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Look 10 Years Younger | My Best Skincare and Makeup Secrets!




Look 10 Years Younger | My Best Skincare and Makeup Secrets!

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Today's episode is kindly sponsored by Squarespace I'm 56 years old and Regularly get asked about my best Anti-aging skin care and makeup tips and Today I'm sharing them all with you Hi I'm leonie and welcome to my channel I must say one of my most asked Questions is skin care or makeup related Despite the fact that most of my content Here on YouTube is fashion but today I Thought that I would share some of those Simple tips and tricks that I have Learned over the years I know that a lot Of them I've actually picked up from my Years working in magazines and working As a fashion and Beauty magazine editor So some of them I have had with me for a Very long time and others I've picked up Recently but I do have a number that I Want to share with you today so if you Would like to see what they are and Potentially if you do use some of these Tips and tricks you can look 10 years Younger and I know that's subjective I Know that I'll probably come under Fire For saying this but I have found these Tips and tricks to be super helpful and I'm sure you will too now first up and This is probably my favorite skincare Secret of all and it's one that I've Been following and doing for a number of Years but interestingly it's recently Blown up on Tick Tock and that is Slubbing now strange word I know but

Basically all it means is that you add a Protective layer over your skin care Lineup and all that protective layer Does is it locks in the moisture and Enables your skin care products to work A little harder now it sounds confusing But it is not simply put now let me just Grab the product that I've been using of Late I started years ago using simple Vaseline petroleum jelly in the last Couple of years I've started using Sarah V which I find the best I also use an Aquaphor product as well also I will Link all of the products that I Mentioned down in the description box Below so this product I think I bought It in Walmart recently when I was in the States it's about 89 it's really cheap And essentially all you do is do your Evening skincare routine so for for me I Cleanse I tone I then put on a serum and Then a moisturizer and directly over That moisturizer I put a small layer of This CeraVe ointment and as I said all That does is it locks everything in and It makes sure that your skin care Products don't end up on your pillow and Don't do what they're supposed to do on Your face now I find this is a super Moisturizing and a great thing to do my Skin feels amazing in the morning and It's really cost effective because as I Said these products are super cheap so I Recommend giving it a go the key for me

Is to cleanse your face and then apply Your skin care products as normal and Then just use a very thin layer of this Product all over your face hop into bed And you will wake up with beautiful Clean plump nourished skin in the Morning let me know in the comments Below if you do this already and if you Don't if you give it a go I would love To hear how you get on I think you You'll be surprised at how beautiful Your skin feels in the morning now on That note one of my best kept secrets Has been to use a cleansing balm and I've always been surprised about Cleansing balms not really kind of Getting the spotlight that I think they Deserve so essentially I use all sorts Of different cleansing balms at the Moment I'm using a New Zealand cleansing Balm from a company called glow lab you Can buy it in the supermarket it's Really affordable the other cleansing Bun that I use and unfortunately left in The hotel back in the US and that is a Clinique cleansing balm as I said I'll Link these products in the description Box below but cleansing balms are Amazing they're great for two reasons They don't strip your skin of its Natural moisture and they also remove Every single skeric of your makeup so They cleanse your skin beautifully but As I said they're not pulling out all of

The natural moisture so all you do with A cleansing balm and I think this has Been part of the problem with people Sort of getting their heads around these Barns is you simply grab a little bit on Your fingertips you rub it into your Hands and kind of warm up the product And then you put it onto your face on a Dry skin as I said it goes over your Eyes it goes over your foundation it Removes all of your makeup so you gently Sort of massage that into your skin and Then simply use some warm water to rinse It off I also use one of these takeoff Towels which I find super handy I do use The cleansing balm with it the takeoff Towel is designed to be used on its own But I find using the two together works Really well but the cleansing balm takes Everything off and leaves your skin Feeling really nourished and I think That that's an important part when it Comes to mature skin you've got to do Everything you can to not drag out all Of that natural moisture because if you Are over 30 40 you will know that that Moisture is something that just gets Lost really quickly so we want to hold On to that so cleansing balm won't strip Your skin and it is a must for me to use When it comes to Cleansing my skin at Night now another product that I have Started using recently is the peak BT Fountain now if you've been watching me

For a while you'll know that I've worked With peak in the past and as I said I've Recently started using their products And this one is great because I always Struggle drinking enough water and of Course we all know that we need to drink Enough water to make sure that our skin And our body isn't dehydrated now these Little little what would you call them Sachets hold all sorts of goodies for Your skin that essentially nourish your Skin from within so they contain Ceramides and hyaluronic acid which is Perfect for Plumping up your skin so I've been taking a couple of these a day And adding them to my water so it's kind Of a double whammy it means that it's Nourishing my skin from within but it's Also meaning that I'm getting that water Intake up as well now I'm not sure if my Discount code still works but I will Leave some details for or peek in the Description box below and certainly if It is working I will leave that down There too but definitely I think it's Worth giving a go this type of product That's going to help you moisturize and Maintain that moisture level and when It's hard to drink water this sort of Product really helps out and at this Point I'd just like to say a very big Thank you to the team at Squarespace for Sponsoring this portion of today's Episode Squarespace is an amazing way to

Build any sort of online presence I have A Squarespace blog and I have used Squarespace for a number of years with Client blogs and websites because it is The easiest way to not only build a Website but to maintain it and after all That's often a really difficult thing to Do it's okay to get someone to build Your website but if you need to update It you need something that is really Simple and effective to use and in my Experience Squarespace is the way to go So if you are interested in launching Yourself online this year then what I Would suggest you do is whip on over to take advantage of their Free trial when you're ready to launch Yourself online simply use my unique URL Which is forward slash The style Insider and my code which is The style Insider and that will save you 10 off your first website or domain with Squarespace I can hand on heart Recommend Squarespace so if you are Looking to get online this year Definitely check out Squarespace I will Leave a link in the description box Below so that you can whip on over and Take a look at it when you've finished Watching today's episode now next up one Of the best things you can do for your Skin is exfoliate and one of the great Things about exfoliating is that it Means that once you remove those dead

Skin cells off the top layers of your Skin you essentially give the products That you're using the serums and the Moisturizers more of a chance to Actually penetrate the skin and do what They're meant to do if your skin has a Whole lot of dead skin cell sitting on Top then your makeup isn't going to sit Nicely and also your skin care products Don't get a chance to work so I have Recently kind of bought into the hype of The brand in the ordinary I've started Using this as a once a week gentle kind Of chemical peel so I might need my Glasses for this so hang on let me just Read this so essentially it's an aha 30 BHA two percent peeling solution so it's A chemical peel in effect that is very Gentle gentle enough to use at home and What I do is put a couple of drops on my Hands on my fingers rub it in and then Simply Massage it into my skin it has to Be dry skin it's not advised to use this Product on wet skin I'm not sure about Other exfoliants but this one you use on Dry skin you have to be careful not to Get it near your eye area and then you Leave it on for kind of no longer than 10 minutes rinse it off and you Immediately feel that your skin is baby Soft and beautiful so as I said I've Been using this once a week I haven't Had any reaction to it except it's made My skin feel and look amazing so I've

Always been a big fan of exfoliating for The reasons I just mentioned that this Is a new product that I am finding easy To use and really effective now one of My other Secrets involves what I do when It comes to Foundation now I for a Number of years now used a shimmer Product and I mix a couple of drops into My foundation and apply them both at the Same time this makes my Foundation go on A whole lot smoother and it gives a Really Flawless finish and it also gives That sort of luminous glossy almost skin Now I don't want my skin to look shiny Or oily but it does just give it a Little bit of Luminosity which in my Opinion is quite a useful look so the Shimmer product that I'm using at the Moment is this one from I think they're Called raw Cosmetics I will link a few Of my other favorites in the description Box below but I love these products Because they are simple to add to your Everyday foundations regardless of what Foundation you use and it just gives Your skin a little bit of an instant Lift and speaking of foundation there is A foundation that I have recently Discovered and it's called Jones Road Now Jones Road is a brand that is has Been started by Bobby Brown so Bobby Brown started her beauty makeup company Many years ago she's since sold the Company and started up a brand called

Jones Road now I bought this Foundation When I was in LA at the beginning of the Year as you can see I've used quite a Bit of it now the thing about Jones Road Is that it is a product that is designed For mature skin it has an interesting Smell I particularly like it I know that It's a bit polarizing some people do Some people don't but this is almost It's like a foundation with a Moisturizer mixed in so it goes on and Leaves your skin feeling and looking Really luminous and really sort of plump And Youthful now if you have oily prone Skin you might find this one a little Bit too heavy but certainly for me I Have dry skin and I think this one is Fab now I tend to use a Mac Foundation If I want some more cover bridge for a Sort of a fuller coverage but this one Is great just for every day it covers up My imperfections and is easy to apply I Don't mix my Shimmer product in with This because you don't need it but if You are looking for a foundation that Just does give you that sort of youthful Glow then definitely check out the Jones Road foundations I highly recommend them Now another little trick of the trade That I have been doing for a number of Years is mixing a tiny little bit of eye Cream with my under eye concealer and I Don't know about you but as I've got Older I find that no matter what

Concealer brand I use it always gets Trapped in my fine lines under my eyes If I add a tiny bit of eye cream to that Concealer it stops that happening but it Still gives me that nice bit of coverage That I need as my skin is kind of Getting Thinner and more translucent Under my eyes so just adding a tiny Amount of eye cream to your concealer Works really well it if that's not Something that works for you I have Found another product when I was Recently in the States now this is a Really affordable Maybelline product I Think bought this from Walmart now it's A foreign in one glow and it's in effect A foundation but it has this sponge tip So essentially all you need to do is Sort of dab it around your under eye Area and with your a little pinky finger Or your ring finger simply sort of dab It around the under eye area and it Works as a perfect lightweight concealer And it has that built-in glow which Isn't going to give you shine because Obviously you don't want shine because That will highlight those fine lines but It just gives a plumped up sort of Nourished look to that under eye area Now this product is I can't remember how To pay for this I will link it in the Description box below though because it Is such a winner and it's a really good One just to keep in your purse too

Because I don't know about you sometimes If I'm out and about and I just need to Sort of kind of cover up a few little Spots and add a little bit more Foundation this is great for that as Well it's kind of all you need to carry With you and as I said it's a really Good replacement for the trick of adding Moisturizer or a little bit of eye cream To your concealer so definitely give This one a go it's a goodie another Trick that I have been using for a while Now is to replace my black mascara to Brown and I've just received this 901 to Try I'm going to give it a go but I have A couple of mascaras that I absolutely Love a few different brands that I find Work really well for me and don't go all Clumpy but yet give my lashes enough Length and volume and I think that's Another thing too that it's important Not to just go too crazy with your Mascara and especially try and find a Good one that isn't clumpy and leaves Your eyelashes looking all spidery so I'm going to give this an 801 a go and As I said the key is to I think as you Get a little bit older change out or Swap out your black mascara for a Brown It's just a little bit Kinder a little Bit softer but yet still does the trick To highlight and give your lashes a bit Of a wow factor now I can't create a Video like this without also mentioning

In Salon treatments that I have and I've Been a regular fan of Botox and I don't Have anything to hide about that I love Getting a little bit of Botox in my Frown here which I think I kind of need To top up at the moment and I sometimes Get a little bit across my forehead Because when I lift my eyebrows I do Tend to get lines across my forehead now For me without any Fringe or bangs my Forehead is very much on display so I Tend to feel that I just like having Some of those lines knocked out I think It's important for me not to go too far But Botox is something that I will Always continue to use because I love The fact that it just freshens up my Face also when I tend to get just a Little bit here it does lift my eyes a Little opens them up slightly or just Sort of gives that illusion of just a Little bit bit of lift here which makes Me feel a little bit more awake and less Grumpy which is a very good thing the Other Salon treatment that I have Regularly is micro needling and if you Don't know much about this treatment It's basically giving your skin Thousands of little tiny punctures it's Not a pleasant treatment but the results Are incredible so it gives your skin a Little tiny bit of damage all over and Then your skin does its natural thing And plumps it up and throws collagen to

The area and repairs and during that Repair process it basically rejuvenates Your skin so micro needling is something That I don't particularly like getting Done I would much prefer to go and get a Beautiful zen-like facial but I'm kind Of at the age now at 56 that I need Something that's a little bit more heavy Hitting so micro needling and the botox Are two in Salon treatments that I will Continue to have regularly now another Product that I use in swear by is Revitalash and it is essentially A Lash Growth serum I've tried a number of Different lash growth serums they all Tend to work okay or certainly the ones That I've tried but I keep going back to Revitalash it's a little bit more Expensive than some of the others but it Works really well I don't get any kind Of sensitivity or reaction to it and it Seems to last a bit longer than the Others as well what I do tend to find is I recently had some lash extensions put On because I was traveling to the states And I find no matter where you go they Do tend to damage your own natural Lashes or kind of the Fallout of your Natural lashes seems to happen a little Bit bit more with this extension so I Tend to not go for extensions that often So they've recently come out and I'm Still using my revitalash just to bring My lashes back from the brink I've also

Just recently started using a product From Shiseido it's an eye what is it Called it's called a power infusing eye Concentrate and essentially this is Great because it is an eye cream but it Also helps to nourish and promote growth Of your lashes as well and I love these Multitasking products that do two things In one it's going to nourish and Moisturize my under eye area but it's Also going to do the same thing to my Lashes so I've been using this in Conjunction with revitalash and the two Have become my newest dynamic duo now Another product that I absolutely swear By is a retinol type product and one That I have recently been sent is a Cora Natural retinol like product now I've Just started giving this a go and it Seems great I will let you know how I Get on with it but I do have a few Retinol products that I find really good Now you do have to be careful with any Retinol products you need to start Slowly and just start small as well Because often these products are quite Hard hitting and if you're prone to Getting a little bit of a reaction these Are going to give it to you but Essentially any retinol products which Are basically a a high strength vitamin A is an essential for mature skin and so Too is a vitamin C product and these are Just generally found in serums or well

Yeah these kind of concentrate type Products if you haven't tried them Before you will definitely notice some Changes in your skin they are great for Reducing pigmentation and also Nourishing and locking in that moisture And firmness and also helping to Disguise fine lines I do keep seeing Dermatologists talk about the two key Products that you need to be using if You have mature skin and that is the Vitamin A and vitamin C products so Definitely look at including a vitamin C Or vitamin A type product into your Lineup if you're over 40 at least now I Know today's video has been all about Beauty and skin care but if you'd like Your fashion fix and you would like to See how to wear at some of Spring's top Trends then click or tap on the screen Here and I'll see you there

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