To look closer to my lips they look so Much more natural it looks naturally Plump there's a natural color there and It it's the best way honestly the best Trick to give yourself naturally plump Looks lips That don't look like you've applied Loads of different like you know you You've really spent a lot of time there And I feel like that's the best type of Look you know when you look at someone And you're like wow that just looks so Natural but what has she done now you

Can see that we've got some color on my Cheeks now what I want to do is start Kind of mattifying certain areas now I'm Going to show you this little trick that I use I do set my face because obviously I don't want it to look you know greasy But what I do is I set my cheek area and The perimeter of my face you set it with The transl not a translucent powder but A face powder which is warmer so you're Not using your standard kind of like Translucent powder which is you know no Color in there okay first off what I'm Going to do is get my real technique Setting brush and my hourglass vanish Translucent powder I'm going to Now dust This onto certain areas where I know I Do want it to look you know pretty matte So I'm just going in between my brows And just above my brows I'm gonna go Onto my under eye area here And just kind of over my nose And Chin area I feel like I've still got That nice glow in most of the other Areas but the important bits are nice And matte okay now I'm going to get my Darker powder this is my makeup forever Ultra HD setting powder in 4.2 which is Tan neutral so this is kind of like a Bit darker than my skin color now I'm Using my makeup forever 152 brush and I'm going to just press it into this Powder and then press it into the lid so That there's not any like too much

Excess product on that brush and now I'm Going to start kind of almost like Sculpting my face a little bit but it's Setting those areas too so that's the Trick you're using a kind of like a Shade which is close to your bronzer Color but in a setting powder and we're Going to use that to kind of like sculpt The face and set it all at the same time So that's another little trick for you Guys so what I'm doing is going from my Kind of top of my ear where I would Normally sculpt my cheeks and can keep Going back into the powder whenever you Kind of one And then taking it along the perimeter There And then I like to take it just Underneath there a little bit too See that has just warmed up the face and That trick I think is something which is Great you're using basically a setting Powder in a darker shade to set the Perimeter of your face because what it Does it sculpts it it also sets it so You know you don't have to you're not Using too many layers of of makeup next Up we are going to do the brows and I'm Going to show you something because I Actually have a few gray hairs in my Brows I know it's really annoying it's So frustrating but this is what we do to Cover them even with clients even myself Sometimes sometimes I can't be bothered

To be honest with you but you know this This is a really good trick I use my Color Wow root cover up in dark brown Absolutely love this and I get the small Side of the brush dip it into that color And basically what I do is I just kind Of like press it into my brows to cover Up the dark hair and you can go back and Forth to where you kind of like get into The hair to make sure you cover it I do This before I even start shading in my Brows because it just covers up the hair Which means I can focus on shaping and This is great because I feel like you Don't have to worry about it peeking Through when you've shaped your brows Because basically what happens is if you Shape your brows like and I I can tell You this firsthand because I I do it so If I shape my brows and I haven't used This color well on my brows even after Shaping my brows and I use a brow pencil You can see those Rogue gray hairs Popping through and I don't know why but They are like it feels like it's the Thickness of a tree trunk literally it's So just the gray hair is so thick so it Just it's like right there so this Covers it up really nicely I don't have To worry about it afterwards sometimes Like I said I can't be bothered and I Don't care it depends what I feel like If I have time I really want to put the Effort in then this is a great trick so

This covers up that dark hair so now I'm Working from scratch now I feel like I Don't know I don't have to worry about The gray hair it's a nice little trick For you because I feel like it really Does help genuinely like that's covered Up that gray hair now I don't need to Worry now another thing I very quickly Do with this is I have my hairline is Very uneven on this side because my hair Naturally grows towards this way so when I'm wearing a center part like low Sleek Pony it actually is pretty difficult for Me because this side it always lifts From the root and it kind of wants to go That way so I'm kind of like over the Years of enforcing it to kind of sit That way I have like my hairline is very Uneven here like you can see this is Really nice and clean and then here it Just kind of like goes up because I have A little Crown there is that what you Call it a crown I don't know what I do Is I get this and I kind of like fill my Hairline there again only if I can be Bothered and basically this kind of like Evens it out for me I genuinely think I've got an actual gray hair there as Well I can see here Check it out I know guys I know maybe You're not meant to I don't know what They say they say you're meant to do it Or you're not meant to do it I don't Really care that was annoying me and

Anywhere I feel like I can see scalp a Bit more just add a little bit of it so Yeah that's kind of like evened out my Hairline now so that's how I use the Color Wow powder I absolutely love it I Feel like everyone needs it get the Shade which works for you black would be Way too dark for me so the dark brown Works really well so it doesn't look you Know like too black but yeah that brow Thing amazing now what I'm going to do Is I'm just going to very quickly kind Of shape them and because I want a very Kind of light natural look I'm just Literally gonna Lightly shape them I don't want too much Going on here like I don't want like Super strong looking brows And I'm just gonna curl my lashes so if I'm not wearing like false lashes then I Always curl my lashes So I curl them I apply the smallest Amount mascara and sometimes if I know That okay I know I'm gonna end up kind Of like touching my eyelid with the Mascara then I kind of like use a brush So I just lift My like Eyelid up why can't I find the words Today You know really to get into the root Trust me this helps I do this with Clients too but you really want to get Into that route

Just lift the eyelid up And that way you don't have to focus on Pulling it all the way to the end of the Lash by just touching the very underside Of the root like all I've done is Brushed it into the root and that gives Me that really nice like open eye look And it doesn't actually look like I've Gone in with spiky lashes you know it Doesn't look like I've gone all the way To the end you don't need to drag the Mascara all the way to the end of the Mascara to the end of the lashes in Order to give yourself that really nice Open eye look like just doing it this Way by lifting the lid going touching The root and that's it not brushing it All the way through will give you such a Nice natural look which doesn't look Like you're actually wearing like Mascara but it does look like there's Something there it doesn't look like It's completely blank you know so that Is a trick which I think you guys are Gonna love as well and last up when I Want to add that extra bit of Luminosity I basically use a another like kind of Like Illuminating product so I'm using My eavesdrop from Fenty it's the this Actual shade is what Taffy topaz and I Just put it where I need it that yeah And I literally just kind of press this In And this

To me gives me that kind of glow back in The areas that I want it Without compromising the rest of the Face so just add a little bit on the Chin so that basically is a combination Of all of my kind of like makeup artist Tricks and tips that I use that I feel That they're going to be completely Life-changing for you when it comes to Your makeup because like things like the Brow product like that using that powder In your brows by the way you don't have To have gray hair to use that because if You use that brow color that color that Powder color that I told you about and You use that in about it gives you that Full effect so if you even if you don't Have gray hairs it's not just for Covering up dark like gray hair it's There to kind of give you that really Fullness to your that really fullness That real fullness to your brows as well And obviously you can use it to correct Your hairline and things like that or When you feel that you can see your Scalp a little bit more and you don't Want to really see it that much you can Cover it up there and also you know all These little tips and tricks that come Together they're very small tips and Tricks but they genuinely make the Biggest change to your makeup game so I Really do hope you can see for yourself And it's all really helped you and

Wherever you are in the world I hope you Have the best day ever I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope You managed to take away some tips and Tricks that you can incorporate into Your daily makeup routine now if you do Like this video please do give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit that Bell button so That you don't miss any of my future Videos until the next video take care And I'll see you soon

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