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Look Expensive Without Breaking the Bank | Fashion Trends 2023!




Look Expensive Without Breaking the Bank | Fashion Trends 2023!

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If you'd like to look more stylish Without spending a scent then just keep Watching [Music] Hi I'm leonie and welcome to my channel Now we all know the basics when it comes To making our outfits look a little bit More pulled together and modern but There are a few tricks of the trade that I'm picking you may not already know About so I'm going to share them with You today but be sure to stick around Till the end because my 10th tip is by Far the easiest and it's also the most Effective so keep watching now one of The easiest ways to look expensive and To get a little bit of a Luxe look is to Balance your proportions in an outfit Now sometimes this can be really Confusing but essentially all you need To do is think about a few basic Principles which are if you are wearing Something that's tight fitting on the Top like I am today then opt for Something that's a little bit looser Fitting down the bottom that just Creates a nice sense of balance in Proportion in an outfit if you wear Something that is all fitting it can Tend to look a little bit cheap so it Works in the reverse as well if you are For instance wearing a top or a shirt With more volume or puffier sleeves then Think about opting for a bottom that is

A little bit more slim line so it's About trying to create balance in your Proportions as opposed to wearing Everything oversized or everything Fitting this simple rule really does Make a huge difference when it comes to Putting an outfit together in an outfit Just working now my next piece of advice Is to Simply tuck tuck tuck now I know It's really tempting to wear blousy Shirts and oversized t-shirts and tops That sort of hang out over your pants But what is always a better look in my Opinion is to give a little tup giving Yourself a little bit of shape is always Going to be a far more flattering look Than trying to sort of cover up in Shapeless garments at this point I just Like to say a very big thank you to the Team at Babel for sponsoring this Portion of today's episode now bevel is One of the world's top language learning Apps and it's one that I've been using Over the last few weeks too teach myself How to speak French now I wanted to Speak French for years in fact it stems Back to a time when I was visiting Paris Many years ago and I just struggled to Even order the basics from a cafe I was Sitting at this Cafe struggling to Understand the menu and I remember Thinking I just felt so inadequate and I've always since seen wanted to learn Some very basic conversational French so

I'm using Babel to do exactly that Bonjour Bonjour Lucifer We or non I chose Babel because I am one Of the most impatient people on the Planet and Babel is scientifically Proven to be able to teach you a new Language in as little as three weeks at Only 10 to 15 minutes a day so for an Impatient person like me that is perfect I also love the fact that Babel teaches Real conversational language which was What I needed when I was last in Paris And I think it's the basics like that That you need when you want to travel or Go anywhere not only has the learning Process been really easy it's actually Been fun I'm still super nervous when it Comes to actually speaking the language But that's about me more than anything Else it's just me being a little bit Nervous and scared to make a fool of Myself but it has been really easy and The lessons are super easy they walk you Through it and it's actually really fun And the team at Babel are offering you 60 off your subscription to learn Another language so it's a really good Time now if you've been thinking about It to push play and actually do it so I Will leave that link in the description Box below and just out of Interest what Language would you like to learn for me

It's been French and it's been so much Fun but I'd love to know what language You'd like to learn and also what Languages you actually speak I only Speak one and it makes me feel really Inadequate so I can't wait to be more Proficient at French but it's actually Coming along faster than I thought one Of the easiest ways to give your outfits A little bit more of a Luxe look and Feel is to think about layering now take For instance a basic white button-down Shirt now it will always look amazing And simple and stylish but if you add Some layers to that you can create a Whole new look that can look a little More polished and a little bit more Interesting so things like perhaps Teaming a beautiful knitted vest or a Crop top over the top of your Button-down shirt to create a bit more Dimension to your outfit and a little Bit more interest so think about some of The classic pieces that you already own And look at different ways that you can Layer them to create more interest and Give your outfits that little bit more Elevation now when it comes to a Luxe Looks the details really do matter and That simple things like adding a couple Of modern accessories before you walk Out the door whether it's a pair of Chunky hoop earrings or an interesting Watch or taming your outfit with some

Beautiful sunglasses or a crossbody bag Those finishing details really can help To elevate an outfit and sometimes these Details are easily forgotten because we Feel like our outfit is our clothing but It's those accessories that will just up The ante and take your outfit up a Little bit of a notch even hats are a Great thing scarves adding a little bit Of something else those extra little Details will always elevate your look so While it's easy to forget them try and Remember them create and interesting Really modern Luxe outfit by adding Those little details and one of my best Secrets to looking a little more Elevated and that is to spend a little Bit more money with your denim jeans now If you don't wear denim jeans fast Forward to my next point but if you do What I do suggest is spending a little Bit more money because you will end up With a denim that is a better quality And that means it will always look great And it will last better as well what you Will find with the cheaper denims they Look great when you wear them in the Store but they tend to have more of an Elastine in the fabric composition so That basically means that they will Stretch out of shape a whole lot faster And certainly when den and jeans do that They don't look as slick and Sophisticated so when it comes to Denim

I know it's tempting to buy something That looks really stylish but it's super Affordable or it's budget but if you can Try and spend just a little bit more Than you normally would on a pair of Means to buy quality that will last and Stay looking good for a really long time Now speaking of denim jeans one of the Things that we often do is we always Think about denim jeans worn in a sort Of a casual way it's the weekend let's Grab a pair of jeans and sneakers and We're good to go what we often forget is That a great pair of jeans really will Take you anywhere so think of them as The most versatile pair of pants that You own simply swapping out your Trainers for a cute pair of heels or a Gorgeous little ankle booty will totally Transform your outfit and definitely Give any pair of jeans a more of a Luxe Look and feel same goes for jackets and Blazers instead of wearing a simple Sweater with your jeans swap that out For a basic tee and team it with a Blazer or an oversized bomber so the key Here is really looking at those pieces And taking them outside of their comfort Zone and thinking about how you can wear Them differently to how you currently Wear them we all get stuck in a rut of Wearing certain pieces that we own in a Certain way but some of those pieces Will take you anywhere and a classic

Really lovely pair of jeans that you Feel great in can absolutely do that now This one may seem basic but it is really Important and it is just to take the Time to iron or steam your clothes I Recently bought myself a clothes steamer And it's been a game changer for me I Have talked about it here on my channel In a few videos past but I cannot speak Highly enough of being able to steam my Clothes you don't have to set up an Ironing board it's quick and easy and Really effective and just taking that a Little bit of extra time to add the Finishing touches to making sure that Your collar is steamed flat and making Sure that you don't wear a wrinkled and Creased up shirt or dress it's a little Detail but it does make the biggest Difference so take the hard work out of It and if you are in the market for Upgrading your iron think about getting A steamer I cannot heart recommend them But it is these small details about the Finish of your clothes and how well your Clothes are cared for and maintained That does make a difference as well and Sometimes it's easy to forget that just Thinking now it's easy to grab a piece That we wear all the time without really Looking at it and deciding whether that Piece has seen better days or does it Really need a quick little iron to make It look its best the devil really is in

The detail so don't forget those simple Things I also think it's really Important to have a signature makeup Look now I'm not talking about piling on Lots of makeup to try and mask who you Are but just having a go-to makeup look That you can put together really quickly And know that you can turn it around it Works with everything you own and it Just makes you look and feel good There's definitely power in if you Perceive that you look good you do feel Good and so having that kind of everyday Makeup look that is quick and easy to Put on but still makes you feel Glam and Put together there's also a really easy Way to level up your outfits I know Sometimes it's super tempting just to Race out the door and dry your hair and Do little else but taking that extra a Little bit of time just to apply a Little bit of makeup add a bit of color To your face makes a whole lot of Difference and it does seem to finish Off an outfit and just add that Finishing Touch an extra little bit of Polish and one of the tricks of the Trade for me and certainly as I've got Older is to make sure that I invest a Little bit of time in whitening my teeth And I'm amazed at how much of a Difference whitening your teeth can make To your overall appearance and it's a Really simple thing to do whether you

Swap out your regular toothpaste for a Whitening toothpaste or if you decide to Go and buy some Crest Whitening Strips Which by the way work really well or if You go in into the dentist and get your Teeth professionally whitened whatever You do whitening your teeth really does Brighten up your face it makes your Smile a whole lot more powerful and it Just does give you that overall look of Lux and just a little bit more Sophistication so don't forget some of Those simple things like whitening your Teeth it's not expensive but it is Something that you can do to make Yourself look and feel better now last But not least and this is probably the Easiest thing to do and it's also in my Opinion the most effective way to up the Ante on any outfit and that is to opt For a monochrome outfit and that simply Means wearing top to toe in the same Color so whether that is all black or All white or all pink or top to toe red Whatever your color is wearing all the One color is a very easy way to look Super styley and it also means you don't Have to spend a lot of money on your Outfits so think about some of the Pieces that you own in the same color Team them together and I know that this Is It's so simple but it is so powerful When it comes to creating a seamless Look one little piece of advice though

When you are putting together a Monochrome outfit is to think about some Textures as well if you can combine Different textures in Fabrics that Creates the interest in an outfit which Also UPS the ante but if you are stumped And you're in a hurry and you don't know What to wear choose pieces in the same Colorway it will always always work and Because we know that details in an Outfit really do matter click or tap on The screen here to find the 10 Accessories that all of us need to make Getting dressed so much easier and to Help us look a little bit more stylish So click or tap on the screen here and I Will see you there

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