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KALE SALAD | easy, beautiful salad recipe




KALE SALAD | easy, beautiful salad recipe

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I find the key to enjoying salads Throughout the colder months is to use a Combination of hearty greens and Seasonal produce not only does this make For a beautiful salad but it's also Substantial enough to hold up to the Heartier more warming grounding foods That we tend to lean on throughout the Winter months plus this particular salad Is gorgeous for the holidays so I'm Going to show you how to make my kale And pomegranate salad with pecans Sunflowers and crumbled feta cheese so The first thing we're going to need is Kale specifically thinly sliced kale Ribbon now personally I love to use the Lacinato kale for this recipe it's also Known as Dinosaur Kale or Italian kale This is the kale that has this dinosaur Like texture but keep in mind any type Of kale will work for this salad so as Always use what you have use what you Love and use what's available now to Stem the kale the easiest way to do this Is to hold the stem in one hand and then Pull the leaf Up and Away in the Opposite direction with the other hand Do that until you work through all your Kale and then what I like to do is just Stack a few leaves on top of each other Roll them into a fat cigar and then come Across the other way with my knife and Create super thin ribbons by making nice Thin slices definitely my favorite way

To enjoy kale in a salad it's also great As a head start ingredient you can store This in an airtight container in your Fridge and then you could have it ready To go for easy salads to add to soups or Even to scrambles or smoothies all week Long then once I have all my ribbons Sliced this is when I like to wash the Kale so I just transfer it in to the Colander from my salad spinner give it a Good rinse under cold water make sure to Get it nice and clean and then just spin Spin spin now the dressing I like to Make for this salad is an apple cider Vinaigrette and I start it it's a little Bit non-traditional with some finely Diced red onion you're going to want About a quarter of a cup this is going To add great flavor and great texture to The dressing plus the vinaigrette is Going to help to break the onion down a Bit if you really don't like red onion You could skip it Then I have one clove of crushed garlic One tablespoon of honey A quarter cup of extra virgin olive oil And a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar Along with a fat pinch of salt and some Black pepper and I'll just gently whisk This all together now you may know that Traditionally a vinaigrette is made with A three to one ratio three parts oil to One part vinegar or acid but I on my Journey of healthy eating and

Experimenting with different flavors and Textures have really come to enjoy a one To one ratio when it comes to Vinaigrette so what's going to happen is You're going to end up with a lighter Brighter a little bit more tart dressing Than a traditional vinaigrette with that Being said you can of course adjust this To your personal preferences so you can Always try the one to one and if it's a Little too bright for you just slowly Add in more oil until you find the Perfect balance for your palette okay so I'm going to drizzle our dressing right Over the kale and then just gently toss That all together the kale is Hardy Enough to hold up to this dressing so It's totally fine to dress it while you Prep all of the toppings so the first Thing we need to top the salad is Pomegranate seeds you want about one cup Which is equivalent to what you would Get from one large pomegranate now I Have discovered the easiest way to get The seeds from your pomegranate is to Score the pomegranate in half across the Center then gently pull it apart then I Just loosen up each side just kind of Crack through it a bit like I'm doing Here And then over a large bowl I'm going to Hold the pomegranate seed side down in My palm and then use a wooden spoon to Just tap the back side of it over the

Top and around the sides and then the Pomegranate seeds literally just fall Right out this is hands down the Quickest easiest least messy way to get Your seeds from your pomegranate and Let's not forget that most grocery Stores these days sell pomegranate seeds Already seated so you don't have to do That step if you don't want to but like Most things in life one is going to cost A little more time and the other is Going to cost a little more money so you Just have to decide which you have to Spare so I'm going to layer the Pomegranate seeds over the kale salad Along with some chopped up roasted Pecans a handful of sunflower seeds Those are roasted as well and then I'm Going to finish this with some creamy Tangy feta cheese and if you've been Watching for a while you know that I Always recommend buying your feta in a Block and just crumbling it yourself This way it doesn't have any Anti-kicking agents or any stabilizers And you get this extra creamy delicious Flavorful feta cheese now I often do and You certainly could serve the salad just Like this this way everybody sees Exactly what they're about to get into Or you can gently toss it all together And then serve it once it's all mixed up Both are delicious so it's really just Your personal preference the flavors and

The textures of the salad are so good The kale is nice and Hearty the dressing Is light and bright it's like a little Party in your mouth Celebration on a plate this is a Fantastic salad to bring to your holiday Table and it's also easy enough to just Enjoy yourself all throughout the colder Months as always thank you so much for Watching I'm Danny spies and I'll see You back here next time with some more Clean and deliciousness cheers

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