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Makeup Artist Sydney Morgan Shares Her Hair-Care Non-Negotiables | Body Scan | Women’s Health




Makeup Artist Sydney Morgan Shares Her Hair-Care Non-Negotiables | Body Scan | Women's Health

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– And then the other ones I got After I injured myself doing something. I think I broke my foot
and I was in a wheelchair 'cause I distinctly remember
wheeling myself into Claire's At the mall and being, like, right here, Give me another one. Hi, I'm Sydney Morgan, And this is my Women's Health Body Scan. (upbeat music) I love my body's ability to
heal me quickly because, girl, I need it because I am the
most accident-prone person ever And it comes up a lot. I don't have any tattoos, But I've always wanted
to be a tattoo artist Because I've just been drawing, painting, Makeup artist all my
life, and I love them. I love looking at my friend's tattoos. I don't have any because
I'm so indecisive. I can't decide on what I
want on my body forever, But I definitely would
consider getting one And I wanna learn how to do them. I have a lot. So, my most recent one is on
my collarbone, right here. I actually just had a
follow up for it yesterday. I got it because I was running In the park and just tripped
and fell and that's it, And then it was too broken
to just heal itself, 'cause usually you just wear
a sling and you're good to go. No, girl. If I'm gonna break something,
I'm gonna break it right. So, mine was so bad that
I had to get surgery. So, they had to put in a metal plate And six screws right there and
they had to cut the nerves, So I'm numb, like,

All around the area and it's
gonna be like that forever. And I have a big scar on my stomach. Though I'm in high wasted pants, I'm not gonna attempt
to get there right now. And it is from my stoma After I had an ostomy bag,
and I had three surgeries In that series to form the ostomy bag, Get a J pouch, and also
get reconnection surgery. So, I no longer have an ostomy bag. I just have a beautiful
scar where it used to be. I really wanna educate others On IBD, ulcerative
colitis, Crohn's disease, Because, before I was diagnosed, I had never even heard of it, Let alone known anything about it. And then, when I did decide to go online And try to do some research, There's just not a whole lot out there. I really wanna be the
voice that I didn't have When I was going through it And kind of be an image
of someone who's young And healthy and doing everything
that everybody else can do So that other people know that Crohn's And colitis don't define
you and you can do anything. Yeah, so I have my ears
pierced twice and that's it. The first ear piercing, It's a funny story actually. I think I was, like, six
months old or something And my mom just took me to
the doctor to get some shots In my arm and when I got
the shots I didn't cry, So she was like, "Okay, period. We're taking her to the mall. We're gonna get her ears pierced." And then did that and didn't cry either.

I thought that was funny. And then, the other ones I got After I injured myself doing something, I think I broke my foot, and I was In a wheelchair 'cause I
distinctly remember wheeling myself Into Claire's at the mall
and being, like, right here. Gimme another one. (Sydney laughing) I love working out my shoulders. I just think, like, me with
my shoulder pads today, It's not real, I promise, But I like working out shoulders 'cause I think it's,
like, a really cool look. So, when I was in high school, I bleached my hair and it was so rough, And then right before I
moved to LA, so probably, Like, two years ago, I decided
I was gonna cut it off, So I cut it To my shoulders and I was
like, we're gonna start over, And ever since, I've been
obsessed with hair care. So, I do a lot of hair oiling. I love, rosemary oil is great for hair. It, like, stimulates it. I have a scalp massager.
It's really great. I see all the girlies With, like, hair down to
their waist using those, So I'm like, okay, I'm convinced. I bought one. I always braid it before I go to sleep Because you get a lot
of breakage overnight. Silk pillowcase so your
hair doesn't break off. I used to brush my hair so
hard to get the knots out, But you probably shouldn't do that. It's not too good.

So, I really, like, take my time to start At the bottoms and work my way up. Yeah, I feel like it's a lot. (Sydney laughing) My nails are usually pretty long And I don't like them when they're long. They get in my way, But they do grow fast Because I've always hated acrylic nails. Being an artist and having to,
like, grab onto paintbrushes And stuff and using my
fingers for a lot of things, Nails just would always get in the way, So I've never liked them. So, mine are fairly healthy,
but I don't do much other than, I guess I get hair care oils on them too, Which I'm sure is a good thing for them. People are always shocked that
my skin doesn't look horrible Because of all the crazy things
and makeup and face paints And googly eyes that I
glue to my face for videos. You need good products
to take off the makeup. My friends that go to bed With their makeup still
on, I'm like, please, Please take it off. If not for yourself, do it for me. I love any sort of, like,
cleansing balms I think are great Because they're very gentle On the skin and they dissolve that makeup, And then I double-cleanse my face. I use the Sonya Dakar
Sensi Wash I love so much And I also love CeraVe. That's better for normal to oily skin, But recently, I've been On the dryer side, and
then lots of moisturizers. The Ole Henriksen, it's
in a purple container.

Love that one so much. I try to change up my
skincare routine all the time And I just, like, love
having my skincare moment. Like, I'll do it for two
hours in the evening just Because I feel like that
self-care, like, revitalizes me. I'm taking care of myself, So it's always something that I do. I love journaling. It's something I picked up
probably in the last year. I was journaling every day
and that helped me a lot. I also got into therapy, which
I think is very important, And I always was raised to think That therapy was for crazy
people and, like, I don't know. There was just such a stigma around that That it kind of scared me away from it, But being able to admit that you need help In talking to someone,
it was so helpful for me. I also got into meditating. I love the app "Headspace." I listened to that all
the time to meditate And it helps me a lot. I listen to that before bed,
and just getting outside And taking a walk and clearing
my head is so helpful for me, Like, getting some sunshine. I've really been trying to work On my mental health in the past year. Thank you so much for watching. Be sure to subscribe to Women's Health And check me out on all
platforms at Sydney Morgan.

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