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Kristin Cavallari’s Charcuterie Must-Haves & On the Go Snack Recipe | Fridge Tours | Women’s Health




Kristin Cavallari's Charcuterie Must-Haves & On the Go Snack Recipe | Fridge Tours | Women's Health

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Oh Whatever I'm just gonna pretend like That's on hey Women's Health it is Kristen Cavallari here welcome to my Kitchen today we're going to be making a Recipe out of my new cookbook truly Simple but first we're gonna check out My fridge [Music] First of all disclaimer this is my La Condo so I'm not here all the time I Live in Nashville so this is not as Fully stocked as you would find at my Actual house these are basically just my Essentials for when I'm in town let's See gotta have wine should we start with Wine the best part I have a bottle of Red this is Brunello I love Italian wine I also have a bottle of white which I'm Not really a white drinker but to be Honest I had someone stay in here and They left me this as a little present Which was nice while we're on drinks I Love coconut water I really like Drinking it after working out just Because I find it so hydrating and I Just think it tastes really good some Condiments some Staples that I kind of Always have ponzu sauce for sushi Sugarfish is typically always my first Meal when I come to La so I have ponzu And tamari one thing that I love about La that I can't find in Tennessee is raw Milk at the grocery store or raw cream I

Put this with my coffee and I just think It tastes amazing one thing that I Definitely always always have in La is Everything to make a very good tequila Drink so Sparkling water and what I do is I have My tequila in the freezer I know this is A fridge tour but I will show you my Tequila this is a really good tequila That I love so what I do is tequila soda Fresh lime juice and then I slice up some jalapenos throw them in Because I love a little kick and if you Really want to get wild you can throw in A splash of maple syrup to make it a Little sweet on that note maple syrup I Use this in on everything actually and Stay tuned because I'm going to use this In a recipe that we're going to make in Just a little bit if I do yogurt for Breakfast which I love this coconut Yogurt I will do some cut up fruit maple Syrup and then what I'll do is I'll sprinkle a little bee pollen on it As well I love spicy so you will always Find Sriracha or Cholula I love both of Those I don't typically eat strawberry Jelly but when my kids come out they Will they'll do toast with butter and Jelly or peanut butter and jelly Obviously so this is really for them I Make gluten-free Crepes that my kids are Also obsessed with but I love them too And then I'll do chocolate hazelnut

Spread this one just doesn't have any Crap in it it's like a healthier Nutella My food philosophy is basically just to Eat food as close to its natural state As possible so I never look at calories I never look at fat or sugar I really Just read ingredient labels and if There's a bunch of additives and Chemicals and just crap in it I really Won't eat it like this for example the Only ingredients are raw organic walnuts And raw organic cashews right up my Alley bacon you will always find in my House always always always I am so far From a vegan it's not even funny I have A chicken coop in Nashville my kids love Bacon a typical breakfast for us is Definitely eggs and bacon I have eggs Over here I don't think bacon is bad for you but I Guess it really depends on how you look At your own diet I guess if I had to Classify my diet it would be paleo Although I eat fruit you can tell I have Organic strawberries raspberries again I Just try to eat real food and I think When you eat real food there's a little Bit more wiggle room you can eat a lot Of it and you can eat things like bacon Things to always have on hand always be Ready to make a charcuterie board at any Moment in time if you have people coming Over or you know unexpected guests being Able to just throw together a

Charcuterie board is money I have all The things for it I have some almonds And some honey too that I can throw on a Board charcuterie board must-haves Prosciutto I find is the most eaten meat Out of all of the salamis and everything So that's why I actually have two things Of prosciutto for the cheeses I go to Whole Foods or if I'm in La I go to Erwan and they have really great goat Milk cheeses and Sheet milk cheeses I Really stay away from cow's milk unless It's the raw milk just because it's Easier on the digestive system and a lot Of people who can't tolerate Dairy can Actually tolerate those two types my Favorite cheese this is called the Drunken goat it's from Whole Foods it is A goat milk cheese but they soak it in Merlot that's why it's called the Drunken goat and it is the best goat Cheese you'll ever have on the planet Trust me try it it's my favorite a bar That I always have on hand Papa Steve's They're made out here in La they are Made in small batches but I order them To my house in Nashville too I love Their dark chocolate cherry cashew Flavor my kids love their peanut butter Flavor they have a lemon that's really Good but again just a clean healthy bar And I always have one of these in my Purse I hate being hungry and I'm always On the go so just having something that

I can grab easily these are great I love quesadillas my kids love Quesadillas they're just easy these ones Are an organic corn tortilla and they're Little so you can just make little guys But we make quesadillas a couple times a Week when I'm in La I'm pretty busy Usually so it's just something easy I Can throw together if I need to last a Minute a couple little sauces that I Love the bitchin sauces if you guys are Familiar with these these are awesome This is the green onion flavor and then I have this garlic hummus which are both Really good and I have the siete chips Which I use for these and then I always Have chocolate this one This burnt caramel is really good and I Usually go for a 70 dark chocolate just Because again it's healthier for you and I've learned to love it remember the First time I had dark chocolate I was Like that's disgusting why would you Ever have dark chocolate and now I Actually love it if you came to my house In Nashville it would look very Different than this I promise do not Judge me based on this this is like you Know again just snacky emergency kind of Stuff okay now the moment you guys have Been waiting for we are gonna make a Recipe out of my new cookbook truly Simple these are cashew butter espresso Bites which are really good and easy

Just to grab and go so I'm gonna grab The maple syrup and we are gonna get to Work Okay so for the cashew butter espresso Bites you are going to need cashew Butter hemp seeds maple syrup coconut Flour and instant coffee that's it just Five ingredients super simple okay so First you're gonna need a cup of cashew Butter and if you typically keep yours In the fridge you're just gonna want to Let it warm up to room temperature just Because it's easier to mix it all Together when it's a little bit warmer Um Next you're gonna do a tablespoon of Hemp seeds [Applause] I like hemp seeds just because they have Protein lots of good health benefits but They also give it just a nice little Crunch too coconut flour you are going To do a fourth cup Coconut flour is gluten-free and just on A huge coconut kick honestly So that's why I like it a tablespoon of Instant coffee For that nice little kick these are a Great afternoon pick-me-up when you just Need a little something Oh Whatever I'm just gonna pretend like That's on And then two teaspoons of maple syrup

And that's all Okay Then mix this guy up I love anything Quick just a nice bar a nice bite that You can grab and go I was just trying to Come up with a quick easy snack and I Love coffee and I love coffee in just About anything I even put coffee and Brownies in my cookbook so this just Kind of came to be and I love any kind Of nut buttery ball bite so this was an Easy no-brainer for me okay so once That's all mixed up you're gonna get Your hands a little dirty you are gonna Line a baking sheet with parchment or Foil doesn't matter and then what you're Gonna do is grab a little bit and You're Gonna Roll them into golf ball sized Balls should make about 14 and then You're going to place them on your lined Baking sheet then we're going to freeze Them for about 30 minutes and then you Can store them in your fridge and They'll last up to about two weeks 14 Days and that's it easy I love these Because they're just really easy to grab And go I'm really excited about truly Simple because these are all easy Weekday meals I'm balancing three kids Schedules so you know we're going from Flag football to horseback riding to Whatever else we're doing but I still Want to make dinner every single night We have everything from chicken skewers

With bang bang sauce to homemade mac and Cheese which is probably my entire Family's favorite recipe but it's great Too because there's two variations there Is a classic mac and cheese and then There's a version that I love with pesto I'm a pesto junkie I could put pesto on Anything so I put it in mac and cheese Also my kids were my taste testers for The entire cookbook those sweet babies Tried a lot of recipes multiple times And they were such good sports about it But they're the best taste testers Because kids are brutally honest which Which is what you want when you're Making a cookbook all right so these Guys are ready to go in the freezer okay So it's been about 30 minutes here is The final result So good all right Women's Health thank You so much for checking out my fridge Definitely check out truly simple my new Cookbook and it's been really fun having You guys at my house I'll see you later Oh

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