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What we're going to do is we're going to Go from here And we've just literally gone around Like that that's all we've done this is Going to be so much easier for you [Applause] We're back with another educational Beauty video in today's video I'm going To be showing you life-changing Contour Tips and hacks I've broken it down for You made it really really simple to Understand so it's not complicated it's Not Technical and it kind of works on Most face shapes and it's just not full Of lines everywhere so I think you're Going to love this video now before we Head into the video I've got some news For you I'm really excited about it I've Started a new YouTube channel so I'm Going to be doing a vlog Channel there Are already loads of videos out there so You can like make yourself a cup of Coffee some tea go chill out and watch It now this channel has been made Because quite a few of you've been Asking for Vlogs like videos and I also Love watching Vlogs as well so I thought Why not start a new channel and it's Just a channel basically to show you my Life behind the scenes you get to see my Studio you get to see like a press Events that I attend and maybe a little Bit of educational kind of business Advice thrown in and just real raw

Everyday life for me and hopefully it Can be a little bit inspiring and Motivating for you guys too I would Absolutely love your support you guys Have given me so much love and support Over on this channel so I would it would Mean the world to me if you headed over There too and hit that subscribe button Now before we head into the video if you Do like this video please do give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you don't miss any of my future Videos don't forget to follow me over on Instagram too now we can get started With the video You guys ready for life-changing Contour Tips and hacks this is going to be a Complete game changer for you and I Really am excited for you guys to Actually recreate this because I feel Like it just makes it all easier for People you know I don't want to make This a difficult video I wanted to make This really easy for you guys to Understand and I definitely definitely Wanted everyone watching this who has Never tried contouring or has always Kind of failed at their attempts at it Of it who looks at contouring as being a Really difficult thing I definitely Wanted you guys to be like I cannot Believe this is so easy this is like a Complete game changer for me so yeah I'm

Really excited about it now we're gonna Start off with doing the basics like Just applying my concealer to my eyelids So that that's nice and clean I really Wanted to show you that though because I Feel like it's a part of the whole Contouring thing now I have all my Skincare on am I ready to work like with The conceited now let me just explain This very quickly to you in a very easy Way right there other videos that I have That really go into detail about Contouring and understanding contouring And highlighting and shading and Sculpting and all of that whatever you Want to call it but this I want to make Really really simple if you watch this And maybe you understand contouring Already and you're like this is really Basic there are other videos which are Going to blow your mind which are very Very intricate and detailed this video Applies to everyone so it doesn't matter Whether you're a pro whether you're not A pro I just feel like it makes your Life easier now what we're going to be Doing is we're going to be using Concealers we're going to be using Concealers to Contour the face right now I just want to tell you that I'm going To be using two shades I'm going to be Using one shade which is lighter than my Skin very very very very little bit Lighter and then one shade with is kind

Of considerably darker than my skin tone We've got white we've got black just Think of those two colors right now the White is always going to make the Surface area look bigger because when The light bounces off of that white it Just makes the area look bigger black is When the light bounces off of it there's Nothing really to bounce off of it Because it's so dark dog right so it Doesn't actually make the surface area Look bigger quick example when we wear Black clothes we kind of assume it makes Us look smaller that is the case white Clothes may make us look like slightly Bigger that is exactly the same concept For this so the lighter shade is going To kind of light bounces off and it Makes the area look a little bit bigger And enhances it the dark shade is Basically there to disguise and sculpt Areas so you don't need to worry about The area looking bigger right it's Actually going to help to define the Area a little bit more so hopefully that Makes sense that's all we're going to Talk about in that sense that's all you Need to know you don't need to worry About anything else too technical that Is what you need to know now second Thing why are we using concealers today We're using concealers because honestly It is what I use of what I have been Using for years and I feel like it

Completely changes the way your makeup Looks guys if any of you are on Instagram Tick Tock whatever take this Technique use it let's make it go viral Let's make people like understand that This is something that honestly is gives You the most Flawless finish and it Isn't might it's not something that I've Invented don't get me wrong this is Something that has been used by Pro Makeup artists for absolutely for years And I just feel like it's not known Enough you know you see the odd bits Here and there going viral and it's kind Of like An offset I don't want to say anything Else about it what I do know is this Genuinely gives you the most Flawless Base and it is honestly amazing now I'm Gonna be using concealers and it doesn't Mean that you have to use the exact Concealers that I've used although if You want the exact result that I'm gonna Get then you do want to use the exact Concealers it's pretty simple but if you Think it's too heavy for your skin then Go for something which is lighter but Bear in mind you're not going to get the Exact finish but it will probably be Better than what you're currently Getting so just keep that in mind now I'm going to be using a concealer I'm Using my tarte shape tape I'm going to Be applying this on my eyelids first so

Let's just go ahead and do this now this Area is actually going to end up looking Really nice and even now I suggest doing This if you have dark circles or Darkness around the eyes because it just May honestly it's going to make your Life easier you don't need eyeshadow Primer you don't need any of that this Honestly is your priming this does it This kind of like sets the tone for your Whole eye lid area it makes it all look Even and you don't have to worry about Under eye circles now I'm going to go in With my beauty blender and I'm just Basically gonna kind of like buff that In There you go as easy as that I don't know if you heard that but that Was my stomach that's nice and smooth I'm not going to look up because I don't Want that creasing to start I'm going to Use my bennai banana powder and my Laura Mercier Powder Puff I'm going to press It into the banana powder and then I'm Going to just press on top and what this Does is it basically sets it so the same Way that we kind of set makeup on the Face I'm gonna go in with my Real Techniques brush and just dust off that Powder There you go now the eyelids are Completely set that's done completely Done now there are several different Ways to Contour your face right but what

I really want to show you is an easy way To do it which is a generic way so it's A way that anyone could do if you feel That maybe okay it doesn't make my face Shape look the way that I want it to Look because maybe you've got a very Very thin face already like long face Then maybe it's not going to work for You there are several different ways to Contour different areas that you Contour To change the kind of shape of your face So this is just a generic Contour that I'm showing you but please bear in mind That there are contouring techniques to Make around face look slimmer to make a Long face look kind of like shorter to Make a double chin look very chiseled There are all there are different things That you can do but you can't show all Of that in one in one go you know I Can't show you all of that on me because You know some of those issues May apply To me but some of them may not you know So just bear that in mind this is just a General just an easy way to Contour okay So now what we've done is we've set our Our eyelets now I'm gonna go in with my Concealer again and I'm going to apply This to certain areas I'm going to Explain where and why shortly I'm going To go through it pretty quick because I Don't want it to dry up too quickly now What I'm going to do is apply my Concealer here

Right so we're going to go all the way Along here Now I'm going to explain to you the Positioning shortly so just give me a Second Right you can see I've applied it on Either side of the nose there right We've gone from the top all the way to The bottom and I've just spread it I've Kind of gone quite further in on the Sides of the nose right so we've gone Quite far in we've made sure that you Know it's kind of like symmetrical on Either side and we've brought it out a Little bit towards the kind of like eye Area there now the other place that I Want to apply it is just here I'm not Going too close to my under eyes by the Way guys you know my lower lash line I'm Not going too close there now I'm going To apply it there and I'm also going to Apply it Just here Anywhere that I feel that I have a bit Of Darkness right because it's going to Brighten the area now also what I do Want to do is kind of like lengthen my Face a little bit so I'm just going to apply it here those Are the only places that I'm going to Apply my light concealer because I want To enhance those areas now this under Eye area usually you see it done like Kind of either all the way across or

Here and then a little bit there the Reason I've done it here this is a Little hack for you because you don't Actually have to do much then this kind Of like helps your nose Contour that's What I really want to show you is this Actually helps to slim down your nose as Well what I want to do is start buffing This in I'm going to start buffing in Other areas first and talk through it as I'm buffing it in I'm getting my Hollywood complexion brush from Charlotte Tilbury I'm using the fat side Of the brush I'm going to go onto my Forehead first now this is really going To help to kind of like enhance this Whole forehead area just to lengthen it A bit because I want my face to look a Bit longer right I'm going to drag Whatever's there down the nose down the Center of the nose we're going to go Down here and just buff this in and then This area here is basically being lifted Because of the direction that we applied It Right there you go that's done now what We're going to do is we're going to go In and buff the under eye area and this Is where you're going to see that it Kind of helps to kind of slim down the Nose a bit but you'll see the finished Result when we apply the dark shade and Also kind of cover those under eye Circles and note we haven't actually

Applied any concealer on the under eye Area really not too much so we're going To take this and we're going to just Buff it across And the great thing is it does cover Your under eye circles like it gives you That nice coverage but what I really Like is it just goes up it kind of like Snatches the nose as well at the same Time So yeah this is also lifting up at the End Okay we've got that brightness we've got That lift okay so now I'm going to use My elf Flawless brightening concealer This shade is I genuinely cannot see What the shade is oh yes it's here It's rich 60w now what we're going to do Is we are gonna it's like a brush tip by The way so it's like great for for Applying this now what we're going to do Is we're going to go from here And we've just literally gone around Like that that's all we've done this is Going to be so much easier for you Because I feel like it just takes all The complication out of it like it just Isn't as like Difficult about trying to Figure out where to put it so all we've Done is gone from basically the temple Like up here quite high on the side of The forehead and we've basically brought It down left a little gap between the Actual product and the hair brought it

Down and then when we've got to the top Of the ear we've kind of started to go Down towards the lip now this don't go Too far down and all obviously if you Already have a very like long face then You don't really want to do a technique Which is you know you don't want to Bring it down too far down what this Does is it basically eliminates the need To have to apply the dark shade in small Areas everywhere you know it's just a Very quick way to do it now you can do This and not actually do the light shade Concealer that I did and if it's only Like sculpting that you're looking for Then that's this is going to do the job And that's here but I wanted to show you The other one as well before I applied This now what we're also going to do is Just very quickly kind of like help to Snatch that nose even further and all We're going to do is basically just draw A really straight line there And that's it I don't want to over Complicate it by showing you other areas That you can put it on on the nose this Is just a very easy quick way to do it Now we're going to use my Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood complexion brush the Fat side again and we're just going to Basically Buff this into the hairline always Remember that it goes into the hairline Right and then when we get here we're

Gonna just buff it in So we're just like pressing it and You'll see this starts to shape the face There see how that has like slimmed down The face we've got that really nice Sculpting there and it's gone down and Giving given us kind of like really nice Sculpted cheekbones same thing here it's Just so much easier if you just don't Have time to think about where to Contour so it's just like you go along The forehead on the side of the forehead And then as soon as you reach the top of The ear you kind of slant down towards The lip and you're done now we're going To flip over so we can just kind of Contour the nose now this area here I'm Just going to literally go down just Take it straight down and then when we Get to the tip I'm just gonna like Whatever's left on the brush just going To take it around the tip of the nose Now this is where we're going to go over With Foundation I'm going to use my Hourglass ambient soft glow Foundation This is 10.5 so I'm just going to apply A bit to the back of my hand and I'm Basically on top of this gonna just buff In foundation and then you're going to See what this all looks like like Obviously you can see the Contour a bit More now Okay so basically you can see how the Contour is still coming through and

That's what I really wanted to show you Is how it can still give you that soft Focus effect like we've applied our Contour and it's really easy and quick And I feel like it's not as complicated For you like you can just apply it in That area and blend it in and then You're done now using your foundation on Top gives you the most Flawless finish Honestly now I just want to set this Very quickly because I want you guys to See what it looks like when it is fully Set we're going to go in with our powder Same thing we used earlier Let's just dust this off Now we've got no bronzer on nothing We've only got our foundation our base Done I'm just going to use this wet Wiped kind of like clean my eyebrows a Bit because they look like really weird You can still see they're sculpting There which is great now obviously I'm Just gonna very quickly finish my brows So give me a second I'll be back so you Can actually see what this looks like When I look normal There you go everything's done and I Want it well not everything because I've Only done my brow but I really wanted You guys to see what it looks like I Didn't want to put any kind of eye Makeup or lip products on because I just Wanted I didn't want it to take away From the whole look I haven't applied

Any bronzer or anything I want you to See how contouring in this way it still Gives you that really nice sculpted look So you don't have to like worry that Okay it's not going to look as perfect As what it would do if I really spent Some good time doing it or did it like You know in specific areas this is just A very easy way to be able to get that Quick contour and I really hope you've Seen by doing it with concealer and Applying it underneath Foundation it Gives you the most Flawless look it is a Technique that's ultimately called Underpainting but I really wanted to Kind of break it down and not confuse it You know like and and give it a name and Then you know then you're like okay Underpinning it's really like like you Know I just wanted to kind of like you Know like just not call it anything and Just tell you very easily how you do it Yeah and and do it in ways where you Don't necessarily need to make marker Points don't necessarily need to make Marker point it's everywhere although The light shade that I used I did but That's up to you where you decide to Apply you could just apply it on the Under eyes and that's it so yeah I Really do hope this has all kind of like Helped you oh yes oh my God guys How did I miss how did I wait until the End of the video to tell you this

Although I have to remember to mention This is the Ninja outro so hopefully I've mentioned it I have a new channel This is always going to be here this is My like little baby this is my beauty Channel always going to be educational Beauty on here but I've had so many of You ask me about doing Vlogs that I Started a new channel so please make Sure you go over and show your support Because honestly I'm really excited for You guys to go over that there's already A whole load of videos up there so like You can just get started you can just Make yourself a cup of tea a coffee sit Down put it on your TV or watch it on Your laptop whatever and just sit and Enjoy I really hope you enjoy it I'm Kind of nervous because I really want to Hear your thoughts but at the same time I'm really excited to give you guys a Bit more of a peek into my life so that You can see what I get up to when I'm Not filming for YouTube but yeah I'm Really excited about it and I thought You know what why not I love Vlogs so I Thought I really wanted to kind of do Something myself and you know Let's just hope you like it and I really Really want to see you guys over there It's also going to be showing like a Behind the scenes look at my studio and Like makeup so it will be other stuff as Well but ultimately I really want it to

Be an inspiring Channel something which Is motivating something which is going To make you feel like you want to go out There and kind of like you know get on With your dreams and your goals too but Also the reality of it you know and so You can see not everything is perfect But at the same time you do feel Uplifted from it too so I really hope it Makes your day better by watching these Videos but I would love to know your Thoughts so please do let me know and Wherever you are in the world I hope you Have the best day ever So how did you find that video I hope You enjoyed it I hope it really made it Much more easier for you guys to Understand contouring and there's some Really good tips and hacks in there for You too don't forget to subscribe to my Vlog Channel Make sure you do show your Support there too now if you like this Video please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the Bell button so that you Don't miss any of my future videos until The next video take care and I'll see You soon

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